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What is your favorite TM/HM?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by blaze25, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. i don't think this has been posted so...

    my favorite TM would be aerial ace since it can't be avoided/missed.
    in the HM part, my favs are surf and fly since they can deal real damage to the opponent's pokemon. :D
  2. My favorite TM would have to be TM 67 Recycle because it's a really helpful move when used strategically and I just like the fact that you can reuse an item. For my favorite HM, it would have to be Fly since it's a pretty good move and it beats running around through the same places.
  3. My Favorite TM would be Thunder, just because I like to imagine what it looks like in the real world to be incinerated by an Armageddon-ish bolt of lightning.

    My favorite HM is Defog because it's extremely unnecessary and Fly because it's extremely useful.
  4. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
    Staff Member Moderator

    My favourite TM is probably Earthquake. I tend to go through Earthquake TMs the same way a guy who has been drugged with laxatives goes through toilet paper - very, very quickly. Other common TM purchases of mine are Thunderbolt, Ice Beam and Swords Dance.

    My most commonly used HM is easily Surf. It's arguably the best Water-type attack in the entire game, and my Surf HM has seen a great deal of use.
  5. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    Heh, I must say, like KoL here, I tend to love the TM Earthquake. 100 power, ground type move, with 100 accuracy... what's not to love? It's a very good move that can easily kill quite a few Pokemon (I remember I used EQ to oh-KO my friend's Aggron once when we were battling during that R/S/E era). T-bolt and Ice Beam are good too, for similar reasons, and I tend to love Flamethrower, Psychic, Shadow Ball, and others of the sort. Favorite TM has to be Earthquake, though.

    In-game wise, my favorite HM is fly because it has a decent attack power, pretty good accuracy (okay, not 100, but good enough for me), dodges almost any attack for the first round it's used, and it's great when traveling from city to city. Competetively? Surf all the way 'cause it's a really good water-type move and falls into the category of "Really good accuracy and power" moves for me.

    If I had to choose between Earthquake and Surf, I would definetly say EQ is better.

    Yeah, I'm one of those types of people who doesn't care about defense and only wants to hit hard and fast. XD
  6. That would be a tie between HM 02 and HM 03, Fly and Surf. They get major points in my book by being HM moves that are actually useful as battle moves.
  7. TM 92: Trick Room FTW. :D I love the idea of the slowest Pokemon going first. It opens up so many doors, like giving Metagross, Brave Tyrannitar, even Muk a chanse at competitive battling.

    HM Rock Smash Climb: It can deal somereal damage and may confuse, though there still is that small chanse of missing, oh well. :-\

  8. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Hmm... In the past I would've been able to give one definite answer, but it's not quite as clean-cut for me anymore. I have various favourite TMs, and most of them are the classics: Flamethrower, Ice Beam, Thunder Bolt, Psychic, and Earthquake. I also enjoy TMs like Shadow Ball and Sludge Bomb quite a bit... anything that's powerful, accurate, and offensive really. That's not to say I don't enjoy the support moves like Will-o-Wisp, I just find myself using them less often.

    On the other hand, my favourite HM is Surf, period. Surf is basically the Ice Beam/T-Bolt/FT for Water-types, even if it doesn't have added properties. On top of that, you can easily teach it to as many Pokemon as you like. I always give a bit of a cheer when I finally receive my Surf HM in-game because I abuse it so often. Maybe it's harder to work now for double battles, but the fact that you can delete/replace Surf and effortlessly reteach it later kinda makes up for it.

    Hmm... to be honest, you could say Surf is my favourite TM/HM overall simply because it's a great move and can be reused.
  9. Surf, Earthquake, Overheat, or Thunderbolt.
  10. tm is Hyper Beam because its an awesome attack and hm is fly and surf because they deal alot of damage and without them I would be nothing.
  11. earthquake is very effective when the opponent pokemon is using dig right?
  12. earthquake is very effective when the opponent pokemon is using dig right?

    And Surf when they're underwater, and Thunderwhen they're flying.
    Hence the problem with Digging Aggrons. :D

  13. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    earthquake is very effective when the opponent pokemon is using dig right?

    And Surf when they're underwater, and Thunderwhen they're flying.
    Hence the problem with Digging Aggrons. :D

    Also the problem with flying Pellipers. XD

    Hence why I love earthquake.
  14. Heh. Brick Break. I have no idea why I particularly like this TM. I just have a penchant for slapping it onto my Pokemon a lot. It being a decent fighting move, readily available and having the added bonus of breaking anyone fool enough to pull up a reflect with this move in vicinity is fairly neat. Still, I haven't gone up agains thtat many Reflect-ers to actually make use of that incentive. Still, I rather like the TM. Hence, every Pokemon I own has at least had it in their arsenal at least once (barring of course those who can't learn the move.)
  15. earthquake is very effective when the opponent pokemon is using dig right?

    And Surf when they're underwater, and Thunderwhen they're flying.
    Hence the problem with Digging Aggrons. :D

    Also the problem with flying Pellipers. XD

    Hence why I love earthquake.

    yeah. there's just that about the pellipers not being affected by it
  16. I like explosion because It is useful when your pokemon is about to faint. You just use that move and you bring your opponent down with you!
  17. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    I meant flying Pellipers against Thunder. D:
  18. Hm, I like all of them... but if I had to choose one, it'd be Giga Impact. I just love physical moves more than special....so basicly, I'm physicaly addictive XD. Besides, It was about time they had another Normal recharge attack, I was stinking tired of Hyper Beam.
  19. You guys probably already guessed mine, yes it is psychic
  20. my favorit is hydro pump and surf and waterfall
  21. Nemesis

    Former Administrator

    Yrah, Glameow, more warnings for you. Only one of those is a TM, but thats besides the point. Please try to avoid posting such sort and pointless posts.


  22. My favorite tm is tm 13: ice beam. It is by far the most powerfull ice move in the game and it never misses. Tm 29: psychic is also a realy powerfull tm. As for my fovorite hm, I would have to say hm 03: surf. There is nothing better than completely obliterating your opponent than with a huge tidal wave.
  23. My fav TM is will-o-wisp, WoW owns all the way lolol.
  24. mines is return its really helpful :)
  25. I really like Shock Wave. It never misses, it's Electric, and some flying types can learn it! I have a Togekiss that knows it. It also knows Flamethrower which is my second favorite TM. As for HMs, I definitely like Surf and Waterfall. I like Waterfall for double battles, and in single battles, Surf is just perfect.
  26. My classic would be Psychic. =]
    I enjoy Night Slash though, it's my Weavile's most abused move EVER.

    For some odd reason, I enjoyed Flash when it was around, now my favorite is Surf [the ultimate water attack next to Water Spout]
  27. Mine's Ice Beam, though I like Shadow Ball too.
  28. Hmm my two favorite TMs are Brick Break and Gyro Ball. Like RX, I have no idea why I like it, but a large number of my fighting types have it. Gyro Ball is just beastly. I love hoping that my opponent paralyzes my already Iron Ball'd or Macho Braced Bronzong to make it even slower.
  29. My favorie HM is Rock Clime and my favorite TM is Dig i love Dig ;D ;D ;D
  30. DARK PULSE!!! or if it was blue/red version then it would be fissure.
  31. TM 75 Swords Dance. It's hard to believe such an overpowered move is a TM, but it's still awesome. :p

    All HMs besides Surf and Waterfall get the automatic crap award. The winner goes to Waterfall, because it makes Gyarados a helluva more useful. Plus, you can scale giant waterfalls with the thing!
  32. seeing as i prefer ice pokemon i burn through blizzard tm's like no one else's business lol.I also love hyper beam so burn through those to lol.

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