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Unfaithful cousin.

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by QuilavaEmperor, Sep 26, 2009.

  1. My cousin just came from Israel, I know Hebrew so communicating will be a breeze. He basically really dislikes Pokemon, yes I know it's not my business to poke my nose into this situation. However, he likes the famous (infamous for me) popular website Webkinz >.
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    It's doing no harm - I'd just leave him be. A lot of people would say we have no business playing Pokémon, and we all know how wrong they are. How is Webkins any different?
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  3. That's what I was thinking a few minutes ago, and I can't argue with your position either.
  4. You can however, rather than actively trying to steer him off anything, try to expand his horizons into different types of game, whether they by cutesy or gorey, depending on whatever takes your fancy.

    Childishness can be quite useful, particularly in instances when you're a Swedish Ninja named Olga who just rolled a critical fumble and set her own arm on fire (which I did yesterday) - laughing at yourself with your mates is a lot better than being pissy at that 1/20 chance of rolling a 1 :D

    Give an F2P a shot, they're obviously free, though downloading might take an age. There's a vast array of Free-to-play MMO's out there, some of them good, some of them an utter waste of time and space.
  5. I was actually trying to create an account for him on BattleForge but the download failed. Anyways, I played Combat Arms before, I liked it so I think he might enjoy it.
  6. In my opinion there's nothing wrong with Webkinz. I used to play, to tell you the truth the only reason I stopped playing is because it got really really monotonous.
  7. Who says you have to steer him away from Webkinz to get him to like Pokemon?


    No one. No one at all.

    I have a Webkinz account and it doesn't get in the way of me liking Pokemon.
  8. I used to play Webkinz, but I didn't quit because I became too old for it. Now, Webkinz is very, very "BUY THIS AND GET PIXELKINZ!!!!!111!SHIFT1" I log on 2 weeks~month just too look at my beautiful house. It really brings out the interior designer in me. You might want to suggest Sims games to your cousin, perhaps Sims Pets. It might make him grow out of games and cute things like the Webkinz pets.

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