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Ask to Join The Walking Dead Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Comic, Nov 30, 2018.

  1. Me too. What are the odds? Lol
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  2. Know what’d be cool?
    If our group at some point explored some abandoned fairgrounds.
    It’d be spooky, and fun. Maybe meet more survivors holed up in the carnival rides?
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  3. ah. reminds me of playing L4D2 all night long.
    good times.
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  4. So just to clarify, and this may be a dumb question, but who’s starting this show? Lol
  5. i did.
    the RP has begun.
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  6. Sorry my post’s taking a while, I just want to start this rp out well, so I’ve been lengthening it, adding more interesting stuff and whatnot.

    Should be up by the day’s end.
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  7. Yeah I took my time and waited... because honestly I didn’t know how I wanted to start... or where I wanted my character to be at both mentally and physically.
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  8. I'm going to write my first post here soon. I just need a little time to finish up homework. I've already thought about what I'll write about.
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  9. I can’t wait for this RP to really get going! I’m so excited!
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  10. @Eeveechu151 @Blatant Mokery
    still need ya to post. i'm holding off on another to allow everyone at least 1 post before anybody makes their second.
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  11. Sorry for the delay, again. Mine WILL be up quite soon.
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  12. Sorry about that. I’ll try writing up a post after school. I’m not entirely sure what to have my folks do, though...
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  13. It can’t be helped but it sucks that we’re all on such different schedules and time zones.
  14. *waits semi-patiently*

    So just so I can know where the hell I am, where is this RP currently taking place? I know you said we wanted to keep it separate from TWD and FTWD... so that leaves the middle U.S.
    Possible the panhandle of Florida and most of the southern states.
    Also we could go way north, like New York, Montana, or the state of Washington.

    Anyway, I’m only asking for clarification.
  15. still unsure, but i would assume Missouri or so.
    ahem, i meant 'Misery', the Kill Me state.
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  16. Very well. I know only a small portion of the state of Missouri, having vacationed there as a child(Branson).
  17. Better than me, who’s never been there once :p
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  18. yeah, i live there.
    i'd much rather live in Georgia tbh, but eh.
  19. I live in Pensacola FL, but I could never bring myself to live in Georgia.... or anywhere near Atlanta. I’d prefer to live either in Seattle Washington, Aurora Indiana, or New Zealand(Middle Earth) lol
    So when/if our characters meet up, is the group heading north? South? Do they have a plan? Or are they just driving to drive and keep mobile?
  20. I'd love to live near Atlanta, mainly because that's still where they film TWD, and I would love to meet the cast.

    so far, no devised plan right now. i think i briefly touched base with their 'destination' in my post.
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  21. I live in Kansas, but near Missouri. I'll know this area well :D That also puts me in the Central Time Zone.
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  22. I was born and raised in Oklahoma. Your, all to often forgotten, neighbor. Lol
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  23. alright, sweet.
    you're the last person who needs to post. once you post, it's free game for anybody. i just wanna make sure everybody has a chance to put up their first post before the story takes off, leaving someone behind in the dirt.
    and Eevee, your post doesn't have to be anything particularly special. we're just at the beginning, so this is all exposition, really. we're setting the scene, so to speak.
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  24. Ah, alright. Working on something atm but I’ll try to get a post up later today.
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  25. Still waiting for everyone to post before you post again @Comic ?
  26. Gah, sorry for not getting a post up! Hopefully I won’t forget when I return home today.
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  27. Finally got a post up, sorry for the wait. Figured Will could be the last one up so we could see a nightmare of an event Comic alluded to in the past.
  28. alright, rad. everyone's gotten a post up.
    it's open season from here on out.
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  29. (Hello! If it is possible, I would like to join.)

    Name: Hayson Drake Ejder

    Age: 16

    Gender: Male

    Physical Attributes: He has blond hair that is fuzzy, he has slightly pale skin, and his eyes are a dark brown color. Hayson wears a small worn out camo jacket, with a short white shirt under it. Along with that, he has slightly ripped and worn out jeans, with light brown shoes.

    Personality: He is sincere and strong, although he is kinda clumsy and not a fast runner. He is usually even-tempered, but he sometimes won’t forgive others easily. Hayson also has good experience with small weapons.

    Weapon Of Choice: A black pistol, and a small dagger in his camo jacket pocket.

    Moral Allegiance: Good

    (If I can still join, do I post the RP Example in here?)
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  30. go ahead and send me a sample through PMs.
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  31. alright, gang. we gotta discuss plot.

    Exposition, Rising Action, Climax, Falling Action, and Resolution.
    now, we could either do this RP in an episodic format like the show and the games, or we could have arcs that last for a few 'episodes' or more, but are all in the same rp.
    or, we could do this in seasons, as was my original intention.
    either way, we need several small arcs for this rp, and one large arc that lasts for the majority of the rp.
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  32. I've got an idea for Neil that would involve the whole group. I wouldn't do it right off the bat but it would involve meeting another group. Also, I like an episodic idea. Doing simply seasons seems like it would leave out quite a bit of stuff. But if that stuff's unimportant I guess it doesn't matter. I do like mini arcs as well as an overarching "theme". Or overarching plot. Don't know what that would be though.
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  33. @Eeveechu151
    your one dude, forgot his name randomly and I'm too lazy to check it, but he could slowly become the villain for this big arc with multiple smaller arcs before, during, and finishing up shortly after.
    so if this would be in an episode format, I imagine the length of each episode would only be about 15 to 20 pages or so.
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  34. You mean Franz? Yeah that was the plan.
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  35. alright! so.
    Alister has been offline for over 4 days as of this post. the max is five. if Alister doesn't come back and post within the next 16 hours or so, he is officially rejected from this RP.
    like i said many times before, inactivity kills a roleplay, and this is a perfect example of it.
    since he has posted only once, and nobody has directly interacted with his character, on day 5, i will have his post deleted, and his character replaced with a half-frozen zombie.
    how does everybody feel about this?
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  36. Uh, replacing the character with a half-frozen zombie I think is a bit too much..
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  37. well, considering his character hasn't done anything in terms of interacting with the cast, then it's certainly reasonable. it keeps myself and Mok from having to edit out posts, as our characters are aware that someone not part of the group is there. Haley heard the scuff of a boot that didn't belong to Mockings character, so she went to investigate.
    i'm not making Alister's character a walker. i'm taking him from his place, and putting a half-frozen walker in his spot.
    reasoning as to why it's half-frozen is because it's winter, obviously, and because a half-frozen walker are extremely slow to react and move, making it more reasonable to have only just started to act after all the noise the group made.
  38. Ah, right right.
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