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Ask to Join The Walking Dead Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by comic, Nov 30, 2018.

  1. comic

    comic Previously turnt3chGodh34d

    I've looked through the other TWD or zombie-related roleplays already had on this website, and I have to say, I'm pretty disappointed. They all seemed to die out extremely fast.
    However! I have a strong proposal. That proposal is this; 'We don't die'.
    Any true Walking Dead fan would understand that reference. I want to design a compelling and engaging Walking Dead story with my fellow roleplayers.
    Now that that's out of the way, onto the details!
    I have decided to set some rules to ensure I only obtain the best roleplayers. I don't really want some illiterate inexperienced newbie coming in and killing the whole thing just by sucking in general.

    1) Provide a sample of your roleplaying abilities when requesting to join. Failure to do so will result in rejection. I will know you didn't read the rules if you don't follow them. I want this sample so I can determine if you're worthy enough for this.
    2) While this may be set in TWD universe, claiming canonical characters is strictly prohibited. We are creating a completely original cast with completely original characters in a place (set in America) not seen before in the show or comics. Appropriate referencing of characters is fine, though it needs to fit the continuity. The setting hasn't been decided yet. We'll discuss it once I have the desired amount of roleplayers.
    3) The RP is set 5 months into the Apocalypse. For those who don't fully understand what time this is in TWD, it's currently winter. Our characters will all already know each other, and have known each other for at least a while. I'd rather hold off on new introductions for a little bit. Unless your post is a flashback scene, then DON'T have your posts be set at the beginning of the apocalypse.
    4) You MUST be an active roleplayer. I don't want you if you only post once a week. If you're inactive for a maximum of five days, you will be terminated from the session effective immediately. I am super serious about this one. I hate it when people are forced to wait for another roleplayer for days and days on end, before the person finally comes back and says; "oh, yeah, sorry guys, imma quit".
    5) As always, the usual Pokecharms rules apply here. If you're unfamiliar with them, then get yo ass outta here.

    Now that rules are out of the way, it's time for a character sheet!

    Name (First/Middle/Last) -
    Age (Above 8, Below 80) -
    Gender (Male/Female, (for those who weren't aware)) -
    Physical Attributes (Basic Appearance) -
    Personality (Self Explanatory) -
    Weapon of Choice (No, NOT Grenades) -
    Moral Alignment (Good, Bad, etc.) -

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
    People who may have an interest (also, people who I think are good roleplayers and would make a great contribution to this effort);
    @Blatant Mokery @Eeveechu151 @Godjacob (i understand if you decline, what with your thousands of rp's) @BurbleBurble @Shen: Ghost Gym Leader
    I left out certain individuals who I don't think could make quality enough posts to actually contribute enough to the RP.
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  2. Shen: King of the Mist

    Shen: King of the Mist Previously Shen: Ghost Gym Leader

    Thanks for the invite, but I can’t take on another Rp right now, sorry
  3. comic

    comic Previously turnt3chGodh34d

    lol, that's fine. i'll just wait on these other chums.
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  4. Mokko

    Mokko Previously Blatant Mokery

    I’m in.
    I’m totally in, dude.
    Want me to post my rping sample here or DM it to you?

    Anyways, here’s my lit character;
    Name (First/Middle/Last) - Raegan Allen Stuart
    Age - 30
    Gender - Male
    Physical Attributes (Basic Appearance) - Fit, but doesn’t have visibly large muscles. Not a lot of body fat. 5’10”, 144 pounds. Usually wears the same clothes, as is to be expected in the apocalypse- blue sweater, white long sleeved v-neck shirt, boots, and blue jeans (jacket and jeans are slightly torn up due to walker attack)
    Personality (Self Explanatory) - Major pessimist, almost always the first one to look at the downside of every situation. Regardless, he’s usually happy if the people around him are happy. He’s often described as ‘realistic’ in his thoughts and decisions. He’s also humble, and a perfectionist.
    Weapon of Choice (No, NOT Grenades) - Lead pipe (found in alleyway during herd invasion)
    Moral Allegiance (Good, Bad, etc.) - Good... usually.
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  5. Hm... seems interesting, and I have been wanting to learn more about Walking Dead - may as well do it the same way I got into Dragon Ball, joining an RP about it! I’m on an iPhone at the moment so I can’t make a character sheet or RPing sample, but I’ll get you those later today.
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  6. ...never mind! I’ve got 18 minutes and nothing to do so I can work on a character.

    Name (First/Middle/Last) - William Hamilton Peters
    Age (Above 8, Below 80) - 23
    Gender (Male/Female, (for those who weren't aware)) - Male
    Physical Attributes (Basic Appearance) - Fairly tall, blond, brown eyes, cleanly shaven. Even in the apocalypse he likes to keep himself clean when he can, but it’s hardly a priority.
    Personality (Self Explanatory) - William is stern and logical, but also kind and empathetic. He doesn’t like to let people die, so he’s not willing to let people go easily.
    Weapon of Choice (No, NOT Grenades) - The occupation of a lawyer didn’t give William much incentive to pick up a firearm, but he’s fairly good with the M1911 pistol he salvaged. He did take fencing lessons when he was a kid, so any bladed weapon is useful in his hands. Good for chopping up walkers.
    Moral Allegiance (Good, Bad, etc.) - Good

    Name (First/Middle/Last) - Franz Johannes Smith
    Age (Above 8, Below 80) - 31
    Gender (Male/Female, (for those who weren't aware)) - Male
    Physical Attributes (Basic Appearance) - Long brown hair, dark brown eyes, grown-out sideburns, 6’3”. Fairly intimidating at first glance.
    Personality (Self Explanatory) - He’s out for himself, but he always appreciates some dark comedy. He doesn’t like the walkers, but he’s willing to use them for his own ends... if he can. Maybe one day his overconfidence will get the better of him.
    Weapon of Choice (No, NOT Grenades) - Submachine gun.
    Moral Allegiance (Good, Bad, etc.) - Chaotic Neutral, so Bad.

    Decided to make a villain as well as a hero, hope they work. In terms of RP sample, I’ll have to write that up on computer, or I could just use my posts from Fiction Crossover perhaps?
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  7. comic

    comic Previously turnt3chGodh34d

    nah, i know you well enough that you don't need to provide an rp sample. same with you, eevee.
    your characters are all accepted.
    but for you, Eevee, i should clarify what walkers are, exactly, and how they work so there's no confusion.
    okay, here goes.
    The walkers first started appearing months before the world ended, the Government was just good at covering them up. But as time went on, it got harder and harder to do this, especially with leaked videos and imagery of walkers circling around the web. Police were the first line of defense in the cities, and if encountering a walker, had to put them down. Civilians who witnessed this didn't understand the situation to its fullest extent, viewing these acts as 'Police brutality', cities began to revolt against their police force, partaking in riots. During these riots, people would die, and they would rise again. This is how the walkers became so dangerous so quickly, because of the idiocy of humanity.
    You do not have to be bitten to become a walker. Every single character in TWD is already infected. The only way to prevent your reanimation is the destruction of your own brain before then. No matter how you die, you WILL come back unless your brain is destroyed.
    Walker bites are fatal, however, as the walker corpses carry so many diseases and whatnot, a single scratch or a bite could infect you with harmful diseases that will give you a fatal fever, effectively killing you, and allowing the virus inside of you to bring you back.
    Walkers are slow. They don't move fast. They also don't use tools despite what is shown in Season 1 (lazy writing by Frank Darabont). Walkers don't breath, but they are constantly making sounds, usually airy grunts, growls and whines. They can smell you better if you smell good, but the worse you smell, the harder you are to detect. Until their eyes deteriorate and become useless, they can spot you quite easily, as well. Their hearing is very good, as well, and they will go to whatever noise attracts them. If in a herd (a massive, collective group of walkers, following each other), a herd can be turned away from the distraction of sound, as seen in Season 9 when the whisperers herded the walkers back down the road away from Daryl's distraction. Walkers follow a leader in a herd, and if the leader turns from sound, they too, will follow. If the leader is killed, another leader takes their place simultaneously, and this process would continue until the herd is destroyed or incapacitated.
    Walkers are not intelligent, and are unable to communicate with speech, or any other form of communication. They crave meat, and will tear into their victims. Walkers are also, somehow, despite their rotting forms, stronger than most people. With their increased strength, taking down survivors becomes easy once they're close enough. Walkers don't need to take a breather, meaning they have limitless stamina, and can pursue a survivor until either capturing them, getting distracted, losing them, or being killed.
    The decaying process of a walker is extremely delayed, as the virus keeps some part of the brain alive, the part that controls basic functions of control. Because of this, walkers rot far more slowly than anything. By the time of Season 9B, it will have been nearly 10 years after the apocalypse, and the walkers still haven't completely deteriorated. We're only going to be 5 months in during the winter, meaning the walkers will still be relatively 'fresh'.
    When it comes to temperatures, walkers are least effective in cold weather. The coldness drastically slows them to a crawl, and makes their movements sluggish. Walkers can sometimes become frozen, which also kills them. In heat, walkers are at their best, though they decay much faster.
    i probably missed something, i dunno.
  8. Ah, I had a basic comprehension of what Walkers were, but this expansion helps. Thanks!
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  9. I wish I could say I'd join, cause a Walking Dead RP would be interesting but I think I am too swamped with RPs at the moment to commit.

    I am sorry :(
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  10. comic

    comic Previously turnt3chGodh34d

    it's fine, i assumed you were the least likely to join, anyway.
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  11. Mokko

    Mokko Previously Blatant Mokery

    I’m obliged to offer a remix of any song to any of the people who are gonna be in this as a character/event theme.
    This RP is gonna be lit.
    Sheesh, I’m already hyped, lol.
  12. I will take that offer and figure out what song I hope to have remixed later. Expect something from either an RPG, Nathan Sharp or Shady Cicada.
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  13. Mokko

    Mokko Previously Blatant Mokery

    I’ll work on these when I get home. I’ll make two remixes for each, in case one of them isn’t what you had in mind.
    Also, I pray those links aren’t Rick Astley...
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  14. They're not, trust me! When I like to OST I link to the OST.
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  15. I am very interested but am afraid that I am not a big Walking Dead fan and I am not the best at roleplaying I am also here to compliment you on your detailed and strict rules they are well written and I assume that you are excellent at roleplaying.
  16. comic

    comic Previously turnt3chGodh34d

    Well, I wouldn't pride myself on my work, but I imagine I'm fine.
    If you're interested, post an RP sample, though your lack of punctuation already worries me.
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  17. That is the main reason why I am not doing that. Thank you for the constructive criticism.
  18. comic

    comic Previously turnt3chGodh34d

    alright, so, just in case, Burble, i'll tag you again, in the event you possibly missed this.
    @Mystic Zander
    i'll assume you liking my post was either a show of interest, or acknowledgment of us being acquaintance back in that one Outcasts, lol.
    i think i wanna aim for 5 roleplayers, and having myself, Mok, and Eevee, there's only two more additions left.
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  19. I suppose it was a bit of both. TWD rps always peak my interest, in the event that one may some day thrive.

    Although I will say, as one of the first people you interacted with on this site, I'm disappointed I didn't make the tag cut. Haha
    Though, guess I can't blame you as that was quite some time ago, and I've improved a good bit since then. Still not to amazing now, so I can understand if your only impression of me is less than stellar. #StellarWind;)

    But as I was saying, I'm a bit interested, but I've always had trouble with rps so bare bone.
    Just for reference, do you want this rp going for a specific amount of time? Or perhaps you wanna go with the flow? Just curious.
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  20. While I definitely appreciate the call, there's two things holding me back from joining. I'm not especially interested in the Walking Dead and I'm already in three other current roleplays- and combine that with my terrible time management and I just don't think it'll be good for any of them.

    That being said I wish you all luck and will probably pop in to read it from time to time, I trust you guys to make some quality reading :)
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  21. comic

    comic Previously turnt3chGodh34d

    i suppose going with the flow is the most accurate selection. i don't have a specific time set, so the second option is the most likely one.
    also, your roleplaying skills back then were just fine. better than most of those others. not naming names, but... a certain j name's name will go unnamed.
    say that five times fast.
    anyway, if you're interested, i've already seen you roleplay, and if you've improved, even better.
    as for the time management, that's... well, i want to be strict, but there are some cases where i need to be lenient. the reason why i want people to reply more quickly is because of a loss of interest in roleplays after a week or more of inactivity.
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  22. Anything specific in mind for the setting other than season?
    And will this be taking place in the the same Walking Dead universe? Or would this be a spinoff, alternate universe... type thing.

    Oh, and ya damn right I read it aloud five times fast.
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  23. comic

    comic Previously turnt3chGodh34d

    the setting is to be discussed by the roleplayers involved.
    as for the universe, this is set in the TV show universe, but in another place so as to avoid crossovers with TWD or FTWD.
  24. comic

    comic Previously turnt3chGodh34d

    Name - Haley Hugh Martins
    Age - 26
    Gender - Female
    Physical Attributes - Medium shoulder-length strawberry blonde hair. Dark brown eyes. Pale skin. She stands at around 5' 8", weighing around 140 lbs. She's not muscular, but evenly toned. Her clothing usually consists of light apparel, something that's easy to wear, giving her full mobility and flexibility. Normally a tank top, tennis shoes and jean shorts, which she will change out usually if she finds a new pair.
    Personality - Prior to the apocalypse, she owned a fitness center, and taught gym class at the local school. She has experience with physical stress and dealing with children. In her spare time, she could usually be found out hunting with her father on weekends. She's an expert marksman and trained with a bow.
    Weapon of Choice - Hunting Rifle, normally found close to her, as it belonged to her dad. Her secondary weapon is a sharpened blade she keeps tucked in its own special holster, as the weapon is a custom knife, forged by herself and her father. The handle is metal twisted in a circular fashion, with ledges before the blade and at the bottom of the hilt. The blade is about six inches in length, and usually sharpened via wet stone.
    Moral Allegiance - Neutral Good
    Name - Jadan Eli West
    Age - 54
    Gender - Male
    Physical Attributes - Gray, quarter inch-long hair. White beard and mustache of equal length. His body is devoid of fat, but he is rather out of shape, even for someone of his age. He stands at around 5' 10", weighing about 160 lbs. Jadan attempts to look his best at all times, even in the apocalypse, and he can be found usually cleaning off one of his suits, as he keeps several pairs in his suitcase. His suits consist of white button-ups, neckties, dress jackets, slacks, and dress shoes. He cleans them every chance he gets.
    Personality - Calm, collected, thoughtful. These are the positive traits to describe Jadan. On the other side, however, he is conniving, immoral, and manipulative. He's a smooth talker, and is easy at sucking up to people. He's sharp-witted, quickly figuring people out within minutes of knowing them, though this becomes more and more difficult over time as people will become harder to read the longer into the apocalypse.
    Jadan usually finds himself in a leadership role through manipulation and promises. He's good at keeping morale up, and provides motivation to those who follow him. Cornered, however, he is revealed to be a sniveling coward who cares only for himself.
    Weapon of Choice - Jarad does not carry weapons, as those around him do the killing for him. He does his best work when given the chance to negotiate.
    Moral Allegiance - Social Evil
    we still need two more players. @Eeveechu151 are there any good roleplayers you'd like to recommend?
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  26. Thanks for the invite, but I'm not interested, sorry.
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  27. Maybe? I'll think about this
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  28. Hell yeah. Reading through this, I was worried there wouldn't be enough spaces left.

    I really liked the Walking Dead but didn't get far SPOILER. Yeah after SPOILER I was like, no, I don't want to watch it after SPOILER. It was a really good show but SPOILER just made me...

    I hope to get back to watching it soon.

    Name (First/Middle/Last) - Neil Earl Hartel
    Age (Above 8, Below 80) - 34
    Gender (Male/Female, (for those who weren't aware)) - Male
    Physical Attributes (Basic Appearance) - Being pretty chubby before the end of everything, he's more than shocked at the fact that he can now almost see his ribs. He's lost lots of weight, but that includes muscle mass. He's right under six feet tall, and pretty scrawny, giving him an odd figure. He's usually seen in a tattered red hoodie and beaten down jeans. Now that winter has come, he squeezes into a tight pink coat he found near a middle school. His shoes are fairly worn, but he insulates them with old newspapers. His dull brown hairline, is receding quickly, due to constant stress. His teeth has begun to worsen, even though he brushes them at every chance he gets. Those chances are simply far and in between. His face is mostly the same, save for a few scratches. His grey eyes are as mysterious as they have ever been.
    Personality (Self Explanatory) - He used to be a fairly jolly person. His charisma helped him move up the ranks quickly at his local Target. He ended up as a manager, and a great one at that. He prided himself on living by the golden rule. That said, this new world has tainted his perspective. Not everyone treats you the way you treat them. That's what the discolored splotches on his back are from. He trusted a neighbor. The neighbor was solid with him until he got hungry. Neil had almost no food left, so he couldn't share much. The neighbor went to town on him with a bat, grabbed all of his food, and scampered away. Neil still tries to remain positive for others, but is now more wary.
    Weapon of Choice (No, NOT Grenades) - He uses the bat left behind by the neighbor that beat him. The neighbor had to make a choice, food or the bat. Now, Neil uses the bat both as an effective weapon, and a reminder of the underlying harsh nature of humanity.
    Moral Allegiance (Good, Bad, etc.) - Good. He doesn't like to get his hands dirty. If something is morally ambiguous, he will ask someone else to take his place and do it. He doesn't quite feel comfortable about slaughtering Walkers yet. After all, one of them could be his mom. Dad. Grandma. Grandpa. Girlfriend.

    I can send you an RP sample or edit it in here. Whatever works for you.
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  29. comic

    comic Previously turnt3chGodh34d

    sweet. judging just from your character sheet, i can see you have correct grammar, and know how to lengthen your sentences out without making it too boring to read.
    so your character sheet was essentially your rp sample.
    accepted, anyway.

    now we're just waiting on one more person to join. if nobody does by 5:00 pm central time tomorrow, then we'll begin the rp with the four of us.
  30. comic

    comic Previously turnt3chGodh34d

  31. This is gonna be good. I'll wait to post for a short bit, though. Is everyone up now? If not, I could extend my post with some flashbacks.
    In terms of plot, I was wondering. How about we head to an island? The idea is that if an island's deserted, it'll be a perfect place to survive the apocalypse. Of course the group wouldn't know about this yet, but when he gets his hands on the right resources William could learn of a deserted island and choose to go there. It'd give us a direction of where to head. If we end up reaching a port and getting our hands on some boats, it'd be a perfect time for Franz to betray the group.
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  32. comic

    comic Previously turnt3chGodh34d

    funny thing is, the Walking Dead Telltale games in Season 1 spend a majority of the time looking for an island, but at the last moment, their boat is taken from them.
    in Fear The Walking Dead Season 2, the main group actually visits a few islands to find that nowhere is safe from the dead. Walker bodies wash up on the beaches in the dozens.
    but yeah, that sounds good. our group could be heading south to get to the Mexican Gulf.
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  33. Ah.
    That's why you get a carpenter on your team.
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  34. comic

    comic Previously turnt3chGodh34d

    what? what does a carpenter have to do with this?
    a carpenter is 'a person who makes and repairs wooden objects and structures.'
    i don't know why a carpenter would make the difference of a boat getting stolen or not, or make the difference of whether or not walkers wash up on beaches, lol.
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  35. The latter. Build a spiked fence around the island, ideally waterproofed.
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  36. comic

    comic Previously turnt3chGodh34d

    depends on resources, the size of the island and all that.
    but that doesn't really matter anyway. if a walker herd manages to accumulate, those things can march through buildings. even a group of about 20 can topple prison fences.
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  37. Name (First/Middle/Last) - Alister Greyson Caldwell
    Age (Above 8, Below 80) - 28
    Gender (Male/Female, (for those who weren't aware)) - Male
    Physical Attributes (Basic Appearance) - 5’11” - 190lbs, very fit and healthy, military(4 years in the USMC infantry and 3 years as an Army Medic in the reserves when the end of the world happens)
    Attire includes - Faded black POW hat, Woodland pattern USMC pants, light weight tan combat boots, black long sleeve underarmour shirt under a dark gray hoodie.
    General appearance - medium length brown hair 1-2 inches, bearded, green eyes and tanned skin.
    Personality (Self Explanatory) - calm, logical, tactical, and generally cold
    Weapon of Choice (No, NOT Grenades) - re-enforced fire axe, hunting knife
    Moral Allegiance (Good, Bad, etc.) - at the moment, his only allegiance is “what ever it takes to survive”
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  38. comic

    comic Previously turnt3chGodh34d

    lol, Caldwell is my IRL last name.
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