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Private/Closed The World Eater - Skyrim Roleplay Discussion

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by wintersolstice, Aug 13, 2019.

  1. Word travels fast in the land of Tamriel. News of the attack on Helgen has spread like the wildfire that burnt the city, and it seems it's the only thing anyone can talk about. The resurfacing of the ancient god-king Alduin means terror for all of Skyrim and her people. The attack on Helgen was devastating; every single person present was found dead, including Ulfric Stormcloak and an unnamed man that society would never discover to be the Dovahkiin.
    With Ulfric dead, his rebellion vanquished, leaving the Empire as the unofficial winners of the civil war. The Thalmore lost a serious ally for their hopes of overthrowing the Empire, and are now secluded until another opportunity arises.

    Now that the Dovahkiin is nothing more than a charred corpse like the others in Helgen, there is no prophesied chosen one to save Tamriel, so the world is improvising. Instead of an almighty being with the soul of a dragon, the people trying to save the world is a scraggly band of strangers who have nothing to do with each other.
    Gods, help us.

    or, to put it shortly, im a fangirl picking up the game again and wanted to make a story of it.
    hello, friends, my name is wintersolstice, and here is my trashy attempt at a roleplay!
    now, obviously i dont expect this to blow up; activity on charms seems to be depleting, and i dont even know if there are any other skyrim nerds here.
    but, regardless, i figured it was worth a shot.

    i know i made it seem incredibly dramatic and action-packed in the intro, but i anticipate that constant fighting would be incredibly boring, so instead, this roleplay will be much more oriented around character and development and storyline. now, that does not mean there won't be fighting; dragons are being resurrected left and right, and we still need to murder the World Eater, which does not seem like an easy task when said aloud. i'll be doing my best to guide the story along with reasonable amounts of both throughout.
    People who know little or nothing about the Skyrim universe are more than welcome, and I will do my absolute best to make sense of the history and everything you would need to know.

    the storyline will, roughly, go along the same(ish) plot as the video game, albeit with some major changes. with ulfric stormcloak dead, its bye-bye rebellion, and also the main character is also dead. so, whup. but enough about this! lets get into the important bits before i bore you to death.

    • I actually intend to be rather strict about who I let join this roleplay. I know that replies might not be skyrocketing, and that I should take who I can get, but I really don't want this to stray because of one OP character or someone who can't share the spotlight. I'm looking for literate people who understand character depth. If I find something wrong with your form, I'll let you know in hopes that you change it, but one-liners and no grammatical awareness is a bit stinky.
    • Preferably one character per person, but maybe I'll let some things slide.
    • That's... that's actually it. Everything else is allowed. Romance, go for it, yes please, love some drama. Cussing, please do, feel free. People just found out that an entire city was burnt to the ground. You're allowed to drop an F-bomb.
    As I'm sure you know (or maybe you don't), Skyrim is a complex game with lots of races and opportunities for character individuality. Thus, I encourage you to get some diversity in your character! Here's the wiki in case you need a refresher, or a basis on how you want to start your character. All race-specific boosts will be able to be used in this roleplay, so keep those in mind when making your lad or lady! (or neither, or both!)
    Also, feel free to give yourself a little companion or stay alone!

    (Character Form)
    Notable Skills:
    Class/Occupation (Rogue, Mage, Swordsman, etc.):
    Other (Optional: religion, political views, etc.):

    Notice how there is no 'personality' section! That's because I trust you to let their personality shine through during the course of the actual roleplay. :>
    Name: Valdestine "Val" Umbian
    Gender: Female
    Age: 23
    Race: Imperial
    Appearance: (See here.) Val is a smaller woman with a rather boyish figure. Her hips are narrow, her shoulders broad. Her legs are rather long and somewhat lanky, and her chest is already rather small but bound tightly with cloth wrappings. The only excessively 'feminine' thing about her figure is her waist, which is hidden beneath a simple beige sweater with darker, baggy sleeves that cuff just above her wrists, and a thick, semi-turtleneck collar. Her face is a bit more square and rather narrow, with a strong jawline and high cheekbones. Her eyes are sharp and slim, and a dull orange in color. Her skin is deeper than a Nord's, but not as dark as a Redguard's; as is the case with most Imperials. She has a number of blemishes and scars, from roughed up skin to the scar just above her left eyebrow. Her pants are large and baggy, held up with a tightly knotted string of rope, and lazily tucked into her worn down cloth boots. Her hair stops maybe two inches above her shoulders in thick, messy brown waves.
    Notable Skills (or lack thereof): She excels at pickpocketing and sneaking around, and is decent with a dagger. She has pretty awful social skills and her lack of charisma is embarrassing.
    Likes: Karnwyr (her dog), clueless people, nighttime, bread, trees
    Dislikes: The government, guards, cells, cities
    Class/Occupation: Rogue
    Other (Optional: religion, political views, etc.): As previously mentioned, she has a dog named Karnwyr. He’s a brown sort of wolf-dog affectionately nicknamed ‘mutt’. She has no political opinions.
    I will be taking a maximum of four other people. This group will be a close-knit one.
    - Valdestine "Val" Umbian - belonging to me.
    - Khaled Anan - (@Sentorus67)
    - Lorenz Valdiing - (@Hallowed)
    - Jo’dran “Jo” Jovadawi - (@Riverrunner)
    - Ryon Longhorn - (@Red Gallade)
    - Zander Frey - (@Barefoot_Kittens)

    Aaaanndddd that’s it! Wow that took a while. Congrats to you for reading everything, especially if you don’t even want to join! Kudos to you, my friend. Kudos.
    And, as requested, tagging @kyuukestu who will most likely be one of the only replies, but also who convinced me (with a single post, I was waiting for someone to tell me to just make one >w<) to make this thread.
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  2. I would like to join. I will try to get my character in as soon as I can. In a house with a new puppy it can be a bit hard to get time to be on my phone.
  3. Ayyyy, look at that, you got a reply before I even came xD

    I only glossed the first thread, but the amount of detail looks pretty solid. Looks like you'll have a group of RPers in no time~
  4. Also please bear with me I have not played Skyrim but I have played games like Dragon Age and made D&D characters so I am used to the set up of it.
  5. oh!! did not expect that. alrighty~! take your time, puppies can be a handful and whenever you can get your form up is fine by me. i'll do my best to be thorough in my explanation of the universe : D
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  6. Thank you I will probably do some research before start making my character.
  7. Now this is a coincidence, I recently came back to Skyrim myself and am currently in a play through with my Khajiit. Anyway one question, now that the Dragonborn is dead, does that mean the group will be doomed to fail? I thought the Dovahkiin was the only one to actually be able to put him down for good, or at least make him fulfill his actual purpose again?
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  8. well you see, thats the biggest issue. i didnt want to make one of our characters specifically to be the chosen one, nor did i want there to be a chosen one at all. my original plan was that upon the death of the dovahkiin, the dragon spirit would just. ~coincidentally~ seep into our characters, in the sense that they would all have to be together in order to fully kill a dragon and absorb its soul or whatnot. that seemed a bit too perfect, and as much as i like the idea of fate, i think a scraggly band of strangers brought together entirely by coincidence is wayyyy more fun. so as much as i would like to be able to answer your question, i dont know if i can.
    but another thing to be considered is the fact that the dragonborn didn't even absorb alduins soul himself. this brings up the question of is he actually dead, where did his soul go, etc. which got me thinking that, hey, could anyone powerful enough technically kill alduin, at least temporarily? i didnt even know if the group would make it to that final battle.
    anyways, i know this doesnt answer your question, and im sorry to say i havent done enough thinking to even be able to answer it. any suggestions from yall would be greatly considered. :w:
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  9. Well, that's not so bad anyway, you could just think of a way to dispatch Alduin while the RP goes on. I think it'll be better than just thinking of something on a whim that interferes with the plot. Plus, it seems like Alduin would be the "end" of this RP (correct me if I'm wrong), and in Skyrim nobody does the main story first, so there's actually plenty of time to think on it. I'll most likely still make a Dunmer that's obsessed with conjuration- particularly necromancy anyway lmao.
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  10. most likely, yes, alduin would probably be the end of the roleplay. you have a point there, too. literally nobody does the main story first, so we’ll have plenty of shenanigans to complete. i look forward to reading the form : D
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  11. So basically it is like a mix of D&D and Dragon Age. It seems like it would be a lot of fun.
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  12. I’ve never played Skyrim myself (well, at least, I don’t think the ten minutes I played at a friend’s place counted for much) but the concept of this seems really interesting. It definitely reminds me of a D&D campaign, with a ragtag group of adventurers banding together to take down an opposing force (and deciding that they’d rather do all of the side quests first, because honestly, who doesn’t—the dragon can wait).

    If there’s still room, I’ll definitely get to work on a character. I’ll need to scan the wiki to brush up on some Skyrim lore first though.
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  13. oh! yep, theres one more spot after you, actually! i'll go ahead and fill your names' into the character slots just so people know the spots are taken. also yeah, while i was writing this up i realized it was like a campaign! i've always wanted to dm but i've always been too scared, so maybe i can settle for this instead >:3
    and take your time! the lore isn't too hard to understand, but there are definitely some parts that make even me do a double-take.
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  14. As a man who once loved Skyrim, I’d love to join this RP. I have an idea for my character, but one question I have is what are the chances for moments related to the Daederic Princes? Because I plan for my char to have a ‘connection’ to one of them.
  15. in case your still wondering about the alduin situation.

    1. all soul can be devoured via soul gem of appropriate size. theoretically, azura's star can capture any soul (based on color)
    2. A dragon can absorb the soul of another dragon, not just dragonborn.
    3. A dragon can only be revived via another dragon/dovakhin. if all dragons are dead there is no way for them to come back to life.
    4. Hermaus Mora was able to catch Miraak. So it's not that big of a stretch to capture an actual dragon.
  16. as someone who thought the daedric princes were the single coolest feature of the game, i am more than willing and excited to include them in this story.
    i see a lot of characters with 'godly connections', and even if they're minor, they tend to stray way off path and become OP and/or make the storyline exclusively about them. obviously i'm not saying that you specifically would do that, but it does seem to be a surprisingly repetitive issue. so before i say much more, what exactly is the connection and how vastly does it affect your character and/or the story? a character whose only personality trait is "im connected to someone on a greater plane than humans" isn't a very fun one. :w:

    also, thank you for all that, @Sentorus67. i guess i should really brush up on my knowledge, those are all things that i hadn't even considered!! with those in mind, i'll see if i can twiddle with the plot a bit more.
  17. In short, the char I have planned was meant to be a werewolf (revealed late in the RP), if not, then I'll gladly have him as just a hunter.
  18. oh!! yeah, okay, thats perfectly fine!! i was just scared it would be like. "molag bal is my characters dad!11!!1!1!!" or something like that... but i certainly have nothing against werewolves!
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  19. Don't worry, the closest connection I'll give my character to a Daedric Prince is them being a worshiper or their parents at least. I'll work on my char's bio later.
  20. I do hope I can still make it in to this RP, if so, then behold.

    Name: Ryon Longhorn
    Gender: Male
    Age: 22
    Race: Imperial (Werewolf?)
    Appearance: Ryon stands at 5'11" with a well built and slim body figure. His skin color is slightly darker than Fair, his eyes are Hazel and he has smooth Black hair that reaches his chin and he has a stubble formed across his face. In terms of attire, he mainly wears a special leather chest piece as if it were made from many belts over a red shirt, Black leather boots and gloves with strong amounts of dark Brown fur on them and a few straps over said fur, a custom made quiver also covered with Black fur horizontally hanging on the back of his belt and a big dark Green hooded cloak with fur along the hood that could cover his body if he wanted to.
    As a werewolf, his size increases to 7 feet tall, his fur is Black with a few hints of light Grey along the face and back and his eyes become a stunning Yellow.
    Notable Skills: His main skill is in archery, as a well trained hunter, he is alert to even the smallest sounds and is exceptional at sneaking and tracking. Thanks to being a werewolf, he has a stronger sense of smell. One other skill he's good at is haggling for when he sells the animal he hunted.
    Likes: Nature, Hunting, Chicken, Peace and quiet, Mead
    Dislikes: Riften, The Silver Hand, Vigilants of Stendarr, Losing, Spiders
    Class/Occupation: Ranger/Hunter
    Other: He carries a special dagger with him which he calls his 'Lucky dagger.' He rarely changes into his werewolf form as he can't always control what happens then... and it ruins his clothes.
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  21. Is there still a spot open? I really loved your introduction, got a little bit too into it. When I read through, there was only one spot left and I almost had a heart attack. I just wanted to get here before anyone else did- if you need a bio before I actually get the spot, I'll work on that right away!
  22. I think we're having more people asking to join than spots available.
  23. @Red Gallade , yep. Sorry- that's my bad. I just read through the whole thread- jumped ahead when I read that there is limited spots available. It wasn't until I got through all the bios that I realize you weren't on the list, but do intend to join. You got here first, so by all means it's your spot. That's my fault, sorry for the inconvenience. @wintersolstice please ignore my last post, I shouldn't have been so presumptuous.
  24. well- okay. so, im pretty well known for trying to be intimidating and strict and then falling back on it, and thats exactly what i intend to do!
    ...but only because i really like your writing style.
    @Barefoot_Kittens, consider yourself an exception, a new spot is yours!

    also, @Sentorus67, i also really like the way you write, so if for whatever reason you wanna join as well, you may :>

    this is what i get for trying to be strict lol
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  25. Does this mean my character is accepted as well, or...?
  26. *Gasp* You're too kind! Truly Thank you for making an exception. I know how hard large RPs can be to maintain, I promise you won't regret your decision ;). Well, I'm a wee bit busy as it stands. But expect a bio from me by the end of the night!
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  27. How dare you compliment me! >:(
    Anyways here's a bio.

    Name: Khaled Anan
    Gender: Male
    Age: 88
    Race: Altmer (high elf)
    Appearance: 5'8. A lean muscle builds with visible but not large muscles. his hair is very shaggy and has bright orange eyes. He wears bright red robes with many symbols relating to the gods. On the hood of the robes are the names of people that he wants to remember. he usually wears some religious amulet though it changes based on where he goes.

    Notable Skills: Naturally Altmer excels in magic. and while he doesn't focus on many schools he can tell between simple lighting spell to an advanced one.

    Likes: flute music. animals smaller than him, religious devotion. and humbleness
    Dislikes: Altmer. Arrogance. Irresponsibility. hates Daedra/ Daedra worship (even Meridia but a lesser extent). Anything considered "underhanded"
    Class/Occupation: Paladin (restoration, two-handed and alteration)

    Other: his views on religion should be somewhat obvious, political kind of the same.
  28. our second bio form!! gladly accepted, excited to see the others as well : D
    also AAAA @Red Gallade yes, your character is accepted!! Adding him to the list.
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  29. I know I did like a complete 180 on my Dunmer but I felt like playing a warrior.
    I'm open to any changes of course
    EDIT: Changed apprentice ice skills to novice. Actually I just can't see a semi-buffed dude shooting ice, so ignore that.

    Lorenz Valdiing
    Gender: Male
    Age: 25
    Race: Nord
    Appearance: Lorenz is a classic Nord standing at 6' even, accompanied by the natural fair skin, and light blue eyes. His golden hair flows straight down, reaching his shoulders, though he does have two strands of braided hair that lie in front of each ear. He's mostly void of any facial hair except for a little hair where his beard should be. He has well-built muscles, even some abs but he's no hulking beast, though it is more than enough if he had to hold his own without any weapons by his side. Lorenz wears the standard Skaal coat, although his isn't as loose as the others, it fits him almost perfectly as if it was custom tailored to fit him.
    Notable Skills: Lorenz packs an unusual weapon choice, dual Stalhrim maces, these are weapon types not commonly found in Skyrim due to their origin stemming from the island of Solstheim. Finally but certainly not least, he's equipped with all the perks of being a Nord.
    Likes: The cold, fighting (to an extent).
    Dislikes: Taking things too seriously, Hot weather, Dragons, Not taking things seriously enough.
    Class/Occupation: Warrior
    Other: He's originally from Solstheim, Skaal village to be exact. Rendering him oblivious to the crisis consuming Skyrim.
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  30. added to the party! group's getting bigger!
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  31. Name: Zander Frey
    Gender: Male
    Age: 21
    Race: Breton
    Appearance: Zander has a youthful appearance, with a slender build and worried expression. He has fair skin, a pinkish color- thought a little dirty most of the time. Zander is fairly tall, for a Breton, and he's not the most muscular guy around. Zander's thin limbs and sunken stomach makes him look even more tall and meager. His face is thin, most probably the most masculine thing on him. A long nose and thin lips are shadowed by thick, dark eyebrows and matching stubble that may one day be a beard. Zander's eyes are light- a foggy shade of amber. His facial hair is the same shade of deep mahogany brown as his hair. Zander's hair is messy and frizzy, short in some parts and long in others- th layers going no further than his chin except for one braided strand that reaches his shoulders. He wears a variety of 'Fine Clothes' which is grey and brown with a black vest over the top, as well as fur-lined boots.
    Notable Skills: Zander excels, greatly, at Alchemy- having a wide assortment of books and potions memorized. His magic resistance is fairly high, but as far as casting actual spells: he pretty much sucks at it. Zander knows a bit of Alteration and Illusion magic- but can't seem to get a handle on casting spells during combat. During combat, he's about as useful as a chicken.
    Likes: Alchemy, Silence, Anahi (his pet), Night Time
    Dislikes: Fighting, Large Crowds, Being Relied on
    Class/Occupation: Apothecary
    Other: Zander has a 'pet' Vale Sabre Cat who he calls Anahi. Anahi will become hostile if attacked- or is she just feels like it. She doesn't like being touched- but sticks around for Zander's scraps... he still considers her to be his companion.
  32. accepted! i chose breton on my very first playthrough, although I had no clue what I was doing.. also, cat! hope anahi and karnwyr get along, but they probably most definitely will not.
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  33. I wonder what the chances are that Anahi will hold a grudge against Ryon if she sees him hunt another Sabre cat.
  34. I don’t usually play animalistic races in games/roleplays, so I thought it would be interesting this time around. Took me a bit longer than I expected, but here’s my bio:

    Name: Jo’dran “Jo” Jovadawi
    Gender: Male
    Age: 23
    Race: Khajiit (Cathay)
    Appearance: Standing at 5’9”, Jo’dran’s height is offset by his otherwise slender build. He’s downright scrawny, especially by Khajiit standards, with a build about as brawny as a beanstalk. He has short fur, with markings similar to that of a chocolate-point siamese, and bright blue eyes to match. His choppy brown mane appears surprisingly well-kept, with many silver beads braided in. His ears are adorned with a similar variety of jewelry, peppered with a few small silver hoops. Despite his catlike appearance, he appears anything but soft and cuddly, with a permanent expression of disdain etched on his face. Jo is most commonly seen wearing a dark, robe with long, black gloves stopping at the elbow and knee-high boots to match. Clipped to his belt is the most expensive thing on him—a rather ornate black-painted leather mask with a pronounced, bird-like beak and a set of brilliant blue glass eyes.
    Notable Skills: Jo’dran primarily focuses on destruction magic, although he is also particularly adept in the form of illusion. He, begrudgingly, has adapted his magic to not only be utilitarian in nature, but also a performance art in order to earn extra coin. However, he prefers to skip this “frivolity” and cast normally. He is naturally very stealthy, although he hasn’t yet found a way to incorporate this with his magical prowess.
    He has an acute interest in healing and medicine, although his methods tend to be… less than effective (to put it lightly). It doesn’t help that he’s not very well versed in alchemy nor restoration magic, causing more harm than good in the category as a whole.
    Likes: Nighttime, bitter foods, medical practice, cold weather, doves, the concept of immortality
    Dislikes: “Overpowering” smells, sweets, direct sunlight, harp music, the College of Winterhold (to an extent), admitting defeat, being looked down upon
    Class/Occupation: Mage
    Other: The mask clipped to his belt is often used to avoid smoke inhalation while using larger scale fire spells. Unfortunately, its use doesn’t account for those around him.

    EDIT: Re-phrased certain sentences in order to better reflect the character’s personality. All of his abilities are the same.
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  35. accepted and added to the list! i believe that leaves us waiting for one more form, but obviously no rush. my life chose the perfect time to start getting dramatic and i still need to smooth out some bumps in the plot.
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  36. @Riverrunner Isn't the mask your char has a plague doctor mask?
  37. @Red Gallade Yes (or at least something similar to it). I was trying to think of some kind of full-face covering “respirator” and that was the first thing that came to mind. Plus, it fit along with his general lack of knowhow when it comes to medical treatment as a sort of irony.
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  38. I am sorry for keeping you guys waiting. I just have not had any inspiration for the character. I know when that happens I will not enjoy the RP that much, so I am going to have to pass. It sounds like fun. I am just not able to make a character for it. I will probably look into the story for it though. I am sorry if I held everything up. I waited for awhile to be sure something would come to me, but it hasn't.
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  39. Oh!! All good, no need to apologize! I know you’ve been busy lately and I completely understand. That being said, I’ll probably have the thread up later tonight or early tomorrow, depending on how many surprises today throws at me. :>
  40. It might take me several days before I can make my first post on the RP when you make it. I prefer writing in RPs on pc because then I know how big my posts are and no auto corrects.
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