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Private/Closed The Twisted Minds (RP Thread)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by MOI N, Jan 22, 2020.

  1. Link to Discussion Page: https://pokecharms.com/threads/the-twisted-minds-pokemon-rp.21865/

    Description in Discussion Page

    After finishing up the sign , Sal had took the time to run accross the road to the General Everything and make sure that nobody had found their way into the safe which contained the rare berries Sal ate . Hearing a yap from inside , Sal had a shadow ball in one hand, and prepared to throw it towards the direction of the freezers where Pokemon were always opening them and getting some free meat.Sal ran in and saw a Axew ripping meat off a hole in the far fridge , unsuspecting , Sal fired and the Axew became unconsious , Sal ran over and choked the unconsious Pokemon before turning back around , but saw nothing. Running through empty isles or isles of broken stuff , Sal ran to the back room "Management offices"

    Seeing the door was slightly ajar , Sal created another shadow ball and ran into the safe room and saw a Lillipup picking at the dial on the huge safe. The Lillipup looked and saw Sal and attempt to jump onto the desk but Sal threw the shadow ball before the Lillipup jumped up onto the table above the safe. Sal felt a surge of happiness as blood spouted from the neck of the Lillipup .

    Looking at the safe Dial , he saw that 2/4 of the digits were correct. This is the f****** closest somebody has ever got to the dial . Sal bobbed his head up and saw another Lillipup at the freezers and threw a shadow ball through the broken glass.Usually there's less Pokemon with no IQ here. Seeing the outcome , Sal realized he missed the shadow ball and saw the Lillipup stare back and get into battle mode.
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  2. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    A being seemingly human was walking down the abandoned road, cloaked from head to knee with a large black cloak. A bunch of pokemon were folllowing alongside it, which seemed to be the being's pokemon team at first; A drowzee with a black eye, a lopunny with its ears ripped off, a beaten and bruised lucario and an overjoyed and seemingly unharmed female Toxicroak, walking right to the left of the being. A pidgey sat on the being's left shoulder, some feathers ripped out of it. The cloaked being came to a stop as a gang of pokemon approached it. Namely a Magmar, a Pancham and a Pawniard. The Pancham spoke up, yelling over to the cloaked being in an aggressive, insulting tone: " PAN, PANCHAM, PANCHA! ' OI, HUMAN! GIVE US ALL YOUR MONEY OR WE'RE GONNA BEAT YOU AND YOUR TEAM INTO A PULP! ' " Silence took over the area for a bit as the Pidgey instantly flew over to the Lucario and everyone but the Toxicroak begun backing away from the cloaked being. It grabbed the cloak that was covering it and unveiled itself, shoving the cloak to its back. Evil red eyes flared up from its face as it revealed itself to be a machoke, taller, darker and heavier than normal machokes. It begun laughing eerily, which made the Toxicroak a bit unnerved. " A human am I now..? Hm... Ven, what do we do with bandits again? " The machoke spoke up, glancing over to the Toxicroak beside it while approaching the gang of opposing pokemon, who had gotten intimidated and backed away slightly from the Machoke. " We rip them to shreds so much that not even their mothers will recognize them anymore? " The Toxicroak responded, smirking sadistically. " Yes, indeed. Everyone, this is where your next rations come from. Kill them, and their remains will be yours to feast on. All of you are dismissed. Ven, with me. " The Machoke said, turning right and walking away. The Toxicroak followed, as the other pokemon swarmed the three bandits with severe fury, as they had been slaves to this very Machoke and had not eaten for days. The Magmar, Pancham and Pawniard were screaming in fear, trying desperately to defend themselves, but it was all for naught, as the onslaught was just too much. They were attacked and eaten alive by the many hungry pokemon that were starved by Malice for days. Malice took the way right to the Department Store, Ven, a female Toxicroak, following alongside him. " Listen to this beautiful chanting of desperate cries. Isn't it beautiful? " Malice said, laughing. The Toxicroak joined in on his laughing, and quickly shut up when the Machoke stopped laughing. " Where are we going now, Boss? " The Toxicroak asked. Malice looked to the Toxicroak, and then to the Department Store. " We are going to get ourselves some rations. If we don't find any luxurious meals made from the humes, we feast on the pokemon instead. " Malice responded, remaining his march toward the large store.
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  3. The Servine wandered, unknowing of where she where she was going, or how.

    "Oi, You!" A voice called from behind, gaining Vine's interest.
    "Uhm.. Yes.. ?" She asked, the Pokemon revealing itself to be a Houndour.

    "Yeah, You! What's the big Idea, painting yourself to be a Shiny?" That Dog-like Pokemon howled, causing Vine to lower her head in shame.

    "I--I'm sorry. I cant--" She was interrupted by the Houndour blasting fire in front if her, causing Vine to walk backwards.

    "You can't What, Hm? Can't be yourself? Disgusting." The Houndour stepped closer, ignoring the flames.

    Vine kept her head away, gulping.

    "Don't try to be Intimidating, Snake!" The Houndour jumped, knocking both himself and Vine to the ground.
    "Let's see what Cooked Snake tastes Li--"

    Vine bit the Houndour's neck, hearing it start whining.

    Releasing her grip, the Houndour got off of Vine, trying to claw at his Wound.

    "Wh--What the hell did you do?!" The Houndour Screeched, cursing as it continued.

    "I--In sorry..." Vine muttered, the Yellow Liquid still dripping off of her fangs.

    Walking away, she leaves the Houndour to endure the Poison.

    "A horrible monster, Half-Shiny, and Half-Normal." A previous voice in her head said.
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  4. A Pichu could be seen wandering around the outside of the grocery store. She was holding her head, unsure of what to believe anymore. She looked up to hear a commotion inside. No, there were no Pokemon there. There couldn't be. She looked over to see an approaching Machoke and Toxicroak. They can't be real, can they? She just stood there in silence, holding her head like a Psyduck in pain. Her hallucinations were getting worse, she thought. She looked up and saw a horrible amalgamation of Pokemon in front of her. Scared, her cheeks emitted enough electricity to power a mansion for several days. The electricity arced towards the hallucination and then hit the ground as the hallucination vanished. The Pichu's ears droop down as she realized what had happened. Looking around, she saw the Machoke and Toxicroak come ever closer. She looked up at them, confusion flitting across her face.

    "Are you real?" she asked.
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  5. =Nightshade=

    =Nightshade= Previously Night's Shadow

    The Liepard crept through the woods, anticipation of the hunt sparking in her gaze. An unsuspecting Minccino was darting its head back and forth like a frightened squirrel, seemingly lost.

    This was where Dark would come in.

    “Why, hello there, darling,” she purred, tail-tip twitching. The Minccino whirled towards her voice. “You look lost.”

    “I’m not lost,” the Minccino said bravely. “Just... unsure of where I am.”

    “I can help you with that.” Dark padded around the Minccino, whisking her tail along its side in a comforting gesture. “I’m not going to hurt you. What do you say you come to my place for dinner, pet?”

    “I don’t know,” the Minccino said uncertainly.

    “Come on, pet,” said Dark. “You look hungry. This way.”

    The Liepard disappeared into the brush. The Minccino followed nervously.

    Dark led the poor Minccino into her cave, where she gave it a berry to munch on.

    “Thank you,” the Minccino said helplessly.

    “Oh, don’t thank me just yet,” said Dark, and pounced! The crunch of its spine between her long incisors was most satisfying. She licked her bloodstained lips and began to feast.

    The Minccino never even saw it coming.
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  6. Sal knew this was easy , so he just made extra arms to support him to grab the Lillipup in terror and smash it's head against concrete until the Pokemon dies. It worked easily , he just switched back to small n' normal and went outside to the dumpsters and then used his claws to chop off the fur into a perfect lump of meat and shoved it in a freezer which some Pokemon had eaten out of while he slept. Going around , Sal decided to clean up all the corpses of Pokemon , so other dumb Pokemon wouldn't be put off. Going back to the office , Sal went to his fur stash and saw he was short on Alolan Vulpix. Kill on sight , even if they're trainer-owned.

    Sal had wondered why so many bloody Pokemon were here today , maybe a epidemic which lowered Pokemon's IQ or hungry Passers-by. Sal opened his safe, making sure no Pokemon had just entered his line of firing and took out one of the holy Jaboca berries he had paid a Tropius for with countless piles of meat. Click Click Sal also bought out his prized knife inside another mini-safe with a different code. Needs some stabs. While munching on a berry , Sal walked out into the main room and took some clothes from the baby racks and tore them to shreds .

    Sal heard the sound of stuff being tooken off shelves and raced to the candy isle. I know exactly where everybody is , and the best way to kill them and immediatley attempted to slit their throat where he suspected the thief would be and heard bones cracking. A Bulbasaur , normally a bit smarter.

    Sal saw the Pokemon was still alive , and grinned. "Why? I Just wanted food... " groaned the Bulbasaur . Getting out his knife (aka GwenChen , he was very attached to that object) , Sal started to stab and stab until the Pokemon's screams of pains were gone. It's Messier but this is the kind of S*** i love.
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  7. =Nightshade=

    =Nightshade= Previously Night's Shadow

    As Dark finished up the last remains of the Minccino, she sat and began washing her paws, flexing her long, sharp claws in irritation. Not enough. The Minccino’s body was too small, and Dark’s hunger was rarely satisfied.

    The Liepard emerged from her lair and stretched luxuriously, then made a deep gash on her own shoulder where it joined countless others. Her kills. Skirting the unnamed pond by the woods, she darted, fast as a snake, through the dimly lit structures.

    Stupid humans, she thought crossly. Destroying my forest to make this. What a waste of Pokémon I could have hunted.

    And nobody that was anybody ever escaped Dark.

    But first! Hunger still gripped Dark’s stomach, and she followed the scent of food to the department store.

    Upon arriving, Dark’s sharp ears caught the sound of a Pokémon in pain. It warmed her from ears to tail-tip. She slipped inside, and was unsurprised to find a Mimikyu torturing a Bulbasaur. She had picked up on rumors going around the forest about a sadistic Mimikyu.

    “Hello, pet,” she greeted warmly once the Bulbasaur had died. “I think an alliance would be well in order.” Blood from her last kill dripped from her jaws as she yawned, imagining her huge teeth sinking into the Bulbasaur’s body, its luscious flavor dancing on her tongue. “I imagine we both have something to gain from each other.”
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  8. The echoing of the Houndour's pained groans still inside her head.

    "I didn't mean to.. T--They forced me.." She muttered.

    Unlike most Pokemon she came across, she didn't enjoy the Sensation of killing someone. It felt wrong to her, but it was needed in order to survive. Shaking her head, she blocked out the screams with thoughts of Berries.

    Bad Idea.

    Her stomach grumbled ferociously, reminding her that she hadn't eaten for awhile.

    She looked around. If she wanted berries, she would have to go Deep into the woods.

    Gathering courage she marched into the Forest.
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  9. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Malice and Ven came to a halt as a Pichu stood in their way, asking if they were real. The two looked at eachother, then at the Pichu, then at eachother again and laughed hysterically over this question for a short time. Malice came to a halt soon which had also stopped Ven quickly and he begun speaking. " What the hell do you think, midget?! Of course we're real, and so are the broken bones you're gonna get if you continue to stand in our way! Stand down, or become Pidgey Chow, pipsqueak! " Malice roared out in a stern, angry voice as him and Ven kept walking, moving past the pichu, towards the general store.
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  10. The Pichu seemed unafraid by them. They seemed real, but the threats they said made them seem like the voices and shadows that haunt her. She felt compelled to walk into the general store after them, all the while mumbling to herself.

    "No, no, I can't. Quit following me. Please no. I want to be free. But they seem real, right? No, they must be. But threats are only said by those that aren't real," her mumbling reached a fever pitch before she yelled. "I CAN'T FUCKING TELL!!" She then ran into the department store with Ven and Malice before veering off into one of the aisles, crying. "WHY CAN'T I TELL REALITY ANYMORE?!!" She shocked herself and the aisles in a 5 foot radius, halting herself in her tracks as she startled herself and then cried some more. "THEY'RE EVERYWHERE! MAKE THEM STOP!"
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  11. "Why the f*** do i want to be in a alliance with some cat junk? Why would i pick a Pokemon which didn't kill everything ?" Sal stared and got his claw ready just in case. The blast of electricity made him feel warm inside. Please be a Pikachu , I'd torture it til it dies of hunger.
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  12. =Nightshade=

    =Nightshade= Previously Night's Shadow

    Dark grinned deviously, her red-tinged incisors glittering darkly in the dim light. “Why, pet, you can’t possibly mean that.” She began to stalk back and forth, tail lashing. “Pokémon are stealing your food. Too many for one Mimikyu to kill before at least a few get away. So here is what I propose.”

    The Cruel Pokemon sat down with a dramatic flourish of her tail. “I help you patrol and kill any trespassers. You let me have a share of their meat. You see, I’m hungry too, pet. But I don’t want what you have. I want them.

    She pounded one massive, clawed paw on the ground, gesturing with her tail to the rest of the store, where no doubt other Pokémon were lurking.

    “You want to be rid of them,” she continued. “So, darling, as far as I can tell, it’s a no-brainer. I bring you their pelts. I eat their flesh. I don’t harm you, and you don’t harm me. Pet, it’s a win-win. And nothing— nothing—ever escapes Dark.”

    Dark curled her tail around her paws and waited for the Mimikyu’s response.
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  13. "Well i agree for a trial run , you'll get extra meat for killing specific Pokemon, but i still enjoy doing a killing run too " Sal said with a bit of suprise "Don't call me pet , either " Sal said with hint of anger and offered the dead bulbasaur to Dark . "My name's Sal , it is a boy name too"
    I hope that Pikachu's still in here.
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  14. =Nightshade=

    =Nightshade= Previously Night's Shadow

    Dark licked her lips and dug into the Bulbasaur, finishing it in a few quick bites. “As you wish... Sal.” Her lip curled. The name was unfamiliar on her tongue. The Liepard stretched her back until it popped, then headed down another aisle to track down another victim.

    A Pichu was in the aisle beside. Dark’s luminous yellow eyes gleamed with anticipation, but she stalked towards the next aisle. Sal had wanted the electric type, she could tell in the way he had tensed at the electrical shock. Her sinewy limbs propelled her through the store silently, and her Odor Sleuth-enhanced sense of smell continued to search for the scent of life.

    Life that Dark would extinguish and devour.
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  15. Sal literally sprinted to next the isle and prepared to stab the electric Pokemon. 1st One This Week!
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  16. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Ven looked back to the Pichu as she followed Malice into the General Store. ' What the hell is that thing talking about??? ' The Toxicroak thought, before it saw the Pichu run past her into the store and into an aisle. Malice and Ven shrugged, and Malice took a look around. Nothing but weak pokemon, rotten food, broken down shelves and the like to expect in a run-down abandoned general store. Malice and Ven walked to one of the aisles, finding two Torchics looking desperately for some sort of drink. Malice picked both of the torchics up, his massive hands covering the small pokemons' entire bodies. He bashed their heads in, over and over until they had both died and their skulls cracked open like eggs. Malice had handed one of the dead Torchics to Ven, and both would start eating the bodies like drumsticks, turning around to look towards the scene where the Pichu was freaking out, laughing while they were chewing on torchic flesh.
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  17. The Pichu looked about and could feel like she was being watched. Then she turned to see a Mimikyu charging at her.

    It can't be real! It can't be real!

    Suddenly, survival instincts took over. Her eyes seemed to take on a red tint as she giggled a bit, her claws sharpening themselves as she watched the Mimikyu. She flipped around and used Iron Tail to propel her really high in the air to get away, landing on an aisle and running away. She was giggling a little.

    This felt fun! Who knew surviving was this fun?

    Her cheeks were then sparking of electricity uncontrollably. Anybody who went near would get shocked by an amount that could run this place for days, which would be enough to stop a heart.
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  18. =Nightshade=

    =Nightshade= Previously Night's Shadow

    Dark swiped her claws across the throat of an Eevee, a pleasurable feeling trickling down her spine. As she bent to take a bite, the Pichu she had seen before suddenly came running past on top of the aisle’s shelf, cheeks blazing.

    Wary of the trailing electricity, the Liepard dragged her kill into an empty bottom shelf where she would be sheltered from any stray sparks. Dark skinned the Eevee with one of her claws, finished up what remained of the flesh, and left its pelt in the niche, making another gouge in her shoulder as she went.

    The Cruel Pokemon crept out of the shelf and continued patrolling. Nose to the ground, she tracked the scent of another Pokémon, a Mudkip.

    She didn’t see the Machoke or Toxicroak until she had practically run into them. Immediately, the fur along her spine spiked in aggression, and she hissed, backing away slowly even as she bushed out her fur to appear bigger.

    Unsure of what the Machoke, who appeared to be in charge, would do, Dark stayed in her defensive position and waited.
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  19. Sal was practically fuming that his prey had escaped unharmed , and ran to the other side of the isle , hoping to trigger a battle. I guess with all the easy kills there's gotta be a hard one , but why a Pichu?
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  20. The Pichu was looked about and saw the Mimikyu. Her cheeks stopped buzzing and she had a different look in her eyes. She spread her lips wide in an unnatural smile, her teeth glinting in the light with dried blood. She spread out her little nubs on her paws, each having wicked, long, sharp talons.

    This was no ordinary Pichu. She began to sing in a minor key.

    "All around the mulberry bush. The Mankey chased the Sneasel. The Mankey thought twas all in good fun....."

    She then exploded in a Flash as she said "Pop! Goes the Sneasel!" and she disappeared, having used Double Team to make herself seem like she had disappeared in different directions.
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  21. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Malice joyfully watched this scene go down, stopping his cackle again, which Ven followed instantly. He was so focused on the struggling of the Pichu that he didn't notice that a pokemon had run into him. Only when the Pichu had gone away again, he noticed a Liepard standing infront of him, seemingly ready to fight him. The machoke smirked, spit on the ground and put both arms together, flexing. Malice's muscles tensed up and got bigger, as he used Bulk Up to make himself stronger. " Hohoh... you wish to fight I, Malice, do you? " Malice said with an evil tone, and went on to pick up a broken down store shelf next to him. He lifted the whole thing with only his left hand, and tossed it up and down like a small pebble. " Go on then.. try me. " Malice said, grinning overconfidently. " Ven.. go get more food. " He said to the Toxicroak without even turning his head to look at her. The Toxicroak nodded silently and quickly got out of there. Malice shot an evil grin and an intimidating glare at the Liepard, using Scary Face to slow her down before throwing the whole shelf at her.
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  22. Sal stood still , knowing that he only had a 50/50 of following and killing the real Pichu , so Sal went to the ginormous sound of ripping. S*** just got real-er . Can't the day be over so i can fix my glass? Seeing Dark fighting a Machamp , he knew this Dark could easily beat the Machamp , but it was a shame a shelf had been completely ruined , which held lots of books. Right , time to see where that bloody Pichu is. Releasing two giant claws , which spanned half the room , one on either side of the room , hoping he'd stab something . The last time i did this which was when that Trainer tried to destroy my home and had a whole team of powerful Pokemon.
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  23. Pichu saw a giant shadowy claw near her and so she used Iron Tail and smashed her tail into the shelving she was on to propel herself upwards to avoid it. Since she used to have a trainer, her strength was immense for a Pichu. She almost reached the ceiling and she was able to look below her and see everything. She saw a shelf being lifted up by a Machoke with a Toxicroak with him. A Liepard was with them, ready to attack. And she saw where the Shadow Claws originated from: a Mimikyu.

    She didn't know how to talk to Pokemon, much less convince one to not kill her. She would just have to run off somewhere. She was going to be in the air for a bit before she landed, so she prepped herself if an attack was going to come her way.
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  24. =Nightshade=

    =Nightshade= Previously Night's Shadow

    Dark bared her teeth. The Machoke has responded aggressively. She really had no choice but to fight.

    She felt the effects of the Scary Face even as the shelf flew through the air, as if in slow motion. Shaking off the sluggish effects, she darted to the side and dismantled the shelf with two quick Night Slashes.

    Smoothing her fur back down, she padded slowly toward the Machoke. “Your power is a sight to behold,” the Liepard said. “What a pity it is that it must go to waste!”

    A Sand Attack blasted from her fur, as if a leaf blower was shooting it. Under the cover of the swirling sand, Dark went in for a Fake Out.
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  25. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Malice looked disappointed as the shelf seemingly had no effect whatsoever. He flexed again, using Bulk Up once again to raise his strength and defense up. Then, he saw sand coming at him from the Liepard's sand attack. He knew he couldn't see through all the sand anyway, and figured that the Liepard was gonna use this as a cover for a stealth attack. Malice put one foot back, crossed his arms and went into a defensive position, having used Counter to prepare for whatever attack would hit him and to swing back at double the power.
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  26. =Nightshade=

    =Nightshade= Previously Night's Shadow

    Knowing this Machoke was no newcomer to battling, Dark hung back. He had probably done something to decrease the likelihood of his receiving damage. Her Fake Out was charged, but she was unsure of what awaited her if she followed through with the attack.

    Too late now, thought Dark. The Sand Attack was already diminishing. There was no way the Liepard would have time to charge up another move. She feinted right, struck left...

    And was knocked backwards fifty feet by the Counter that awaited her.

    Dark skidded to a halt, having landed on her feet like cats do, but the damage inflicted on her from the fighting-type move had been done. She had been weakened. Badly.

    The Cruel Pokemon knew she needed to heal. Otherwise, there was no way she’d survive this battle. Dark knew it was a terrible risk to take, but hopefully with Sleep Talk and Snore to back her up, she could heal.

    The Liepard curled up and used Rest.
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  27. Sal saw the Pichu rise into the air with a iron tail. Aha! Now i know which double team is the real you! Retracting the claws back , Sal threw a shadow ball to hopefully knock off balance of the Pichu , making it fall and take damage , but not enough to die. Hopefully this Pichu gets exaughsted before i do , because they sure seemed really f****** excited back there
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  28. The Pichu saw the Shadow Ball and smirked. She charged up her Iron Tail again and, when it was in range, she flipped about in the air, using her tail to redirect it around her body and back towards the Mimikyu.

    Her body fell faster down to the ground. She readied her Iron Tail for when she landed. When she finally did land, she smashed her tail down and propelled her towards the doors, trying to get out.
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  29. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    Malice had been focusing on the counter, seeing the Liepard approach and be knocked away again by his countering hit. He started flexing again, but this time it wasn't Bulk Up. No, it was something far worse. Malice gritted his teeth in a sadistic smile, his eyes widened in pure ecstasy, and he started running at full force at the Liepard now that he could see again, focusing and clenching his fists tightly, planning to put all his might in his next move and risk it all. Taking this chance he had by the Liepard going to sleep, Malice had leapt up into the air suddendly, kneeling down and taking a mighty leap up, arcing downward towards the Liepard. He spun to the left, held a fist up tightly clenched and moved it downward, aiming it toward the Liepard. It was a Focus Punch that Malice had been preparing after the Counter, and it was now the moment where he had the perfect opportunity to release it all. It certainly was a risky move, but it was one with a very high reward should this risk pay off.
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  30. =Nightshade=

    =Nightshade= Previously Night's Shadow

    Dark, asleep, could have been dead for all anyone else knew, besides the slight rise and fall of her rib cage. She did not see the Focus Punch coming her way.

    Luckily, her Sleep Talk did. Random chance sent a Sucker Punch to meet the Focus Punch. Dark attacked with no regard for herself, for of course, she was asleep.

    The sleeping Liepard skirted the Focus Punch, receiving minimal damage, and sprang forward into the Sucker Punch attack, claws and jaws at the ready.
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  31. Sal just simply moved out the way , grabbing the wall and a shelf to slingshot himself infront of the main doors. Can't this Pichu hurry up and attempt to eat? Then i can deliver a blow . The slingshot worked fine , but the impact put him a bit of balance .
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  32. The Pichu knew this was going to happen. She smirked. Her entire body became enveloped in electricity. Rocketing forward from the momentum of her Iron Tail, she had more than enough speed to bash through a concrete wall. As her body was using Volt Tackle, her Iron Tail started up again and a giant steely, electrified tail appeared behind her. If her body doesn't stop the Mimikyu, this dual-typed improvised attack will.
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  33. Sal saw the incoming attack , and knew if he didn't stop , he might be dead. Sal changed the direction of the claws to go in front of him , hitting just in time , to make him not hit the impending concrete wall . They're trying to be smart , but i haven't given up. Thud. Sal had landed right behind the pichu , and he spun round towards them.
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  34. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    This Sucker Punch certainly wasn't expected. Malice had no choice but to pull his fist back and take the Sucker Punch. However, he wasn't just gonna take this lying down. He was gonna retaliate, and use an attack iconic for his evolutionary line, an attack that involved taking a hit before moving on. Whatever this Liepard was gonna throw at him, he was focused on tanking through it, and using Vital Throw to smash the Liepard back again to create some distance.
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  35. =Nightshade=

    =Nightshade= Previously Night's Shadow

    Dark skidded backward, extended claws leaving deep gouges in the floor. She was still asleep, the effects of Rest beginning to replenish her health. The Vital Throw had set her back a notch, though.

    The Liepard was not deterred in the slightest, however; she returned with a Snore attack, unconsciously hoping for the grating noise to cause the Machoke to flinch.
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  36. DevVoid

    DevVoid Previously Deathstalker62

    (I've gotten kinda bored from this RP. I'm going to make this my final post, sorry for jumping out so early.)
    Malice was flexing again, and skid back from the sudden noise. He didn't flinch, but the loud sound kicked him out of the body, and he was switched out for Frank. The Machoke's eyes turned blue, and it looked around, confused. " Wait, what is- " He was about to say, then looked at his body, which was cut up, and looked to the Liepard, assuming that Malice picked another fight again. He couldn't tell if the Liepard was conscious or not, so he looked to the Liepard, and bent forward, saying " Sorry about that. My.. evil personality tends to take over most of the time. Umm.. I'm gonna go now.. I'm not really in the mood to fight a battle that Malice intentionally started... " The Machoke said with a more lighter, shaky voice before taking a few steps away, then booking it for the exit, fleeing from the fight. The Toxicroak spotted the Machoke, and fled alongside it, following it quickly out of the store and into the woods.
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  37. =Nightshade=

    =Nightshade= Previously Night's Shadow

    When the attack the Liepard was expecting never came, she snapped out of her Rest stupor. She was injured, but nothing she wouldn’t survive. The Machoke was nowhere to be seen.

    The scent of blood blocked out the Mudkip’s she had been tracking earlier. Besides, it was probably long gone. Luckily, a Treeko was raiding a nearby refrigerator. Dark killed it, skinned it, and ate its flesh, relishing the warm blood sliding down her throat.

    Dark pulled the Treeko’s scaly skin over to where the Eevee’s pelt still lay undisturbed. She scratched another line in her scarred shoulder and continued her patrol, limping slightly, but fueled by fury and resolve.
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  38. Apparently, the Pichu had misjudged where the door was, as her momentum was taking her towards the wall above the door. Smashing into it with her head, she crumpled down to the ground. Still alive, but unconscious and her breathing was shallow. She was going to die. At least she was blacked out and if something happened to her, she won't feel it.
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  39. Sal heard the vibration and felt a warm feeling as the Pichu became unconsious . Using his knife , Sal stabbed the poor thing a heap and then cut off the fur. Finally , after all this fuss , the Pichu is dead. Carrying the meat, Sal went towards the freezers , while putting the remains in a empty spot, he saw that nobody was here. A break is just what i could do with. Sal went towards the stockroom of the department store , and fetching some carbink crystals from past kills , prepared to manufacture some glass for the new holes in the freezer .
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  40. =Nightshade=

    =Nightshade= Previously Night's Shadow

    Dark continued on her killing spree until she had another five pelts to add to her store. Three Torchic and a Vulpix, as well as the Mudkip she had been tracking earlier. Finally, she was full.

    The only problem now was: How the hell was she supposed to move the pelts of seven Pokémon?

    The Liepard gathered the corners of the pelts in her teeth and began to drag, but stopped when the Vulpix pelt began to tear. She sat, staring down at the pelts for a while and wishing she had thumbs, before an idea hit her.

    A short while and a Shadow Claw later, Dark has all seven Pokémon skins on her back. Slowly, steadily, she made progress towards the nearest fridge.

    By twisting her neck at a strange angle, the Liepard was able to get her teeth around the handle of a near-empty fridge. She pulled. Stuck. She stepped back, licked her lips, and tried again. This time, it popped open, and she stepped inside and shook off the skins. Hopefully Sal would be as satisfied with the run as she was. Kicking the door to the fridge closed with one hind leg, Dark lay down to keep a watchful eye out for trespassers.
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