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Trainer L's Avi Archive

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by PKMN Trainer L, Dec 23, 2010.

  1. Hello, and welcome to my Avi Archive! I have been practicing making my Avis for a week now and I would like to share them. I do take requests and the few rules are below.

    [move]Requests: Open![/move]

    •All PokeCharms rules apply.
    •You may request a Avi with anything in it but nothing against the rules.
    •Please do not order more than [2] Avis at a time. This rules may change according to how well my thread does.
    •I am doing requests to raise my own skill so as such, I will try my best on each and every one.

    •You will also find these Avis on YuGiOh Card Maker.com. I have a request thread there too. I'm just clearing that so that I won't be banned for art theft. =D

    Ok, here are some of my Avis so far.
    Please scroll through the thread for more Avis.

    New Avatars!
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    #1 PKMN Trainer L, Dec 23, 2010
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  2. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    Re: Trainer L's Sig Shack

    Always nice to see a new sig maker swing on by Charms (and perhaps with the influx of new and old sig makers coming in we can revive the Sig competition :'D)

    I like your style, it's unique and some of them seem to have a more simplistic look that works very well for how they are. My favorite one is probably the Strawhat sig there, the use of lighting gives it a cool sheen. Although the lighting looks a bit sporadic, a light source should come from one place and light accordingly (unless you got some crazy lamp set up... and if that's the case...well...sill lamps :p).

    The Final Getsuga one, as beautiful as the background is, is so hard to make out the render. :x I know what it is, but it's just hard to distinguish really.

    You're definitely on your way as a sig maker (and are probably already way better than I am :V), so keep up the work and I look forward to seeing your continued work. -^^-
    #2 Sir Red, Dec 23, 2010
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  3. Re: Trainer L's Sig Shack

    Thanks a lot! I always love positive C&C! I also like negative C&C as long as it isn't flat out offensive... I agree that the Strawhat one needs a single light source. My fav so far is the Final Getsuga one.

  4. Re: Trainer L's Sig Shack

    I was very pleasantly surprised when I saw these sigs! You have some nice composition there and some amazing effects. My favourite is the second one from the top - you've managed to make the text flow well with the picture and become part of it. There might be a lot to look at, maybe too much, but it makes it a very interesting sig!
    One thing to improve would be to make text flow well in your sigs. Some of your sigs do this, but the third one from the top's text needs a different composition IMO. Also, the text on the bottom one needs a bit more blending in. Also, on the second from bottom sig, the render has a white line around it which is meant to be transparent :>
    *Toastie shall be stalking this thread :D*
  5. Re: Trainer L's Sig Shack

    Thanks. I work best when I have inspiration and the second one was me being inspired by how cool Highschool of the Dead was! (only for ages 16+...) That was the first one I had made when I got the hang of Photoshop. Thanks for the C&C. :D and thanks for the interest! I will be posting the newest one I made and a couple of the first ones I have ever made soon!


    I added 3 new sigs the the first post. The Code Geass one is very very old. xD
  6. Re: Trainer L's Sig Shack

    Uhm, hi. I would just like to say that your signatures are awesome! I really like the second one...it makes me want to look up and watch the anime. xD I also loveeeeee the Code Geass sig. I don't care if its old...it's Lelouch and C.C. so therefore I love it >//<. I really admire your talent! :3

    I would also really appreciate it if I could be your first request. Can I have a sig that features this picture? (http://media.photobucket.com/image/poke ... 1.png?o=30) the background color can just be the same as the picture. Can I have it saying *glomp* in big, fun font and just my name LeeLee in the corner? I would really, really, REALLY appreciate it!

    Thank you...and once again your sigs are amazing! :D
  7. Re: Trainer L's Sig Shack

    Thanks for all the comments and for being my first requester! Here is your sig. I hope it isn't too small or something. :D

    Oh, and sorry it is so late getting here. It took me a while to get through Morty's Gym. When I saw that, I had to back away slowly and fell off. xD
  8. Re: Trainer L's Sig Shack

    OMGOMGOMG. I LOVEEE IT! It's perfect! I really like the purple background! You are amazing! Thank you! :3 I'll be sure to credit you!
  9. Re: Trainer L's Sig Shack

    Sorry, I haven't posted many sigs in a while. Here are a couple of requests I did on YCM.

  10. Re: Trainer L's Sig Shack

    Here is a Jolteon sig I made for Elitefour Autumn. I hope you guys like it too and I'm looking forward to any more requests you guys might have.

    My excuse for not making sigs lately: "Little Big Planet is addicting." xD

  11. Re: Trainer L's Sig Shack

    Would you mind making a Poliwag Sig? I'd like it to be oceany with poliwag in the middle. Text to say Clarity: Memories of Max. Pretty please?
    #11 Stam~ Susie Salmon, Dec 30, 2010
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  12. Re: Trainer L's Sig Shack

    Here you go, Stamgalaki. I hope you like it because water was never my specialty. xD

  13. Re: Trainer L's Sig Shack

    Hooray! Thank you so much, I love it!
  14. Nim


    Re: Trainer L's Sig Shack

    Hey Trainer L, these are very very good sigs, I especially like the second one from the top it just really appeals to me :) I was wondering if you could make me a sig featuring Lightning from Final Fantasy 13? And the text as simple as "Lightning". Thanks if you can and I look forward to seeing more of your work.
    #14 Nim, Dec 31, 2010
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  15. Re: Trainer L's Sig Shack

    Well, Nim, I think that one caught everyone's eye. Anyway, here is your sig, just as ordered. Hope it isn't too sharpened!

    #15 PKMN Trainer L, Dec 31, 2010
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  16. Re: Trainer L's Sig Shack

    Saw this and just decided to pop in. I really like how you do text. It's different. Most sigs have horizontal text and yours is wherever it fits. It's unique and I think it makes some of the sigs stand out more.

    On your most recent sig, might I say something? The only thing wrong with it is the text. (Odd right, since I was complimenting you on it?) It's not really legible. Until I looked, I didn't see it at all. I'm not sure how to make it clearer, maybe a more noticeable color? Anyway, other than that, it's really good. Keep doing such a great job!
  17. Re: Trainer L's Sig Shack

    Ha ha, thanks, Blisk! I used to place text horizontal and small but these days I do just what you said, fit it in wherever I can! I just noticed that it is hard to see the letters. xD Anyway, thanks, and there should be more sigs to come!
  18. Re: Trainer L's Sig Shack

    I'm sort of relearning how I do text (if I ever put it again) because I haven't liked how it's turned out recently. The last too I've done haven't had any text whatsoever (Beedrill and Google).

    I also just noticed that I am on a list at the bottom of your OP and I feel special. ♥
    To be honest, I sort of ignored most of it and immediately clicked the spoiler to see your sigs. I just saw the word "Rules" and was like "This doesn't apply to me at the moment." and ignored the rest except spoiler. XD
  19. Re: Trainer L's Sig Shack

    If you would like, i can PM you some tips to improve on.

    I usually read like the first paragraph of a post then if I need to know anymore, then I skim through till I find what I'm looking for. xD Speaking of your Beedrill sig, I saw it when you posted and was kinda inspired! xD This is what came of it. "Killer Bee" was the nickname of my Beedrill in Pokemon Red Ver. several years ago.

  20. Re: Trainer L's Sig Shack

    Holy bejeezus mister L that's pretty dern amazing o:

    I love the swirly green effects around the stingers :> I've made just a couple sigs before and my brushes aren't working so golly you're better than I'd ever be o: I'd say, seeing as you're relatively new, you're doing very well. :>

    Muchlove ♥
    #20 Tunolipede, Dec 31, 2010
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  21. Re: Trainer L's Sig Shack

    Thanks, Tuncake. I actually sed a C4D for the swirls, not brushes. =D
    #21 PKMN Trainer L, Dec 31, 2010
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  22. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Re: Trainer L's Sig Shack

    Oh. Thanks (again) soooo much for the sig! ;D
    #22 Anonymous, Dec 31, 2010
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  23. Re: Trainer L's Sig Shack

    You are welcome, Autumn.


    Here is a sig I just made. I'm not really satisfied with the outcome but tell me what you guys think, please!

    #23 PKMN Trainer L, Dec 31, 2010
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  24. Nim


    Re: Trainer L's Sig Shack

    Thanks for the sig L, It looks amazing! Keep up your high standard.
  25. Re: Trainer L's Sig Shack

    Thanks a lot. Glad you like it.
  26. Re: Trainer L's Sig Shack

    Here is a sig I did for Hanzo Hattori on YCM.

  27. Re: Trainer L's Sig Shack

    Here is a couple of Avis I just made.
  28. Re: Trainer L's Sig Shack

    That Beedrill sig is sweet! I love how you made the C4D swirl around the stinger-arm-thing. I really like the coloring. It's a bit brighter than mine. Where mine's an emerald background, your is closer to a lime (saying lime mainly because of the C4D). Great job!
  29. Re: Trainer L's Sig Shack

    Thanks, Blisk. I prefer the faded dark green to Lime or Emerald. I have plans to put a sig up that is one of my best yet soon but I have to get the permission of the originl artist that I rendered the pic from to post it here. Keep watching for it, though.
  30. Re: Trainer L's Sig Shack

    Here is that sig I was talking bout. It is one of my favs.


    I have gotten permission from benderZz on Deviantart.com to use his Rangiku picture to render.​
  31. Re: Trainer L's Sig Shack

    You are a very good sig artist, just wanted to start off by saying that :) Just looking through the spoiler in the first page makes it clear that you're very talented. And here that means a lot, cos Charms does have a lot of good sig artists (Also you're one of the most humble people I've ever seen, even recommending other sig artists. I lift my non-existant hat :3 ) My favorite one is the Strawhat one, even though I always read it as Stra-what xD The colors are just so nice and blend in really well.

    As much as it pains me to make a request on my first post... I have a request for you. I would like a sig with this background, and the text "Colors can last a lifetime, then fade to grey" (Also it would be nice if you could split the quote at the comma and place the first part towards the upper left corner and the second part towards the lower right corner). The thing with the sig is I want it to literally fade to grey, so that the right side is blue and white, and as you go left the colors fade. In the left side it'd be completely grey and white.

    My god that was a messy request :-\ Hope you can at least get something clear out of that. Even if you don't I still hope your future sigs will be as awesome as the ones you've already made. I shall be stalking this thread :3
  32. Re: Trainer L's Sig Shack

    Thank you very much, Weeds. Why does every one like the Strawhat one? Personally, it is one of my least favs. xD

    Your request was certainly clear enough and I have time to make it right away! It'll be done in a bit!
  33. Re: Trainer L's Sig Shack

    Here ya go, Weeds. Fresh and new! I made 2 ver. because my cousin suggested adding in the rainbow. She likes colors. xD



    hope that they are right. I got kinda confused after reading it a second time. xD
  34. Re: Trainer L's Sig Shack

    Wow, it's excellent! Much better than I imagined actually :) The rainbow is a neat addition, the quote does talk about colors after all :) Thanks a lot, into my sig you go!
  35. Re: Trainer L's Sig Shack

    That's great! I was worried because it seemed a bit too simple to look go to anyone. xD I'm not saying I don't like it though.
  36. Re: Trainer L's Sig Shack

    Hi. Haven't posted anything in a while so I just now added 3 new sigs to the first post of this thread! The Bleach and violin guy sigs are special because if you go to them on my Deviantart.com page, you will be able to download the .PSD versions of them free! I do have some bad news though. I will not be able to make sig for a while because PhotoShop has badly messed up on my computer so as of right now, requests will be closed until further notice. :'(

  37. Re: Trainer L's Sig Shack

    Wow those are some darn right awesome sigs you've made xD
    Nice rendering and the layers fit in so perfectly .
    Amazing job !
  38. Re: Trainer L's Sig Shack

    Thanks, Ninetales! That's the best thing I've heard all day. xD Today was a sad day. xD
  39. Re: Trainer L's Sig Shack

    Yay! It's opening time again! Photoshop is working again and that means, yep, Requests are finally opened again too so request your heart out! (not literally...)

    Here is my latest sig, and it will be posted in the first post too.


    I haven't uploaded this to dA yet but I will after I post it here.
    #39 PKMN Trainer L, Jan 10, 2011
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  40. Re: Trainer L's Sig Shack

    Ohhhh so you're NewVegasSigs! Aaaaah. I thought you were familiar when I found you on dA.

    Great stuff you've got here! You shouldn't be worried about the cloudy one being so simple though - if simplicity is what works, then that's great :) I've done some very quick ones before which just worked nicely.

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