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Open The Snow-Covered Forest

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Starfall, Feb 5, 2016.

  1. (Hello! In this rp, you are a human. During a blizzard, you fell into the woods, never to be seen again by the townspeople. When you wake up, the forest is not as it seems. Many different people could be found living in the woods, which was said to be uninhabited. The strange part about this is the people seemed to be from different timelines. At one house, the inhabitants would act like they were from the Victorian era, and the next from the renisannse. We can take it from there, let's get set on some rules!
    1. Character must be older than 11.
    2. Please don't have magical abilities
    3. All characters must have one talent, no double talents.
    4. Swearing IS allowed.
    Let's begin!
    Name: Memory
    Hair colour: blone
    Eye colour: one eye is blue, one is green.
    Height: 4'11"
    Age: 12
    Personality: Memory is a clumsy girl. She is recourseful and loyal.
    Talent: Memory is a talented cook.

    Memory forced herself through the blizzard, the cold slapping agianst her cheeks. They were already raw from the high wind speeds. But this just made it worse.

    Small tears formed in her eyes, informed by the wind. She could hardly see, for the snow was so thick. Her world was basically pure white by now. Memory couldn't tell where she was going. Last time she checked, she was trying to walk home from school when the blizzard had started.

    Memory stuck one hand out, attempting to grab onto the handrail that lined the sidewalk. She felt something, and grabbed on. Unlike the cold, smooth metal of the handrail, this felt rough. She decided to put her full body weight on it, realizing that this item was a tree branch at the last second. A loud snapping sound rang out through the snow covered streets. Memory cried out as she tumbled down the hill which the handrail usually blocked off. About half way down the hill, her head slammed onto a rock, knocking her unconcious.

    Memory woke up a hour later, her eyes opening. The blizzard had stopped, but the snow was piled up high. She looked up at the hill. It was extremley steep, too steep to climb up. She sighed, and began to trek deeper into the forest. She needed to find some food.
  2. Name: Ren
    Hair color: Black
    Eye color: Frost blue
    Height: 5'8"
    Age: 18
    Personality: Relaxed, Caring, Sympathetic, and Protective.
    Talent: Medicine

    Ren was out walking to the store when this large blizzard appeared, it was a good thing he wore extra layers, the snow blinded him causing him the sway off the path onto something rough, he didn't know where he was going, but he kept on going straight.

    As Ren was walking, he found a something out of place somewhere in front of him. Curious, Ren went to go discover what the abnormally was. As Ren got closer, it became more apparent that it was a human. He rushed over to the person, it was a little girl, roughly around the age of 11 or 12. "Excuse me!" Ren yelled to attract the attention of the girl over the harsh strong wind. The girl's head was bleeding, as soon as Ren found this out, he rushed over to her, picked her up, and rushed forward until he found something that would be a good place out of the wind.

    After some time of hastily moving through the snow, there was a dark spot in the whiteness of the snow. Finally, a cave, Ren thought as he rushed over to the small indent in the bulging rock. He laid the girl down on the smooth rock surface. He ripped the bottom part of his shirt. "Hold still for me, I'm stopping the bleeding," Ren softly said to the girl as he dabbed the wound, soaking the ripped shirt piece in red.
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  3. "Okay..." Memory exclaimed, tensing her body up. "Who were you? And... Did you get lost too?" She asked. Her gaze locked with Ren's. She was a bit curious about the older boy, for most of them ignored younger kids.
  4. Still dabbing his ripped shirt, Ren smiles ,"I'm Ren, let's just say I wanted to get to the grocery store before their sale ended on ramen."
  5. "Nice to meet you, Ren! I'm Memory. I was walking home from school when I got caught in the blizzard." Memory responded happily.
  6. With a worried look, "Memory, that's a cute name, but it must have been scary getting trapped in the blizzard." Ren ripped one of his sleeves off and wrapped it around Memory's head.
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  7. "Well, we should expect it. Living in a cold district, and all." Memory guessed. "Did you get hurt?" She asked.
  8. Memory reminded him of all the large scrapes he got while running to the cave, Ren shook the thought from his head, "I guess I saw this coming, and packed an extra coat in my back pack, along with a few snacks, and fruit i always carry around," Ren took out an apple from his bag," Would you like some?"
  9. "No thanks, I'm okay!" Memory told him. She didn't want to take up all of his food. "Thanks for helping me out. Do you know where we should go now? The cliff is too high to climb up, and the Forest is uninhabited by humans."
  10. "You're probably right," Ren responded, "but I think we should stay here in the cave until this storm clears, I'm gonna go gather some fire wood, you must be cold." Ren stood up and went outside a tiny bit, careful not to get caught in the wind, and grabbed dry small twigs and leaves. He walked the few feet back into the cave and started to create a tiny little fire pit out of small rocks scattered throughout the cave entrance.
  11. "It's strangely silent." Memory thought. "There should at least be the sounds of cars and animals..."
  12. Ren built the pit and was abut to light it, but then he looked up at Memory, "you're right, but I don't think anyone would want to travel in this weather anyway."
  13. Memory walked over to the fire, warming her hands. "That feels nice." She sighed happily. "When the blizzard stops, we should probably move out of the cave." Memory glanced at the raging storm outside.
  14. "That's the plan," Ren said with enthusiasm, He stood up to go grab larger firewood and came back with arm-sized logs.
  15. "Wow, you're strong. I think I'll go out to gather some berries tomorrow." Memory decided.
  16. "That's a good idea," Ren smiles, never in a hundred years would he ever thought something like this would ever happen to him.
  17. "I think I'm going to sleep." Memory exclaimed. She gathered some leaves that were blown into the cave, arranging them into a small pile. She emptied the contents of her backpack, deciding that she would only keep pencils, paper, 1 book, and her lunchbox. Memory would give the rest to use as firewood. She then curled up on the leaves and fell asleep.
  18. Ren smiles at Memory's exhaustion, then he thinks about when he was in grade school, after all the tests and assignments all he did was fall face first on his bed and sleep. Ren stayed awake until the fire was out, then rested his head on his backpack face up, and peacefully drifted to sleep with the wind whistling by the cave.
  19. Name: Destiny
    Hair Color: Brown with purple streaks
    Eye Color: Blue
    Height: 5'1
    Age: 12
    Destiny walked around, she had just woken up from what seemed like a minute ago. Her family lived on the other side of town, and she had just been wandering through the woods. It was cold, Destiny couldn't find a jacket, so she put her arms around herself and started to try and find some shelter.
  20. Ren woke up, it was cold, the fire was long out but a few coals still remained in it, providing a little warmth. He sat up and looked around, the blizzard was still going, it was still dark. Red stood up and pressed his hands against his lower back cracking it, he let out a relaxed sigh. He grabbed his coat and walked out of the cave for a few minutes, searching for food and more firewood. Snow slamming into his face, wind rushing through his paints, occasionally tripping in the deep snow. Being tired he yawned, he saw another girl in the snow, Another? Do the right thing, do the right thing, He thought. Attempting to gain her attention, he packed up a handful of snow and threw it directly in front of her.
  21. Name: Tim
    Hair Color: Blond with a little red
    Eye Color: Blue
    Height: 4'9
    Talent: a fantastic crafter

    Tim was confused not knowing much about what happened or why he was on the ground. The only thing he could remind of was of a big, cold storm. The temperatures were below zero and he did not have a really warm clothing, so he was feeling death upon him. He closed his eyes and...
  22. Destiny paused and snow hit her face. "Hey!" she shouted and threw some snow at that guy who just threw the snow at her.
  23. Tim woke up on what he thought was a cold, nothing, but then he realized he was still alive! He heard a scream and saw what looked like a snowball fight. He knew something: this meant safety. So Tim, with all his heart, started calling for them to help him...
  24. Surprised at the snow that hit him back, he made an arm motion for her to follow him. As Nim was turning around, he heard someone calling for him, but he didn't know where it was coming from. With curiosity he looked around for anything strange and attempted to follow where the noise came from.
  25. Tim appearently decided to see around for anyone else. But then, he saw someone getting a little closer, so he kept calling for help.
  26. Nim finally found where the noise came from, it was another kid. A young boy looking about around the age of 12 or 13. What's with all of these kids around here? Am I the only old one? Nim thought as he reached down to pick the kid up.
  27. Tim said: thank you a lot! and he hugged him in show of gratitude.
  28. Nim picked up the kid, "No problem," and carried him in his arms. Walking back a few feet to where that girl was and jestered her to follow him. Back to the cave where him and Memory settled in.
  29. Tim said: My name is Tim. I am confused of what happened. What is your name?
  30. Carrying Tim, "you can call me Nim, Don't worry on what happened." Arriving at the cave, "Yo Memory, are you awake?" Nim said gently setting down Tim, next to the makeshift fire pit. And starts up another fire.
  31. Destiny followed that boy, she walked into the cave and said, "Ok first of all why did you hit me? second of all what are you doing?"
  32. "I hit you to grab your attention," Nim explained, "we're stuck here until the blizzard clears, but until then, we need to survive."
  33. Tim asked, "where are we? Are we going to survive? When will we get out of here?" He started to worry.
  34. Nim looked to tim, "we are in a makeshift shelter, make yourself at home," Adding more wood onto the fire, warming up the cave. Nim stood up and started to pack snow at the entrance, making a way to contain the heat and block the rest of the wind, "you guys warm up, I'm going to fortify the entrance," Nim said as he begun to create a wall of snow with a fortification of flat rocks on the inside of the cave.
  35. Tim said: "I'll help you. I know a lot of how to survive in a cave, maybe it can be useful
  36. Name: Vivi
    Hair Color: Bright blue
    Eye Color: Brown
    Height: 5'0"
    Talent: Quick wit
    Help me! I'm under a bolder and I can't move!!!
  37. Tim Fastly ran towards the entrance and destroyed a little of Nim's constructions to save Vivi. "I am coming!", he shouted
  38. Ren sighed and started fortifying up leaving a little door for people to crawl through. He wasn't so much worried about the cold, but more what they were going to do for food. That thought kept reoccurring in his mind, feeling obligated as the oldest one there to take care of them.
  39. Tim looked at Vivi as he picked her up. She is so beautiful, he thought. He said: "My name is Tim. Who are you and how did you get here?
  40. Name: Sienna
    Hair colour: Dyed red
    Eye colour: Black
    Height: 5'11"
    Age: 18
    Personality: Sienna is a somewhat...snobbish girl. Sienna doesn't take any shtick from anyone, and when someone treats her badly, she will go to the ends of the earth to make them get their karma.
    Talent: Sienna is incredibly smart and has good manipulation skill.
    Sienna arrived at the makeshift shelter, she noticed the small hole only big enough to crawl through. Sienna looked at her crocodile scale bag she was carrying which she refused to get wet. She kneeled down and winced at the cold of the snow. "Hello? Is anyone inside there?" Sienna called, he voice weak from exhaustion.

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