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Open War Of Stars Discussion

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Suga Bear, Jun 26, 2018.

  1. Its Summer and the War Of Stars is starting. You have to face off against other rising stars for a chance to make it big. You maybe in a company but that doesn't mean you've made it big, all you did was take a step into making it big. The competition will be taking place in California

    All rules apply and in this RP you can use an actual celebrity as your inspiration but you are not allowed to copy their lyrics for obvious reasons. You can also mention actual celebritys. If you don't already have a group its alright sense you can ask another member if you can join their group an then hope they will be fine with it. You don't have to create actual songs all you have to do is describe the song you are singing then all will be okay sense I know that creating lyrics to a song is hard work. Also you dont have to be in a band you can be a solo act if you wish. Another thing i forgot to mention is that if your in a company or in a group dont use the names of existing groups and existing companys. BTW for you appearance you don't need to say what your character wears sense in the rp your character may need to change their outfit. HAVE FUN!

    @Talon_Widowmaker and I have already talked and made our own group so if you wanna join our group please ask Widow sense shes the one who thought out everything for our group

    Stage Name:
    Group Name [if in a group]:
    Company Name [if in company]:
    Song Genre:
    Role In Group:

    Name: Michiru Kobayashi
    Stage Name: MiMi
    Age: 25
    Group Name [if in a group]: Star Girls
    Company Name [if in company]:Starlight Entertainment
    Song Genre: Mostly Pop
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Appearance: has short pale blue hair that used to black before she dyed it that ends at her shoulders, has deep brown eyes that are hardly seen sense she uses contact lenses allot, has light skin and a small tattoo of the word hope in cursive on her left shoulder blade
    Personality: shes only really nice to her group members and their manager and cameraman and the other people working under the company.
    Role In Group: Main Rapper, Dancer, the eldest member
    Backstory: Michiru had a fairly normal childhood except for the fact hat most girls at her school loved singing while on the other hand she loved rapping. Rapping slowly became her life and one day a scout caught her rapping to herself and begged her to audition for Starlight Entertainment
    Hometown: Osaka, Japan
    Other: Michiru has a pet Guinea Pig named Hamlet
  2. So excited to do this RP with you @Suga Bear

    Name: Kim Jacqueline (Jacqueline Kim)
    Stage Name: Jacky or JK
    Age: 19
    Group Name [if in a group]: Star Girls
    Company Name [if in company]: Starlight Entertainment
    Song Genre: Mostly Pop
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Appearance: Long pastel pink hair that used to be black, light brown eyes, fair skin
    Personality: optimistic, kind, very respectful towards her elders, the life of the party, gets kinda arrogant but she's usually only arrogant as a joke, has a fear of bugs, spiders, worms, and clowns.
    Role In Group: main vocalist, dancer, youngest member, self proclaimed "Queen of Rap" (she sucks at rapping its just a joke)
    Backstory: Jacqueline is half Korean and half white, her father is Korean and her mother is white and Jacqueline loved the fact that she wasnt just one ethnicity, she was born in Korea and her family happily lived there to this day, she moved from her hometown to Seoul after she got scouted .
    Hometown: Busan, Korea
    Other: Jacqueline has a Pomeranian named Kuromi
  3. Name: Natalia Wilson (not actual irl name)
    Stage Name: Medichu
    Age: 20
    Group Name: N/A
    Company Name: N/A
    Song Genre: Rap, pop, country... Just about anything she can actually sing.
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Straight
    Appearance: She has light blue eyes, which commonly changes color depending on angle and color of light (I do actually have this color of eyes and it has appeared grey, white, yellow, blue, and green before). She has bright blonde, short hair, is 5'05" (1.7 m) and is 130 lbs (59.0 kg), and she has pale skin with a slim form (bit of chub).
    Personality: She's sweet, and her personality can be a little predictable. She's not exactly brave, but tries her best to be. She can be socially awkward at times, but she's super friendly and super loyal, and she'll do her best to make amends with people she's angered on accident. She can be very stubborn and won't admit to doing an action that someone told her to do in the first place, but only after doing that action if hers doesn't work, so she can be a bit trouble to work with, but she'll still be super loyal to a group if she's ever in one. She also secretly loves the spotlight, but her actions and blushes make it look like she's extremely shy and anxious.
    Role In Group: If she were in a group, she'd be the lead rapper, lead singer, back-up singer, or instrument player.
    Backstory: She's been living all her life listening to Eminem, Carrie Underwood, Taylor Swift, Celine Dion, Josh Groban, Imagine Dragons, and many more artists. It then dawned on her while she was watching a Pokemon movie that had a live performance that if you were good enough, you can become one of the greats. She secretly wished she was that girl that got a call from Celine Dion to join the live performance at a Pokemon showing, and it aired on DVDs and CDs of the movie. Ever since then, she's been watching American Idol, X Factor, Sing-Off, America's Got Talent and Britain's Got Talent, and The Voice, so she can hear mistakes in other voices and try to avoid replicating those. She even took quite a few choir classes and even a class to learn how to play the guitar and self-taught how to play the violin. She's finally gotten to the point where she can play the guitar and the violin decently well, and her voice is where she wants it to be. The question is: Will it be enough? She's gone viral on social media, so she hopes she can make it.
    Hometown: McMinnville, Oregon
    Other: Natalia has a male ruby-throated hummingbird named Rubin, which means Ruby in German, and a completely black German Shepherd named Schwartz (pronounced: Sch-vah-tz), which means Black in German. She is mostly German, can seamlessly go into a German accent, but her default accent is American and was born in America. She's also a gamer, and her Youtube name is Merciless Medic. She has a not-so popular gaming channel, but it's getting there. She doesn't show her face on her gaming channel, so if anybody recognizes her from the Youtube platform, it would have to be from her voice.
  4. But we can't RP as actual celebrities, right?

    Also I've been waiting for an RP about this exact thing for a while now, though I still don't know if I can join because I dun got myself involved in like 5 already ;_;
  5. Bio:
    Name: Lucas Smith
    Stage Name: Lucas Smooth (see what I did there? XD)
    Age: 27
    Group Name [if in a group]: N/A
    Company Name [if in company]: BEATZ Entertainment Inc.
    Song Genre: Country
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Appearance: brown straight hair, peach skin, and brown eyes.
    Personality: Lucas is Gentle, affectionate, curious, adaptable, and he has the ability to learn quickly and exchange ideas.
    Role In Group: If Lucas was in a group, he would possibly be a singer or backup singer.
    Backstory: When Lucas was 10, he was put in a cowboy/wild west themed play with 2 singing roles, one for each gender. Lucas auditioned for the male, and was the one to do the role. He did it very well, and he was very popular in his school.
    Hometown: Austin, Texas
    Other: Lucas has a pet rattlesnake named Acid
  6. I got something new

    Name: Charles Brighton
    Stage Name: Charlie B
    Age: 20
    Group Name [if in a group]: the bi-peddle people
    Song Genre: comedy
    Gender: genderfluid
    Sexuality: bi
    Appearance: Charles is often seen in a suit and tie, but only out of irony, off stage he like to wear jeans and a tee shirt
    Personality: Charles is funny and pleasant to be around, he is constantly acting optimisticly
    Role In Group: leading singer/ pianist
    Backstory: Charles lead a normal child hood making beats up with his feet tapping on the ground, he fell in love with comedy and choose to mix the too
    Hometown: paramatta
    Other: N/A
  7. Okay so @Talon_Widowmaker will be the one to accept new participants sense she the one whos usually online. Thanks again Widow for agreeing to do this
  8. All accepted
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  10. Can someone answer my question please?
  11. You can't be an existing celebrity. It was said in the first post.

    EDIT: I guess it wasn't said in the first post. Well now. I'm assuming you cannot be an actual celebrity, but can get your inspiration from one.
  12. You can't be an existing celebrity and sorry if I didn't answer your question sooner but I was a bit busy today and Suga informed me that she was also busy
  13. Where are we starting?
  14. If you mean by the official RP Im sure that all our characters are still getting prepared for the competition sense Suga and I didn't want to rush you guys all into the competition therefore we chose to give our characters a week to prepare before they head off to California.
  15. Ok, I'm gonna be blunt here, a weeks a bit much. I'm a solo act so there's not much I can do for that duration of a week unless all our characters are in the same location preparing
  16. I mean, there's a lot that you can prepare. Any kind of extra flair you want to add, maybe change lyrics to a song, find your right pitch, practice your song, pick outfits that you are going to be going on stage with, coordinate the setting of the lights, and more. There's a lot you can do, and a week is generous. Most don't usually have that luxury ^^'''

    Mine will be in Oregon preparing to leave for California. She has a friend I'll mention and she'll give several phone calls to, but she won't be a major character. If you want, I can add her character sheet though.
  17. If your other character is not that important you don't have to sense in my opinion character sheets take a bit of time to think of
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