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Training a Tyranitar

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by Subway Boss Emmet, Apr 13, 2011.

  1. Ok, so basically I need some help working out the best moveset for Tyranitar to use in Gen V Competitive battling. Here's what I've thought of so far:

    Tyranitar w/Muscle Band
    Sand Stream
    252 Attack, 252 Speed, 6 HP

    Stone Edge

    Basically, I'm stuck on the last move and could use some advice. If the other moves are bad choices, I'd also like to know.

  2. Here's the basic Tyranitar setup that's tried and true:

    Tyranitar @ Choice Band / Choice Scarf
    Adamant (+Atk, -Sp.Atk)
    180 HP, 252 Atk, 76 Spd
    -Stone Edge / Rock Slide
    -Fire Punch / Brick Break / Pursuit

    Change the item / moves to suit your needs.

    If it piques your interest there's this too:

    Tyranitar @ Leftovers
    Jolly (+Spd, -Sp.Atk)
    4 HP, 252 Atk, 252 Spd
    -Stone Edge / Rock Slide
    -Fire Punch / Earthquake
    -Dragon Dance
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    Question: did you copy these off Smogon? If so, I'm wondering if the Speed EVs are just extra or meant to be a specific amount that's just enough to outspeed a specific class of Pokemon? Not everyone is going to have a 31 Speed IV unless they're IV breeding for it, so that should be taken into consideration when suggesting specific EV spreads.
  4. No, actually. I did reasearch via google, serebii, and Smogon to train my own and that's what mine is currently like (though the same spread can be found on Serebii). The specific speed EVs are to give it a tiny enough boost for the scarf to let it outspeed everything else it needs to.
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  5. Well, the first setup looks like the way to go for me. I intend to go for 31 IVs in all stats except Special Attack, so I guess the given EV spread will be good. I think I'll go for Choice Scarf, Brick Break and I'll stick with Stone Edge over Rock Slide.

  6. No problem! Good luck!
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  7. I will be honest with you as a user of T-tar myself (sandstorm user). I think the ev's in speed are a waste of time to be honest, its not going to be truely any use and depending on what you are using the T-tar for, could depend on where you put the stats.

    Since I use mine to set up sandstorm and a lead, Att and Sp.Def can go down pretty well because of the sp.def boost in sandstorm or.... you could put it in def to make him quite bulky with say a chople berry to survive a fighting type move. At the end of the day, t-tar has a whole load of weaknesses and most of which will outspeed him anyway so you might as well work on his bulk/attack to get the most out of him. As Katie said, unless you are trying to specifically outspeed someone there is no real point having that spread, so again it comes down to what you want to use the T-tar for.
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    ...how did I miss this topic?

    Well, least everyone else pitched in to take care of it, but just a few minor pointers:

    - Scarf Tyranitar is completely outdated in Gen V due to most sweepers being able to boost their speed stats, on top of Ditto being able to do this job far better anyway. ScarfTar works well on stall teams still to block Trick, but other than that you're better off trying something different.

    - Even with full EV training in Defense and none whatsoever in Sp.Defense, Tyranitar's Sp.Defense would still be slightly higher thanks to the boost from sandstorm.

    - Dragon Tail is pretty awesome.
  9. Well, having read the previous two posts, I've reconsidered my setup:

    Tyranitar @ Choice Band
    Ability:Sand Stream
    EVs:252 ATK/252 DEF/6HP

    Stone Edge
    Brick Break

    I decided to stick with Brick Break to nullify Reflect and Light Screen.

    Thanks everyone!
  10. KoL

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    Brick Break would be good if it wasn't on a Choice Banded set. Due to the move lockdown, you want to avoid using attacks that many opponents can be completely immune to. I'd say either drop Brick Break or the Choice Band here.
  11. Good point. So, if I switched the Choice Band for a muscle band and kept Brick Break, would that be a good idea?
  12. KoL

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    You can do that, but if you find Brick Break is proving ineffective, bring back the Band and simply drop the move instead.

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