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Ask to Join The Walking Dead: Deprived Sign-Up/Discussion

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by N E G A N, Dec 5, 2017.

  1. Okay. I think I've got it! A way to start this new rp, without making it boring. Maybe.
    So, here we go.
    You start off with ONE character, aging from around 13 - 19. Our main cast will start out on the school bus, gettin ready to go to school. I wanna make myself clear. No one gets to kill a walker for a little while. We are not hardened murderers who already are confident enough to face horde of walkers. And make your first kill count. Make your character realistic. Make them worry about their family, and not just forget them because they doubt their family is alive. I really want a good story, and good stories are made by good characters. If everybody has an agenda, we'll always have a story!
    So let's go ahead and make this fuckin' awesome!

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  2. Name/Age: Michael Shaw - 18
    Gender/Sexuality: Male - Heterosexual
    Personality: He's an outgoing, charismatic man with a thirst to prove himself better than most - if not everybody - around him. His confidence and charisma show him off as a rather popular person, who is unafraid of failure, and is well-acquainted with success.
    Appearance: He's tall, he's buff, and he's smart. Appearing as though he may be a jock, he's anything but. Top of his class and not at all involved with sports, one could find Michael either doing manual labor on a farm, working on construction, or hanging out at the pool, scoping out the girls. He's got a faded five o'clock shadow, and short, sleek black hair. Deep emerald eyes and an extremely intimidating form. He's somebody everyone wants to love, and others want to fear.
    Biography: He doesn't share much of his home life, but what others know, is that his Dad's a useless ass, and his mom's an even more useless whore. What people don't know, is that him mother is dead (likely from sexually transmitted diseases), and his father is afraid of him, ever since Michael got in the man's face. He currently lives with his grandfather, who he takes after more than anyone else in his family. The two grew a strong bond, and Michael considers his grandfather to be the only person alive worthy of his attention.
    Family: Father, Mother(Deceased), Brother(Deceased), Grandfather, Grandmother(Deceased)
  3. Sounds fun!

    Name/Age: Lance Masaru, 18
    Gender/Sexuality: Male, Hetero
    Personality: Lance is always quiet but works very well with others. He is quite monotone in everything he does, and doesn't seem to externally show concern, though sometimes, his mind may say otherwise.
    Appearance: Lance has short silver hair swept to the right, and has a medium build, standing at 5'6, though he compensates for his shortness in agility. He is currently in his 3rd year of Wing Chun classes.
    Biography: Lance was constantly bullied since middle school, though he never said anything about it, due to his silent personality. However, deciding to do something about it, he began to take Wing Chun in his Freshman year of high school. His parents both went missing on a "business trip", and his aunt passed away from lung cancer. Lance lives with his uncle, for whom he would give anything, even his life.
    Family: Father and Mother (Both missing/presumed deceased), Aunt (Deceased), Uncle
  4. Accepted.

    I have been thinking, and decided that, much farther in the rp (if we get far enough), then we can have little crossovers with Rick's group. Directly or indirectly. Maybe Terminus, or meeting Morales. Coming across the Saviors. Something cool like that.
    Plus, it'll lessen the amount of creativity I'd need to come up with for plot lines and new characters, lol.
  5. Ooo.
    I've been mentioned.

    Nora Evans, 16
    Gender/Sexuality: Female, Heterosexual
    Personality: Nora is an interesting character, many of her traits contradicting themselves. She’s a natural born leader, but she’s learned to put things aside and is rather submissive. She’s particularly talented in the art of biting her tongue. Another example of this phenomenon is the fact that she’s a bit of a hopeless romantic, however her literal biggest fear is the idea of loving anything or, worse, anyone. She’s a bit awkward, but otherwise she’s pretty cool. She’s rather laid back, so pissing her off is something only someone who's very talented in being an asshole can do. She can be a little cold, but is overall rather affectionate to the people she cares about.
    Appearance: The definition of short, Nora stands at 5’3. She isn’t ripped, but she’s toned, as several years of track (she’ll answer “pole-vaulting” with an proud little grin if you ask) would do for her. She’s slim, bearing narrow hips and not much chest. Obviously an athlete. Her hair dark brown with lighter tones, what some people would call mousy brown, and is short and wavy, barely reaching her shoulders. Her eyes are an even darker shade of brown. She has fair skin that has many- MANY- freckles.
    Biography: Growing up in a somewhat wrecked home, Nora learned how to please people. She knows how to stay quiet, thanks to her mom. She knows how to lie about her feelings, thanks to her father. And she knows how take a hit thanks to her sister. Some further depth. Her mother, a violent alcoholic, asked frequent questions, and her two girls would have to lie to avoid getting hit. Her sister would take up all her pent up anger on Nora, and the girl became skilled in lying to her dad, who was honestly way too good for their mother. The divorce happened and she lives with her older sister and father.
    Family: Mother (Nicole Evans, Good as Dead), Father (Charles Evans), Sister (Madeline Evans)
  6. No thanks, I don't really know a whole lot about the Walking Dead. It sounds like an interesting RP, but not really my style. Sorry.
  7. Bummer, but alright.
  8. None that come to mind, no.
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  9. Well then, I'll get it started in due time, then some people may take notice.

    I want to make it clear though. I want to focus on the Survival and Character Building aspect in this rp. Sure, there'll be chaos and action, but not a ton. I love the idea of building a character, and love it even more when an important character dies, because the death impacts other survivors.
    Once we get past the first phase (the bus crash and whatnot), I'll open it up for you two to make another character if you like.
    But I was thinking of having those three start out before introducing anybody else for a bit. Take it in phases, you know?
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  10. I've selected a totally random home town for our characters.
    Colorado Springs, Colorado.
  11. We're also going to be starting 5 days AGO (After Global Outbreak).
    That means we'll hear news about the walkers, and develop our characters a bit, before the initial outbreak.
    So we'll have a day at school, and on the bus ride home, that's when we'll really start.
  12. Name/Age: Liberty Cross - 19
    Gender/Sexuality: Female - Heterosexual
    Personality: Liberty isn’t your stereotypical blonde. She is a with girl, and plays mind games with the boys who flirt with her, or ones she dates. She is a social butterfly who seems to have many people like her. She is also very self conscious. She is also protective of her little brother Jason, but she often babies him and he gets embarrassed by this. She is also somewhat emotional.
    Appearance: Liberty is a tall blonde beautiful girl with long lightly curly hair that curls around the ears. She stands at 6’3” and has a slim hourglass figure. She has a a C cup. She wears a hot pink tank top, with a large black leather jacket. She wears dark blue skinny jeans and light pink low top sneakers. Her eyes are light blue, and her skin is a light tan.
    Biography: Liberty was raised by her mother and father. However her father left for weeks at a time, driving his truck, leaving her with her mother and brother. She had a somewhat happy childhood, and spent up until she went to middle school as a tomboy. Then she joined the cheerleading team, and became popular and soon became a more girly girl. Now she is one of the popular girls at the school.
    Family: Younger brother - Jason Cross (High School Junior) Older Brother - Andrew Cross (College Student), Mother - Samantha Cross (Pediatrician), Father - Jonathan Cross (Truck Driver)

    Name/Age: Jason Cross - 17
    Gender/Sexuality: Male - Heterosexual
    Personality: Jason is somewhat of the opposite of his sister. He’s quiet and doesn’t talk to people very often, unless he knows them well. He’s calmer and more collected. He sees high school as a way to survive, and keeps his head low. He’s witty like his sister, but often looks farther ahead.
    Appearance: Jason is shorter than his sister standing at 5’11”, and is well built. He boxes on the side, and because of this he is well built. He wears a black baggy hoodie with red accents, and dark blue baggy jeans. He wears black converse hi-tops.
    Biography: Jason’s backstory was like his older sister, early on. He was raised by his mother and father, while his father spent a lot of time on the road. However when his sister went to high school, he was stuck in 8th grade and began to get bullied. So next year, when his sister fond out, she defended him more. That caused him to be bullied more. So he became somewhat quieter and more silent. He is often thrown into fights, but refused to fight back even though he can.
    Family: Older Sister - Liberty Cross (High School Senior), Older Brother - Andrew Cross (College Student), Mother - Samantha Cross (Pediatrician), Father - Jonathan Cross (Truck Driver)

    Here is two characters that i feel can go hand in hand. Also, I was hoping to have Liberty die later, leaving Jason a bit stunned. But here they are.
  13. Accepted.
    Glad you could join us, Ry.
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  14. Glad to be here

    *Tips hat nonchalantly*
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  15. I'll wait for @OmnipotentOnion to make his post before doing anything else.
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  16. off topic, but
    is it bad that i can totally picture @OmnipotentOnion to be the kind of person to quote memes religiously or is that a safe presumption
  18. Change of plans. Outbreak will start during school instead. We get on an evacuation bus, and so forth.
    I don't want to bore us with a school day, but we could spice it up with the teachers not teaching class because everybody is too busy focusing on the news as the dead spread, you know?
  19. Yeah, that sounds good!
    Totally implementing that one kid who's just going to be, like- panicking and screaming their ass off.
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  20. Lol, yeah.
    I'm just waiting for a post from either @Ry_Burst or @OmnipotentOnion before that. Either one, I don't care. I just really wanna get this rp on a role.
  21. Yeah, sorry. It’s late and I’ trying not to fall asleep while typing. My response will probably be my last one for a while.
  22. Gah, same.
    I've actually fallen asleep on my keyboard for a solid half hour and..
    ...it was not fun.
  23. I feel ya. It’s the worst. Yeah,, it’s happened to me. Several times. :(
  24. I'd love to continue the mounting tension in the rp, but, however, I cannot double post, so...
    You know the drill.
  25. Than you, Obsequious.
    @Ry_Burst @OmnipotentOnion
    You two have no reaction for the screams? Or just lost interest?
    Perhaps stopped receiving notifications?
    Either way, I really hope the answer is door #3.

    Also, I decided I wanted a vote. Who thinks we should evacuate in buses, be quarantined in the school, or someone has a better idea?
  26. I’d say failed quarantine, which leads to evacuation. (I was just too busy to get a decent post up. Plus, I didn’t know if it would be hearable by the students.)
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  27. Sorry, just got out of school; will post ASAP
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  28. Maybe I should have been more clear in my post.
    Not only is the event outside of the school building, but it's just outside of the cafeteria, in the area the dumpsters would be, you know?
    Sorry if I seem demanding.
    I just changed my profile pic to Negan, as you can see, so It's kind of required of me, lol.
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  29. Also, everyone, I'll allow you to introduce minor characters right now just so we can have names instead of describing people based on appearance, unless necessary.
    But if you plan to have one of the NPC's live longer and/or join our future group, then make a brief character sheet on them.
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  30. I want more people here...
    Anybody have any recommendations? People to volunteer? I know we already have a diverse cast, but I feel that having five or more members would be better.
    But 9 is my limit.
  31. Okay, I can name three who might be interested.

    *creates summoning circle. *

    Through the powers of our boi Guzma, I summon thee, @MegaAbsol, @Nebula-Newt, and @Pretty Pichu
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  32. I HATH BEEN SUMMONED!!! Plus, I would like to join :) I am a fan of zombies, but not particularly Walking Dead. XD But I'll join anyway because this is cool :D

    Name: Viktor Vladimirovich
    Age: 19 years
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Straight
    Personality: He looks intimidating, but he definitely falls under the "Gentle Giant" stereotype. He is gentle to all those he considers children (which is anyone younger than him). When he is trying to discipline or teach someone with a firm voice, his voice booms and he sounds unintentionally angry, which frightens some people away and most people think he's way older than he sounds. His voice is low and bassy, but he isn't exactly angry until you can hear a deep rumbling within his chest. He is EXTREMELY protective of "children" nearby and his belongings. He will misconstrue the context of something happening, and thinks that someone is in trouble, when that's not the case. He also can't read English very well. He is only able to understand it by using his translator from English to Russian. He just didn't take the time (because he didn't have any) to learn the English language beyond speaking it.
    Appearance: He's 6'0" (1.8 m), Russian with an almost thick accent, 200 lbs (90.7 kg) of pure muscle, about 2 people wide, and has pale skin with a bit of stubble on his face. His eye color is a deep black, his hair a deep chocolate brown, and his body is covered in scars from hunting and protecting his farm from bears and wolves. His clothes consist of a pair of black, fleece-laden boots with a thick hide on the outside; a white tank-top underneath a dark grey, collared, short-sleeved shirt underneath a heavy black leather coat, which is also fleece-laden. The coat's fleece extend to the outer rims of the cuffs, collar, and edges of the coat. His pants are dark grey and thick. He wears a thick, black ushanka with the ear flaps anchored to the top of the hat. His dark brown satchel is slung over his shoulder and has a golden-like buckle. He has nicknamed his satchel Anna, and is very protective of his belongings.
    Biography: His family moved from Russia to America after they wanted a chance to make their own business and wanted to live away from the cold. He goes to the high school and aids the teachers there, and is considered as the "bouncer" of the school, mainly because of his huge build and his scary face, but he really is a gentle guy. His family lives on the outskirts of the city, living near the forest's edge. They tried their best to make a successful ranch, but the animals from the forest would come in and kill their animals. Viktor and his five brothers would station themselves outside at night, two at a time while the others sleep, and rotate every hour to keep an eye on their farm. Because of his father and his brothers and him planning on how to protect their farm, he is quite strategical when it comes to defending an area. After his mother disappeared, and his father grew increasingly worried for her, as she didn't come back home after the first day of the walkers appearing, their father left to blindly search for his wife. Viktor, needing to go into school to help the teachers as an aid, left his brothers and sisters to fend for themselves at the ranch.
    Family: Mother (Alyona Pushkina, presumed dead); Father (Mikhail Vladimir, presumed dead); 5 brothers (Anton, Boris, Daniil, Zakhar, and Ivan Vladimirovich, alive); 2 sisters (Zhanna and Diana Vladimirovna, alive).
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