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Ask to Join The World RP

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Finch~, Sep 18, 2018.

  1. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    Join now!: https://pokecharms.com/threads/the-world-rp-discussion.19940/#post-665495

    Delphi and Artemis walked further into the woods, looking around for anything edible as the snow fell down heavily. Prey had been scarce this winter, and both needed to eat. Just then, a young fawn walked cautiously into the clearing, obviously lost. Easy prey. Artemis nodded to Delphi, and started to circle around it. Delphi jumped into the corner and hissed, her mask disusing her look and scent from the deer. Artemis pounced as the fawn ran into her claws, and killed it with a swift bite to the neck. "That was easy." Breathed Artemis.
    "Yeah, but look at it. It's so skinny. It won't feed anyone, let alone a hatchling." Replied Delphi
    "We're lucky for ANY food"
    "I guess."
    Delphi and Artemis walked back to camp, the scrawny fawn hanging limply from Artemis' jaws. Two hatchlings bounded up to them. "Did you catch anything!?" The blue hatchling squealed.
    "Yeah! I'm really hungry!" yelped the other.
    Delphi looked at the two fledglings. "Only this fawn, Diver and Squirt. Everyone can have a bite, then I will send out some more hunters."
    The two hatchlings scampered off again, giggling.
    Artemis sighed, dropping the fawn on the prey-pile. "Prey has been scarce this month, and only two hatchlings."
    Delphi nodded. "But more hatchlings will come with spring. But..don't you think, maybe we should move? Back to the lake? Prey was good there and-"
    "NO! CatClan won the bet for the lake, and we lost it. Fair and square." Snarled Artemis
    "But, they are a roaming Clan. Don't you think they'd left by now?"
    "Maybe, but CatClan is witty. We can't stroll in and kill a bunch of kittens to get our way."
    "No. I need rest. So do you. Take a bite of that fawn and do something else. I can't keep up like this."
    "Yes, Artemis"


    Alani started to gnaw at a bone, trying to crack it open to get the marrow inside when two other hyenas walked up to her. "Hey, Alani, a lion has just caught a antelope, me and Lioena wanted to check it out, maybe steal some. You coming?"
    Alani got up. "Sure Scarface. I'm starving" Alani followed Scarface and Lioena to where the lions where, and dropped down in the tall grass. 'Nobody will go hungry today' She thought, licking her lips.
  2. Moon slowly and majestically walked up towards the tree stump. Stating by clearing his throat to get the audiences attention, he began to speak, “We have gotten new news from our spies, and we are not under any threats. DragonClan was too weakened from our last fight to do anything, and all the other clans are starving.” Continuing, Moon Said, “Meanwhile, some of the hunters have told me that they saw the birds migrating back, and they saw squirrels coming out from their homes. We will have a plentiful spring. And so, you are all free to go hunting as you wish.”

    Moon then walked off of the stump and back into his den, which was a sizable hut built against a cliff out of sturdy sticks. As soon as he entered, he waved away a warrior who was accompanying him, and let out a sigh of relief. He had just lied so badly to his people. He didn’t like it, but he knew that they couldn’t know what was really going on. They would freak out, and maybe even try to kill him again. In reality, he hadn’t heard back any news from their spies, nor had any of the hunters spotted signs that this brutal winter was coming to a close.

    At least we aren’t starving,” thought Moon to himself, “We have certainly been through worse. It’s a wonder we were even able to beat DragonClan in that bet. If we hadn’t, this surely would have been worse. Then again, I have plenty of food.” Moon looked at his personal food pile, which had many different kind of food, including prey that wasn’t even usually hunted by cats. He grabbed a plump chicken, probably stolen from those stupid humans, and began to gnaw at it.
    While all this was going on near the lake, Adder’s Thorn had not been so lucky. As he had been sent out on a mission to spy and possibly sabotage the dragons, he was cold and hungry. He hadn’t eaten much (certainly not as much as usual) for 2 whole days. Now, he had finally gotten the chance to get a faun, but a pair of dragons had taken it. After following them back, he heard them debate attacking CatClan!

    However, Adder’s Thorn cared more about his stomach than his clan, and when he saw the dragons give the food to hatchlings, he knew it was his time to strike. When the hatchlings looked away for a second, since they love to play around, he ran in and grabbed the remains of the faun, dragging it off a little ways from the camp. Adder’s Thorn began to bite down, and he decided that he would have to eat quickly so that he could head back to the lake. He didn’t even think about the possibility that a dragon could find him so close to the camp. Maybe he just wasn’t a great spy...
  3. Sofia took off her camo backpack, taking out some grooming supplies for Flicka. He was really dirty after their morning ride, and hated being cleaned, but riding on a muddy horse.. that would just be uncomfortable. She grabbed a brush, and started brushing off the mud and leaves in Flicka's fur. He jumped up on his hind legs, neighing loudly, loud enough to make a small echo throughout the small forest, even. "Hey! Pipe down, or you'll set every wild animal on us, then they'll eat us. There's obviously nothing else they can eat for the winter.." She'd quickly finished up his grooming, and put everything back into her backpack, and thrown it back over her shoulder, then jumped back on, grabbing on to his make-do reigns that Sofie had made from a piece of rope. This horse needed to be properly controlled, or he would tend to be a bit wild.

    Flicka responded to his owner's flick of the reigns, and ran off into the snow. He would occasionally slip on ice, or almost fall into the snow, but despite all of that, Sofie needed him to keep moving, or else they would end up as an animal's dinner. It probably didn't help that this was the horses first winter, since he was only about a year old. His white back faded into the snow, and his black front faded into the dark shadows of trees and clouds that would block out the sun. Hopefully, they'd not been spotted.
  4. Somewhere within the woods next to a clear pond, Cross: A boy in a black coat resided underneath the trees that blocked out the sun's light. Nearby was a huge manticore, likely the same size as a full grown horse... laid down and slept next to the pond, making sure his tail was nowhere near the water despite the stinger being retracted... between them appeared to be a seemingly large bonfire and above it appeared to be a deer's corpse being cooked... but slightly underdone so neither the man nor manticore went over to take it.

    "Just give it about five to ten more minutes Nemean; I know you're hungry... I am too, but this way the meat will go down easier." Cross said as he stood up and walked over to Nemean, he then sat down next to it, leaning his back against the manticore as the latter lightly wrapped Cross with his wing. "How about a little song before dinner, eh?" Cross asked, Nemean let out a light growl and a nod in response.

    Cross nodded back and got out his flute, he looked at the deer that appeared to still be cooking, he started to play his song which could be heard from quite far distances, the manticore lightly swayed his head to the melody whilst Cross kept his eyes on the deer mid tune, despite being slightly away from it, he knew two things would stop thieves from stealing his dinner: The calming melody that makes most creatures too calm to attack... or the intimidating manticore that could attack in the blink of an eye.
  5. Flicka suddenly stopped, ears perked up, obviously hearing something. "What is it, boy?" Sofia asked, getting off of him and walking along instead. The horse started to walk away, over to a faint sound of a flute. She started hearing it too, and curiously followed Flicka.

    When Sofia got to the flute's song, it was coming from a small opening with a little campfire. She peered around a tree, seeing a big Manticore and jumping back, accidentally stepping on a stick and breaking it. She bit her lip, hoping the Manticore didn't hear her behind the trees. Flicka was standing back, hiding in the shadows on Sofia's orders to wait.
  6. Nemean's ears from within his mane perked upon hearing the cracking sound which he barely heard within Cross' soothing melody, nevertheless he stood up in suspicion. "What is it, Nemean?" Cross asked as he did the same and put his flute away, Nemean pointed at where he may have heard the sound with his tail, Cross looked in the pointed direction with suspicion. "Whoever's hiding there, come out, even when he's relaxed, my manticore never misses a beat." He demanded as he folded his arms. Soon, both Nemean and Cross' noses perked up as they could smell the aroma of well done meat, meaning the deer was ready to eat, Cross hoped they would wrap up things quickly so the deer wouldn't be overcooked.
  7. Sofia groaned upon hearing a voice, there was another person? Well, that was just great.. she thought she was alone. “Flicka, come.” She told the horse, just in case she would need to run, and walked into the opening, jumping upon seeing the Manticore in full. She sighed, putting up her hand and bit and waving. She saw a boy with silver hair, which she thought to be sort of impressive, going with her hair with pink streaks, just like he had red ones. “I’m.. Sofia.” She looked around, not seeing anything but the two of them and their animals. “We just heard your flute, I didn’t mean to catch your attention.” She started sniffing cooked meat, which smelt amazing, “Woah, is that.. a deer?! It looks delicious!” Flicka nuzzled Sofia in the back of her head, trying to make her leave so they could get running again.
  8. Cross smiled at Sofia and walked over to the deer. "Nice to meet you, the name's Cross, this is Nemean." Cross said as he got out what looked like a combat knife and used it to cut off a piece of deer for him to eat. "You're just in time too; deer's ready to eat if you want some." Cross said with a warm smile whilst the manticore walked over to the newcomers and sniffed them. "Yeah, don't mind him; he's just trying to get to know you." Cross said before he took a bite of his food.
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  9. Moon exited his den. It was bright outside, and the white snow on the ground didn’t help. While he had been eating, the clan had been hit with one of the biggest snowstorms they had ever seen. Luckily, Moon’s den was well built and warm, but this was a sure sign that Moon had been lying about signs of spring. It seemed to many of the warriors and hunters that this was a sign that winter had only just begun.
    Moon decided that he would not be making an announcement on the storm, and instead said to his bodyguard, “I will be out hunting. If Adder’s Thorn returns, come and find me immediately.” With that, Moon, leader of CatClan, exited the camp and began stalking a squirrel. Meanwhile, Adder’s Thorn was on his way back to the lake. He managed to get back and upon his arrival to the camp, the bodyguard left to tell Moon. Moon was interrupted and lost his squirrel. Moon then came back and summoned Adder’s Thorn to his room, saying, “What news do you bring of DragonClan?”
    Adder’s Thorn Replied, “This winter has been harsh upon them. The dragons are starving, but their hunger drives them to wish for their lands back. Should we prepare for invasion?”
    “No,” Moon responded, “I believe that we should set out on one last great hunt in this land and carry on to the next. This winter hasn’t been easy on us either.”
    Adder’s Thorn left the room, nodding his head in agreement, but secretly thinking, “We cats could beat a few starving dragons any day. Moon’s Scar has gotten soft, and is afraid, but we need a better leader. I am brave and strong. I will take over this clan from our soft leader.” Adder’s Thorn left the camp and went off towards the secret meeting place of the few rebellious cats that were left, hoping to convince them to help him...
  10. Sofia had completely forgotten about being alone, this boy seemed nice to be around, and put a smile on her face. She stared at the deer as it was cut open, and its delicious, meaty insides were shown.. "Sure, thanks for the offer." She replied, happy that he didn't mind her staying. "It's not often that you meet such a friendly stranger out in the woods, eh?" Flicka came over as well, laying down by the fire and resting his head on a rock. It wasn't common to see a horse laying down, but the atmosphere must've made him relaxed enough for it. Sofia sat down too, leaning against Flicka's body, which he didn't mind at all. She used a knife of her own to cut some meat off of the luscious deer, and quietly ate it, while the Manticore came over to her. She sort of jumped again, causing Flicka to look up, looking scared of her sudden move on his body. She reached out to the big Manticore in front of her, stroking its head gently. "So, I've seen a few dragons around here, I'm pretty sure they have their own clan, or something.. it's sort of weird, if you think about it."
  11. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    Alani watched as the lions pulled their kill closer to the hyena's hiding space. She gave a signal, then shot out, barking and yelping. The lions, startled, started to growl at their enemies, defending their food. Alani growled as Scarface and Lioena came from behind, attempting to steal the food. However Storm noticed and growled, leaping onto Lioena. "You will regret this!" She snarled
    "Oh, oh ha, thats funny, because i never regret stuff and so-" Lioena's response was cut off by Storm
    "Leave, now!"
    "Why? Why when we have nothin' to eat and you'r stuffing your mouth's like pigs!"
    Storm raked Lioena's neck "LEAVE!"
    Storm growled and slashed Lioena, throwing her backwards to her mate, Scarface. Lioena lied limply on the floor, blood trailed down her mouth. "NOO!" Shrieked Scarface. "My mate!" Scarface stood over Lioena's dying body as she let out a cough of blood. Her flank's heaved one last time then fell silent. "You monster! You killed her!" Screamed Alani
    Storm shrugged. "It was her own foolish fault, not mine. C'mon guys, let's bring this food back home."
    The lions trudged back home, smirking.
    Alani walked up to Scarface. "It's okay, Scar. Things happen, it was Storm's fault."
    "She cant die! She was carrying my cubs!" Wailed Sarface.

    As the snow fell on, Artemis woke up Delphi, who was sleeping in her den. "Wha-what is is Arti?"
    "I smell food, cooking deer" Said Artemis
    Delphi got up quickly. "Good, i'm hungry. Lets see if we can steal some."
    The two got up and headed to the smell, before they found some humans, Cross and Sofia, and a horse. Artemis licked her lips. "Look, two pieces of prey!"
    Delphi nodded, then burst out from the bushes, her mask down, and started to hiss as she crouched low to the ground. "Give us some food, and nobody gets hurt!" She shouted.
    Artemis walked silently into the clearing, growling at Nemean. "If you refuse, Your poor little pony is dead!" She mocked
    "I bet you don't want That to happen!"
  12. Cross and Nemean's ears perked once more upon the sound of others approaching, Nemean stood up, ready to defend his friend from whomever was going to intrude them. Once the interlopers revealed themselves as a masked figure and a dragon, Cross dropped his cut of meat and got out his combat knife "Speak of the devil..." he thought, Nemean assumed a combat stance and the stinger on his scorpion tail began to show as he pointed it between the pair. "Hey now, me and Nemean caught this deer fair and square, maybe I'll give you some if you ask nicely... no joke." Cross stated.

    Nemean looked at the dragon with a cold glare "You dare threaten me as well as the human I call a friend?! You will touch neither Cross nor his guests unless you wish to know how agonizing my venom really is. I understand your means for survival, but that is NEVER an excuse to go after me or Cross, I demand you cease your hostility!" Nemean said in a demanding tone... to animals at least.
  13. Sofia jumped up, hearing noise coming from the bushes nearby. The human with the Dragon had jumped out, just great.. she'd just been talking about the Dragon clan, too.. She swiftly looked at Flicka, who'd also stumbled up. She pointed away, "Go." She said in a serious tone, and the horse understood the danger right away, running away as fast as he could. He couldn't fight a dragon, that was just mad, and Sofia wouldn't want him hurt, so the only thing he could do to stay safe was run as far as he could. She took out a sharp knife, pointing it at the Dragon and human, "First, Flicka isn't a pony! Second, do as he said." She said, with an eye movement over to Cross.
  14. It was beginning to get dark, and the sun was almost dipping below the horizon. Moon walked up to the stump, ready to announce the departure of his clan to a new land and the great hunt in preparation for it. He stood on the stump in front of many older cats, some of whom had been friends that he had to leave behind for his leadership. Moon’s Scar cleared his throat to speak, but suddenly, his body guard jumped towards him, slashing out with his claws. Adder’s Thorn, who was in the shadows, pounced, but both were kicked off by Moon’s powerful hind legs. Seeing that his old friends weren’t getting up to help him, he knew it was hopeless trying to defeat his own clan by himself, and he ran off into the night. Moon ran in the direction of DragonClan’s territory. He had a plan. He always had a plan...
    Meanwhile, after the little fight, Adder’s Thorn stepped onto the stump, and said, “Our old leader was weak. I, our new leader, am strong. He wasn’t going to tell you the truth, that which I spied with my own eyes. The truth is, dragons are coming to invade us and take back the lake.”
    The crowd murmured a little at this, and one cat called out, “How are we to stop beasts with such thick hides?”
    “Well,” Replied the ever-arrogant Adder’s Thorn, “We cats are stronger than any beast, and they have been starving this winter, which is why they want the lake back. Moon’s Scar was going to run away, just as he did when we attacked him, but we are going to stay and fight for what is ours. Our claws may not be able to kill them, but our brains can. We can set traps by rolling stones and fallen tree trunks at them, and by making pits. And even if we fail initially, we shall stay and fight for what is ours by secretly stealing their food and starving them until they leave. Who’s with me?”
    All of the cats meowed back in response their loyalty to their new leader. Little did they know that Adder’s Thorn would give them less food than Moon’s Scar did...
    @Jodie.xox @Red Gallade @WishLostWithTheStars This is because it wouldn’t have given you normal notifications for this “continuation of my post”. In reality, this is really a double-post, but since no one else has posted, I can’t post. I don’t want this RP to die, so I’m going to continue.
    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Moon soon arrived in DragonClan territory. He heard humans and hid in a bush. Peering out, he saw two humans and a manticore trying to protect their deer from 2 dragons. Moon was hungry, so he walked right into the human camp and started meowing loudly nad pathetically in hopes of getting food. Humans were so easy to manipulate...
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  15. Sofa had seen yet anothing animal enter the camp, and this time, it was just a little harmless cat. She gasped, looking at it meowing and hungry. She had a heart for animals, she couldn’t help it. She slowly moved, making sure the dragon and human wouldn’t attack, and picked a tiny piece of meat from the deer, throwing it over to the cat. “Uh.. eat up.” She smiled at it, keeping an eye on the dragon as to not let it do anything.
  16. Being leader of CatClan, Moon was used to eating fancy food. Everyone else ate squirrels while he ate chickens and fish. But, he had never had a deer before. He ran over, biting into the juicy, well-cooked, fresh deer meat. It was one of the tastiest things he had ever had. He kept glancing up to see whether the dragons were going to strike. He was pretty sure they wouldn’t trust him as much as the humans had.
    Meanwhile, Adder’s Thorn bit down into a thrush. He looked out of the leader’s den into the camp and saw starving cats everywhere. Then, he looked into his den and saw the huge pile of food from all sorts of different sources. His first act as leader had not been to make traps for the dragons as he had said it would be, but instead had been to say that any food brought by hunters would first be inspected by him, and if it had been diseased by cold, it would not be put into the public prey pile. He ended up using this excuse to keep 3/4 of the prey for himself. There were some pits made, but nothing that could stop dragons, and Adder’s Thorn knew that if it came down to it, he was taking this pile with him and running. However, he was almost positive it wouldn’t come down to it.
  17. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Silver was out hunting she was doing well, she and her hunting party had caught a lot. They had been hunting in the Cat and Dragon clans areas, but no-one had noticed. Silver had sent her party back with the fiod, she was about to follow when she smelt cooked meat. "Deer" she growled, she ran to the smell and saw a fight was probably about to happen so while they were all distracted she grabbed the deer in her teeth and began to tug it away.
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  18. Moon saw the wolf running into the camp, and with his cat like reflexes, pounced on her, claws extended. He didn’t plan on fighting her, he was still quite hungry, but he hoped the shock of his claws might make her drop the deer.
    He excused the behavior as saying it was to convince the humans to feed him more, but he knew deep down that he actually cared about these humans and their food, since they had given him some. He completely forgot about the dragons in this chaos, when he probably should have been watching them.
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  19. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Silver growled at the cat, this deer was hers now. She continued to drag it away, nutshell was prepared if the cat tried to attack. Why was this cat even here, and why was it defending the humans, she decided to try something. She said to the cat "help me get this away from there camp and I will share it with you" she said with a look of what she hoped was sincerity. She stood there tense, waiting to see what would happen.
  20. Nemean heard the sound of scraping and a cat hissing. The manticore turned around whilst Cross focused on the dragon. “Drop the deer and leave at once!” Nemean yelled at the wolf “Or me and my partner will have you as a second serving.” He added.

    Cross turned his eyes briefly at the wolf and back to the dragon. “Just back away, all of you, and I’ll give everyone a fair portion of my deer.” Cross said as he spun his knife which showed he was skilled with it.
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  21. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    Artemis growled. "Fine." She said in human-tongue, before adding in the language of the humans. "EVERYONE HALT AND LET THE HUMAN SPEAK!" Delphi turned to Artemis and nodded, stepping back. Artemis looked around, spotting Moon. "Moon, we must talk, meet me after this chaos has ended" She whispered to him.
    Delphi pulled her dragon skull mask up and said "If this is any kind of a trick, ploy, or plot, i will write your death message on a tree in your blood"

    Thistleleaf bit into a small rabbit and looked around. She did not want Adders' Thorn to rule them, or to attack the dragons. She knew Moon was a better leader, he was much wiser, and she knew Adders' Thorn was a little selfish. She eyed him cautiously, exchanging a glare with him.
  22. Sofia sighed, seeing the dragon and human back down. “Thanks..” She quietly said, putting her knife away into her shorts again. She’d pierced in a hole as a knife pocket, which came in handy. “I’ll stay to my word, and I’m not going against anything.” Sofia told the human with the dragon skull mask. She took a quick look around, trying to see if Flicka was anywhere to be seen.

    After a few minutes, Sofia started to get worried, where was Flicka now? She’d told him to run off, just to keep him safe, but he could be anywhere by now.. he might not even know if he needed to go back to her or not.
    Flicka ran through the forest at full speed, starting to huff and puff. He was getting tired, he’d been running straight for a long time, even having to jump over logs and things that blocked his path. He eventually stopped, making sure it was safe. He hung his head down and found a small opening just like the campfire Sofia had found, just without anyone in it. He lay down, slowly going to sleep. Yet, he hadn’t remembered to stand up to sleep, not knowing the dangers that were right in front of him.
  23. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Silver let go of the deer and turned to everyone, "well ain't this a sight, all us animals and people in one area". She looked around at the group, then turned to the dragons "I hear your having food issues". She said this hoping they hadn't realised that Wolfclan had been hunting in their territory.
  24. OOC: Sorry it wasn’t giving me notifications again.

    Moon backed away from the wolf, but continued hissing at it. He didn’t acknowledge the dragon’s speech, suspicious of how the dragon knew about his clan’s revolt or why Moon came there. Moon did acknowledge the wolf’s speech, however, saying in response, “I’m defending the winning team, and them being humans has nothing to do with it. You can’t outrun a manticore, and you probably can’t outrun a cat with how much stolen food you’ve been eating.”

    Meanwhile, Adder’s Thorn was watching the warriors. Some were sleeping, and he was just about to go over and yell at them to tell them to hunt instead of laying around when he saw one stare at him. He stared for a while, until he couldn’t do it anymore and looked away. He took this as a sign that the warrior was staring at something and that meant he needed sleep. So, Adder’s Thorn retreated back to his den.
  25. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Silver growled at the cat, how did he know, the wolves had been incredibly stealthy, deciding that it was time to leave she grabbed a leg from the deer and sprinted away. She eventually reached Wolfclan territory and walked to her cave inside she found Bronze asleep, she threw done the leg and said "eat up I'm going to have a rest". Not really bothered by how she got this deer leg, Bronze began to tear at the flesh.
  26. OOC: Go after the Horse If you want to, if not, I’ll just say he comes back fine.
    Sofia took the deer after the wolf ran away with its leg, holding it high up in her hands. “If we’re doing it this way.. no more of you can take it, but we’ll all get some.” She put it back down, using her knife to slice off different pieces for everyone. She threw a couple of pieces to the dragon, human with the skull mask, cat, herself and Cross. By the time it was all cut and given out, there was just a head left, which she wasn’t planning on eating. “Anyone can take that, I don’t really plan on it.” She ate her piece of deer, having only had a tiny piece earlier after the invasion of animals. “You’re really good at this stuff, Cross. I have to find food for Flicka and me in this winter, it’s hard to find animals, and both vegetation for Flicka.”
  27. Moon ate his piece only partially, as he figured he should save some for later, and picked the rest up in his mouth. He then left the camp and headed for DragonClan’s camp to meet Artemis. He wasn’t quite sure he knew how Artemis had known Moon wanted to meet him, but dragons were wise, and they could have spies.
    Entering DragonClan’s camp, he knew that if this didn’t go well, he would never be able to find out whether or not they actually did have spies or plan to invade. Seeing the hatchlings, he was afraid, since they were almost the size of him, and he ran into the leader’s den, waiting for the leader.
  28. Cross smiled and nodded as Sofia went to cut the deer up for everyone. "See? We all get some and we don't have to kill each other, everyone's happy. Even if it's not the amount you want, it's better than nothing." Cross stated as he went to help Sofia cut up the deer as well as cutting himself a piece to eat as well as one for Nemean. Cross then smiled at Sofia's compliment and faintly blushed. "Yeah, I guess, I just got lucky on finding that deer. Like I said, Nemean never misses a beat; so finding prey to eat is easy, I'm just lucky that me and him are close friends."
  29. Sofia finished eating, and then sat down again. Everybody was clearing off, so it was just her and Cross again. “Hang on a second, I’ll get Flicka back.” She said, and then whistled and kept calling his name, until eventually, the horse came running back, with his ears perked up, obviously knowing she was calling him. He stood above her, and then reached his head down. Sofia stroked him, giving a well needed hello. “What now? I can go, if you want. I have no plans or anything, I sort of just wonder around.” She told the boy, wondering what he wanted to do now.
  30. Once everyone apart from Sofia had left, Cross resumed to his meal just as Nemean did with his. He smiled as Flicka returned, clearly the latter and Sofia were close, just like himself and his manticore, he chuckled lightly at Sofia's suggestion. "Honestly, I don't really have any plans either, like you, me and Nemean just wonder around for anything interesting. I just like to see what this world has to offer, Either I come with you or you come with me, I don't mind; in fact I kinda like you already." Cross said with a smile whilst Nemean ate the last of his deer meat.
  31. Sofia listened to Cross, blushing as he said he liked her already. “You’re pretty good too, and I’ll come with you. Sound good, boy?” Flicka huffed and nodded his head, as if to say yes. She was actually really happy to find someone to go around with, maybe being with someone else wouldn’t be so bad, after all. “Maybe we could check out one of those animal clan things? I’ve heard that some of them are able to talk to humans, which sounds.. cool.” Flicka looked up, then at the manticore. “H-hi there! If you can talk.. I’m Flicka!” Sofia looked up at the horse, hearing him making noises and looking at Nemean, as if he was talking to him, “I think he’s talking to Nemean, that’s different, he never normally does this for any animals.” She laughed.
  32. Cross smiled and nodded in agreement to Sofia's suggestion on checking out the animal clans, as dangerous as it may be to trespass on their territories, he and Nemean believed danger is what makes things fun. Nemean looked at Flicka. "<Pleasure, name's Nemean. Something tells me Cross and your girl there may eventually get together.>" The manticore joked in animal tongue to the horse. Cross raised an eyebrow at what Nemean might have said; while he and Nemean were as close as brothers, he didn't properly understand what he said, they just understood each other through emotion. "Well I always saw Nemean as a special kind of creature, but not just because he's a manticore. Besides, Nemean can be friendly when he wants to be." Cross said.
  33. “<Nice to meet you! And wouldn’t that be amazing? Sofia deserves it, she’s amazing to me. She lets me run around all I want, although, it’s hard to run in snow, I much prefer the summer.>” Flicka got up, and walked over to the manticore, standing in front of him, listening to what he had to say. It seemed he was happy to strike up a conversation, which he hadn’t in a long while. “Seems like their having fun.. let’s get moving while their active.” Sofia told Cross, also getting up and pulling Flicka’s rope reigns over to a big rock, which she stood on and jumped onto him. The horse starting walking, heading toward the cat clan. “We’ll just go to the cat clan, the lake is near here, anyway.” Flicka looked at Nemean behind him, “<I don’t really like small animals.. but Sofia wants to go, so I’ll go too!>”

    @Pokéboy098 (coming to cat clan)
  34. "Great, I could use the chance to refill my canteen." Cross said as he walked over to Nemean and hopped on to his back. The manticore made sure he lowered himself so it was easier for Cross to get on him given how big he was; certainly bigger than Flicka if only slightly. "<Just like me; loyal to your human companion. What do you have against cute little creatures anyway?>" The manticore asked as he started to walk in the direction of where the lake was, hoping to stop there before heading to the Cat Clan so Cross could refill his canteen.
  35. Flicka walked along, now also going in the direction of the lake. “<They’re just so small.. and they can creep up on you when you’re not expecting it, I just don’t like being spooked.>” He told Nemean, hanging his head down a bit, but then he put it back up, “<I have you two and Sofia anyway, so I’m sure I’ll be fine.>”

    Sofia stopped at the lake, jumping off of Flicka and also taking out a canteen, it was a small black one, but she had a couple of them to keep her going throughout the day. (Let’s just say she has a little backpack, because I forgot to mention it in her bio on the discussion) She quickly filled them all up, and then slipped them back in her rose backpack. “So, the plan?” Sofia asked, wondering if Cross had any ideas.
  36. Cross jumped off Nemean and joined Sofia at the lake, he got out a rather large circular canteen and before he dipped it into the lake, he put his hand in to scoop some water and made sure it was safe to drink... and it was, so he put his canteen in the lake and let it fill up. "There's always the bad and the good behind aimlessly wondering the world. The bad part is you don't always know what you want to do; the good part is letting fate decide where we go and what's in store for us when we get there." He said as he looked at Sofia with a warm smile, Nemean walked over to the lake and leaned forward to start drinking from it.
  37. Once Artemis had spoken with Moon, he set out back to CatClan. While he hadn’t gotten the help he needed from the dragons to retake the clan, he had gotten some advice, and Artemis’s words kept echoing through the leader’s head, ‘Your clan needs you, not some crazy lie you gave them. You need to do what is best for your clan. If you think of them first, they will think of you, and that means they will care if you get thrown out. So, when you become leader again, they won’t try to throw you out.

    He saw the humans and their creatures once he reached the lake, and he decided to try to enlist their help, coming out from the nearby bushes and meowing at the manticore, hoping it could tell what he was saying, “Hey, you! I need your help. My second in command took over my clan, and I need to take it back. Can you help me?”
  38. Sofia heard a meow, and got up. A cat walked out of the bushes, standing in front of Nemean, and it was.. talking. She knelt down to it, “Hey there kitty..”
    Flicka walked over aswell, “<What are you doing back here? You were.. oh! That sounds bad, I can help if you want.>” The horse stood up on its hind legs, then went back down again. He caught Sofia’s attention. “Yeah, it looks like it’s in trouble, thanks Flicka.” She told him, calming him back down. “<How many cats are around there, exactly?>” He asked the cat.
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  39. "<That sounds bad, I'll be happy to help if Cross is which I'm sure he will be. Besides, we felines need to stick together.>" Nemean said despite the knowledge that he was only part feline. Cross looked over at Nemean who appeared to be conversing with a cat, he noticed the latter seemed distressed and walked over to them after he filled his canteen. "We were planning on visiting the Cat Clan anyway, might as well help the lil' guy while we're at it, eh Sofia?" He asked as he jumped on to Nemean's back.
  40. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Silver walked out from her cave, she saw the human sitting with her wolf friends and walked over "come with me I want to show you a really nice lake."
    Morana turned and saw Silver she had learned how to communicate with the wolves so agreed saying, "let's go".
    Silver turned and led Morana down to the lake near the catclans home, he heard what Moon said and her and Morana walked forward, " we could help you if you want" Silver said to Moon.
    Morana saw the cat and the humans talking and when Silver offered to help she said <yeah we've got loads of wolves that I'm sure would help you>.
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