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Private/Closed The Uprising 2.0

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by ThatDamnEmu, Apr 2, 2017.

  1. ~No longer accepting bios~

    The premise is relatively simple. The RP will take place in a small, unnamed town between Kanto and Johto, not found on any maps. A small division of Team Rocket stumbled across the town on accident following the events of the Gold and Silver games. They decide to make the town and its surrounding area their new base of operations. They quickly seize control of the town, and begin enforcing a wide variety of rules, the most important being the ban on Pokemon training outside of Team Rocket.

    Several years pass, and a group of young trainers grow desperate to obtain Pokemon of their own. With their small-time local professor arrested by Team Rocket, the trainers must look to the lively forest to supply them. They all sneak out into the forest, each of them lucky enough to come across a Pokemon egg of their own. What happens next? It depends on the actions of the characters!

    **WARNING**Depending on the way the story plays out, there may be blood. I'll refrain from some insane blood and guts, but this is Team Rocket. They rule through fear. They will do anything necessary to keep their place of power.

    As the group consists of new trainers, your characters must be relatively young, anywhere from 11 to 19. The town is fairly small, so it is safe to assume that our characters knew of each other. This can range from mere acquaintances to friends, family, or even lovers. Any and all relations between characters can be discussed here.

    Seeing as the Pokemon are found in the forest, your character may find one of the following:
    ~ Caterpie
    ~ Weedle
    ~ Pikachu
    ~ Pidgey
    ~ Hoothoot
    ~ Seedot
    ~ Spinarak
    ~ Ledyba
    ~ Shroomish
    ~ Kricketot
    ~ Zubat
    ~ Oddish
    ~ Paras
    ~ Venonat
    ~ Psyduck
    ~ Exeggcute
    ~ Pineco
    ~ Poochyena
    ~ Zigzagoon
    ~ Wurmple
    ~ Taillow
    ~ Slakoth
    ~ Gastly
    ~ Murkrow
    ~ Misdreavus
    ~ Bidoof
    ~ Budew
    ~ Buneary
    ~ Nincada
    ~ Pidove
    ~ Timburr
    ~ Tympole
    ~ Sewaddle
    ~ Venipede
    ~ Cottonee
    ~ Petilil
    ~ Yanma
    ~ Poliwag
    ~ Fletchling
    ~ Scatterbug
    ~ Joltik
    ~ Woobat

    You may select any of these Pokemon. I decided to extend the list beyond Johto and Kanto to add a bit more variety. It's first come, first serve, and I don't want repeat Pokemon. It's no fun if everyone has a Pikachu, for example. If you feel I missed a Pokemon, or have a Pokemon you would like to request, please message me and we can discuss it.

    I'm very picky about my RP'ers. I have a few rules if you would like to join.
    1) Be committed! This is important. I don't plan to let this RP die again. So long as you post every few days, that's fine. I can understand that sometimes you just don't feel like posting. BUT. NO disappearing for longer than a a handful of days without giving the other RP'ers and me a heads up.
    2) Post at least a paragraph per post. Obviously I'd prefer more, but one paragraph is fine. There is nothing worse, in my opinion, than an RP'er who only REACTS and doesn't ACT. It's hard to continue an RP when a character only reacts to others. Not only is it not as fun, but it makes it harder for characters to connect.
    3) Good Grammar. This is a rule I WILL NOT budge on. You MUST have good grammar. Good grammar to me is what I've been doing. Not proper grammar, per say, but there are periods, quotation marks, capital letters, etc. Poor grammar is not fun to RP with, and even less fun for anyone reading along. Keep in mind, the final judge on character will be myself.


    Name: Aaron Kurst
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Height: 5' 10"
    Weight: 160 pounds
    Hair: Dark brown, always mussed up and shaggy
    Eyes: Brown
    Clothing: Often seen wearing a worn-out green tee-shirt, with old, tattered jeans. He has no shoes, preferring to go bare foot.
    Identifying Marks: None
    Musculature: Thin, lean muscle, more on his legs than his arms
    Personality: Aaron is a relatively happy-go-lucky guy, preferring to always have a positive outlook on life. He's quick to make friends, and is extremely loyal. He can be overly loyal, almost to a fault, as he will do anything to help a friend. He hates being told what to do, especially by adults. He is willing to take suggestions from those he considers to be his friends, but will become grumpy and irritable if directly commanded to do something.
    Skills: Aaron has a fairly extensive, if basic, knowledge of Pokemon
    Past: Aaron's mother was one of the few trainers in town, and was the professor's assistant. Aaron loved Pokemon, even when he was a small child. He often played with his mother's Pokemon, and grew up wanting to be a professor when he got older. When the Rocket's invaded the town, Aaron's mother was one of the few who directly opposed them. Overwhelmed by their numbers, she was defeated. Nobody has seen her since. Following the loss of his mother, Aaron found happiness in the forest Pokemon. He spends much of his time with the wild Pokemon, playing with them and studying them.
    Family: Aya Kurst (Mother)
    Love Relationship: None


    Name: Buddy
    Species: Weedle
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Shield Dust
    Personality: Buddy matches Aaron's happy-go-lucky attitude with a carefree attitude of his own. It isn't often that Buddy is unhappy, though he tends to be shy around new, unfamiliar people. He trusts Aaron completely at all times, both in and out of battle.
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  2. Name: Mika Harte
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Height: 5' 5"
    Weight: 115 pounds
    Hair: Black, straight, and reaches about her mid-back
    Eyes: Gray
    Clothing: She usually wears a white dress shirt with black leggings, as well as a black denim jacket that she leaves unbuttoned, which stops at about her midriff. She most often wears black ankle-high, converse-style shoes.
    Identifying Marks: None
    Musculature: She has a thin build with little muscle.
    Personality: She has a hard time expressing her emotions and is a stringent rule-follower, which can make her come off as cold. Her and her father are also quite the social pariahs due to Eric's reluctant job, which prevents her from making friends with some of the town's other children. However, despite her docile nature, she is secretly a dreamer. She is very interested in Pokémon, and has read any books she could find on the subject. She hates herself for thinking such rebellious thoughts, of course, as she and her father fear Team Rocket greatly, but she cannot help it, as Pokémon are one of the only things she's passionate about.
    Skills: She is a good listener and has a strong memory. Due to her father's "career," she has some knowledge of the workings of Team Rocket, and could ask her father for answers to questions that she has (whether or not he would answer depends).
    Past: Her father was previously a Trainer that fought against Team Rocket, but after their hometown was taken over, he was pressured into joining for the safety of his family. He did so, and is secretly hated by many of the townspeople as a result. He is not allowed to show any open hostility towards Team Rocket, however, and Mika feels that she is going to have to follow in Eric's footsteps as a Team Rocket Grunt one day. She is not sure how she feels about this, however, as she would at least be granted a Pokémon.
    Family: Eric Harte (father, alive)
    Love Relationship: None


    Name: Vale
    Species: Taillow
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Guts
    Personality: He is a rebellious risk-taker, much to Mika's exasperation. If he feels that somebody has wronged him, he might play tricks of his own to get back at them, as he can be fairly petty. Though they are almost polar opposites, he and Mika complement each other and find solutions that the other might not initially discover.
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  3. Name: Steve Sittingson
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15
    Height: 5' 00"
    Weight: 150 pounds
    Hair: Red, and is a nice hairdo
    Eyes: Green
    Clothing: Wears a buttoned white shirt, and grey pants. He wears white sneakers too.
    Identifying Marks: None
    Musculature: Normal body size, and just normally fit overall
    Personality: Steve enjoys reading. His favorite types of literature are plays. His favorite plays are Shakespeare's plays. He looks at most of the negative things in life. He nitpicks often, and is just picky overall.
    Skills: Aaron has a fairly extensive, if basic, knowledge of Pokemon
    Past: Steve's parents at first were happy to have a child. Until they realized most of the things they used to do, they can't now. The Steve wasn't making it any better. He started asking for some of the best things. Last week they were feed up with it, and left town to go somewhere like Alola. Steve woke up with his parents gone. He didn't mind much since they weren't there most of the time anyways. They left all of their stuff on accident.
    Family: Parents still alive, but doing better things
    Love Relationship: None


    Name: Romeo
    Species: Woobat
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Unaware
    Personality: He is very ambitious, and is really rash, and mostly oblivious of whats going on around him.
  4. @DragonFlye It all checks out. You're Accepted!

    @montymike If you could, I'd like you to PM me an example of one of your past RP's. If this is your first RP, then make something up, just a paragraph or two of a story.
  5. Sweet, thank you!
  6. Name: Pearl Quartz
    Gender: Female
    Age: 12
    Height: 1m 48cm
    Weight: 37kg

    Appearancd: She has long brunette hair usually tied up in a high neat bun. She has light skin and big green eyes. She usually wears a grey long sleeve turtle neck top and Galaxy leggings. She wears a pearl necklace and white shoes. She is an skinny, athletic figure.

    Personality: She's a little shy and pretty at athletic. She's friendly and loves Pokemon. Pearl is outgoing and loves to be cheeky. She absolutely hates team rocket and what they did.

    Skills: She's very fast and has got good stamina. She can easily climb trees and jump over fences. She can also understand some Pokemon's emotions and feelings.

    Past: She used to be free, she would roam the woods and play with wild Pokemon, then team rocket came. They took her younger brother as hostage and forced her to do work. She had to hard labour like carry and chop wood from the forest. Her younger brother, Lyle, was waiting in prison, he was only 7 when he died. The rocket grunts sent him out to collect heavy rocks from the mountains, but he never returned. So Pearl ran away from the town, into the forest where she developed the ability to understand Pokemon's emotions and body language. She still lives in the forests, the grunts in her town are looking for her, she comes to the town to get resources. Pearl is a scavenger.


    Name: Rose
    Species: Fletchling
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Find that out in a sec
    Personality: He is rebellious and mischeivous Pokemon. He's pretty friendly but cba be stubborn and wild. Sometimes he is sweet and gentle but sometimes he's angry and stubborn.
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  7. Sorry I accidently posted too early
  8. @PrimrosePearl
    Your bio has just a few things to fix or touch up on. Otherwise, it's looking good.
    For knowing Pokemon language, to avoid a Mary Sue situation, maybe drop it to understanding their body language and behavior better than others. It would make sense since she spends most time with the Pokemon. She would understand their feelings (tired, angry, scared, etc.), but wouldn't be able to TALK to them, per say.

    Also, for the Fletchling, the Pokemon will be newborns. They'll have no idea about the outside world. I'm fine with that being a character development for him, but please omit it from his personality. Try to flesh him out a bit more, as the way the Pokemons' personalities clash may end up being important to the story. Other than that, it's looking good. I know you have good enough grammar for me, I've seen your posts. I'll just assume you rushed a bit ;)

  9. :)

    I'll fix it up a bit
  10. @ThatDamnEmu Are previous members still able to participate? :)
  11. I added a bit to Mika's skills, is this still alright? If not, I can change it back ^^ I also fixed a couple of spelling mistakes.
  12. @DragonFlye Yes, that's fine, it fits the character :)
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  13. Name: Liam Drason
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17
    Height: 5' 8
    Weight: 145 pounds
    Hair: Dark brown
    Eyes: Hazel
    Clothing: He enjoys wearing a black, long sleeved shirt with jeans and black tennis shoes. He has a thin, chain necklace that was given to him by his mother- a chain that used to hold a charm.
    Identifying Marks: A slight limp to his left leg, though it's hardly noticeable. He also has a burn mark on his right hand which shows up on his darker complexion.
    Musculature: Somewhat bulky build, but not very "fit". He's a happy medium.
    Personality: Liam tends to be the cautious type, always carefully assessing and judging his options. Though he's analytical most of the time, and likes to think through every decision, his wall against peer pressure is not built very high, so if his friends are pushing him to do something, chances are, he will. Liam is fairly brave, and tends to put the lives of Pokémon before his own- he doesn't have a care for what happens to humans. When it comes to doing the right thing, Liam is always first, however, that impulse to please others comes with its downside- he makes others see him as needy. Currently, he's trying to get over that. Friends haven't ever been a strong point of his, but a close friend group will push out his better side.
    Skills: Liam is a skilled healer and knows the purpose of many leaves, roots, and berries. Injuries? No problem. He also tends to have a great sense of direction.
    Past: Liam didn't live a happy life before Rocket took over. His parents were somewhat restrictive and very religious, so he had little time to interact with other kids or get to know Pokémon. Both his parents were trainers, and they schooled him from home. After Team Rocket came, they took away his parent's Pokémon, and Liam lost his mother due to her sudden spark of anger as she lashed out at a grunt. She's still alive, to his knowledge. Liam began to venture outside more after the incident with his mother, and that's when he began to take an interest in plants and medicine. He experimented with his own various wounds by using berries and polutrices behind his distraught father's back, and ended up infecting a nasty cut on his thigh that he had received from falling. The infection was taken care of, but it had stiffened his thigh muscles, leaving him with the slightest hint of a limp. More recently, he's been intensively studying herbal medications for Pokémon.
    Family: Warren Drason (Father), Scout Rein-Drason (Mother)
    Love Relationship: None


    Name: Juniper
    Species: Swaddle
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Overcoat
    Personality: More outgoing and social than Liam, Juniper tends to worry herself with the Pokémon and people around her rather than see how her actions affect the world around her. Juniper tries to help, but most times just gets in the way. Nonetheless, nothing can suppress her little spirit, and she never gets sad.

    As a side note, this is my first ever attempt at a male roleplay character, so we'll see how this goes.
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  15. Is the actually Rp up yet?
  16. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    Sewaddle and Woobat are Taken?! Oh well...

    Name: Madeleine Netter
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Height: 1 Meter, 70 Centimetres (Or about 5.8 feet)
    Weight: 55 Kilograms (Or about 121 Pounds)
    Hair: Around Shoulder Length, Platinum Blonde Hair which is usually in a Plait behind her head.
    Eyes: Hazel.
    Clothing: Madeleine likes to wear a White Frilled Shirt and Denim Jeans. She wears Brown Flats for shoes. She wears an aqua blue, heart shaped necklace.
    Identifying Marks: None
    Musculature: She is somewhat skinny.
    Personality: Madeleine is a mature and polite person however she finds it hard to make friends with people that are crazy and childish. She finds pranks and jokes as Immature. Madeleine is very quiet and has a hard time making new friends. She has a hard time speaking up for herself and for others and is usually bullied because of it.
    Skills: Madeleine has good knowledge on Team Rocket's strengths and weakness. Madeleine also has good instincts. Madeleine is bad when it comes to the athletic side of things though
    Past: Madeleine was born into Team Rocket, Her Father being a grunt however she didn't know it. She lived a quiet life, her mother, brother and herself unaware of her Father's identity. When Team Rocket took over, Her Father took Madeleine for himself against her will. Her Mother divorced with her father and she has never seen her younger brother or her mother again. Madeleine was homeschooled so she didn't know much people in the town. Madeleine was introduced to every facility that Team Rocket uses when she was younger. She has knowledge but not much because things are always changing and she hasn't been at in years. She usually gets bullied by others for different reasons but she has learnt to cope with it. Madeleine is currently at home with her father, studying Team Rocket.
    Family: Douglas Netter(Father) Broddy Netter (Younger Brother) Lacey(Mason Mother)
    Love Relationship: Madeleine has had 'Crushes' but she is over them, She currently doesn't have a romantic relationship.


    Name: Phantom
    Species: Gastly
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Levitate
    Personality: A huge prankster, Phantom loves to mess up people and joke around. Phantom is outgoing and Loves to have fun. Phantom deep down cares about people and their wellbeing but he tries not to let those feelings out. Phantom can't stand other people bullying people Phantom cares about.
  17. TheStargazer

    TheStargazer Previously LunaLuma

    Okay then (It said possibly one more member but thats fine). Good luck with the Rp. :p
  18. Err @ThatDamnEmu you said all available slots were taken, but it's been around a month from my last message I sent you, would it be possible for me to join now? Seeming as the thread is pretty much dead? I love the original idea for the story, and such, and was going to be an original member...
  19. The thread isn't actually dead, we're pressing pause for a little bit.
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  20. Never mind then
  21. We haven't heard from @EspeonTheBest in awhile, though, which is why it's been inactive. @ThatDamnEmu has been trying to figure out how to fill that hole, so there could be a chance, right? I don't want to speak for Emu, though.
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  22. yeah but Espe is my friend as well... So... : /

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