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Top 10 Favorite Pokemon

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by GamerGarchomp, Apr 10, 2020.

  1. GamerGarchomp

    GamerGarchomp Previously RaptorPack21

    I already posted a thread asking what your favorite Pokemon was, so I guess I was just bored and made this. What are your top ten favorite Pokemon? Mine are:
    • 10: Tyranitar- i really enjoy using this thing on sandstorm teams and it has the ability to learn Stealth Rock, which is good, and im a big fan of TyranitarTube
    • 9: Gardevoir- it was really good in ORAS, which was the first time i used one. its also really majestic
    • 8: Aegislash- it was the MVP of my Pokemon X playthrough
    • 7: Lucario - i feel like the free one you get in pokemon x and y is cheating, but its mega is amazing
    • 6: Sceptile- i love those blades
    • 5: Breloom- MVP of my Alpha Sapphire Team and really good in gen 7 uu
    • 4: Mimikyu- one shot ultra necrozma with a z move shadow claw
    • 3: Metagross- my first ever level 100 and first mega
    • 2: Infernape: Loved it in platinum and literally based off of goku
    • 1: Garchomp: Looks so cool and it is really good. i have lots of memories with this guy
  2. Mine would probably be:
    • 10: Blaziken - The special one from X and Y is stupid OP but I like it's design in general and it is pretty strong too.
    • 9: Watchog - Goofy as all heck, but really funny.
    • 8: Talonflame - The generic regional birds are all the same, except for this (and the one from Alola but I prefer this one).
    • 7: Cofagrigus - This always unnerves me, but in a good way. It's super spooky.
    • 6: Gallade - I like swords. I like them a lot.
    • 5: Stoutland - Dogs are always adorable, even when they're like twice the size of a human.
    • 4: Aegislash - Again, swords are cool.
    • 3: Lucario - An obvious choice, but I like this a lot. It feels like this is more similar to Goku than Infernape is, to be honest.
    • 2: Samurott - I love the wise look Samurott has. It makes me feel nervous but also welcome.
    • 1: Cinderace - This is a powerhouse of a Pokemon and it is really cool. Definitely the best of the three Galar starters, in my opinion.
  3. Bolero

    Bolero Previously Boleroofnoodles

    10. Infernape(Son Goku)- I remember 9 yr old me with DS playing Pokémon Platinum for the first time it was the first pokémon game that I played and I choosed Chimchar to be my starter.
    9.Venusaur(Jiraya)- Venusaur represents, my HG Bulbasaur That was my fav pokémon in that time.
    8.Swampert(Hydrocity)- Hoenn is my fav region, and Swampert is my fav starter.
    7.Garchomp(Drake)- I still have my original DS and the Original Drake, that was monster when I finished Platinum in the first time.
    6.Weavile(Roy)- also one of my Platinum gang, THE GARCHOMP KILLER.
    5.Sylveon(Liza)-X&Y, was one of the best pokémon games that I played, one of that best things in it is Sylveon.
    4.Lucario(Ryu)-The first Riolu that I caught was only in HG, I don't know who is Lucario when it evolves and get loved with it
    3.Rayquaza- my favorite legendary...just it
    2.Mawile(Alice)- best thing gen3 gave to me
    1.Dragonite(Scott)- The legend, Dragonite is my fav pokémon for multiple reasons, he is strong, he is beautiful, and some other reasons.
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  4. GamerGarchomp

    GamerGarchomp Previously RaptorPack21

    im guessing you used roy against cynthias garchomp
    P.S. im so happy garchomp is in your top ten
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  5. for myself, will try to limit it - or the entire list be only Eeveelutions, will keep them at first spot, since do love all equally

    10 - Purrbeauty - I know so many hate its design, I really love it, reminds me of one of my cats, thick furred, but so full of fun, did so well for me

    09 - Luxray - love the electric lynx/lion, awesome battler, even more cuter and awesome design, loved its anime appearance

    08 - Torracat - even if I do love Incineroar and Litten, Torracat has much
    cuter design compared to both, reminds me of one of my playful cats

    07 - Persian - for the Kanto one, love its desingn, does remind me of one of my cats

    06 - Liepard - Espeon is my favorite feline, keeping all Eeveelutions on top spot, Liepard is my second favorite feline in the Pokemon, so cute animations in Amie/Refresh

    05 - Thievul - after laying eyes on it, I knew it was love at first sight, really love its design, and can't wait to try one

    04 - Ninetales & Alolan Ninetales - couldn't decide between them, so kept both together, the cute fire fox and the cute fairy icy fox

    03 - Delphox - along with its two evolutions, really love it, looks fluffy and warm to be around

    02 - Zorua - cutie dark fox, so adorable, looks fun to be around

    01 - easily all 9 Eeveelutions is easily top favorite of mine, will keep them all in one place, they are so much fun to be around, have fun with, and draw them - Sylveon as my most favorite, for my love of Fairy type
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  6. pluveon

    pluveon Previously DreamyVictini

    I'll try to avoid Gen 5 bias... lol

    (10). Orbeetle
    - Best starting bug (in design). Super weak in battle but it's a Route 1 pokemon what did you expect. Also the best Gigantamax design in the game.

    (9). Jellicent
    - Especially the male one because it has a glorious mustache. That's about it.

    (8 ). Bisharp
    - Armblades are very cool and if it was in Gen 1 it would be pure Normal type and that's hilarious to me for some reason

    (7). Alolan Ninetales
    - Such grace, such majesty. And it's really powerful too! It was the MVP of both of my Alola teams and it's very good in Hail teams.

    (6). Shiftry
    - I love Pokemon based on Japanese myths and legends and for some reason I absolutely love Shiftry's design

    (5). Zoroark
    - Very cool design and very cool gimmick although it's really hard to use effectively. Kitsunes are the best and Zoroark represent the Kitsune wayy better than Ninetales does imo.

    (4). Vaporeon
    - Best eeveelution imo. Great mix of a mammal and a fish and also very fun to use in battle. It's both cute and majestic and I don't know how the designer pulled that off but I love them for it.

    (3). Dragapult
    - Best pseduo-legendary hands down. Love its design, its typing and it has an... okay movepool but it's still a very good Pokemon. I love that it yeets its off-spring to the enemy. Overall, very nice.

    (2). Emboar
    - First starter ever. I first loved Emboar, then saw other people's opinions on it and started hating it. Then I realized I didn't hate it at all and it's one of my faves now. Also really fun in battle because it has a really diverse movepool (Scald, Gyro Ball, Poison Jab, Grass Knot...)

    (1). ✧・゚:* Victini *:・゚✧
    - It was pretty obvious. Victini is one cute... uh... * looks it up* apple slice cut to look like a rabbit? Weird inspiration for a design but it works I guess. ANYWAYS the primary reason why I love it is it's the oldest Pokemon that I havent lost to resetting my game (too bad I can't get it in SwSh (ಥ﹏ಥ) ). Also I noticed I said this a lot, but it's amazing in battle in both Physical and special sets so yeah that's my favorite for those reasons

    Aaand half of the list is Gen 5... goddangit (´→ܫ←`)
    Sorry for bad english yadda yadda have a nice day
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  7. Bolero

    Bolero Previously Boleroofnoodles

    U failed in your mission...
  8. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    I really have difficulty deciding my favorites so pretty much anyone after 3 is pretty much equally liked

    1. Lucario (Was useful during pretty much any game and hella good on showdown. Hyper offensive, which is my basic playstyle)
    2. Golurk (Really help at the near end of Black. Pretty much swept everyone. Awesome design)
    3. Buzzwole (Pretty freakin awesome, with great stats and pretty jank but fun design. I love how he just flexes on anyone.)
    4. Mudsdale (Uber useful in my Sun and Ultra sun playthrough. Like it's design.)
    5.Lycanroc Midday/Dusk(Second most useful. Hyper offensive. Nice design.)
    6.Ampharos (Nice design. Decently useful. Cool mega.)
    7.Toucannon (Best regional birb. Nice concept/design. Cool power.)
    8. Floatzel (Good design, actually very useful when i was playing Diamond.)
    9.Goodra (Cute design, cute concept, surprising powerhouse)
    10. Cramorant (It's so derpy and I love it!!!!)
    Honerable mentions: Poliwrath/Sandslash/Furret/Weavile/Absol/Flygon/Luxray/Porygon-Z/Leavanny/Boldore(Gigalith. Never managed to evolve it, but I would if I could)/ Aegislash/Meowstic/Bewear/Vikavolt/Kartana/ Thievul/Indeedee

    Legendary list because yes
    1.Arceus (Threatened to thanos snap me if I said anyone else)
    2.Marshadow (Wasn't partial at first, but it's typing, movepool, and signature made it a favorite. Not to mention it's Hyper offensive)
    3.Groudon (Awesome design,power, and ability)
    4. Zacian (Great design, hyper offensive. Pretty much broken, although I don't really care.)
    5.Raikou (Could technically be my "first legendary" with an emphasis on technically. I like electric types)
    6.Yveltal (Edgy Birb id good birb)
    7.Latios (Always liked it's design [I was truly stunned when I found that it wasn't a flying type] and it's pretty good.)
    8.Zekrom(Electric type/hyper offensive/ Nice design)
    9.Zapdos (Electric type. That's all that makes it better than the other birbs. What? It had good stats? Pfft)
    10.Ho-oh (Holy birb is nice bird)
    Honorable mentions: Mewtwo/Mew/Azelf/Registeel/Manaphy/ Dialga/Solgaleo

    Favorite starters
    1.Cinderace(Hyper offensive/Awesome signature move/ Nice ability)
    2.Greninja(Cinderace but better. But not in design or signature move)
    3.Sceptile(Cool design and mega. Odd ability but okay)
    4.Charizard.(Overrated but rightly so. Still, it's more of a design thing if anything else.)
    5.Primarina(Great help in Sun and Ultra sun.)
    6.Samurott(Cool design/Nice movepool/CAN LEARN SACRED SWORD!)
    7.Torterra(Awesome concept, surprising powerhouse.)
    8.Typhlosion (Neat movepool. Eruption)
    9. Blaziken( Cool mega and ability)
    10.Incineroar(Smash Ultimate and that's it)
    #8 Gamingfan, Apr 13, 2020
    Last edited: Apr 28, 2020
  9. GamerGarchomp

    GamerGarchomp Previously RaptorPack21

    i see you are a fan of cats and foxes. for me i personally prefer dogs
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  10. Noogie303

    Noogie303 Previously Allan Valle

    10 Lycenrock-plainly awesome
    9 Riachu- super cute!
    8 Pikachu- no need for words
    7 Yeveltal- He be dark and cool
    6 Breloom- He is just one of my favs and always has been
    5 Metagross- He was the first pokemon card I bought
    4 Lugia- My favorite legendary
    3 Goodra- The kindest pokemon I have ever seen
    2 Greninja- *Ninja*
    1! Lucario- My favorite of all time!!!!
  11. I won't be explaining my list, just listing them.
    • 10: Dragonite
    • 9: Lucario
    • 8: Garchomp
    • 7: Cinderace
    • 6: Machamp
    • 5: Spiritomb
    • 4: Greninja
    • 3: Alakazam
    • 2: Magikarp (Don't ask)
    • 1: Gengar
  12. GamerGarchomp

    GamerGarchomp Previously RaptorPack21

    i am very happy that garchomp is on your list

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