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Discussion in 'Pokémon Trades and Battles' started by Ultracow, Jun 1, 2007.

  1. [glow=yellow,2,300]
    WANTED: [/glow]
    Power Items [save Bracer]
    Willing to give them back after usage.
  2. Got any shiny or legendary Pokémon from your Diamond game up for trade? I can easily supply you with a Mawile egg with Ice Fang bred into it, and I'm more than happy to hold a Spinda egg.

    Is there anything else you wanted at all?
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  3. I have a shiny Gyrados[Sparkle]. As for legendaries....Rayquaza[WEEEEEEEEEE!] and Uxie[Namine].

    Uh. I guess I need a ditto to make some eggs....Would you mind holding some other eggs, also?
  4. I'd quite like the Gyrados and Uxie, and I do have a spare ditto though it's over level 50 thanks to the daycare.... If you have a Mr. Mime, Jynx, Magby/Magmar or Growlithe I wouldn't mind those either.

    I don't mind holding a load of eggs, just give me advance notice so I can catch a load of Bidoofs or something.
  5. I can get a MrMime and probably a growlithe.
  6. So the trades are -

    Ditto and Mawlie eff with Ice Fang for Uxie, Mr. Mime, Growlithe and shiny Gyrados.

    Plus I'll hold as many eggs as you want me to. Deal?
  7. Okay. Sounds good. I have the Growlithe, Mr.Mime, Uxie, and shiny Gyrados.

    Any Nicknames preffered? And do you want to trade for the ditto soon (like within a couple hours)?
  8. All named normally aside from the Gyrados, which I'd like to be called Jokrael please.

    I can trade for the ditto pretty much now actually.
  9. How about 8:15 Eastern Time. (8minutes from now.)
    Okay. I'll trade you over the Gyrados first for Ditto and I'll get back to you tomorrow or Sunday or something for Egg craze. Uh....Which friend code?
  10. I can probably get a ditto in my firered in a bit and migrate it,as for eggs i breed eevee eggs atm on my diamond
  11. Alright seeing as you probably didnt read the last one....How about 8:30 ET. 14 minutes?
  12. My Diamond one, and sure, half past is good.
  13. Pleasure doing buisness. && Thanks.

    [glow=yellow,2,300]WANTS UPDATED[/glow]
  14. No worries.

    Tell you what, I'll also add a Sunkern egg for when I trade all your eggs and Mawile to you. Hope that helps.
  15. Helps tremendously. Im actually ready to trade 4 eggs over to you.....Hahahaha. Then I can trade you the Uxie, Raquaza*, Growlithe and Mr.Mime. Name a time (when ever you can get enough bidoofs or whatever).Of course they'd be two trade sessions.

    *I cant get the nickname off.... :-[
  16. How about in 27 minutes at half past? I'll just grab a load of Wurmples.
  17. sounds like a plan.
    EDIT: First Post
  18. I'd quite like the Wormadam, Toxicroak, Riolu and Lumineon please.

    Since I'm asking for 4 did you want any other eggs?
  19. Nope. Im good on eggs. It is a give away after all.
    You up for another trade session at half past?
  20. Sure thing. Wurmples ahoy and what not.
  21. NonAnalogue

    Friend Code:
    I'd like the Roserade, Riolu, Spinda, and Clefable, if possible.
  22. if its okay, i would like to take care of your rosarade please?
  23. You're giving away pokemon?...do you need that kecleon?

    if u want to trade,you say u want...egg dance?Does that mean u want someone to breed you some eggs or somthing?
  24. Obviously you have to trade but it doesnt matter what you trade. Its a give away. And no, I dont need either Kecleon.
  25. Oooh. I'll most definately take that Blaziken offa' your hands. ^^ Everyone in the GTS are hooches and want unreasonable things for Torchic/Combusken/Blazikens.​
  26. If it's alright could I have the Voltbeat and Remoraid as well please? It'll make it a lovely round 6 wurmples.
  27. i wouldnt mind that flareon if its ok
  28. Xanth: Wormadam,Toxicroak, Riolu and Lumineon Voltbeat and Remoraid
    Hypot: Roserade, Spinda, and Clefable
    Andy: Flareon
  29. alright i'll do it sometime tomorrow then.I'll also see if i can get somthing good in return for it in that time
  30. I probably should have mentioned...they all have ridiculous nicknames.
  31. Im with Xanth now it'll be a few minutes. ALSO: Kirlia is a boy.
  32. thanks man. are you in the wifi room now?
  34. o sory i thought tht was somone else...
  35. Excellent, cheers for those. I watch the thread over the weekend for when you want the eggs back.
  36. Whenever you are ready Andy.

    EDIT::: DONT FORGET! Check out my sprite topic. :p
  37. red nice name lol thanks again mate
  38. No problem!!! Hypot...I have 'em in my team ready to trade.
  39. NonAnalogue

    Friend Code:
    Right, sorry, didn't see this. I'll be online momentarily now.

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