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The Valley of Pokemon (just join)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Starfall, Dec 24, 2015.

  1. ( this is a role play where you can be whatever Pokemon you want. We all live in a meadow, but humans slowly start to invade.)

    Eevee ran through the meadow, the wind brushing through her fur. She loved this meadow, for she could escape the bounds of reality. She could be a princess, or even a ninja! She would never let anything take this paridice from her.
  2. ((Can I join as a Glameow?))

    Glameow looked into a bright blue pond, as she arranged flowers around the small body of water. She wanted the pond that her home was by to be even more beautiful! Picking up a pink flower she positioned it just right before it was trampled on by some thing, or someone.
  3. (Of course!)

    Eevee walked up to glameow. "Hiya!" She called, "wanna play pretend with me? I just came up with a super cool new game!"
  4. "My flowers!" She glared at whatever had smashed her work, but sighed. "Hi Eevee, What game is it?" Glameow licked and ran it over her grey furred face.
  5. "It's a game where we are ninjas and have to sneak up on the evil samurai, which are those bushes!" Eevee exclaimed. She pretended to throw some ninja throwing stars, which were leaves in reality.
  6. Giving one last sorrowful glance at her smashed master piece she smiled at Eevee. "I'll play, as long as my fur doesn't get all muddy like last time." She frowned in the memories of having to dirty the water to clean her pelt.
  7. "Yay! Don't worry, we don't have to play in the mud THIS time!" Eevee squeaked. "Okay! Let's go and defeat the evil samurai!" She cheered. Eevee lowered herself to the ground, sneaking off towards the bush.
  8. Glameow followed suit and they were slinking into the bushes, Glameow's spring like tail keeping right off the ground. When they got close enough, Glameow used her tail as a spring and jumped int the trees.
  9. Eevee signaled glameow to lower to the ground; the bush was approaching. She counted down. "3....2...1!" Eevee lept onto the bush, slapping it with her paws. "Karate chop!"
  10. Glameow jumped out of the tree and landed right on top of the bush, She then jumped up again and smacked the bush with a straightened tail.
  11. Eevee's ears perked. She stopped attacking the bush. "Glameow... I hear trainers! Hide!" Eevee sprinted away from the bush, signaling glameow to follow.
  12. Glameow tried to jump but her tail was stuck in the bushes brambles. She pulled against the bush, but couldn't get free without creating noise, and attracting attention. Thinking, the cat pokemon used Shadow Claw and broke free before springing into the tree.
  13. "Hey, I heard there were rare Pokemon around here!" A trainer called out. "Stoutland, come out and find them!" The human threw a weird red and white coloured capsule in the air. A Pokemon appears. "Use odour sleuth!" The Pokemon started to run around the field, looking for Pokemon.
  14. The pokemon smashed all of Glameow's flowers, making her tense up and hold back a growl. She glared at its head, practically glaring holes in it. As if feeling her glare, the big dog pokemon looked at her tree. Seeing Eevee, Glameow motioned her tail for the evolution pokemon to run.
  15. Eevee sprinted away from the dog, silent as a ratatta. Playing ninja had been very useful! She jumped onto a vine, and pulled herself into her tree home. The stoutland barked treed, but it could not reach her. She stuck her tounge out at the dog Pokemon before dissapearing into her home.
  16. The Stoutland was drawing to much attention to Eevee so Glameow did the only thing she could, make as much noise as she could and draw the dog pokemon's attention.

    "Hey loser dog your mother was a Caterpie!" She yelled, jumping on the branch. The dog turned around and ran to her tree, and used take down to make her fall out of the tree. Glameow landed on her paws.

    "Wow! I wanna catch this one!" A girl trainer said and threw out a Persian. "Persian use Fury Swipes!" The pokemon ran forward and ran her claws down Glameow's side. Glameow used her tail as a spring and jumped into the air, coming down on the pokemon with Iron Tail, and knocking it out. Before another move could be moved, Glameow took off and fled.
  17. The man looked at eevee. "Woah! A shiny too!" He yelled. "My kid'll love that!" He threw one of the capsules at eevee. She swifly dodged. She saw a weird girl tormenting Glameow. Eevee quickly used sand attack on the man trying to capture her, and sprinted over to the girl. Eevee used swift on her, knocking the female trainer off her balance. She than sprinted after glameow.
  18. "Ow!" Pikachu said. "Eevee! Why did you do that?" Pikachu said.
  19. When they were both safe in Glameow's den Glameow growled. "Mud...They got my fur muddy!" she growled in anger.
  20. "Sorry!" Eevee yelled to pikachu. " humans invaded my meadow! You should probably run too!" Eevee pushed Pikachu forwards. " let's go catch up with Glameow!"

    "Sorry that they got your pelt dirty, glameow. I didn't know that they would come to my meadow..."
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  21. "My poor pond...I'll scratch their eyes out!" She growled, her eyes flashing red, and her claws sliding out.
  22. "Yeah! They took over my home and favourite play place! Let's get our revenge!" Eevee's silver pelt fluffed up. She was ready to get her home back.
  23. "We need more pokemon to fight the battle that I now dub the 'Great War!'" Glameow sighed licking a mud covered paw, and cringing.
  24. "Yeah! I maY be only level 4, but I can do this!" She cried. "we also have to train on how to avoid the weird capsule thingies!"
  25. "Stupid Trainers!" Pikachu said. "There too Strong." Pikachu said.
  26. Eevee heard pikachu slam into a tree. "But first, we need to save Pikachu!" She told glameow.
  27. "My fur is never going to stay clean is it..." She sighed and got a Shadow Claw ready.
  28. "My Head." Pikachu said. He slowly fainted. The Trainer thew a Monster Ball at Pikachu. The Ball shook 2 times before Pikachu shot out. Heavely damaged Pikachu started running away.
  29. "For the love of Arceus Eevee take care of him!" Glameow said slamming into the trainer and getting more mud in her fur.

    The trainer sent out a male Umbreon, and Glameow used attract and then Iron Tail before running after the younger pokemon.
  30. SharkByte

    SharkByte Formerly Jolteon the ultimate

    All of a sudden a peppy flareon jumped from out of the bushes and tackled the trainer "die you scum" said flareon the trainer knocked him back he hit a tree and fell unconscious
  31. The trainer threw a pokeball at the Flareon. Thinking quickly, Glameow jumped in the way and was sucked into the ball. The ball shook a few times before Glameow jumped out of it, picked the ball up with it's tail and hit it back at the trainer. Grabbing the Flareon's scruff, Glameow ran back to her den where Eevee and Pikach waited.

    "If my fur gets dirty one more time I swear to Arceus!" She hissed dropping Flareon on the ground.
  32. SharkByte

    SharkByte Formerly Jolteon the ultimate

    "Uggh huh where am I?" Flareon said slowly waking up he looked up to see a cute little eevee staring back at him it reminded him of when he was just a little eevee like her
  33. "Oh he's awake...." Glameow glared, running her tongue over her back and cringing in sarrow. "This is your fault! We were doing fine! I was put into a ball! It was scary and dark....and and dark!" she hissed. "And look at my fur! She studied the Flareon and gasped angry. "You're that pokemon that killed my flowers this morning!"
  34. SharkByte

    SharkByte Formerly Jolteon the ultimate

    "Uhh sorry mis" ("dang she's feisty") he said "I can't remember anything not even who I am or where I came from just my name flareon" he said reaching in for a little peck on the glameows lips
  35. Glameow used thunder on Flareon and turned her head away from him. "Swine!" She growled and walked over to Eevee to talk to her
  36. SharkByte

    SharkByte Formerly Jolteon the ultimate

    "Ouch!!!!" He yelled "sorry but I'm telling the truth I can't remember anything so please give me a chance to make things up to you"
  37. "Fine tomorrow you are helping me with my pond work!" She looked at Eevee. "So are you..." She then sighed and made two large nests. "Pikachu and Flareon sleep there, and Eevee and I sleep here." She divided up her den in half with a claw. "Stay over there!"
  38. SharkByte

    SharkByte Formerly Jolteon the ultimate

    "Ok I'll try my best to clean my mess up hey pikachu lets turn in for the night" he said *wispers to pikachu* that glameow she's a looker huh?" "Well anyways I'm of to hit the hay Mabey I'll remember something tomorrow I hope"
  39. "Knowing her my entire life, Id say shes abit bossy" Pikachu said "But shes a good friend." Pikachu said. Ue fell asleep awaiting tommorrow morning.
  40. Eevee watched the scum of a trainer from far away. He was ripping the soft, green grass. He was trampling Glameow's flowers. For the first time in her life, Eevee felt a burning sense of hatred in her heart.

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