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Ask to Join Ultima Hunters

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Clite of Dragonbow, May 23, 2020.

  1. In year 204X, a big gates appeard on entire Earth and the creatures called 'Nawi' invaded humanity. Everyone thought that humankind will be destroyed, but.. Suddenly, humanity was saved by the organization called 'Ultima Hunters'. Who used weapons based on Nawi's physiology, called 'Ultima', that uses the power of the person spirit to manifest. few years has passed since then.. We are in year 2053, and you just joined Ultima Military Academy!
    Hello Everyone!
    This is an rp that I was preparing for some time now. World is protected by powerful organisation, that is fighting against Nawis, creatures from another world. 2 times in a year, the organization recruits new members. So now, be prepared rookie! Becouse after you have joined our ranks, you are going to the hunter's academy!
    (In spoiler, there is also a Oc Bio template and example)
    Position/Class- Role that you have as a hunter and member of the squad, it simply defines your style of combat.
    Attackers- Hunters fighting in close combat by using melee weapons.
    Shooters/Gunner- Hunters using medium ranged weapons as their Ultimas.
    Sniper- Long-ranged hunters fighting from the long distances and trying to defeat their opponent in one shot.
    Operators- They support the team with informations about their opponents abilities, weaknesses and tactics. They also uses radars and can help to locate opponents.
    All-rounders- They specialize in more than one position, They are usually B hunters with a lot of experience or A Hunters.
    Subclass- Subclasses are based on a weapon that is used in Ultima.
    1.Attacker Ultimas-they are modeled after edged weapons. They require close quarters combat and are extraordinarily impressive in terms of balance between spirit consumption and offensive power. That is because only a small percentage of spirit is required to manifest them, making it possible to devolve the rest to sheer power. In fact, Attacker Ultimas are the most suitable type of Ultimas for users with a low amount of spirit. There are primarily, but not exclusively, three types of Attacker Ultimas.

    a) Yukinoru- The first Attacker Ultima to be created and the most popular. It is a moderately heavy weapon with no gimmicks but very high attack power and durability. Out of of the three main Attacker Ultimas, it is regarded as the most balanced and generally the best made. It alter its shape and length to a very limited access.
    b) Sartaray- A defense-oriented Attacker Ultima that can morph in a shield, it was the last of the main three to be invented. It has low offensive power and it is very heavy, characteristics that make it unpopular among Attackers. Nonetheless, it is very sturdy, and its durability is further increased in Shield Mode. The blade can be shrunk up to the size of a knife, becoming lighter, and its shape can also be changed slightly.
    c) Scorpio- A blade that can be drawn from any part of the body and whose shape can be altered freely, Scorpio was the second Attacker Ultima to be created. By adjusting spirit energy, it is also possible to change its size, but the longer it is, the more fragile it becomes. It is powerful in offense and almost weightless, but its durability is low. It is favored by speedy and crafty Hunters.
    2.Shooter/Gunners bullets-
    The Ultimas used by Gunners and Shooters revolve around the use of bullets. Compared to Attacker Ultimas, they have a lower firepower and a greater consumption of spirit, but boast superior range. There are four types of basic bullets, divided in normal and special bullets. Bullets are composed of three main parts: a "body" that determines their power, a "cover" that protects it from wind resistance and extends its range, and a "propellant" that sends it forward. Spirit is divided among these three components, determining the power, range and speed of the bullets. Their tripartition explains their inferiority in terms of damage to Attacker Ultimas. Overall, Gunner Ultimas are the ones that are affected the most by the amount of spirit the user has. Regardless of the class of the user, all bullets are classified as Gunner Ultimas, despite the Shooter class having been created first.

    Gunners and Shooters fight at mid-range, most commonly as support due to their relatively low firepower. They use their Ultimas tactically to control the position of the target. Each class has its own characteristics, but the fundamental difference between the two is that Gunners channel their bullets through specific firearms, whereas Shooters create spirit cubes from their hands which they can successively split in smaller polygons or fire directly.

    Kinds of bullets-
    a) Asteroids- Bullets have no special properties, but it is the most powerful Gunner Ultima. It is particularly effective for concentrated fire.
    b) Hellhound- Shoots bullets which pursue the target automatically, even if they are invisible. It is possible to select between a spirit-seeker mode, which causes the bullets to home in on spirut bodies, and a guided homing mode, which is directed by eyesight and more precise. These functions are disabled at high muzzle velocity.
    c) Meteorites- Bullets that explode upon impact, it is used to cause widespread damage. Shooters can set its speed to zero so as to employ it in traps. The size of the explosions scales with the amount of spirit expended.
    d) Snake- Bullets whose trajectory can be set before firing. Although most hunters stick to a small number of patterns they have practiced with, particularly skilled users can create new trajectories before each shot, greatly improving the efficacy of this Ultima.
    3.Snipers Ultimas-
    Sniper Ultimas have the longest range and very high power. Unlike Gunner Ultimas, Sniper Ultimas are the weapons themselves, not just the bullets. A large amount of spirit is used up in one shot, so they are not suitable for rapid fire. They are used almost exclusively for surprise attacks. The distance at which Snipers fight makes it next to impossible for an opponent to counterattack. However, this also means they are vulnerable at close range and require cover. Since they can eliminate the target in a single shot, Sniper Ultimates are said to be capable of turning the tides of battle. Each of the three types of Sniper Ultimas focuses on one of the three bullet parameters (range, speed and power). Capable Snipers change them depending on the conditions and the target. Spirit is expended whenever a rifle is created.

    Kinds of the rifles-
    a)Eagle- It is an all-purpose rifle focusing on range. The higher the the spirit of the user, the more the range extends. Aside from range, this Ultima is remarkable for its high muzzle velocity and firepower. Since it has no flaws to speak of and is the most balanced out of the three Sniper rifles, Eagle is the most popular in rank battles.
    b) Ibis- It is the Sniper Ultima with the most firepower, but its low muzzle velocity makes it difficult to score a hit. Being the heaviest and the bulkiest of the three rifles, it is difficult to aim while carrying it, and generally users rest it on its bipod. For all these reasons, it is rarely employed in rank battles. The bigger the spirit of the user, the more powerful the bullet shot. It was originally developed to finish in one hit a big, armoured Nawis.
    c) Thunder- It possesses low power, but it has the highest muzzle velocity of the three Sniper Ultimas and a high degree of accuracy. Furthermore, it is fairly lightweight, which makes it very easy to handle, and in fact it can be shot while on the move. Although not on the level of Gunner Ultimas, it is also capable of rapid fire, which makes it ideal for peppering the target with low-power bullets. The bigger is the spirit of the user, the higher the bullet speed.
    [ /SPOILER]
    Ranks of Hunters-
    S- Special Rank. The only thing that Hunter needs to become an S Rank, is to have a 'Golden Ultima' that is the most powerful kind. S-ranks are really powerfull and usually work alone, not in squads. (Permission)
    A- Elite among the B rank. Most of the All-rounders are in this group. They have great talent and combat experience.
    B- Official Hunters, Working usually in squads of 3 or 4 Hunters (sometimes of 2).
    C- New recruits, students. They aren't allowed to fight and uses the weakest 'Yellow Ultimas' (also known as 'Training Ultimas'). They are allowed to use their Ultimas in training, battle practice in training grounds, in self-defense and helping evacuate the civilians, but aren't allowed to use it in battles, if there is no urgent situation.
    Kinds of Ultimas- Ultima's transform change your body into spirit body, that is way more durable, agile and strong. There are 8 kinds of Ultimas.
    1.Yellow-for Training purpose
    2. Blue- basic kind like red and green suited for Attackers
    3. Green- basic kind, that is the best for shooters and gunners
    4.Red- basic kind, that is the best for snipers
    5. White- The best Ultima for someone that is fighting in close combat, like attackers. It is harder to control, but helps to unleash way more spirit power than the others.
    6. Black- The best Ultima for someone fighting from medium or long distance. Just like White, it is hard to control, but it helps to unleash more of your power than basic Ultima.
    7.Purple- Ultimas for Operators
    8. Golden- Special kind of Ultimas. Golden Ultimas can be like certain class/sub-class (conventional) or completely custom (Special, it can't be fit in any kind). Golden Ultimas choose, who can wield them and it simply can't be everyone. Becouse of their great power, someone that receives Golden Ultima becomes an S rank hunter. [permission needed]
    Some people have so big amount of spirit, that they posses an ability called by hunters 'Spirit Sense'. It isn't any kind of super or psychic power. They are simply an developed humans capabilities.
    (Although, you just need to ask me and I will probably agree. You need a permission to have Spirit Sense. It is just to control an amount of characters with this kinda unique ability)

    Branch 1

    Captain (S rank or A rank Hunter):
    Keith Starwall @Clite of Dragonbow

    3 Mentors (A rank or B rank):
    1.Jim Raygust @Clite of Dragonbow
    2. JC @LunarSilvally
    3.H @CrazyWolf

    9 Rookies (C rank):
    1. Jaden Skyscale @Clite of Dragonbow
    2. Jerias Freeman @Gamingfan
    3. Akane Ito @JadeStar
    4. Ruth Blessia @Spoiled Bread
    5. Amare Fortis @Clunpsy
    6.Caspian Hauler @Your-Friday-Filet
    7.Daisy Reaper @Shadow_Pup

    (There may be more Branches added in future or something..)

    Character Bio template:
    Age: (Rookies are 14-15. Mentors and Captains are usually 15+)
    Class: (Optional for Rookies, as you can decide on that during rp. {Or maybe you already know, which class you want})
    Rank: (All rookies start with C rank, Mentors have rank B or A and Captains have rank A or S. {Its only one captain for now, as there is only one Branch. But it will definitely change in future})
    Golden Ultima: (Permission needed, Character with Golden Ultima automatically becomes an S rank Hunter)
    Spirit Sense: (ask me for permission, if you want your character to have spirit sense)

    My Characters Examples:
    Name: Keith Starwall
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Keith is a young man with short, somewhat spiky black hair and light blue eyes. He wears a white suit, a blue waistcoat with gold highlights, black shoes, and a white and black jacket draped over his shoulders with blue and silver highlights. He wears a black belt with a silver buckle and black gloves.
    Personality: Calm for most of the time and really likes to fight. He usually calls himself 'Young Talented Elite'. Keith is always doing his best for others (Its becouse of his Spirit Sense).

    It seems that he likes JC and hates paperwork.
    Class: Attacker
    Rank: S
    Golden Ultima: Zephyr- Its a Yukinoru Ultima, that's special ability allows him to cut the target from any distance, he just need to know target current position. Golden ribbons that comes out from the blade shows, how many times ability can be used before recharging.
    Spirit Sense: Feelings Sense- Keith can sense the feelings that are directed towards him. He often says that he feels something like touching his skin in a direction of somebody's feelings. If those are bad feelings it hurts, but if nice it tickles, or at least he says so. That's probably why he tries to be nice for everyone.
    Other: His mother was killed by Nawi.

    Name: Jim Raygust
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Jim is a tall young man with Red eyes and blonde hair. He usually wears Red jacket and loose trousers, black trainers and red scarf around his neck.
    Personality: Friendly Mentor that isn't really hard on his students and tries to explain everything to them. He usually tries to hide his emotions in battle and he believes that protecting his students is more important than anything else. He also loves his younger siblings and often talks to them by the phone. (He has 3 younger siblings).
    He often tries to force Keith to do his Job.
    Class: All-rounder
    Rank: A
    Golden Ultima: N/A
    Spirit Sense: N/A
    Other: N/A
    Name: Jaden Skyscale
    Age: 14, soon 15
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Jaden has a short brown hair and Amber eyes with silver elements, that can sometimes turn completely silver.
    Personality: Jaden is a bit shy person, that slowly opens to other people, but when he finally opens to them he is a really good friend, kind and soft. He tries his best to protect others in fight and he is quite inteligent for his age.
    Class: Attacker
    Rank: C
    Golden Ultima: N/A
    Spirit Sense: Truth Sensing- Jaden can notice, when someone lies to him or not. However, he needs to see the person that is lying, or it won't work.
    Other: None

    I guess that all those informations can be a little confusing. Ask as many questions as you want, if you don't understand something. :)
    Some Tags, if you may be interested-
    @JadeStar, @IDKWhatUserNameToDo, @LunarSilvally, @Night's Shadow

    Sorry once again.. At least, now this Discussion thread is in the right place...

    Name: Jerias Freeman
    Age: (Rookies are 14-15. Mentors and Captains are usually 15+)
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: 5'10/Semi-dark skinned/Black hair and eyes/ Wears a blue hoodie with a red undershirt, jeans, and sneakers.
    Personality: Jerias is a friendly but very blunt and sarcastic kid who, despite his aloof attitude, has a strong moral code and loves to help people. He selfless, a good and bad thing, and has a hard time acknowledging when something can't be done.
    Class: TBD
    Rank: C
    Name: JC
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: She is a light-skinned young lady that stands at 5'4 in height with a well feminine build. She has dark brown long hair pulled up in a high ponytail with light blue eyes, right blind which her bang covers. She wears a shirt that covers her left shoulder leaving her right shoulder exposed as her black tank strap is only visible on that shoulder with black skinny jeans with flats on her feet as the straps wrap around her ankles securely. She wears bandages on her wrist and ankles along with her stomach hiding scars from the past. When she is using her sniper she wears ninja like clothing that is light for her to move in leaving the bandages around her.
    Personality: She is a quite distant and stern young lady that is slightly stubborn which can be a pain to handle. Despite her stubbornness, she is a very understanding young lady that judges no one no matter who they are. She is stern and only acts brave to hide her fear. She has trust issues but if you can gain her trust completely she will protect you as if her life depends on it. She has a stragetic mind.
    Class: Sniper
    Rank: A
    Spirit Sense: Animal Sense: She can sense an animal with emotion such as fear or anger even sad and happiness. She can detect this from any animal no matter how far the animal is. She can even reach out and touch the animal if she is that close to look into the animals past and understand what has happened to the animal so in return she can find a way to help the animal. She can even understand the animals calling when they are trying to communicate with her or vice versa.
    Other: She wears a white wolf blue-streaked mask on her face as this helps her focus better but also hide her face appearance. She has a wolfdog named Dove a white Siberian wolf-husky mix who is well trained for the work she is specifically in. She is mostly the tracking dog but will also attack or pin down the target by command due to her wolf trait. She has an older brother named Shadow who is currently missing. She favors the Sniper Rifle more then anything especially with a scoop.
    Name: H (he refuses to tell anyone his real name.)
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: black hair, dark brown eyes, light skin. Always wears a black T-shirt, a black pair of jeans that are a little big, making it easier for him to move, either a black pair of sneakers or boots, depending on the environment. He is 190 centimeters tall (6'2). He wears a belt with knives and has a staff that he fights with on his back.
    Personality: While he usually is not nice he does not intend to be rude. He just says what come to his head. According to him, friends are just an obstacle adn he usually tries to avoid real relationships with other people.
    Class: Attack
    Rank: A
    Spirit Sense: Future Seeing: H is able to see a few seconds into the future, but that doesn't necessarily mean he can change it. (Read @Clite of Dragonbow's comment if you don't understand, since that was exactly what I was thinking.)
    Other: He is very clever.
    Name: Akane Ito
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Akane is short, cute, red hair down to her shoulders, but she wears her bangs backwards, revealing her forehead. She has a healthy figure, not slim or chubby, just in between and light skin followed by light brown eyes.
    Personality: Akane is calm, kind, responsible and friendly. On the negative side, she can be jealous and afraid to stand up for herself, letting others step over her.
    Class: Will decide in RP.
    Rank: C
    Golden Ultima: Don't know what this is.
    Spirit Sense: nope
    Other: She likes little eraser figurines, cute animals and desserts.
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  2. Ohh, World Trigger! Can I have a spirit sense? It would be enhanced hearing.
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  3. Name: Ruth Blessia
    Age: 15
    Gender: female
    Appearance: Stands at 5'2. Ruth poses shoulder-length messy red hair that looks wild and unkempt, barely held together by a hairclip in a poor attempt to style it in a ponytail. She has olive-colored rough skin with band aids here and there, the most visible one would be the one on her left cheek. She usually wears tracksuits.
    Personality: A fierce and stubborn girl. Oftenly got into fight because of trivial matters. Very bold and has rough sense of humor, can be petty at times.
    Class: attacker or shooter
    Rank: C
    Spirit Sense: Enhanced hearing - Ruth has a very sharp hearing. Not only she can hear sounds from afar but she can also hears sound that is out of normal human's hearing range.
    Other: Her band aids have cartoon cat drawn on it.
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  4. JadeStar

    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    I'm just posting here so I can get notifications :p
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  5. Same.
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  6. You know... There is a thing like 'Watch Thread' option..
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  7. Huh yeah just saw that.
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  8. JadeStar

    JadeStar Previously The Pikachan

    :( Sorry.
    What do our characters need to say in their introduction?
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  9. No need to say sorry, I didn't exacly put it in post, did I..
    Just their name, age and they may add some additional informations about themselfs. ^^
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  10. Name: Amare Fortis
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Amare has curly brown hair, and tanned skin. She stands at 5'5. She parts her hair to the sides, and it stops at her shoulder. She often wears short dresses in white and blue, or a white t-shirt and a black pair of shorts. She wears a sun hat outside, which has a blue ribbon around it.
    Personality: Amare is quite joyful and kind, and tries to help everyone as much as she can. She often comes off as a goody two-shoes, though she doesn't realise this. She's quite naive to all of it.
    Class: Shooter or Sniper
    Rank: C
    Spirit Sense: Better eyesight
    Other: Jazz hands
    If she can have a spirit sense, I would like it to be better eyesight.
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  11. I thought about it for a while... Yes, I think she can ^^
    @Clunpsy accepted ^^
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  12. I am seeing this and the only thing I can think of is how much this suits my interests...

    Name: Caspian Hauler
    Age: (Rookies are 14-15. Mentors and Captains are usually 15+) 14. Born November 16, 2038.
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Caspian has jet black hair with brown eyes. His face always looks like he is fed up with everyone around him, an annoyed yet bored expression. He has an average build and musculature, though he is a bit more 'boney' than normal. Caspian wears an alabaster white tee shirt with blue sweatpants and grey shoes.
    Personality: Caspian thinks very highly of himself, and has a problematic superiority complex. He is easily irritated and lashes out at people around him frequently. He is great working independently, though not in teams due to his sheer stubborn nature.
    Class: (Optional for Rookies, as you can decide on that during rp. {Or maybe you already know, which class you want}) He will be an Operator.
    Rank: (All rookies start with C rank, Mentors have rank B or A and Captains have rank A or S. {Its only one captain for now, as there is only one Branch. But it will definitely change in future}) Rank C because Rookie
    Golden Ultima: (Permission needed, Character with Golden Ultima automatically becomes an S rank Hunter) N/A
    Spirit Sense: (ask me for permission, if you want your character to have spirit sense) N/A
    Other: Well I mean the Kenya Tree Coral looks pretty cool.
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  13. Can you give me a brief summary of the RP so far? It looks daunting to read all of that.
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  14. Yeah!
    Sorry for the wait :angel:
    Currently, Rookies arrived in the bus to the 1st squad headquarters. After meeting with Captain and Mentors, they started a tour around the headquarters and they are all currently in the training rooms :)
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  15. Sorry for @
    (and double post)

    Are you guys with us? I just want to know as you two were a bit quiet. I don't hurry you to post or something ^w^
    No worries
  16. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    Yesh sorry about that, just wasn't sure what to post. I'm also slightly confused about the the ultima works. Does it like, change at will or..?
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  17. Oh
    Great that you ask! ^^
    I said that you can ask me, if you have any questions, didn't I?

    So basiclly, Ultimas are the items that Hunter uses to swap/transform they body into spirit body. Spirit body is more durable, faster and stronger than real one and if it somehow is destroyed, then hunter change back to his normal body that is unharmed. While holding Ultima, Hunter needs say 'Ultima Activate'

    One ultima is one of a kind/subclass, for example, Scorpio. Its power can't be suddenly swapped. However, more expierienced and with trained, big amount of spirit Hunters can activate more than one Ultima at the time. For Example a Yukinoru as a blade and Sartaray as a shield for the user.
    However, More Ultimas= More consumed spirit. Users like snipers can also swap between Ultimas, have more than one sniper Ultima, but use one in the moment. Deactivate one Ultima and Activate another one. It takes time and also consumes a lot of spirit, but not as much as using them in the same time.

    Big sorry, if after my explanation you still don't understand as it is hard in some places or too complicated. If it is, then I gonna make one more post and make it short and simple for you, Gaming! ^^
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  18. Yeah, sorry. I was wondering what I should write in my first post, should I just act like she's been there the whole time?
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  19. I think that.. Yes, you should as I highly doubt that she could enter to the building later without a company of a mentor.

    You may make a post from the moment she left the bus and that she followed others during showing around in HQ to training rooms.

    I hope that I helped @Clunpsy
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  20. @Clite of Dragonbow how similar is this with World Trigger? I worked under the assumption that it's 100% similar with some terms change since the class explanation is pretty much taken from the wiki. But the Shadow side-plot contradict some of the canon so I want to clarify this.
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  21. Shadow_Pup

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    Is it too late to join this, I've been contemplating joining this for a while now and then something came up and I forgot about it, but I found the character I had started making and thought I would check.
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  22. Hmmm... Let me think about it...

    Okay, I think that you aren't too late, then post your character, let me check it and I gonna accept it!
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  23. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Here you go

    Name: Daisy Reaper
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: 5'2", pink hair, blue eyes and a skinny but mature body type. She wears a white t-shirt under a denim jacket, black skinny Jean's and black boots. She has a cross earing in her right ear and wears her hair loose so that it goes it's full length, which is just below her butt.
    Personality: Energetic, bubbly, talkative and she gets along well with everyone. She likes singing, reading and hanging out with friends. She doesn't like bullies, feeling inferior or being called short.
    Class: Sniper
    Rank: C
    Other: N/A
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  24. I like the bio ^^

    Okay, my friend. You are accepted @Shadow_Pup

    If you don't know how to begin, you can ask me ^^
  25. Shadow_Pup

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    Yeah, any advice for how I should start?
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  26. Well, you can say that she was there from the beginning, but you would need to make a reeeeeeaaaaly long post


    You can do situation like that she arrives late or something. Jim may greet her at the entrence and she will join the rest then. You won't need to make so long post and it may be easier for you.
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  27. Shadow_Pup

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    I might just say she fell asleep on the bus and everyone just kind of left her there, she can then wake up and make her way to the others.
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  28. Sounds Good ^^
    Remember that it is your post ^w^
  29. Okay Bois and few gals! Becouse this day first last way too long we are gonna do a timeskip for the next day.
    If you have any unfinished interactions, then just remember that you have time till today evening (For me)
    Also, you can always just make a longer summary post if you won't manage to post interaction before timeskip. Nothing to worry ^^
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  30. Soooo, I have been very inactive in this RP, but at the same time don't really want to drop out, so if someone could recap everything that has happened (If it's not too much work), I should be able to get a post up soon. Sorry for being inactive.

    Edit: I don't need everything that has happened, just enough information for me to make a post.
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  31. So... We are the day after the rookies arrived and now all of them are heading to the training grounds, where they will decide about they class and train teamwork.
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  32. Thanks, I should be able to get a post up tomorrow, I currently do not have access to a computer.
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  33. @CrazyWolf due to a fact that we post almost at the same time, I edited my post to involve H and Jaiden.
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  34. Sorry for the inactivity, I was away for around five days without access to a computer, but I'll try to get a post up soon.

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