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The Sprites of Hypotenuse Man

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by NonAnalogue, May 31, 2007.

  1. Okay, so, while I might not be as proliferative as some of the other denizens of this subforum, I'm posting my sprites anyway. Cheers!

    [​IMG] and [​IMG] Trainer versions of myself.

    [​IMG] and [​IMG] A Happy-Happyist, from EarthBound.

    [​IMG] Phoenix Wright

    [​IMG] Miror B.

    [​IMG] and [​IMG] and [​IMG] and [​IMG] Cole Essery, a character of mine, without and with glasses.

    [​IMG] and [​IMG] Ghost trainers.

    [​IMG] Deo Prestell, another of my characters

    [​IMG] Jimmy T., from WarioWare

    [​IMG] Orbulon, from WarioWare

    [​IMG] 18-Volt, from WarioWare

    [​IMG] My character Blue in the Fire Emblem style. I made a full sprite-sheet, but this is pretty indicative of the whole thing.

    So yeah. For the record, I do NOT take requests (or at least I don't now).
  2. I just wanna say you're my hero for recognizing the Blue Blue Cultist...They're pretty good the ghost is the best looking one i think.The cultist's outfit needs to look more loose i think.But they all look really good!
  3. Heh, thanks, man. I suppose it would be more accurate to say that the cultist sprite is a sprite of a character of mine, who is in turn based off of a Happy-Happyist, which is why the clothes aren't as loose. But when I get around to making an actual Happy-Happyist, I'll keep that in mind.
  4. Wow! I'd say you have just as much talent as anyone^^ You should never compare your skills! I especially like Cole Essery, he's..How do I say..
    Sexy? ;)
    Especially WITH the glasses XP
    Anyway, keep it up! They all look really cool!
  5. Thanks. ^^ Would it ruin your image of him if I said that Cole is a total geek? ;)
  6. No way! I love geeks!
  7. Those Are Great, Kole's The Best
  8. I believe his name is Cole..Dear..
    But yes, Cole is the best
  9. Cool sprites. Cole kinda makes me wonder what Captain Jack Sparrow would look like as a DP sprite.
  10. Entirely too complicated. :p I can't even imagine where to begin for the face and hair...

    At any rate, another ghost. Whee!

  11. Hooray for the ghost with the phantom guitar!
  12. Yes he is very cool!! Though it might not be a Guitar! It could be a sword for chopping people up *insane laugh*

    But he's still not quite as cool as Cole >_>...*Swoon*
    Though he is a close second for me.
  13. Well, uh, here's another Cole for you.


  14. Sorry for el double post, but here's an updated version of that last Cole sprite:


    I'm experimenting with shading. :D
  15. The custom shading is very nice, but I reckon it'd look slightly more realistic if the shading on the legs matched the first sprite, giving it more definition. However if the light source was meant to have moved to essentially where our eyes are, then it's excellent shading indeed.
  16. You mean like-a this?

  17. Aha, that's exactly how I meant! It looks great since now the trousers have a more three dimensional feel. Very nicely done Hypotenuse Man.
  18. Cool, thanks for the help, man.

    Now, a reshaded version of one of my old sprites: [​IMG] Yes? No?
  19. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    I must say, the re-shaded version does look a lot better. A very big improvement, well done! It's an awesome sprite :)
    I rather like your new shading. It's very effective with only a couple of different shades. It's very nice :)
  20. Yeah, I like the style, too. When it's on its own, it's really subtle, but put it next the the original and the difference is apparent. Thanks, man.

    New sprite! [​IMG] Jimmy T., of WarioWare fame.
  21. Hah! Very nice WarioWare sprite. The custom shading does make your sprites look better as the blending helps detract from any harsh lines and contrasts they may have in shading. Very nifty work.
  22. Thanks. And if you're a WarioWare fan, you'll like this one too.

  23. ...and another WarioWare sprite!

  24. Very nice! Since I'm not a hard-core WarioWare fan their names escape me, but I certainly recognize them. They grey one looks like it was a royal pain to do, so kudos to you.
  25. >_> *has been gone for centuries* *Grabs cole and leaves* HAH
    Keep it up!^^
    Cole is teh sex o.o For me anyway
    Yay more cole..!
  26. Howdy howdy howdy. This isn't exactly a sprite, but it's pixel art, so I figure here's a good a place as any.


    It's me! Or, rather, it's how I envisioned my persona to be while I was using the screenname The Blue Avenger.
  27. Oh, wow! I love it, TBA.The glasses are a nice touch, though I'm pretty sure no glasses are that big. xD
    How long did it take you?
  28. Heh, I know what you mean about the glasses. When I was little, though, I got into the habit of drawing glasses like that - I had some thick glasses, so that didn't help - and I guess I never started doing it differently. ^^;

    And, let's see... maybe 5 hours? That sounds about right.

    And thanks! ^^
  29. Oh, man. I couldn't even do a Vincent from FF somebody requested. And that took me five MINUTES to decide, xD.
    That's a pretty interesting story, actually. I didn't know there WAS a story, but it was a pretty good one, compared to some I've heard lately. Short, but better than most of the latest, which bored me greatly. :3
  30. [​IMG]

    The character's name is Deo Prestell, and he's obviously enough a Black Mage. If you squint, you can see rings on his fingers - he cannot cast spells without them due to a curse from a trickster god.
  31. I've needed something like this for a LONG time x3 ::SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE::


    I would LOVE to see a Edgeworth sprite. But
    A) No requests.
    and B) The hair and cravat would be hell to make >>

    I love all your sprites, and since I am now filled with awsomeness from that Phoenix sprite, I will not be able to give you any critique. It would all be totally baised and not fair, but making me feel this way isn't fair to me DX XD


    EDIT: To describe how I feel, please stare at my signature. Kthxbai
  32. So, hey:


    The almighty Banhammer.
  33. XD Banhammer=WIN.Are you going to post it when you ban someone XD
  34. That is the exact reason I made it. >:D
  35. haha, i love the banhammer ;D though i dont want it used on me...but that DOESNT mean i want to be banned by someone else...i dont think ive replied on this thread before...well, from what i can see, they are all awesome, especially Deo Prestell
  36. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    That Banhammer is soooo funny, yet cool at the same time. I likes it. I hope it's never used on me...
  37. It should say B& on the side instead XD
  38. O_OI thought that it was just a joke.Never saw that coming.
  39. Ban..... Hammer..... XD That thing just SCREAMS hilarity. If you really do post that when you ban somebody, I can't wait to see the comment you put beside it. You should convince the other mods to use it, too. X Stinking D.

    I really don't want it used on me, though. T-T
  40. I have to agree with you there artiste.On both accounts.XD*holds up can of mug root beer*To the banhammer!HUZZA!

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