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The sad one

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by DarkLugia, Jan 29, 2006.

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  1. The Charizard morph sat there in the moonlight of the forest around her....She let out a cry.....A cry of sadness....The Morph was upset everyone was scared of the Morph even though she was part human part pokemon...She started to whisper to her self "So much pokemon DNA....So much pain..." Their was a waterfall near the forest she layed in...The moonlight shimmered of her orange skin and the night was young but the morph was tiered from flying all over the Hoen Region...She went to sleep for several hours then she woke up and it was still night she was ready to fly off but stood there in the opening...of the forest area....
  2. StellarWind Elsydeon

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    A lone figure dashed through the forest that night, his padded, three-clawed feet making no sound at all. Humanoid in build, but not human, the creature seemed to draw the shadows around himself as he dashed. If it were a PokeMon, some would say he was using Faint Attack. But this figure was not a PokeMon either.

    Brilliant white fur covered his entire body, clashing marvelously with the shortish black fur that marked his face, like a mask. Red eyes, outlined with gold, scanned the area silently. A bladed tail swished behind him as he walked. His mane of long, unkempt white hair occasionally revealed a small, black-furred pointed ear or two as he ran, and in one hand, he wielded a sharp, black scythe-like blade. No one could see the mark left on the side of his head where a horn has been severed to make this blade. He preferred to wield the weapon in his hands, rather than have it jutting out of the side of his head.

    He felt an invasion to his territory that night - Something that wasn't supposed to be in the forest entered it. That's why nocturnal creatures were so rare now - they were hiding from the threat. A golden spark of flame in the distance confirmed his suspicions. It was some sort of a fire-type. A Charizard, probably, although...

    His eyes widened in surprised as he skidded to a halt. This was NOT a Charizard. This was a strange hybrid of human and Charizard. What was she doing here in the middle of the night? She seemed to have recently woken up and to be rather shaken.

    "But... It's impossible." he thought "How could another being like myself exist? Maybe I should introduce myself... And hope I don't scare her off."

    And saying so, the Absol-morph stepped out of the shadows, seemingly materializing out of the darkness.

    "Hello." he said in the softest voice he could manage "Who might you be?"
  3. The charizard morph turned around with an amazed at the absol that stood before her. She wasn't alarmed of his persence she relized she was standing in front of another one like her. "My....My name is Cascade....sorry that I'm studdering...I never met another morph before, Whats your name?" she asked... A though went through her mind..*Was he a Morph made by Rocket?* But she was too afriad of his reaction to such a rude question...She stood there in silence and a waited a responce.

    Sorry about my spelling I hope you under stand stel....I tried to use spell check but I'm having problems...
  4. StellarWind Elsydeon

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    It's okay... As long as you're trying. ^^
    By the way - A question about Cascade... Your description of her is pretty much only 'A charizard pokemorph'. Can you be a bit more specific? EG - What is her body build? Does her head look like a Charizard's head, or like a more or less humanoid head with certain Charizard features, like, say, the horns and skin tone? What is she wearing? Does she have hair - and if so, what sort of hair? Y'know, kinda more specific details about her appearance. ^^; I'd appreciate feedback - since PokeMorphs can be very diverse in appearance. ^^;


    "It's okay... I must admit the feeling of surprise is quite mutual." he smiled lightly, baring small, sharp fangs for a moment "I never expected to run into another morph - especially because my creator, so to speak, told me that human and PokeMon fusion is exceptionally hazardous... It was never tried before... But then again, what choice did we have?"

    He looked into her eyes, as if he saw the question she never asked. "No, I wasn't created by humans... I was once a trainer. I only had one PokeMon, though... We were both very devoted to each other - much more than trainers and their PokeMon are... Then something happened - and we were both critically injured. I won't bore you with the details - but at the bottom line, neither of us was willing to let the other one die."

    He closed his eyes, the memories racing in his mind as if it only happened yesterday. "We were picked up by a creature that was thought to have disappeared long ago. He saw the depth of our bond... And decided that it was something worth saving. In order to save us both - he turned us from human and Absol into what you see before you now. Two became one."

    Then, he opened his eyes again, shaking the memories out of his head, ruffling his mane while he was at it.

    "Anyhow, as such, I'm not certain I even have a name... If I should keep my trainer name, or my PokeMon name... Or make a fusion of both... I suppose that for a while, I shall go by Kaze. It means 'Wind' in an ancient language, or so I'm told."

    "Very well then, Cascade." he said, smiling at her again "You know, I find it strange that a fire-type PokeMorph has a name so closely associated with water... I hope you do not mind if I ask about your origins?"
  5. OOC
    I updated it....I have a drawing if you want me to post it just tell me if I can...

    " I don't remeber..... Team Rocket erased my memory...of my family...All I remeber is my name and my pokemon.." she sarted to cry..."I'm so lonely I can understand pokemon language but.....I'm still lonely..." she said with a depressenal look on her face....
  6. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
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    The Absol-morph nodded, understanding the Charizard-morph's pain. The world has never been a very accepting place to anything that was different. He himself knew the feeling extremely well - being too humanlike to pass for a real Absol but too absol-like to pass for a human. But he has lived in the forest for years on end, and the creatures living in it have learned to accept him.

    And he paid his debt back to the forest by protecting it. Sometimes, he missed the company of humans and not just forest-dwelling PokeMon. But most of the time, he was content to live in his little corner of the world and be rarely seen unless if it counts - Maybe it was just the Absol in him.

    This girl, however, was different. She was artificially created. And by Team Rocket, of all people. He heard of Team Rocket - but he didn't know they were experimenting with Human/PokeMon hybridization.

    The thought made him shudder. The girl was probably created to be a weapon.

    "Team Rocket... I understand." he gently sighed "Must have been PokeMon DNA transfusion, then. I hear they're capable of the technology - and the transformation is too... complete... for it to have been anything else. Brute-forcing DNA strands that shouldn't be there into a human genome... Sounds too cruel for words. And your memory erased, too... It seems to me Team Rocket were planning to use you as a weapon. You're lucky to have escaped, Cascade... Very lucky."

    Suddenly, a thought occured to him.

    "You know, now that I think of it, your condition may not be as permanent as mine... I've heard a pair of trainers from Kanto that passed through the forest talking about some guy called Bill... He somehow managed to splice himself with a PokeMon, but he had a device that allowed him to separate the pokemon and human cells... It was just a rumor, but it may have some slight chance of being true. It may just be worth looking into."
  7. The morph turned " I know about Bill all I remeber is that he owns a PC and used to be friends with me....maybe...maybe we can talk to him to get some of my memory back! Thats a great Idea Kaze!" she jumped and hugged the morph with out even thinking of what she was doing. She jumped back....
  8. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
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    It was hard to see because of the black fur on his face, but Kaze found himself blushing in spite of himself. He nodded politely, smiling at Cascade.

    His mind was a storm of thoughts - So, she knew Bill and was a friend of his. That was a start.

    The only question was, how to find him. If Bill was in Kanto, they had to reach that region somehow - Hoenn wasn't exactly next door to Kanto - and he doubted that any of them would be very welcome on a ferry. Flying was an option, but somehow, he got the feeling that it would have been better if Cascade wasn't spotted flying over THAT region - Team Rocket's presence there was rather notoriously well-known in the nearby regions.

    There remained one option. Which he hoped would work.

    Kaze held the handle of his blade to his lips and blew softly into it. A gentle, fluting melody played, echoing through the forest. The blade's wooden handle doubled as a musical instrument.

    The clearing seemed to warp as out of no where appeared a tall, female Gardevoir - glittering in shades of white and blue. She had an unusual coloration which bore a strange iridescence - a phenomenon that trainers used to call 'Shining'. The dimensional warp vanished and the Gardevoir walked over to him and gently bowed her head. He bowed his head in return.

    "Protector, you've called." she said in the clearest voice one could ever imagine. Her voice echoed like crystal bells in the rain.

    "Iris... I'm glad you're here. I could use your help." He replied. Iris, however, turned her eyes to the Charizard Morph. She stood there - seemingly in surprise - for a few seconds, before nodding in the morph's direction "Welcome, Cascade. I sense your heart is pure, though you were created by ones with a villanous intent. I also see a cloud within your mind. Your memory has been blocked off..."

    Then, the Gardevoir floated over to her and embraced her for a few seconds. "And I can also tell that you feel extremely lonely. It isn't much, but it's all I could do to lift the pain. Now." she turned to Kaze "How may I assist you?"

    "We need to find Bill. Cascade was a friend of his, and his cell separation device may be helpful in curing her condition." he said.
    "Bill." Iris said, closing her eyes. She sought out information from all she could harness. And eventually, she opened her eyes again "He is in Kanto at the moment... As the matter of fact, I think he is tending to his garden."
    "We need to see him." Kaze said softly "I don't suppose you could teleport us there?"
    "I could try." Iris replied "But it may be a bit difficult... It's quite a distance. Are you sure you are up to it?"

    Kaze turned his eyes to Cascade.

    "What do you say... Shall we go and meet up with Bill?"
  9. The morph stood their for a moment and replied with a "Yes! I'm ditermented to turn back and to start off with my wartotrle again and cautch new pokemon....But what about you Kaze?" she questioned with her head to a tilt...
    "Don't you want to go back?" she asked.....She sarted to feel folish of what she asked esspacilly when he was helping her with her problem..."I'm sorry..." she said.....The morph awaited to go to Bills light house....

    I don't mind Stel ;D
  10. StellarWind Elsydeon

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    "I will go with you... If this Bill is quite like these trainers were talking about him, he sounds like the kind of person I'd like to have a word or two with." Kaze smiled a bit "But I rather like being what I am. This fusion changed me in many ways... I am a new creature. Neither human, nor PokeMon, but something in between... And I've learned to like what I am. But in the world outside, I shall have to disguise myself."

    The Absol Morph closed his eyes. Shadows coalesced and weaved around his form, concealing his white fur and transforming into a black, full-body outfit, complete with gloves and boots, and a trenchcoat that went over it. A scarf formed around his face, hiding his feline-like nose and mouth, and a large, wide-brimmed hat concealed his face. Sunglasses formed in front of his eyes. The shadows shifted in texture, transforming into an extremely light yet durable fabric. He placed his blade in a newly-formed belt.

    He then walked over to Cascade, and took one of her hands in his.

    "Iris, if you please..." he said with a grin, and the Gardevoir nodded, and weaved a mystical pattern through the air with her hands.

    Time and space warped around Cascade and Kaze as the teleportation field displaced them from one forest in Hoenn into a wholly different region...


    "We're here." Kaze said, looking around. It wasn't just a 'garden' they were standing in.

    It appeared to Kaze that they were standing in the middle of a completely different world. It was an immense garden within a mountain-enclosed valley - the only way to reach which seemed to be guarded by a small cottage, shadowed by a huge lighthouse that stood on the beach.

    The smell of the ocean was definitely prominent in the air, drowned in the scents of all the exotic plants that grew within.

    There were strange PokeMon everywhere - Some of which he has already known, but others were brand new to him. An odd creature resembling a Sneasel with two feather-ears and a large fan-like crest of feathers on its head dashed by, followed by another one. And standing in the middle of it all, tending to an odd tree was a blue-shirted young man with curly brown hair. One of the odd creatures gently tapped his shoulder, and he turned his head. When he saw the two humanoid figures he let out an exclamation.

    "How did you get in here? This garden is off-limits to visitors!" he glared at the two - before noticing that one of them, at least, did not appear human.
    "... What... are you?" he asked - with more than a hint of fascination.
    "We apologize for the intrusion, Bill." Kaze said "But we arrived here via teleportation. The one that brought us here just teleported us to where you were at the moment. We meant no disrespect. As for what we are - Suffice to say that this lady here was not always a fusion of Charizard and Human. She was apparantly captured by Team Rocket, infused with PokeMon DNA and had her memory erased. I've brought her here to see if your molecular separator could de-fuse her into her original human and pokemon components... And then, she told me that she barely remembers that when she was a human, she was a friend of yours - so maybe you could shed some light on her past... Her name is Cascade."
  11. "Cascade.....Cascade! Is that you???" he stood their in confusion...."I'm not sure I need proof..." he said...Cascade pulled out a pokeball from under her wing...it was sealed in a diveball Oak gave to her....She threw the pokeball and a shining wartortile matrilized out of the pokeball flashing and emerald green...Bill noticed it was Cascade....."Its really you! Its been a while I guess now lets get you into my lab for research ok?" he said.... Cascade turned and look at the absol morph then turned back around and nooded..."But it can only be Cascade and me so you will have to stay here" he said pointing to Kaze...."Lets go now Cascade...." he said....
  12. StellarWind Elsydeon

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    "Very well." Kaze nodded, unsure of what else to say. He knew that Bill didn't know him, but he could help but feel a little insulted. "I'm still a bit too human." he rolled his eyes in spite of himself.

    Suddenly he realized something.

    He was left inside Bill's garden. Which, from what he just heard from Bill, was off limits to anyone.

    A devilish grin came to his face.
    "I think it's time for THIS morph to get exploring..."

    The shadowy fabric vanished into thin air and the Absol morph dashed into the shadow of a tree. Then, looking around for a few seconds, he shadow-melded, seemingly vanishing into thin air.
  13. Cascade walked into the room..."Bill this looks familar" the morph said...."I know" bill replied....Steep into here this won't take long" he said...She stepped into it and the machien started to rumble and started to teleport her...."this should seprate you from the pokemon DNA" Bill yelled over the noise....Suddenly the morph started to feel very weird her eyes begun to glow red like blood....The morph went into rang and destroied the machien in the instent and attacked Bill and knocked him to the ground....and she fleew off leaving Bill behind hurt....
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    OOC: Just for you to know, RPs are meant to be in story format - not just a quick description of events like what you might see on a TV screen. Paragraphs and punctuation help a lot - reading blocks of text like your last post can be rather annoying. Secondly - details, details. I'd rather hear a description of the attack rather than just stating it happened. How did she attack? I assumed that it was only physical attacks (otherwise Bill would have been burned to a crisp by now XD)

    Now, you have a lot of RPing potential. Just take these comments into consideration, okay? ^^; Thanks.


    Kaze spent a short while in the garden, making mental notes of the various exotic plants and strange PokeMon, many of which not native to any region that he knew - when suddenly, he heard the explosion.

    "Oh great. The lab." he thought in dismay, dashing into the shadows and emerging at the doorstep

    The door has been torn from its hinges.

    You'd hardly believe that it was a lab once. Shattered remains of mechanical equipment littered the floor, and in the middle of it all lay Bill, bleeding from numerous scratches on his body. He was breathing heavily and his eyes were closed. Clearly, this man needed treatment, and quickly.

    Kaze formed his shadowy outfit around him again, and gently picked Bill up from the floor. The human felt strangely light in his hands. He bandaged some of the cuts with shadow-fabric (It was a temporary solution only), and then, carried the limp, unconcsious human outside. Someone would definitely help.


    Bill woke up a while later and found himself in a strange bed - a hospital bed. His body was bandaged, although most of the bleeding has stopped. Soon, A girl entered his room, followed by a strange, black-clad figure which he vaguely remembered. The girl appeared to be about 16, with light blue eyes and dark brown shoulder-length hair tied in a braid, and a small amulet with a stylized 'R' drawn on it.
    "Are you alright, sir?" the girl asked "We got you to the hospital as soon as possible. You were attacked by a Charizard... This guy asked me for help in getting you here. My Pidgeot flew here as fast as he could."
    "Yes, and a good thing Rita here was so helpful - You were losing blood out there. Thankfully, your injuries weren't bad enough to kill you." the shadow-clad figure said "Just slashes - a few were rather deep, but we got you here in time."
    "What the... you... I remember you." Bill said, in fog of delusion "... You're that person who brought Cascade... She did this to me, as you can imagine. Gone completely mental halfway through the cell separation... Eyes glowing red... Gone into a rage.... Destroyed everything... Flew off..."
    "Curses." Kaze muttered under his breath "I should have known Team Rocket would have tried something like this... Only god knows how are we going to find her now... You should rest, Bill. You've done your best to help."

    And the black-clad figured turned and left, not saying another word. The girl nodded and left quickly, returning to her own business.

    Or so they thought. As soon as she was out of earshot, she tapped her necklace lightly. Her name WAS Rita, but the R stood for something completely different. It was clever of her to hide it that way. The necklace was a two-way communicator that belonged to none other than Team Rocket. She was an undercover agent. "And the fool in black did not suspect a thing." she thought to herself before starting to talk.
    "Red Foxglove here. The escaped experiment has been spotted flying away from Bill's laboratory. Your failsafe worked perfectly. Try tracking her. With any luck we can actually capture her in time. Then, we could finish what we started..."
  15. OOC Okay


    The morph flew over kanto region with unstoppible rage.....Her rage began to grow and grow.....

    *few mins passed*
    She saw a forest below her memories begun to come to her....
    In her memories she saw a girl and a boy....the girl had a squirtle and it was an unuasual color like her wartortle....She figured it out it was her!! She was running with a boy named ZaK...."Hey Cascade I'm getting tired....I need to rest.." he puffed He sat on a rock...."Whatever...ZaK you stay here I'll go explore my self..." Cascade said...."No wait I'll come....just don't run please....Cascade started to remebr that was her best friend he had beautiful blue eyes and brown hair.....Cascade had a crush on him..."Hey ZaK look!" Cascade yelled pointing twards a waterfall...."Don't go there you know that area is forrbendein form anyone sence the Team Rocket attack." ZaK explained...But its so beautiful what do you think squirtle??" cascade asked. The Squirtle nodded showing that he agreed.
    "All a sudden a man in a cloak jumped out of the waterfall and threw out a persain..."Come with me girl." the man said...ZaK jumped in the way and yelled "No you will have to go though me..." Fine we'll experiment on you first I'll get the girl later...The man grabbed ZaK and a helocopter flew over and the man jumped on a ladder it rolled down, the man returned his persain......"No let go of ZaK!" she yelled but it was too late...
    The morph screeched and shot flames in the air "No...No ZaK...ZaK!!!! Come back!" she said and her rage went away but was too weak to fly so she fell into the forest and landed in a tree out cold....

    Stelll?? are you going to reply??
  16. StellarWind Elsydeon

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    OOC: Eheh, Sorry, I just didn't know what to write. ^^; I still don't, actually. But I'll try winging it somehow...


    "...She could be anywhere..." he thought to himself as he walked the streets of Cerulean City. He had to find a forest. ANY forest. All forests were connected - and the protector of one forest could use his summon call in another forest and hope for reply. People shot him wierd looks as he passed by them - not every day you see a man clad entirely in feature-hiding black garb (with the exception of his long, white unkempt hair). And those who noticed the blade on his belt shot him suspicious and sometimes even hostile looks. Humans. They definitely knew how to make one feel unwelcome.

    Finally leaving the town, he sought a forest in the nearby area. A small one at the outskirts of town provided adequate. He took the path into the forest and found himself a secluded spot. Then, he took the blade from his belt and put the hilt to his lips.

    To the sound of the summon call, the area seemed to warp as Iris appeared again.

    "Protector, you've called..." she said softly.
    "I'm afraid so." Kaze replied with a light chuckle "It appears I have need of you again, my dear."
    Iris giggled, causing Kaze to blush slightly "What can I assist you with, Kaze?"
    "I need to find Cascade... Something went wrong in the cell separation program - she went into a rage, went all destructive and flew off... She could be anywhere by now... This is my fault. I should have known Team Rocket may install some kind of a fail-safe..." Kaze started saying, but his flow of speech was cut as the Gardevoir embraced him, pressing close to him, and gently running her green 'fingers' through his mane.
    "Don't blame yourself for her actions, Kaze... She is confused, and her DNA has been tampered with in a terrible way. There's a lot more to her than meets the eye. Team Rocket didn't do a very good job at erasing her memory - they just blocked it. Her memories are still there, just inaccessible... And I'm sure that they're unlockable somehow... And I'm sure that you'll find a way to help her, too..."
    Kaze closed his eyes, just holding the Gardevoir close. Her voice soothed him. He found himself feeling a lot more comfortable - like there was still hope. They stayed like that, in each other's embrace, for what seemed like several minutes of eternity. Then, Iris softly uttered "I found her", breaking the spell.

    Kaze's eyes snapped open.
    "Do you want me to take you to her?" she asked.
    "Yes, please... I want to find her before she causes more damage... I'm sorry I have to call upon you so often, Iris..."
    "It is my pleasure to assist you whenever I can, Protector." she smiled softly "And besides, I owe you my life... That is a debt I'll never be able to properly repay."

    She leaned over to him gently and kissed his cheek, knocking his hat off and making him blush again. He picked the hat up and placed it on his head again. Then, the teleportation swept over him...


    Something was wrong. The lack of solid ground, maybe.

    Kaze found himself standing precariously on a branch. He was in a tree! Closing his eyes, he focused, and the shadowy garment he wore unravelled itself - with the exception of the belt that held his blade. In his natural form, he would have navigated much better on trees. He sweeped the area quickly with his eyes to find a battered and bruised Cascade nestled between a few branches. He dashed over to her, examining her. Her tail-flame was burning in very low intensity - she was out-cold - but no bones seemed to be broken.

    He had to get her out of there.

    He gently untangled the branches and picked her up - she was surprisingly light, he thought. Then, he jumped off the tree and landed gently on his fingertips. He found another solitary corner of the forest, where no humans would come, and set her gently on the forest floor, keeping her tail flame away from where it may cause a potential forest fire. Then, he took a short trip to pick up a few berries and leaves. Now, he hoped he remembered his herb lore right.


    He crushed the berries and leaves together within a shadow-fabric waterskin filled with fresh, cold waterfall water. There was some reaction within, as the substance within developed a soft green color and a somewhat gelatinous (but not sticky) texture, and it became instantly soothing to the touch. Then, he gently worked the resulting gel into the bruises and cuts on the Charizard Morph's body with his fingers, and watched a soft green glow emerge from these spots as the cuts and bruises healed themselves. He knew that soon, the other effect of the compound would kick in, and revitalize her soul as well as her body.

    He gently rubbed some of the substance onto her forehead as the green glow subsided. She looked as good as new now - maybe the tail flame was still a bit low, but it was already burning more vividly than before.

    He then took a few steps back, to give Cascade her space and some fresh air. He tied the waterskin closed - never know when you might need more of the stuff - and attached it to his belt, alongside the blade.

    Now all he had to do is wait.
  17. Cascade finally awoke from her sleep she spotted Kaze...."Kaze? Where am I all I remeber is a memeory I recovered and I fainted...." she said and her flame begun to glow like it always did.....Cascade stood up slowly hoping nothing had bad happen...she scratched her scaly head with her claws and yawned...She flapped out her wings a blew a huge gust by accendent...She walked over to a boulder and sat on it looking for food to eat...She was light because she didn't have anything to eat for a whiles time...She was still a charizard....she didn't change a bit she didn't understand...
  18. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
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    "Well, it's a long story." Kaze said "Bill tried to run you through the cell separation program, but then something went wrong - apparantly your eyes started glowing red, you went into a frenzy, trashed the lab, attacked Bill then flew off. I suppose that you've recovered some memory and then the adrenaline shock made you lose concsiousness and fall into a tree. I got you off the tree and assisted in your recovery as much as I could..."

    Kaze smiled at Cascade "Don't worry - Bill's okay - he's recovering in a hospital at Cerulean. What I'm worried about is Team Rocket's intervention in your mind that prevented a cell separation... But most of all..." and saying so, he put an arm around her shoulders for a few seconds "I'm just glad you're okay... You've had me worried."

    "By the way..." he said "There's a really gorgeous waterfall not far from here... I've seen berry trees grow around it - maybe we can get something to eat over there..."
  19. Cascade started to blush...Noticing that someone acctually cared for her...She followed Kaze to the waterfall...and saw the berrie trees she sniffed them and ate them slowly just because she is a charizard doesn't mean she has the manners of a charizard (sometimes)....she looked over to Kaze..."Kaze aren't you hungry?" she asked...
  20. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    "Not as much as I could have been." he smiled "But I suppose I could use something to eat."

    He picked a few berries and ate them, when suddenly, he sensed something.

    "Cascade... Something tells me that there's more to this waterfall than meets the eye..." he suddenly said, slowly approaching the waterfall. If his suspicions were right... He slowly put his hand through the water - and his fingers contacted... metal?

    "Cascade, there's a door behind this waterfall." he said "And if there's a door here, this probably means there's something behind it..."
  21. "Also this is were the attack of team rocket happened with my friend...it maybe one of team rockets bases..." she explaind "But I can't go my flame will go out" she said....
  22. StellarWind Elsydeon

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    "And I can't leave you out here, in case they'll come back... But... I have an idea..." he grinned.

    He held the blade aloft and closed his eyes. A wind picked up. Three small-scale Tornadoes seemed to form around him, orbiting his form. He silently approached the waterfall, and stood underneath the flow of water.

    The tornadoes swirled violently, sweeping the water with them - creating a small area in which the waterfall's flow stopped. Then, he let the vortexes go, making them take positions on either side of the waterfall, locking into each other, forming an arch over it and blocking the water. The blade was now glowing azure.

    Sure enough, there was a sturdy metal door with a large red R emblazoned on it, blocking what appeared to be a cave. He gently pushed the door, and to his surprise, the door opened in the manner of a garage door, revealing a metallic installation-like tunnel.

    Air rushed from the interior - old, filtered air. Large fans were still operating from the inside, and fluorescent lighting flickered, sparks flying sometimes off the walls. The base - if it was one - was in a state of disrepair, and it was clear that no one has been around in this base for quite a long time. At least, no one /human/.

    That is why, when the third morph dashed outside, eyes glowing red with murderous rampage, he was caught by utter surprise.
  23. A raging Nidoking flew out angered and raged and tried to attack Cascade...Cascade doged his attack...Cascade relized a Charmeleon near by..."ZaK?!" she yelled.....The Nidoking stopped....its eyes stopped glowing also...He looked up..."Cas...Cascade is that you?" he asked.."Zak!" cascade yelled and Ran to him...He huged her..."I missed you!" Zak Yelled..."But...what happened did team Rocket do this to you..." he paused...He looked over to the Absol morph...."Who are you?" he asked...
  24. StellarWind Elsydeon

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    "Well, I'll be damned. Another Morph..." Kaze's eyes widened. Then, he smiled. "Greetings, ZaK... My name is Kaze... I've been... travelling with Cascade for a while - trying to help her regain her memories and possibly find a cure for her state. I take it that you're another human infused with Pokemon DNA, like her... And that the rockets sealed you off in their installation when they left..."

    He surveyed the Nidoking morph's form. Like Cascade, the transformation was rather complete - With the exception of the proportions on the body, legs and arms, ZaK was pure Nidoking. The Charmeleon that walked by his side also seemed to be somewhat high-levelled, and it was clear that he was very loyal to the morph. He found himself smiling.

    "I'm glad you two found each other." Kaze smiled "But I think that if this is the installation that you were created in, it may provide answers for how to resolve the situation you're both in..."
  25. The nidomorph started at the door...."We should probally we should destroy the base..." He said....Cascade nodded and looked over twards Kaze..."Do you want to come??" she asked tilting her head to the side...
  26. StellarWind Elsydeon

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    "We should destroy that base, yes." he said. "But first, we have to look around it... And find any clues we can as for what they've done to you two."

    "I wouldn't be so sure about that!" barked a voice. He twisted in a second, blade drawn, azure light blazing around it. To his surprise, he found himself staring into the eyes of three Rockets - two of them were male - identical twins with a muscled figure and short black hair. The other was a girl which he recognized as the one who helped him get Bill to the hospital.

    R... Stood for Rita. And also, Rocket. He narrowed his eyes, growling. Betrayal!

    "We kinda had a hunch that you'll come here, experiment. After all, this is where the you were created." The girl grinned "And well, well. Looks like someone let your predecessor loose. Charming. Of course, tackling two of you in the same time isn't going to be a breeze, but that's why I got my reinforcements... And what are you?" she asked, raising her eyebrow at Kaze "I don't recall ever having anyone create an ABSOL. Unless..."

    He lunged at her, Making a slashing movement in the air. The azure glow of the blade burst into blue lightning that launched itself, full speed, towards the Girl's abdomen. She fell backwards, avoiding the attack. A deep gouge appeared in the ground where the lightning hit.

    "Razor Wind! Well, well, that's... impressive." she grimaced. Then, the door closed, waterfall falling back over it and covering it. "A shame you just destroyed your only way into the base." Oh well, we'll just have to capture you too!"

    The twins pulled out a pair of PokeBalls - And out came a Swampert, Which stood there, growling powerfully at Cascade. The second PokeBall contained an Alakazam, hovering ominously in midair, pointing his spoons at ZaK.

    Kaze tensed, holding his blade forward, only to find himself faced with a Machamp, stretching his four arms and preparing for battle.

    The situation looked grim indeed.
  27. "Before you battle me you will battle my wartortile! Go Wartotile!" she growled...."Go Charmeloen!" yelled ZaK...A ZShining wartortile came otu of the blue ball and a regular charmeleon came out from ZaK's pokeball...The Wartortile jumped in front with a dirty look on its face twards the Swampert...and was ready for battle....Cascade started to get angred...her eyes turned red but then changed back...Cascade thinking...*Keep it together cascade! You don't want to change now!*
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