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Ask to Join Weremon

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by ThePlayfulFox, Nov 4, 2020.

  1. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    The sun was setting on a beautiful day. Nothing really big happened in the small, lazy town of Pine Hills. After all, it was your ordinary town in the middle of nowhere. Or so it seemed.

    Some people had the extraordinary ability to transform into Pokemon. They called themselves Weremon, and Eve was one of them.

    Eve played with her hair as she swung her legs on a bench in the town square. In front of her sat a white fountain with a Vaporeon gushing water out of its mouth. It was a recent addition to the mostly bland square. Small business surrounded the square. She knew that the school was out and she wondered if any of her human friends was going to talk to her. Especially since she was now homeschooled due to her frequent loss of control of her form. Something that her brother, though also being a Newmon like her, didn't struggle with. That irritated her.
    She sighed, clearing her mind. Don't think about that, she told herself. Just enjoy the evening before you're forced to go home.

    Dameon sat in the library, head in a book. A few more sat in a pile to the side. Though, he had to be careful with one. A record of Weremon history. The black haired young man already placed it in his bag, but one could never be too careful. His book made a satisfying noise as he turned the page. The sent of books swirled around him, comforted him. Dameon sighed as he looked at the time on his watch. He still had time. He didn't have to go yet. He smiled as he continued reading.

    Flora hummed quietly to herself as she walked down the street, hands behind her back. What she didn't know was that something watched her. The girl occasionally stopped and waved at a Pokemon that was usually on a leash.

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  2. Ulises walked tall and proud with a big smirk on his face. Along his side was Johnny, his sidekick. They both were up to their secret deeds, earning money. Despite being a new weremon, Ulises kept his daily activities after school, going around town with Johnny and doing what needs to be done to get some extra money in their pockets. Ulises' sinister smile spread across his face as he looked down at an old lady. They were standing outside the lady's door as she struggled to take money out of her small purse. "You sure you don't need anything else ma'am?" Ulises said with a sharp strong tone. The lady smiled as she gave the money to Ulises. "Oh no, that is it for today. You boys come help me tomorrow with the leaves and I will have some lemonade and some biscuits."
    Ulises nodded and signaled for Johnny to follow him as they left. They each counted the amount of money each had made for the day as a local officer, who was passing by, gave them a suspicious glare. "What you looking at Tepig?" Ulises said out loud, but the cop just nodded and walked away.
    The two reached the town square, where they usually hanged out and the presence of Eve quickly caught their attention. Johnny quickly walked up trying to look as tough as possible. "Hey, you're in our spot!" He said loudly. Ulises shook his head, feeling embarrassed, but decided to see how things would play out.
  3. Ren had a half-devoured sitrus berry in hand. He gently took another juicy bite. Ten had already wrapped up his lunch, leaving his palms on his head, Ten walked alongside the black-haired boy. His coal-black eyes peering up at the sky. They wandered for a minute or two, looking at the people that walked past. They were heading to the town square since Ren needed a trash can for the core in his hand. The closest one was there. It was quite peaceful as the two swiftly turned corners to get where they wished.

    As they strode up to the square they saw two kids confronting another with a firm voice. Ren strolled quietly up to the trash can, dropping his sitrus berry in. Ten lingered close by. "I kinda want to see what's happening, don't you?" He questioned as he walked toward Ten, who was checking out the people in front of them. "Yeah, it's better than doing nothing." He responded.
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  4. Xion turned the page with a sigh. The material was soooo boooring, but she couldn’t get away from it. Her brother Noah was the one who had dragged her along to the library in the first place, and he wasn’t going to let her out of the study session easily...
    She tried to read for another minute, but when her eyes started drifting blankly again she gave another loud sigh (with a glance of irritation from Noah) and let her gaze roam around the room. The library was nice enough, but she’d rather be out with her friends than stuck with this boring- wait a minute... that was Dameon over there! This was her opportunity! She could probably persuade Noah to let her go over to talk to him. She turned towards her more studious brother and opened her mouth to speak, but he was already staring at her.
    “Noah? Can I-“
    “No. You said you didn’t know if you really had this down, and you know this is the kind of thing that they’d put on a test. Unless you need to use the restroom or get some water or something, there’s no reason to stop-“
    “C’mon, pleeeeaaaseee? My brain is melting here, I can’t take anymore, I-“
    “Quiet down, we’re in a library.”
    She sank her voice to just above a whisper and then continued.
    “Okay, but,”
    “You know what? Fine. Go talk to him for a few minutes or whatever, I can’t focus with you whining at me...”
    He wasn’t finished, but she was quite eager to get away from his grumbling by that point. She gave him a wave goodbye, and it was his turn to sigh now. She knew he was just trying to make sure she did well, but her grades weren’t bad. She just wasn’t exceptional at maths or history or anything.
    She pushed all thoughts of school aside, and trotted over to Dameon. Now that she was closer, he seemed pretty absorbed in whatever he was reading, which made her reconsider. She didn’t want to get on his nerves or anything, that would end any way but well, but if she didn’t Noah might make her go back to that stupid, monotonous, repetitive, dusty, old book. What a predicament.

    Meanwhile, in the square, one Spencer Elmore was just walking towards a familiar-looking girl on a bench when Ulises and Johnny showed up, with the later demanding Eve leave her seat. He frowned and quickened his pace until he reached the bench.
    “Hey guys, Eve was here first. There are other benches around the fountain, no need to kick her out of her seat.”
    He gave her a small smile once he was done talking. He just hoped that this wasn’t going to end in unpleasantness, because this really wasn’t something that needed to end in a fight. And maybe if they didn’t give up, then Eve wouldn’t really mind moving to another bench... maybe. He shook his hesitance aside, though, and looked directly at Johnny, unflinching.
  5. The library was almost a second home to Lawrence. He enjoyed the tranquility of it all, a calm that home seemed to obstruct with its arsenal of distractions and noises. He always brought his own books to read, though, feeling as if he'd exhausted and perused the shelves a hundred times, and instead turned to book stores in cities far away to satisfy his picky tastes. Agnes, while also finding herself utilizing the library they had created for themselves, today considered local sources better for a project on the town than an analysis of it written by someone a thousand miles away. It was this that brought her here today, and what brought her brother to tag along.

    Her brother didn't seem anywhere near as interested in this research project as she did. As far as he was concerned, this was a town with no history, no stories, and no reason to exist, and he found it surprising when his sister seemed to be finding actual legends and points of interest about the place. Regardless, he remained immersed in his own readings until a blurry, blue blob appeared on the table, out of the corner of his eye. He didn't think much of it, yet the slight distraction made him notice and pay attention to other things nearby. He overheard someone and, turning over towards them, managed to focus on the blob enough to have it reveal itself as a slender, blue bug staring at him from right next to his book. He instantly jumped up, dropped his book on the table, quickly got out of the chair, and hurriedly backed up from the insect.

    It took a moment for his heartbeat to slow back to normal and his mind to take time to process what he was looking at, but by the time he began to its owner came by. "There you are. I was wondering where you went," Agnes whispered, directing it more towards the bug now residing next to his book.

    "W-what is that?" The boy asked in a nearly inaudible tone, still recovering from the initial scare of seeing it interrupt his reading.

    "Oh, right, I forgot to tell you about her. That's a Surskit," the girl replied nonchalantly. "Got one a few days ago."

    "W-why did you get a pet Surskit?"

    Agnes shrugged. "Low maintenance. Her name's Lizzy, by the way." The two were quiet for a moment, before the girl seemed to have remembered something. "We could always just let in whatever that weird black fox is that's been stalking our house, if you'd prefer that." While it was in a joking manner -- Lawrence despised dealing with fur or pets of any kind -- it seemed like something she'd been wanting to bring up.

    Lawrence went pale, adopting a confused expression as his eyes darted around the room, as if analyzing any way to leave the conversation. "What?"

    "Y'know, the fox? You haven't seen it? It looks pretty cool, maybe we can eat smores some night and watch for it or something."

    "No, no, no I'm good. It's fine." he said hurriedly, prompting an odd look from Agnes. He had convinced himself that these were lucid dreams, finding no other reasonable explanation. Her reference to it reminded him of a reality he didn't accept.

    Lawrence reached back for his book, walking over the table and slowly shuffling it away from the Surskit, then quickly walked backwards from it in an attempt to keep his eye on the bug until he tripped and fell from a chair behind him.
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  6. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Dameon glanced at Lawrance as he fell on his table. "I suggest you two be a little more quiet, or I'll make a complaint that you both are disturbing the here." He gave a sigh and went back to his book about Weremon. He read this book quite a few times already. He glanced back at Lawrance before his eyes widened. It was the kid his dad wanted to keep an eye on for being an "non-packmate Weremon". He went back to his normal expression and turned the page of his borrowed book.

    Eve narrowed her eyes at the boy who demanded for the bench and crossed her arms. She opened her mouth to resort, until Spencer came over and stood up for her. She nodded and decided to continue. "Yeah, besides the benches are public. That means anyone can sit in them." She huffed and leaned back. "Until I learn that this bench is, if fact, yours, I'm going to sit here. Well, until I have to go home."
  7. "The I guess we are sending you two home early." Johnny replied with a smirk as he raised his right fist, but was pulled back by Ulises. "Let it go, it's just a bench. Besides you never mess with people who have higher status, they can tear you apart just because you exist, so don't give them anymore reasons." Ulises began to walk away, his hands in his pockets and sludging over. Johnny looked at Eve and Spencer, snarled, and then followed Ulises along.
    "Why didn't you do anything man?" Johnny asked as he looked back over his shoulder. "We could have easily taken them out."
    Ulises shrugged. "There's no challenge in it."
    Johnny smiled wide at the answer given by his best friend and kept walking, feeling tall and proud.
  8. Xion was startled by the crash, and it took a moment to recover herself enough to realize that she had been lumped in with the guy who caused the crash. This was not okay. “I am in no way affiliated with this kid, I was just standing here!” She declared in a voice that was perhaps a little too loud for a library. Her hands had instinctively gone to her hips. She gave unhappy glare at the Alpha’s son, but reconsidered. After all, he was pretty important in the community. Maybe she should just go back to studying... nah. Not worth it. Besides, she was too stubborn.

    Spencer gave a sigh of relief as Ulises pulled his companion away. Thank goodness he was more reasonable... for a moment he thought he was going to have to fight both of the bigger boys, and that certainly wouldn’t have ended well... Shaking this off, he gave Eve a smile and stood a little closer to the bench, as if silently asking for permission to sit.
    “That was close, huh? Anyways, how’s your day been?”
  9. A skinny teenage boy sat slumped in a chair with his hood up and ear buds in his ears. The noise in the room had distracted him quite a bit from his music, but he decided to tolerate it and turn it up on his iPod. After having just about enough, he decided to speak up a bit. "You. You're a bit too loud and chances are you know it. Take it down a notch, okay?" He grumbled. After saying that, he reached in his bag and grabbed a Colbur berry, eating it and making sure none of the crumbs fell on anything. As the song ended, he decided that it would be best to start studying for the test that'd everyone was preparing for, so he took out his ear buds and picked up a book from one of the shelves and read a paragraph before getting caught up in his imagination.
  10. Ten saw the older boy put an end to the minor dispute. He studied at the boys that started it. They were walking and the younger one was standing straight and tall, while the older boy was slouched with his hands in their pockets. Good thing they have multiple benches or there would be bigger fights than this one. Feeling relieved he didn't have to stop anything, he walked along with Ren over to Eve and Spencer, a smirk plastered on his face. "Hey," he greeted. "That wouldn't have been fun if it went on any longer."
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  11. Lawrence looked over at Dameon, embarrassed. "Sorry," he muttered, and turned around to give a death stare to his sister and her pet. The former shrugged, as if not taking the blame for Lawrence's scene, and the latter seemed about to mutter something.

    As he got back up, he heard someone else begin defending themselves. "No, you're fine!" he began, "You don't have to take this further. We can all just go back to quietly reading, or studying or whatever you were doing. I promise she won't try to scare me again."

    "It's not my fault you're a klutz."

    He looked back. He had never heard it speak before, but there was something about whatever the Surskit said that registered to him. Somehow, he knew what it was saying, something that stopped the boy for a moment. "Could you... repeat that?" he asked shyly.

    "You're a... klutz?"

    He paused, confused for another moment, a silence eventually broken by Agnes asking if something was wrong. “No, no, I'm fine. For a second I thought I could understand that! But, no, it's nothing,” he said, laughing it off.
  12. "It's fine," said the child, as skinny and pale as a string cheese. "I should be apologising as well, as I was a bit rude about it." He then resumed reading the book and felt disappointment as he realised he had gone absolutely nowhere. He silently groaned and decided to listen to Tusk by Fleetwood Mac on his iPod. As he leaned in his chair, he sipped his iced coffee and thought about everything and then began to fidget with the small, fleece horns on his hood subconsciously.
  13. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Dameon smirked to himself for a bit before frowning. The intruder's powers were growing faster than he thought. He could understand Pokespeech. What was next, random transformations? Dameon had to get the situation under control. He gave a sigh and stood up and looked at the kid who was confused. "Hey, can I talk to you? Alone? I promise you're not in trouble, I just want to talk about the resent situation." Hopefully that didn't get any of the non-Weremon's attention. Hopefully. Dameon was still new to not only being a Weremon, but being the Alpha's son and potential heir. He looked over at Xion. "I wasn't talking to you. I was talking to the boy who fell on my table."

    Eve narrowed her eyes. She could've taken them, possibly. Maybe not. But her brother always could've taken care of it. Dameon was nice like that. She looked at Spencer and smiled. "Pretty good! How's school doing? What are you guys learning? I miss going there, but my dad says it's not exactly the best place for me to learn currently." She looked at the two new boys and gave a hidden sigh. She really just wanted to talk to her human friend! They hardly got to talk anymore! Why did the two Weremon interrupt? Did they think she was going to reveal their secret? 'Cause she wasn't! She just wanted to talk with her friend! "Uh huh," she said, not sure what else to say.
  14. Xion relaxed. “Alright, sorry. Guess I overreacted a bit...” she trailed off. She gave a brief glance towards the table she had left, noting that her brother was looking in her direction. She dismissed that, though, as second to the fact that the kid had understood the Surskit. That meant he was probably a Weremon, but she didn’t remember him being a part of the pack... so what did that mean? The Alpha’s son had already taken interest as well, based on his request to take the kid aside and talk in private. Welp. Probably not a thing she should interrupt. But maybe if she was around... just happened to be there? After all, it won’t be her fault if she just happens to be nearby. Hehe.

    Spencer shrugged. “Ah, well, same as usual I guess. Not a ton different since you left, just continuing on with the course. We had a fun experiment in the lab two weeks ago, they brought in some Pokémon to show some different elemental reactions. Mr. Hennerty stepped into the class to ask for some spare chalk and he scared a Vulpix. His pant leg caught fire, so that was funny. History class is... about the same, really, we’re about a... century and a half, I think, past when we last talked about it. And in math-“ he was cut off by the approach of the two boys and their announcement. He paused, trying to figure out what they were referring to, and then realized they meant the two older boys. “Yeah, that wasn’t exactly pleasant...”
  15. Lawrence looked back at Dameon, a mixture of thoughts going through his mind. He was confused at what the boy meant, and why he wanted it to be alone, and despite his assurances Lawrence still looked uncomfortable. Despite convincing himself that nothing was wrong for the past few days, the boy had a vague feeling that Dameon could help him with whatever was going on. Maybe there were others like him! This calmed him slightly, and he didn't seem as anxious as earlier.

    Lawrence looked over to Agnes, who handwaved it. "Yeah, go ahead, I was about to go anyway. The book wasn't there, I'll find some other way to research it... stupid outdated catalogs," she muttered, and began walking away, Lizzy on her shoulder.
  16. Ten stared at Spencer and Eve with a blank expression. By the look on their faces, it looks like I interrupted something, oops. "Well, anyway... I have to start heading home. It's getting late for me." He said a finger pointed at the sky. He normally wakes up around 4 o'clock in the morning, so he ends up having to go to sleep earlier than most. "Have a good rest of your day. Oh, and Ren don't die without me!" He said in a teasing manner. Ren crossed his arms, he smiled. He was annoyed, but he was used to it. "Hey, I'll at least last a night without you," Ren stated. Excited to get home, Ten nodded and walked off while putting earbuds in.
  17. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Dameon gestured for Lawrance and walked towards the outside of the library. He then paused at the front desk. "Wait for just a minute, I have to check a few of these out first," he said as he glanced at the other Newmon. He gave his books to the librarian, all of them having something to do with Weremon. "Oh, be careful with them. Remember our borrowing policy when it comes to books from the restrcted section." Dameon smiled. "Of course 'mam." He placed the books in the brown bag he was carrying before closing it and having it rest on his back. Then he motioned for Lawrance to follow him once more, outside of the library. "So, you understand Pokemon?" He asked as his arms crossed.

    Eve smiled at Spencer as he recounted what happened at the school. She was so glad it remained mostly the same, unlike her life. It was so, relaxing. Then one of the two left. She was unsure why the other was still there, and it creeped her out a bit that someone was just standing there, watching them. She gave a sigh and decided to ignore the feeling. "So, uh, what are you learning in math?" She pushed a few loose strands of hair back from her face.
  18. As Dameon and the other guy walked towards the entrance, Xion took one last glance back at where Noah was still sitting. Once she was sure he had gone back to studying and wasn’t watching her, she let a grin slip onto her face as she casually wandered towards the front desk. She stopped near, but not near enough that she would be conspicuous, picking up a book and pretending to examine its back cover. In reality she was doing her best to keep an eye on the people she was trying to tail. She felt like she was in a cop show or something, and it wasn’t an unpleasant sensation. In fact, this distracted her enough that she started humming the Mission Impossible theme under her breath, and as a result she missed the fact that the two had exited. After a moment she realized this, though, and casually put the book down and went towards the entrance as well. She didn’t step out quite yet, because she didn’t know if they would keep walking or just stop, and she didn’t want to risk it yet. Not when thing were going this well.

    Spencer waited as one of the two walked off, leaving the other behind. He gave a very slight shrug and turned his attention back to his friend. He went into an explanation of their current math lesson, then posed a question of his own. “How about you? How’s homeschool treating you?”
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  19. After watching the two leave the library, Hellorain planned his next move. After finishing the song he was listening to, he walked out of the building, strolled down the block and into an alleyway. He opened his phone, called a specific person and a grown man with a gravelly voice answered. "What is it this time?" The man asked. "It's me, that Poison kid. I'm here." The stranger on the other line sighed. "You're early. Leave me to my own business for now, Johnny-on-the-spot," and the man hung up. Hellorain let out a frustrated sigh and called his mother, telling her that he was at a party. It took a while for him to finish the call, as his mother was a bit cautious and after convincing her that everyone at the gathering was a member of the local church's Youth club, she was fine with it.

    Time passed and then came 9:00 p.m. and an elderly figure loomed over Hellorain. He paused his music and addressed the geyser. "Look who showed up. Thought you'd never get here," he huffed. "D'you want me to help you or not, little waste of space?" exasperated the low-tempered bloke. Hellorain nodded and payed him 60 dollars.
  20. "Watch out!" Johnny called out as he walked up to Flora, raising his hand demanding a halt. "Oh you're too late, I was trying to stop you from taking one step closer." Johnny lowered his hand and crossed his arms, shaking his head slowly. "Tsk, you now have to pay the fee for stepping into our territory. How much you got on you? We charge by %, not a set amount, fair for everyone you know." A wide grin appeared on his face. "Of course you could always pay with items, but that's a whole different category, but hey, we are an open minded business. Pay us and I assure you a safe passage through our land."

    Ulises rolled his eyes and looked away from the situation. He was leaning against a wall, on foot against the wall and standing on the other. he focused his attention on the scenery in front of him, which was nothing special, but he seemed to be giving it all his attention. However, as he placed his hands into his pockets, he listened attentively to the conversation, it was always interesting to see Johnny try and act like a bully.
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  21. Lawrence shyly followed Dameon as he checked out the books and went outside, and couldn't help but look over at some of the books the boy was checking out. They reminded him of some of the books Agnes had mentioned she wanted, yet he kept this to himself for now. He still failed to see any connection between him and these books; he knew little about it apart from what Agnes that shared with him about her project, and had far from cared or even believed a word of it.

    Even with the previous interaction, the boy's blunt question took him back a bit. "No?" he instinctively replied, thinking the question outlandish. At least, outlandish twenty minutes ago, and he thought about the Surskit's remark more. "I.. don't think so?" he said again, in a slightly quieter voice. Maybe it was an odd prank. But by whom? and how? There seemed no way or reason to go about it, and so he set that back into the corner of his mind as much as he wanted it to be true. "...Maybe?" He looked around, looking for anyone who was nearby and could overhear what sounded insane. Of course, he skipped over the one that was actually listened in, but leaned closer regardless. "I think I just did," he whispered, half-expecting a chuckle from either him or someone else.
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  22. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Dameon at first was angry with Lawrence and his inability to confess what to what he just did, until he slowly started to accept what happened. Lawrence was just scared. Dameon felt a pang of sympathy for him before he gave a sigh. "I have a feeling you're the mysterious Zorua running around the yard. No need to hide it. You're going through something perfectly normal right now," Dameon whispered. He hoped that maybe, just maybe, Lawrence would start to feel more comfortable.

    Eve shrugged. "Pretty good I guess." She started swinging her legs. "I miss it though. The people, the loud lunches, all of it." She gave a small chuckle as she turned her head to Spencer. "You know, you never realize how much you love something until you lose it."

    Flora, unfortunately, didn't stop walking in time and came face to face with the bully. "I-I," she choked put before giving a whimper. She was never mugged before! Would they use force? Were they going to hurt her if she "took to long?" Her whole body was shaking under the pressure. She had no money on her. "I-I d-d-don't h-have an-any on m-me." She stammered as she struggled to keep her human form. The mysterious follower hissed to themselves as they continued to wait for an opportune time to strike.
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  23. Xion, realizing that her targets were out of sight, moved to the door of the library and peeked out. Once she realized where they were standing, she began grumbling under her breath. Where they were, she didn't have much chance of getting close enough to hear their conversation. They might even see her peeking out the door! With this in mind, her caution prevailed and she backed up, closing the door and moving back towards her table. Better to study than get in trouble for spying on the Alpha's son without any good excuse.

    "Yeah, I can imagine that..." Spencer said softly. He gazed up at the sky as the setting sun changed the color of the clouds, beginning to hum a tune quietly. If he had brought his violin with him, he would probably play a bit. However, he shook himself a little and returned to the conversation. "By the way, did you catch the League Battle last night? That was one of the longest stall matches I've ever seen!" His eyes sparkled a little at the memory. He always enjoyed watching battles, and League matches were always a sight to behold, the region's toughest trainers duking it out against youngsters chasing their dreams. He didn't really want to challenge any Gym Leaders himself, performance was what he really wanted to pursue, but it was still thrilling to watch.
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