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Was it worth the pokeball?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by DeadpanSnarker, Jan 29, 2014.

  1. Face it, every now and again, you come across a pokemon you just automatically NEED on your team. Well, after a few pokeballs, it's yours. Excited, you go to use it in a battle.... And it is NOTHING like you expected. I'm not talking about pokemon that don't always win, but rather ones you just can't make work well.

    My personal experience with this is pretty lengthy, so I'll just post my first disappointment. When I was first getting into pokemon, I absolutely HAD to have a haunter on my team. I was so eager, I spent most of the early game training up a fucking Gastly, which has a pretty poor movepool to begin with. Every time I used it, it would faint before gleaning any experience, at all. Now a day's, I trade if I want a haunter, but I do feel sort of guilty for ragequitting on that ghastly... the base stats were actually not bad...

    Okay, you know the drill. I talked, now it's your turn.
  2. Well, mine would be Smeargle. In HG/SS I encountered one, and thought of catching it. Moveset - Scetch...
    It couldn't learn ANYTHING else. It did learn Bite with a wild rattata encounter, but come on! The only thing I can use it for is breeding... But I had a Lv. 100 Ditto ( I'm breeding them ALOT) at the DayCare so that's out too...
  3. Erm, you just don't know how to use Smeargle properly then. Sketch allows it to know any move in the game. Since its stats really aren't great, Smeargle is best as a Pokemon catcher. Teach it Spore and False Swipe, maybe Mean Look to keep roamers from fleeing.
  4. No, I can't use it. ^^; But, can I learn it more then one Sketch, or is it only one? Sorry for being stupid :p.
  5. When you use Sketch, it replaces Sketch with whatever move your opponent just used. Permanently. So it can be challenging to actually get the right moves with wild Pokemon. It'd probably be the easiest to have somebody help you.
  6. My one would be on a Cascoon (or the silcoon , I quite forgot).on D/P/Platinum. It was real waste I mean like I thought it would be faster than the opponent pokemon but either I'll get owned by psychic, fire , flying or rock. It rely was not worth it.
  7. KoL

    KoL Expert FPS Player
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    My most memorable example of this was during an in-game run when I caught Carnivine in Pearl. When I caught it, I thought "Wow, cool-looking Grass-type, I'll add him to my team." It took him about 10 minutes to prove horribly ineffective and it wasn't long before he got replaced by a vastly superior Crobat.
  8. Oh goodness, this brings me back to when I was a stupid 7 year old playing Pokemon Crystal. I had NO idea how to encounter legendaries at the time, and I just thought that all of these cool looking Pokemon were the rare ones. Victory Road. I see a Rhyhorn. I throw my Master Ball at it and see it do the fancy thing it did back then, and it caught. I was so freaking excited yo, like give a kid a bag of unlimited chocolate and you wouldn't be as excited as I was. I get back to school and told my friends and I was the laughing stock of everyone there.

    I guess that's where my urge to collect multiple rhydons in the safari zone comes from. So... easy... to catch... Why did I use the Master Ball, why?
  9. Scyther in RBY, it was so cool-looking but back then really didn't have any moves of note. Nowadays I look up new pokemon and their stats long before I ever catch them so I know what to expect-- I have more stories about pokemon whose designs I didn't care for but who won me over with their great performance, like Togekiss.
  10. once when i had first bought my white version for my DS on victory road I had the only(i know its TECHNICALLY not the only one but still......) Master ball in the game so being stupid I saw my first fraxure and my only thoughts were MUST HAVE so I threw the ball *FACEPALM TOWARDS SELF* and caught it. but then when it came time to catch zekrom I had to keep restarting the game until i had him in an ultra ball. My point? do your homework before you play pokemon or you'll regret it.
  11. voidaquariums

    voidaquariums Formerly Luxray901

    Um, lets see. I used an Ultra Ball on a Magikarp (Accidentally)
  12. The great classic first time master ball use for me was on a Vulpix back in Gen 1. I was happy enough at the time since they were a bit of a paint to get (not really though)

    Regretted it when I got to Mewtwo of course.
  13. Kecleon in my Y walkthrough. I really badly wanted one, but every single opponent had a moveset where they could do something like Lick -> Bite -> Low Kick -> Psybeam. It'd always faint because of that and so it was always in the front of my team, so that it could gain even a little EXP. Poor little Kecleon with Colour Change.
  14. pokeman266

    pokeman266 2015 Singles Champion

    Back when I was a noob at Pokemon I only used pokemon that you got right away. I had a Charizard, a Pidgeot, a Raticate, a Butterfree, a Graveler, a Fearow and a Wigglytuff.
    My team still kicked ass though.

    I at least used my masterball on Mewtwo :)
  15. Slakoth was a Pokemon I rarely encountered in the wild in Sapphire, so when I stumbled across one, I made sure to catch it (proved to be kinda difficult actually--stubborn fella). She was extremely hard to train with her Truant ability. But I wanted to try and get Slaking for its impressive HP. Vigoroth made things easy again, but trying to get Slaking to an agreeable level...I think I gave up > <; .
  16. well once i used my master ball on xerneas in x and i had a bad time trying to catch mewtwo and zygarde but i used dusk balls....
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  17. Burgundy

    Burgundy Formerly SuperSableye24

    I remember WAAAAY back when i was a tiny little Sableye i had no idea the value of a Master Ball. So in Fire Red my first use of a Master Ball was on a LV. 40-ish Fearow. Then in later files I would always catch Zapdos with it. .3.
  18. AzureEdge

    AzureEdge ✧luzrov rulay✧

    Way back when in Pokemon pearl,I thought Palkia was the only legendary you could catch in the game ,so I used a master ball on a bidoof.
    Little did I know about Giritina. Took me ages to catch that sucker without my manaphy killing it!

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