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Ask to Join Was It Worth It?: A Fallout RP

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Mechanist Gamma, Jan 2, 2017.

  1. (This is a reboot of an old RP created by @SismicFlareCharmander. Current members are; Me, Sismic, @YamiVolcarona, @calebjoek @*that* guy)
    Jay was wolfing down a piece of bacon. Scrumptious bacon. His watch alarm buzzed. "Ah, dangit. Already time for work." Jay munched his last piece of bacon, washed his hands and grabbed his briefcase.
    "Sir, the Vault-Tec spokesperson is here to see you again." his loyal robot, Dexworth, said. He was a modified Mr. Handy robot, and the project that got Jay his contract with Mixem Corporate, a company that built devices of all kinds. Just the kind of company for a builder like Jay. And he could lose that contract if he didn't hurry up.
    "Just great. I'm guessing he's blocking the door again?"
    "Perfect." Jay said sarcastically. "I'm heading out now. See you later, Dex! Keep the house clean!" Dexworth nodded as Jay opened the door... right into the face of the Vault-Tec spokesman. "I can't stand around. So if you're going to force me to do business, then walk and talk."
    "Very well, sir!" The spokesman said, holding his nose. "So! During the cold, harsh times of the War, Vault-Tec is making life safer for-"
    "I don't care." Jay said. "Get down to business, or we're not IN business."
    "...very well, then!" The man replied. "Basically, we were wondering if you would like to reserve a place in Vault 54 in case of nuclear fallout."
    "Sure." Jay said. "It's free, right?"
    "Correct." The spokesperson said. "The project is completely government-funded. All you need to do is sign these papers."
    "Alright." Jay said, taking the papers and signing them. "Now leave. I've gotta get to work."
    "Yes, sir!" the spokesperson said, running off as Jay got into his car and drove off.

    "The nuclear war continues, as America is constantly under the pressure of nukes. Top strategists estimate that the next strike will be fired at Indiana." the news anchor said on the TV. Dexworth watched, worriedly.
    "Oh, dear. What if the next nuke is fired here? Master Jay would die! But then again, he did sign up for the vault..." A knock rang out from the front door. "Coming!" Dexworth said, turning off the TV. He opened the door... and didn't like what he saw. One of Jay's coworkers was holding the unconscious man in his arms. "My word!" Dexworth said. "What happened to the poor fellow?!"
    "An accident at work." the man said. He handed Master Jay over to Dex. "I brought him here, now I need to head out. See ya." The man closed the door, leaving Jay to his robot.
    "Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear." Dex said, taking a reading. "Thank goodness, he's just unconscious." Dex put him down in the couch, letting him rest. Dexworth turned the TV back on, wanting more updates.
    "Emergency news!" The TV anchor said. "A nuke has been fired at Bloomington, Indiana! All residents are advised to seek safety immediately!"
    "Oh no." Dexworth said, frightened. He looked at the still-unconscious Jay, and made a decision. He picked up the man and started towards the vault.

    Dexworth arrived and saw multiple people filing inside. He went up to the administrator. "This man is named Jay! He lives at 115 Rogers Street! Please let him in! He's registered!"
    "Jay... 115 Rogers... it all checks out. Bring him in." A guard came and took Jay, placing him on the platform. Then... Jay woke up. He looked around.
    "I'm... at the Vault...?" Jay spotted Dexworth. "Dex! What's...?"
    "There's a nuke coming. I got you to safety. Goodbye, master Jay."
    "Wait! Dex!" Jay said, getting up. But then the platform started to descend. And as it did, he saw the nuke flying towards downtown Bloomington...

    Jay found himself disoriented in the Vault. He just blindly followed. When he was told to get into a pod for... what did they say? Cleansing? He didn't think much of it, and climbed in. As soon as he and the others were all inside... something happened. Gas poured into the chamber... sleeping gas. Jay fell asleep easily, worn out by all that had happened.

    Jay awoke, feeling like he had shifted out of time. He was more disoriented than he had been before. The tube opened, and he stumbled out. He grabbed the stairs as he tried to get himself reoriented. As soon as he was stable again, he opened his eyes and looked around.

    What had happened?

    The vault was dark, it was in disrepair, and there was no one around. He remembered what had happened clearly now, and had one question.
    Just how long did that gas knock me out for?
    He didn't feel any different. Yet there was no one there, and the walls were in disrepair. This couldn't have happened over a few hours. He looked around, and saw a door up the stairs. He touched it, and it opened. This wasn't the door to the exit, but he didn't want to go outside just yet. No, he wanted to explore. Find out what he had missed. Inside the new room, he saw a table with some items. An M1911 pistol and three cartridges. He grabbed the gun and the ammo, thinking they could be useful. He saw two doorways. The one to the left led to the office, and the one to the right led to the dormitories. He tried the left door. It was buckled, and wouldn't open. He tried the one to the right, not expecting to find much.

    He was not expecting to find human skeletons.

    Barely keeping his cool, he went in, looking around. He saw that one of them was holding a journal. He flipped through it. He had been writing in the journal since he had arrived in the vault. And he had been writing for 65 years. Jay knew he had been asleep for a long time. But how long? The journal was very, VERY old. He opened another door, which led to a hallway. The hallway had some strange bug in it. Jay killed it, and continued onwards. He found the office was accessible two ways. Entering the office, he found a skeleton over the desk. The administrator, obviously. He saw there was a Pip-Boy on the table. He took it, and turned it on. He needed to find out the date. He looked at where it said the day... and was shocked at what he saw.


    Jay had been asleep for over two hundred years.
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  2. "A conscious life form has been detected near Vault 54," a protectron droned with a feminine voice. RX2 V1.18.6, also called Roxie by the man who was now finishing tying some scrap metal to a leather glove, was standing perfectly still, scanning the surrounding area. The man finished tightening the scrap metal and stood up. "Well then," he said with a somewhat rough voice. "Should we go see who it is?" The robot responded. "It is my protocol to protect and assist any survivors of the nuclear fallout. I must go immediately." It started walking away while the man followed. I wonder who else managed to survive? The man thought to himself. He had been awake for almost half an hour now, and all he remembered before that was getting into a pod and the hissing of gas. Maybe the other will have more information on what happened...
  3. Shocked at this, Jay realized the administrator probably kept some data logs. He checked the computer. Thankfully, it was unlocked. He opened some files, and was shocked at what he read. Vault 54 wasn't at all what people thought it had been. In truth, it was an experiment to see if Vault-Tec could stop time for a specific individual. It worked, and was why over 200 long years Jay hadn't aged a day. Well, he won't be needing this Pip-Boy. Jay thought. He also saw some more ammo for his pistol. He couldn't know what was out there 200 years after his time, so he needed to be prepared. He made his way back to the "cleansing room" which he now knew was actually the Temporal Freeze Chamber. He checked the other chambers. None of them were open... save one. The screen that would say the name of the person there was broken, however. Wonderful. Another mystery. Jay thought. He moved out of the room, heading for the elevator. Another skeleton was waiting for him, hunched over the controls. Oh, yay. Another dead guy. Jay moved the skeleton out of the way and plugged in the Pip-Boy. He turned on the elevator, and readied the mechanism. He went over to the elevator and pulled the switch. The platform slowly started to rise. The heavy metal doors at the top opened, and light blasted his eyes.

    Jay opened his eyes to the Wasteland.

    The radioactive landscape came as a shock to Jay. Nothing was left. Nothing. There were hills of yellow and orange, and sometimes red. And the sky was still blue. But there was no green anywhere. Nothing living. Jay stepped out, tightening his grip on his gun. He heard something to the left of him.

    It was a mutant zombie thing.

    Jay blew its 'brains' out with one shot from his gun. Another came at him from the other direction. But before he could get it, a black dog came out of nowhere and took it down. He turned and looked at the dog. It was tearing the head off of the thing. After it was done, the dog turned and looked at Jay.
    "Hey there!"
    "Whoa!" Jay almost fell over. Out of all the weird things he had seen so far, this was the weirdest. "You can talk?!"
    "Well, sure." The dog said. "Although it's not really talking. The way he explained it was that it's more so I'm projecting my thoughts into your head..."
    "Okay, I need a second..." Jay said, sitting down. "I was just frozen in time for over 200 years. My homeland is nothing but a radioactive wasteland. I just got attacked by a mutant zombie."
    "They're called feral ghouls, actually."
    "Right, feral ghouls. And now... I'm talking to a dog."
    "Like I just explained, it's not talking."
    "Whatever." Jay said, getting up. "I'm a logical man. There has to be a logical solution to this. But I don't care to try to figure it out right now. So... you're a talking dog."
    "Yep! Name's Fang. Nice to meetcha!" Fang said, looking at Jay. "What's your name?"
    "Jay... my name's Jay. Nice to meet you, too." Jay said, cocking his gun. "From what I can tell, this place has gotten pretty dangerous."
    "Oh, most definitely. I've been struggling to survive ever since he died."
    "My previous owner. I miss that guy..."
    Jay sighed. "So you're on your own?"
    "Yeah. Sadly." Fang said.
    "You know, I've always had a soft spot for dogs." Jay said. "How about we travel together?"
    "REALLY?!" Fang said, excitedly. His tail started wagging.
    "Yeah." Jay said. "The way I see it, we can help each other. I'm new here, and you know your way around. You need someone to watch your back and keep you safe, and I can do that. If we work together, we'll be a lot stronger that we'd be otherwise."
    "Makes sense!" Fang replied. "Alright. Together, to the road ahead!"
    "To the road ahead!" Jay said, smiling.

    The man and his dog both arrived at what used to be Jay's home town.
    "I remember when this place was nice and orderly. I used to hate the quiet life... but I miss it now." Jay said. "Speaking of which... let's stop by my house."
    "Why?" Fang said. "It's definitely been raided by now."
    "I left some pretty good defenses behind. And if the world's like you say it is, then it's in our best interest to get whatever we can get." Jay said. They soon arrived at his house. The door had fallen off it's hinges, and he saw that it had been raided long ago. He decided to see if there was still anything useful. There was nothing in the kitchen, the living room, the bathroom... The only thing that had something was the bedroom, which was still raided. He noticed the bed had yet to be moved. "Good. Hopefully Dex did what I think he did." Jay shoved the bed aside. Some mechanics clicked, and a trapdoor opened up in the closet.
    "You had a secret house inside your tiny room?" Fang asked.
    "It's called a closet, actually." Jay said, climbing down the stairs that had revealed themselves. Jay and Fang descended into the secret room that the man had built long ago. The room had nothing in it but a box... and a modified Mr. Handy serving as the lock.
    "Dexworth!" Jay said, recognizing his trusty robot. The mech was just powered down. Jay went over and woke him up. "Hey, Dex."
    "Master Jay!" Dexworth said, floating up. "It's good to see you after all this time. I'm a bit surprised you haven't changed in over 200 years, though."
    "For me it's been far below that." he said, sighing. "How have things been while I've been... gone?"
    "It's been horrible." Dexworth said, starting to float around. "Bandits and raiders everywhere! Feral ghouls destroying what's left of the city! And god help us if a Deathclaw shows up!"
    "Deathclaw?" Jay asked.
    Fang sighed. "Boy, you really don't know anything about the world. Deathclaws are these big, scary creatures that are almost impossible to kill."
    "...is that dog talking?" Dex asked.
    "Yeah, it's weird... wait. How can you tell?" Jay asked. "The way he explained it, he speaks to me by transmitting his thoughts into my mind."
    "It's a wavelength that I can read." Dexworth replied. "Hello, there. I am Dexworth, personal assistant and aid to Master Jay."
    "Nice to meet ya! Name's Fang." The dog said. "Jay agreed to become my travel partner!"
    "Did he now?" Dex turned to Jay.
    "You know I love dogs.." Jay said. "Plus, he'll be useful."
    "I suppose." Dexworth said. "Now, our first priority should be finding supplies."
    "We've got my emergency supplies right here." Jay said, throwing open the lid on the box. Inside was a machete, an M-16, some leather armor, and a bunch of M-16 ammo. Jay threw on the armor, holstered his M1911, placed the spare ammo on an ammo belt, put the machete in a small scabbard, and threw the M-16 around his back. (It had a string) He flexed his knuckles, and smiled. "Let's get going."
  4. "The lifeform has left the Vault," Roxie informed. The man looked down at his Pip-Boy and saw the layout of the Vault. He was relatively close to an elevator that he was pretty sure lead to the surface. "Let's go find him, alright?" He said to Roxie. He walked over to the elevator and pulled the switch to go up. When both he and the robot were inside, the elevator ascended. Roxie started listing off surface statistics. "Chance of nuclear radiation poisoning: 2%. Chamce of meeting other life forms: 98%. Chance of hostile encounter: 89%." The man donned his makeshift gauntlets. According to Roxie, he would need them. When the doors opened, all the man could see was a wasteland and two dead zombie-like creatures. "Scanning..." Roxie droned. "Life form: Feral Ghoul. A post-necrotic human that has been subject to heavy and constant nuclear radiation, also known as a ghoul, that has lost much cognative function and will attack any human on sight. These specimens have been dead for aproximately 10 minutes." The man looked down on the now fully dead ghoul. "So this is what war has come to..." murduring millions and then turning them into these..." He looked back up to the faded gray robot. "How do you have all of this information?" Roxie responded. "I have recieved data over the last 150 years from other robots who have been stationed here. Some were sent on regular scouting missions and learned the terms that humans had given to these new lifeforms. We must go now. Any other thermal scans will be sent to me wirelessly and will alert me to any other survivors that regain consciousness." Roxie started walking off towards the city that the man once called home, and he followed.
  5. Jay decided to try and check the factory he used to work at for supplies. If his time at Mixem Corporate was any indication, they had almost everything. Entering the factory, he looked around. The place was practically ruined.
    "I doubt even my cleaning could fix this place up. It's a literal dump!" Dex said.
    "Well, it being a dump means there could be food around here!" Fang replied.
    "Please don't tell me that's all you're going to think about." Jay said, walking off. He noticed that the security doors that could only be opened with an employee keycard were still locked. He used his door to open the store room. There was quite a bit of food in there.
    Dex had to use full power to keep Fang from charging in and eating everything in there.
    Jay found some food in the vault that wasn't radiated that they could carry. He took some, but left the rest. "Just in case we need to come back for more."
    He gave a chicken leg to Fang.
    The two explored some more, finding some supplies. One of the things they found was a bunch of ammo for the emergency gun turrets Jay had installed in Dex back in the Old World. He loaded them up and tested them. They also found some leather gear that Fang could wear, as it was dog armor. In some other of the locked rooms, they found more useful material. Jay also found a suppressor for his M1911 and an extended clip for his M-16. However, they didn't find much in the workshop. However, Jay did notice something.
    "What is it?" Fang asked.
    "This mine cart... it's not supposed to be here." Jay said. "It's supposed to be kept at the station in case of emergency."
    "Oh." Fang replied. "What's a mine cart?"
    "A box on wheels that moves down a set path to go between one place and another."
    "Oh!" Fang replied. "Sounds fun! Let's ride!"
    "Wait, what?" Jay said, surprised. "Why would we ride the mine cart? It just leads to the station."
    "I think Fang may have the right idea." Dex said. "If the mine cart was supposed to be at the station, then why is it here? I say we investigate."
    "I guess you're right." Jay said, hopping into the mine cart with Fang and Dex. "Let's go!" He pulled a switch, and the cart was off.
  6. Fernandez was really getting tired of running from ghouls. However, the Wasteland was never very good at conforming to what he wanted, so he was running from ghouls. To make matters worse, he knew that his disgustingly bad luck was going to kick in, and he was going to suffer some catastrophic setback. He was right, but not totally. The setback was for the ghouls. His running had destabilized the hill they were running on, causing them to fall down off the cliff. "Good riddance." He said out loud. He began to walk to the city.
  7. "Are we there yet?" She heard a deep, soothing voice ask. Blaire Suzuki looked down, to see the face of the adorable Mutt she'd know since he was a puppy. "No, Ryder, we're not there yet, but we will be soon." Blaire replied. The Japanese-American woman had her black hair going down to the middle of her back. She also wore her Vault 58 suit, along with some leather armor she'd purchased. Thanks to her personality, she'd managed to talk a shopkeeper at a small town to trade her some weapons and armor, in return for her Pip-Boy. Since she was leaving it, she didn't really need it. Blaire had already drawn down the map of the entire area onto a piece of paper, and she was pretty good at reading maps. "And, Ryder, remember: If we run into anybody here, don't say anything. We don't want somebody thinking you're some hyper-advanced dog, or stealing your communication collar." Blaire said, looking down at her dog. "Right, right. I got it." Ryder replied. They were heading to a facility belonging to some Old World company. "Hey, Ryder, what was that place called again?" She asked. "Mixem Corpor-something-or-other." Ryder replied. Blaire rolled her eyes, smirking.

    Soon, they came upon the ruins of the old facility they'd been told about, looking down upon it from a cliff. She pulled out her Barrett XM500 sniper rifle and set up the bipod, setting it down so she could get a better aim. She could see the entrance, and the surrounding perimeter looked unguarded. Nodding to herself, she adjusted her bipod back up and put the Barrett in a sling she had made for it. Following that, the girl unholstered her HK USP, and slid down from her vantage point, Ryder following right behind. Upon exploring a bit, they came across what seemed to be an open storage room. Upon entering, they saw a large storage of food, seemingly untouched by radiation. "Someone's been here." Ryder said, looking to Blaire. "How recent?" She asked. "Very." Came the reply. "Alright, watch my back while I find something to put this food in. We'll gather it, then investigate. Never know what you might find out here." She said. Ryder simply nodded and walked out of the storage room, ears, eyes, and nose alert for anyone.
  8. (Just one thing; you needed a company keycard to access that room.)
    The mine cart arrived at its destination; the old station. The travelers got up, and started looking around. The place was in ruins. The wallpaper was peeling, the columns were broken, and the windows were shattered. At least, that's what it looked like after they exited the private security room. They split up to explore.
    Fang followed his nose to the kitchen. For the most part it was radiated, but he did find clean water and some frozen, bagged meat.
    Dex searched the waiting areas. He didn't find much. However, he did find a briefcase with some ammo in it for Jay's M-16.
    Jay, however, went to the roundhouse. There he found something amazing.

    A fully intact, operational steam train.
    "Ohohohohohohoh YES!!!" Jay shouted, pumping his fists in the air.
  9. (OOC: It was never stated that Jay closed the door, so I assumed it was left open.)
    BiC: Blaire moved from the storage room, searching for a backpack. Something larger than the small satchel she had. Luckily, within a few minutes. the woman had found one. It was on an old skeleton. It was at least a decade old, but it worked. She maneuvered the backpack off of the skeleton and slid it onto her back, going back to the storage room. Finding some small, plastic containers as well, she placed different food items in different containers, and then placed them in her backpack. She left some room for other things she came across, but three-fourths of it was filled with the food they'd found. "So, Ryder, any idea where the trail of these people went?" Blaire asked. "Yeah, this way." Ryder answered, pointing his nose in the direction he was mentioning. "Looks like it'd be a long walk. No use going there, especially considering it's probably a group of raiders, or scavengers." She replied. Nodding to her as she turned to walk away, Ryder followed her, all the way back up to the cliff they had stopped on to survey the area. Setting her bipod back up, she looked through the scope. "We'll wait for someone to come out. We'll have to judge by their apparel on what they are. If they're raiders, we move. If they don't look like they'd be hostile, we'll set up camp here for the night." Blaire said, continuing to survey the area around the Mixem building.
  10. A few hours later, Fang and Dex came into the roundhouse.
    "Master Jay, where have you been? It's been almost... What...?!" Dexworth said, entering with Fang.
    "She's a beaut, ain't she?" Jay said, coming out of the engine of the train. "I'm thinking of naming her the Undying Hope. Since that's what she gives me!" Jay had obviously been working, as he was sweaty and covered with dust.
    "What have you been doing?" Dex asked while Fang looked around, amazed.
    "You know how this engine runs on coal?" Jay replied. "Well, I've been modifying it to run on electricity. I just set up a generator in the tender, so as long as that's running we'll never run out of power! And I found some AWESOME cargo in the back!"
    "Just one question." Fang said.
    "What's a train?"
    "A train is basically a motor that uses some sort of power to move a bunch of boxes with wheels down bigger metal pathways." Jay explained.
    "Oh!" Fang exclaimed. "That's cool!"
    "So take a look at what's in the back!" Jay said, opening the cars. They passed a lot of things, including a storage bay and a full armory. However, the final car had the real surprise.
    "Whoa..." Fang said in amazement.
    "Is that...?" Dex asked.
    "Yep." Jay replied. It was the best thing they could have found...
  11. Mitch spotted blaire "aye you" he shout at him "what are you doing out here! It's dangerous you could get torn apart" he walked over to the camp "names Mitch do you have one?"he asked keeping his guard up in case of a goul
  12. Upon hearing the voice, Blaire turned around, unholstering her pistol, and Ryder crouched down, ready to pounce on the new figure. Upon seeing the man wasn't pointing a gun at her, Blaire holstered her pistol, and Ryder relaxed. "First of all, I know it's dangerous. That's why I had him watching my back." She said, nodding to the German Shepard/Husky mix next to her. "And, second, my name's Blaire. Right now, I know there are others in this building." She continued, pointing to the Mixem building. "Someone else is in there, I think. I didn't want to get too comfy here in case it turned out to be raiders. But, I don't think that's the case. If they were raiders, they would have sent out someone to guard the entrance by now." She finished, turning back to her Barrett and looking through the scope. She didn't specifically trust the man she had just met, but she knew Ryder would alert her if he tried anything.

    "What about you, what are you doing in these parts?" She asked, deciding to make casual conversation while Mitch was there.
  13. "Well I've been out here since as long as I can remember and ya sound like you could use my help" he continued the conversation and wondering if they need help with a smile
  14. "Need? No. Want? Sure, why not? Like I said, I don't think it's Raiders. The dog never sleeps anyway, he'll let us know if there are any while we sleep. While I keep watch, can you get a fire going?" She asked. Meanwhile, Ryder kept an ear out, but trotted over to Blaire, gazing at the Mixem building.
  15. Mitch sat down and tried to relaxe "ya know I've always wanted a dog" he said he looked at Ryder "where'd ya get him" he asked Blaine "it's cute" he said as he started a fire
  16. (Um... well, the station and Mixem Corporate's factory are in two different places. They're close, but not the same building.)
    Jay went up to the engine after making sure that Fang was braced for when they started moving. "Dex, mind opening the door?"
    "Certainly." Dexworth responded, flying over and using his sawblade to sever the locks before bashing the doors open.
    "Fang, you ready?"
    "Oh yeah!"
    "Cool!" Jay said. He walked over to the whistle. "I've always wanted to do this..."
    "WHAT IN GOD'S NAME WAS THAT?!" Fang exclaimed.
    "It was a whistle." Jay said. "With that out of the way... LET'S ROLL! ALL POWER TO THE ENGINE! FULL STEAM AHEAD!" Dex got back in the train just as Jay pulled the lever all the way to get the train moving. It started chugging onwards, heading down the tracks that had been in place since before the war.
  17. "Ryder? Well, I got him back where we came from. My home." Blaire answered as she got up from her sniping position. "The people who lived in the area with us probably didn't like the idea I took him with us, but, hey, he's my dog." She continued, pulling back the bipod and slinging the Barrett. Luckily for her, her leather armor and hair was enough to cover most of her vault suit and number, so her new acquaintance probably wouldn't deduce she'd come from one. And, the Ryder story was half-true, so she wasn't technically lying.

    Then, she turned around, looking to another building and unslung her Barrett, after hearing what sounded like a whistle. A very, very loud whistle. "I'm not hearing things, right? You heard that, too?" She asked, to either Mitch or Ryder.
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  18. "Heh I've seen a few dogs round there all either savage or somebody's to yeah I've got this" he said as he pulled out a pic of his dead dog "this guy sacrificed his life for mine" Mitch cried a bit
  19. The train started to move along the surprisingly-intact tracks. Looking out, Jay saw the way they were heading.
    "Back to Mixem Corporate, eh? Well, at least we now have a way to carry the rest of the supplies." Jay said, thinking.
    "Wait." Dexworth said.
    "I'm detecting three lifesigns within the building."
    "Oh no!" Fang said, worried. "Could they be raiders?!"
    "In the desolation of the wasteland, some have taken to killing, stealing and raiding their fellow survivors for their own sake. Sometimes they band together. They're called raiders."
    "Well, that's not good."
  20. (I'm not sure if the train is within visible range for Blaire and Mitch, so I'm going to assume it isn't.)
    Blaire turned to Mitch. "It seems we have a decision laid out for us. A: We could make a break for it, and survive for sure. Or, B: We could enter the building. It sounded like the whistling was heading there. We can move in, see who or what it was. Maybe, if it's people, they're friendly. If they're raiders, we try to take 'em out and either die, or we kill them and can keep the building for ourselves. I'll let you decide."
  21. "I must avenge jess"he said in a sadness fuelled rage he loads his shot gun "come on" he said to blaire as he gos to enter the building
  22. (I'm just going to say they're on opposite sides of the building, since the train isn't outside.)
    "What's the plan?" Fang asked.
    "Well, we can't leave the train unguarded." Jay said. "But we can't risk an ambush either. I say me and Fang go figure out what's out there, and Dex can stay with the train."
    "A logical conclusion." Dexworth agreed. "I'll keep the train safe."
    "Let's go!" Fang said, starting to move.
    "Alright." Jay followed, taking his gun off his shoulder.
  23. "Right." Blaire replied. She could only assume Jess was the dog Mitch had mentioned earlier. She put her Barrett in it's sling again and pulled her HK USP out of it's holster, holding it with both of her hands. She moved up to the side of the door, waiting to follow Mitch in. Ryder was on the other side, also waiting for their new-found friend.
  24. Jay walked in through the back door, but heard movement. Fang smelled it too. Silently the two crept behind cover - which came in the form of the crumbling wall of the balcony.
  25. Mitch headed in thought the front door with his gun in his hand ready to blast the people apart
  26. Blair and Ryder moved in after Mitch. She had her gun in her hands, but not raised. She could tell, for some reason, Mitch was absolutely furious. "Hey, remember, these might not be raiders. These might be friendlies, and it would be a bad idea to shoot the few people in the wastes that aren't initially hostile, yeah?" She said. She kept her pistol at the ready, in case she needed to quick draw.
  27. "Yeah I know i know" he was still furious he was ready to pull the trigger but knew if it wasn't raiders he wouldn't
  28. Fang started sniffing.
    "They're close." he said. Fortunately, the others couldn't hear him. He could only be heard by those he trusted. Oh, and Dexworth.
    "How close?" Jay whispered.
    "Right under us." Fang replied.
    "Good." Jay said. He leapt over the balcony, drawing his M1911 as well. He held the guns to the heads of the humans. "Trust me, I'm not a raider. But I'm not alone." That's half true. I don't have any humans with me. "And I want to know who you guys are. Raiders?"
  29. Jack looked at him and put the gun down he looked at blaire trying to get here to do the negotiations
  30. The man finally made it to the city that seemed so different than what he remebered. There were signs of raids everywhere, and he was pretty sure that his house was already empty. He still went there, and what he saw shocked him. Everything he had owned before the nuke was gone, and in its place, a single skeleton. He couldn't tell who's it was, but he could tell that there was no bone breakage, so that would either mean they died of a flesh wound, or were eaten by... something. He shuddered at the thought. Roxie spoke up. "Sir, we must continue following the man from The Vault." The man stood up. "Yeah, let's get going. No reason for staying around here."
  31. (I assume swearing is alright in this RP?)
    Blaire dropped her pistol, but didn't turn around. "We're not raiders. We're here because we heard a loud noise, something like a whistle. We were camped up on a cliff nearby when we heard it. We came to investigate." She informed the man. "You say you're not a raider. If there's any truth in that, then we don't mean any harm to you or your companions."
  32. (Yes, but let's try to keep it T for Teen. Just in case.)
    "How do I know you're telling the truth?" Jay asked, slightly lowering the guns.
    "They are, Jay." Fang said, coming over. "I don't trust them, but people smell different when they lie or tell the truth. That's a truth smell."
    "Huh. Handy nose you got there." Jay said, lowering his guns. "Alright. Fang says you're on the up'n'up, so I'll trust him by trusting you. Where'd you guys come from?"
  33. "Well, that can be two completely different answers. I came to here from some small town a few miles out." Blaire replied. As she did, she reached down and picked up her USP, and put it in it's holster. "As to how I came to what used to be Indiana, well, that's a more personal story. I'm Blaire, and this is Ryder." She said, nodding to Ryder.
  34. "Pleasure making your acquaintance. I'm Jay. This is Fang."
  35. "And Can for somewhere" jack said not completely ciriten "oh and I'm jack" jack said nice to meet you jay and fang "why am I the only one without a dog" jack thought
  36. "So now that we've all made acquaintances... what now?" Jay asked.
    "Maybe we could show them the... what did you call it? Train?" Fang said.
    "I'm not sure that's the best idea." Jay whispered.
    "Then what?"
    "Maybe we should try and scout out the area we're going to be heading to." Jay said, walking up the stairs to the balcony and the door they had come from. "See if there's anything or anyone we should watch out for."
    "That sounds like a good idea!" Fang replied.
  37. "If it's alright with you, we could always group together. I've seen that fish-outta-water look you have." Blaire began, as Ryder laid down, relaxing. "You're new to the wasteland, but keep this in mind: It's always better to have more friends with you out there. I'll leave it up to you, but the proposition is there."
  38. Jay and Fang started thinking. They discussed their options. Then they came to a decision.
    "Alright, sure. You can come along. Just don't try anything funny." Jay said, walking out the door. He moved along towards the Undying Hope. "Dex! We've got some more people here!"
    "Made from friends, have you, Master Jay?" Dexworth said.
  39. Blaire nodded, and followed Jay and Fang. "Sounds reasonable enough." She said, and looked back to make sure Ryder was following. He was. "Wait, hold on, is that a train?" She asked, surprised, looking at the Undying Hope when they came to it.
  40. "Yep." Jay said, happy. "Used my talent with machines to get it up and running. And we found some INCREDIBLE cargo! Which you are not allowed to touch. I still have my eye on you." Jay and Fang climbed aboard.

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