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Welcome to town!

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Rex, Apr 5, 2011.

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  1. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry

    OoC: Conflicting orders have left me a bit confused. I've decided to play it safe and make a topic for being directed to Nook Nick. As Sem has said things done in buildings have to be posted as being done in those buildings, but the closest topic that might be appropriate would be the Post Office Topic, which is for letters, and thus I wouldn't feel right posting this in it. Sorry if I'm breaking a rule, but feel free to yell at me later for it.

    BiC: 6:00pm

    The clock struck six as Rex entered the Post Office. Two Pelippers were located inside the room, though one quickly left. It appeared as though the Linoone had arrived just in time for the shift change, and the night Pelipper looked a lot less pleasant then the one who had just left did. He sighed, noting that everything and everything was going to go wrong for him today. The Pokemon approached the desk, almost freezing in place when the Pelipper's sharp gauze locked onto him. He was actually intimidated by the woman.

    "Fresh blood? You must be the criminal the Sheriff was in here barking about yesterday. Try anything funny and I'll claw your eyes out," the Pelipper said, looking him up and down, "You don't look like much, city folk must be soft."

    The Pokemon started to look through her papers, eventually pulling out a folder, and looking though it. Recognizing parts of it, Rex was able to note that it was his criminal record.

    "Well isn't that juicy," she smirked, flipping the papers out of the way. Eventually, she came to something else that interested her, and pulled it out, handing it to him. "Give that to Nick, he runs the shop. I hope the Sheriff gave you a map, because I'm not wasting telling you where it is. Now then, get out, before one of the real customers decide to drop by.

    Rex was quick to comply.
  2. Dwayna DragonFire

    Dwayna DragonFire 2014 Little Cup Champion

    Wednesday, Day 1, 4:51 pm

    Following the map, Dwayna found the Town Hall quite easily. She walked in and saw a Pelipper waiting at the desk, a smile gracing the bird's face as the Flygon approached.

    "Hello there, newcomer," she greeted pleasantly. "Here to register?" Dwayna nodded, with a smile of her own. The Pelipper searched through the desk in front of her, pulling out a piece of paper as well as a file folder. She opened it, and the Flygon recognized the papers she had sent to register her moving here. The Pelipper seemed to check some boxes on the other piece of paper before putting it into an envelope and handing it to Dwayna.

    "The houses are marked on the map you got from the Sheriff," said the Pelipper. "Find an available one you like and Don Nick will likely come along and tell you what to do. If not, his store is marked with the leaf symbol."

    "Thank you," replied Dwayna in a pleasant manner. She waved to the Pelipper and set out to find herself a place to stay, using the map as reference along the way.
  3. Mr.RMA

    Mr.RMA Magearna before it was cool

    5:41 pm

    Luckily, the map appeared to be waterproof, as it held up fine through the pouring rain, allowing RMA to rather easily locate the Town Hall. Inside, there stood a Pelipper behind a desk. At the sight of him, the bird gave a rather astonished look of surprise.

    "Oh! H-hello there...are you...here to register?" She asked, trying to sound hospitable through her somewhat...off, behavior, not unlike Sheriff's.

    "Yes, ma'am" RMA responded politely, giving a small smile in hopes to move away from another awkward situation. The Pelipper nodded and went through her desk, pulling out a file and reading through it, checking off several things and writing a few other things that the human couldn't see from his point of view. After she finished, she put all the papers in an envelope and handed it to him.

    "Right...all the houses should be marked on your map. You can take your pick over any homes still available, and Don Nick should be right out to help you out from there."

    "Alright, thank you very much." RMA replied, giving a small wave as he headed out again. 'well...strange conversation two is done...' He thought to himself as he pored through the map, looking over which house he should stay in.
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