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Male, 39, from Australia

Ghost Dragon
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    The Past:
    Back in the year 1998 in Grade 10 (16 Years of Age), I enlisted in the Royal Australian Army after passing the Basic Training at Boot Camp. I was a Marksman in the Royal Australian Army Education Corps as a Drill Instructor, which if you're not from Australia, is the Australian Army equivalent of a Drill Sergeant in America. I served in the Army for 4 Years and 2 1/2 Months and achieved the rank of Staff Sergeant before I was Medically Discharged after my first and only deployment to Afghanistan (I saw some things I wish I never got to see). After I discharged from the Army, I started taking on Tutoring for people in High School (around Grades 7-9 since I never finished Year 10). In 2004, I met an old friend of mine who is a High Command in the Australian Federal Police, who asked if I wanted to join, which of course, I did. I finished the Academy and was placed at Constable in the Australian High Tech Crime Centre (IT Division) for just over 3 years. After the 3 years I was promoted to First Constable in 2007 for service length. I held this rank for another 3 and a half years, which then I was promoted to Senior Constable due to Previous Military Experience in 2011 (It was already just over mid-way passed 2007 when I got First Constable). In 2018 I was put into the Cyber Crime Task Force (To put it simply, it's the Special Forces of IT in a way). In 2016 I was then promoted to Leading Senior Constable, or the rank of a Junior Supervisor due to recommendation by the Deputy Commissioner of the Division - confirmed by the Commissioner of the AFP, of which, I have held ever since. The same year, I started a Diploma of Higher Education - Majoring in IT to try and get an OP since I never finished High School.

    The Present & Future:
    Come the current day, I finished my Diploma and graduated with an OP of 1 (If you're not from Australia, an OP 1 is the highest score you can get). On July 5th 2020, I took my Sergeant's Test for the Australian Federal Police, and luckily I passed. So as of that day, I am now a Sergeant which is considered a Supervisor among the AFP.

    In conclusion, my life started off negatively after the Army, but I gained a better life more recently. I hope people read this, and for those who do, no matter what has happened in your life, or what may come, you must always find the strength to push on and fight for what you want, because if you try hard enough, you too can get the life you wanted. Never let anyone or anything put you down or push you down the wrong path, always fight through the road block and aim for the things you want.
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    May 15, 1982
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