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The Random Facts about Pokemon thread~

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by Doubled, Jul 9, 2012.

  1. The title is self explanatory, but I'll elaborate~ We know a lot of things about Pokemon, given that the games explain several things and even give small tid bits of random information. However, there are many facts that I bet we have never even heard of before.

    That's where this thread comes in. If you find a random Pokemon fact, post it here! I'll start.

    I mentioned this in the Post Your Thoughts of the Moment thread, but in Black and White, it is impossible to name a Pokemon a word like "Ass" or other words such as the "n word", the "f word", the "c word", and even Hitler. However, if you are so desperate to get a Pokemon by names like that, then Poketransfer is the way to go.

    Another random fact is: Many senior Pokemon Company International employees are required to complete their Pokedex as a job requirement. Yikes.

    *thanks to Pokemon Facts on Tumblr for both*

    And my last random fact is, while holding the B button in BW near bikers, they too will speed up. A good place to try this is outside the mall, and see what happens! *that I noticed on my own~*

    If you have some random Pokefacts, post 'em here!
  2. Well, the starters have a trend~

    The fire type starters are based of the chinese Zodiac (Charmander - Dragon/Cyndaquil - Mouse/Torchic - Rooster/Chimchar - Monkey/Tepig - Baco- I mean Boar)

    The water type starters are based off a land/water animal (Squirtle - Turtle/Totodile - Alligator/Crocodile/Mudkip - Mudskipper/Piplup - Penguin/Oshawott - Otter)

    And The grass type starters are based off reptiles! (Bulbasaur/Chicorita - Dinosaurs/Treeko - Gecko/Turtwig - Tortoise/Snivy - Snake)

    But other than that, I have nothing.

    Hypno's a pedophile, if that helps.
  3. I don't know if any of these count, but I'll try anyway.

    1. More Pokemon evolve from the Moon Stone and the Water Stone than any other stone(6 Pokemon evolve using the Moon Stone, and 6 Pokemon evolve using the Water Stone).

    2. In Pokemon R/S/E, there's an odd glitch where a Trainer enters a battle with no Pokemon. If so, then a circle with a ? will appear, and the health bar will be empty. If you are in that situation and you choose FIGHT, you will automatically lose the battle.

    3.Every region except Sinnoh(Excluding Pokemon XD, Pokemon Conquest, and Pokemon Ranger) has five letters(Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Unova).

    4. There are 12 Abilities that are unique to 1 Pokemon(I'm excluding Reshiram and Zekrom since they share their Abilities with their Kyurem Fusions).

    Darkrai=Bad Dreams

    Regigigas=Slow Start

    Shedinja=Wonder Guard



    Victini=Victory Star

    Zangoose=Toxic Boost



    Cherrim=Flower Gift

    Kecleon=Color Change

    Rayquaza=Air Lock

    EDIT: 5. Tornadus is the only pure Flying type.

    6. The Ghost-Dark combination is the only type combination with no weaknesses.

    7. The Ghost type is the least common Pokemon type, as there is only 28 of them.
  4. Prior to Tornadus' appearance, there are four notable Pokemon who can become Pure Flying types.
    1. Arceus via Multitype and Sky Plate
    2. Kecleon upon being hit by a Flying Move
    3-4. Porygon and Smeargle upon using Conversion or Conversion 2

    Speaking of Flying types, for each of the 17 Pokemon types (excluding Flying and Fighting) there is a Flying Pokemon who has that type as its primary typing.

    Normal/Flying- Pidgey line, Spearow line, Farfetch'd, Doduo line, Hoothoot line, Togetic and Togekiss, Taillow line, Swablu, Starly line, Chatot, Pidove line, Rufflet line
    Dragon/Flying- Dragonite, Altaria, Salamence, Rayquaza
    Grass/Flying- Hoppip line, Tropius, Shaymin in Sky Forme
    Poison/Flying- Zubat line
    Bug/Flying- Butterfree, Scyther, Ledyba line, Yanma line, Beautifly, Masquerain, Ninjask, Mothim, Combee line
    Water/Flying- Gyarados, Mantyke line, Wingull line, Ducklett line
    Ice/Flying- Articuno, Delibird
    Fire/Flying- Charizard, Moltres, Ho-Oh
    Electric/Flying- Zapdos, Fan Rotom as of Gen 5, Emonga, Tornadus
    Ground/Flying- Gligar line, Landorus
    Rock/Flying- Aerodactyl, Archen line
    Steel/Flying- Skarmory
    Psychic/Flying- Natu line, Lugia, Sigilyph, Woobat line
    Ghost/Flying- Drifloon line
    Dark/Flying- Murkrow line, Vullaby line

    The same can be said for the Water type, where only a Water/Fire type has yet to exist.

    Water/Normal- Bibarel
    Water/Flying- Gyarados, Mantyke line, Wingull line, Ducklett line
    Water/Dragon- Kingdra, Palkia
    Water/Grass- Lotad line
    Water/Poison- Tentacool line, Qwilfish
    Water/Bug- Surskit
    Water/Ice- Dewgong, Cloyster, Lapras, Spheal line
    Water/Electric- Chinchou line, Wash Rotom as of Gen 5
    Water/Ground- Wooper line, Marshtomp and Swampert, Barboach line, Gastrodon, Palpitoad and Seismitoad
    Water/Rock- Omanyte line, Kabuto line, Corsola, Relicanth, Tirtouga line
    Water/Fighting- Poliwrath, Keldeo
    Water/Steel- Empoleon
    Water/Psychic- Slowpoke line, Starmie
    Water/Ghost- Frillish Line
    Water/Dark- Carvahna Line, Crawdaunt
  5. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
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    Actually, while Mudkip does share some traits with Mudskippers, they seem to share more traits with salamanders of the family Proteidae, more commonly known as Mudpuppies. In a similar manner to axolotls, Mudpuppies don't lose their external gills upon maturation (an example of neoteny).

    The Bulbasaur line isn't particularly dinosaurian, either. It's far more likely that they are based on synapsids - the group of 'reptiles' (a massively broad umbrella term, if I ever heard one) that eventually gave rise to mammals (whereas dinosaurs and their modern day descendants, birds, are diapsids - specifically archosaurids).

    Also, while Air Lock is indeed a 'unique' ability, it is virtually identical to the Cloud Nine ability expressed by the Psyduck line (as well as being the Dream World ability of the Lickitung and Swablu lines).
  6. In the Pokedex, Pikachu is number 25, and Meowth is number 52.

    Technically speaking, there were supposed to be over 20 or more islands in the Sevii islands. However, game data in FRLG only shows map data for what could have been 8 and 9 islands (respectively). There are even different files for 6 and 7 islands from the ones that made it in game.

    Speaking of the Sevii islands, it is the only region to not have numbered routes, possibly to avoid confusion with the Johto Region.

    One more: From above, Black/Touya/Hilbert's hat can be perceived as a Pokeball.
  7. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
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    I would love to know what the source of that information is. Re: the Pikachu/Meowth thing. Mostly because it fails to hold water in so many ways it's not even funny anymore.

    When Pokemon first materialized, Pikachu had very little significance, as did Meowth. And while Meowth is the only obvious cat, Pikachu is not the only obvious rodent. Gen 1 also has Rattata/Raticate, Sandshrew/Sandslash and after a fashion, Mew.

    Pikachu and Meowth only gained significance after the Anime materialized. Pikachu won a popularity poll and became the series mascot (rather than the Clefairy the creators originally intended to use). It is also rather likely that Meowth was chosen in the anime as the Team Rocket 'mascot' because Meowth is a cat to Pikachu's mouse. But I highly doubt the 'dex arrangement has anything to do with it beyond simple coincidence.
  8. *Edited

    I apologize. I saw it on some wiki (whose name I forget at the moment) a long time ago, and at the time of posting it, I saw many people claiming it to be the case. I would like to believe that it isn't entirely coincidence though :p or at least it inspired the anime; though that's a personal opinion. Thank you for correcting me.

    Now for an actual fact that I know can be proven: In the first gen, we hear a few Pokemon with the same (or very similar, at least) cries. Cries like these include Charizard and Rhyhorn, Ditto and Poliwag, Machop and Omanyte, and Goldeen and Caterpie. Other cries might sound similar with a slower, lowered, or tweaked pitch (source is here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SmMNnDNY ... re=related). There are other cries that sound like other Pokemon when HP is low, such as with Lapras and Nidoqueen (I believe it is Lapras whose HP is lowered, in this case).

    Another, thanks to Bulbapedia http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Old_man_(Kanto) , The old man blocking your path to Pewter City in RBY and FRLG was grumpy because he hadn't had his coffee yet, at least in the English versions. In the original Japanese text, he is actually passed out from being drunk.

    And last but not least, this is probably widely known to all; Prof. Elm is the only main professor of any generation to not open with a narration to the game he is in.
  9. Here's a few more.

    1. HO-OH will look exactly the same frontwards or backwards, vertically, or even diagonally.

    2. The Ghost type used to have no effect whatsoever on the Psychic type.

    3.Magnemite and Magneton are the only Pokemon who had their type changed in between generations(They went from a pure Electric-type to an Electric and Steel-type).

    Edit:4. All five fully-evolved Fire-type starters have fire on some part of their body.

    Charizard- Tail

    Typhlosion- Back

    Blaziken- Wrists

    Infernape- Head

    Emboar- Chin

    (Note: Typhlosion and Blazikens' fire isn't continuous; however, it is shooting out most of the time.)

    Also, thanks for any corrections of my earlier post on this forum regarding Abilities or the Flying Type.
  10. So we all know that glitches will sometimes get left in games for whatever reason (sometimes it's because it's hilarious). Looks like Pokemon is no exception. They discovered the Acid Rain glitch in Japanese versions of Platinum and yet left it in for international releases AND all versions of Heart Gold and Soul Silver. So who wants to test it out with me when I get wifi back?
  11. I've only got one, but I'm sure I'll come up with more. In Black and White 2, the player character's lose thier bags in their backsprites. Though I have noticed in Mei's champion VS. sprite, she's throwing her bag to the side. Hah, I can see it now: "Stop the battle! I gotta go get a Full Restore that's in my bag, ten feet away from me!" -_-

    From Generation III to IV, the trainer backsprite appear to be left-handed when throwing Pokeballs.
  12. Magpie

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    Just combined your two posts into one. Remember to avoid double posting and use the edit button ;)
  13. Random fact about Pokemon D&P DS: Machop was the only pokemon to have an in-game roam model & Isn't able to be walked at amity square. (Not counting Legendary)

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