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Ask to Join The Pokemon House

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Clunpsy, Sep 25, 2019.

  1. Mudd approached the mansion. She looked around and saw all the other Pokemon approaching the mansion from different directions. She saw Saikuk and waved, and Saikuk waved back. The mansion was massive, as it was a mansion, of course. It was made of brick, painted beige, and had several windows, which were the dorms and what looked to be a kitchen, on the ground floor. As Mudd got nearer to the mansion, she noticed more details. The door was brown with a nice overhang. Not to mention the garden, which was probably used for battles. Mudd was at the Pokemon House, because she needed training. As soon as she entered, she realized just how big this place was. There where Servants waiting at the staircase. One walked to Mudd and took her bags. The Servant was a Machamp, who signalled for Mudd to follow. Mudd was taken to her dorm, #8. Her room was big and painted purple. She had a massive bed, but a small wardrobe. She only had two bags; her satchel and her suitcase. The suitcase was unpacked and all of her stuff was in the wardrobe already. She had a nice blue carpet on the floor, and a large chandelier.

    Saikuk's servant was a Gallade, and he was taken to his Dorm, #2. His Dorm was the same as Mudd's except with yellow walls, and a gray carpet. He only had one bag, which had been unpacked. Syke immediately went into the kitchen, where he met a Chansey making food. "When will lunch be ready?" He asked, his tummy rumbling. The Chansey smiled, "Didn't eat before, did you? It'll be ready in half an hour." Syke thought "This is why I should've brought change." Staring at the Vending Machine. Syke was in for Care, as he had been in several accidents and his grandparents were too old to look after him.

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  2. Tempo flew fast towards the mansion and was amazed by the size of it. But admired for too long and slammed into the wall just above the door before trying to stop. He checked to make sure his metronome’s didn’t break then entered the mansion. His servant was a Aggron and approached him. Tempo was confused why he didn’t have a cart with him. He then asked “Where’s the cart?” looking around. The Aggron only responded with that he didn’t need one and picked up tempo. He then threw tempo across the mansion to his dorm creating a large thud when he hit the door, sliding back down to the floor. He shakes it off and enters his room. It had a small bed and about 4 shelf’s for whatever reason that he couldn’t figure out it also had a small wardrobe. He puts his two bags on a shelf one with being filled with berries and the other metronomes. He sighs and lays on his bed, “Its going to be a long day...”. Tempo was in because he needed care because of his hearing.
  3. There was a pop as a tall white and green bipedal Pokémon teleported into the garden at the Pokémon House. In one arm she carried a bag, and in the other she was holding a Ralts. She strolled forward and into the mansion with confident grace, and then addressed the servant she knew to be assigned to take care of her daughter, a female Meowstic. The two exchanged telepathic greetings, and the bag was lifted up by the Meowstic’s Psychic. The Gardevoir set her daughter down on the floor, and the small Pokémon immediately clung to her leg.

    “Now, Ana, you have to go see your room. I’ll come and visit in a few days, if you want.”

    “Mom, I don’t want to sta-“

    “Ariana. You are staying here, now goodbye. You’ll make lots of friends, and I will visit.”

    Before the Ralts could reply, her mother had used her psychic abilities to loosen her daughter’s hold on her leg, stepped back, and teleported away. The Ralts was silent, and remained that way as the Meowstic took her hand and led her to her room, Dorm #7.

    She brightened slightly once she entered the room. It was spacious enough, and the lavender carpets and pink hue of the walls pleased her. She moved over to the bed and felt the softness of covers and pillow while the Meowstic set her bag down at the foot of the bed.


    Daze trotted up to the Pokémon House. He was impressed by the splendor of the exterior, and his eyes sparkled as he imagined what it must be like inside. As soon as he entered, a large Beartic stepped forward and reached for the small bag the feline was carrying.


    The cat leapt back, and his long tail gained a metallic sheen. His most prized possessions were in that bag, and he wasn’t about to let someone take them. The Beartic raised an eyebrow at him.

    “Want to carry your own bags? Okay, then. Welp, I’ll take you to your room.”

    With that the Beartic turned and walked down the hall. He glanced over his shoulder to make sure the Purrloin was following him. There Daze was, following the giant Ice type to his room. When they arrived, he stepped into the room, which had dark blue walls and a dark green carpet and a large bed. He glanced over at the Beartic and cocked an eyebrow.
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  4. Mudd walked out of her room and looked around. It looked like four others had moved in. One was right next to her so she decided to pay a visit. Mudd knocked on the door, and said "Hello, anyone there? I know you are in there!"
  5. The door swung slowly open a crack and a Ralts peeked out. She seemed nervous, because she jumped slightly when she first saw the Mudkip. She paused for a moment, seemed to realize she should say something, and pulled herself together.

  6. Just as tempo was finally about to get some rest the Aggron slammed the door open. Tempo jumps up from the sudden entrance. The Aggron then flung a bag onto tempo, he then said “You dropped this” then quickly shut the door with a powerful force. Tempo then pushed the bag aside, and said wearily “thanks...” Not wanting to have something be thrown at him or be thrown, he decided to see what was going on in the mansion.
  7. Eve walked into the Pokemon House, with her head held high and trying not to stick out too much. She was here to try and perfect her use of elemental moves.
    She looked around, seeing a couple of other Pokemon. However, she disliked starting conversations, so she waited and hoped - not that she'd ever admit it - that someone would talk to her.
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  8. Sol pauses in front of the mansion. thinking on why he was sent there. then He sees a alakazam(his servant) standing ever so patient. then he proceeded to going inside and as he does the Alakazam follows quietly however being oblivious Sol doesn't realize he is being followed. He sees a couple pokemon have already found their rooms. he went to each and every room and checked to see which pokemon had made it to their rooms and scribbling a list of rooms and names. (1. ??? 2. espurr 3. emolga 4. noibat 5. purrloin 6. eevee 7. ralts 8. mudkip, 9. ???) keeping a mental image of all the pokemon he has already met and greeted he started wandering the halls when all of a sudden he hears. "If you are done introducing yourself to the guests you should go ahead and introduce yourself to your room.) alakazam says while pointing towards Sol's room. As sol begins to head towards his room he thanks alakazam and waves. the alakazam watches him go into his room standing ever quiet and patient.

    Zolaf approaches the gate. A tall zoroark(his father) tells him "Do not get into any trouble you here me? you know if your mother finds out it won't be pretty. though funny enough i'm mostly only telling you this because she will get mad at me if i don't! (He laughs then proceeds to tell him) "atleast try not to get into too much trouble ya? go have fun!" he says while laughing and walking away. Zolaf looks huffs at his father and rolls his eyes. then turns his head and smiles when he sees his friend Sol. Already having mischievous ideas he begins to follow Sol secretively so not to arouse any suspicion. he notices a hydreigon(his servant). as he does all three heads glare at him from across the entrance. (he shudders for a moment) then tries to act normal. Not willing to be detoured from his plans he walked inside giggling with a mischievous grin. As he wonders around getting mischievous ideas he can't help but notice the ever so ominous presence behind him the entire time. trying not to turn around or act suspicious he decides to flee his pursuer. with several failed attempts he thinks for a moment. then the hydreigon standing behind him says "YOUR ROOM IS OVER HERE." (Zolaf tries to act natural while walking into his room... "oh yea i was just heading this way! ha! ha!" Zolaf knows if he wants to have any success make any pranks he's going to have to be especially careful. (challenge accepted old man!) Zolaf thought to himself as he giggled.
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  9. Mudd noticed what seemed to be a Ralts peeking out of the door. "Oh, hey, I'm Mudd..." She says while looking around. "Man this place is massive... and you are?" Mudd asked before putting her hand out.
  10. The Ralts put one hand up to her mouth for a moment while holding the door open with the other. Then she stepped out and let the door close behind her, and stretched out her hand to shake. "I'm Ariana... but... you could call me Ari or Ana if you wanted..." She was still nervous, but the Mudkip's positive attitude made her feel slightly more comfortable.
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  11. Sol. Sat on the bed and looked out the window at the clouds for a moment. Then proceeds to scribbling into his journal about his first day, descriptions of the pokemon at the mansion, and a list of goals he plans to accomplish.

    Meanwhile. Zolaf sat in his chair looked around his room for hiding places and hopefully a place where he could stash his favorite snacks. (Maybe behind the dresser or inside a fake book) he thought to himself thinking himself clever.
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  12. Tempo walked back into the main room, hearing many voices. Though it would be somewhat quiet for a normal pokemon, it sounds like a rock concert for Tempo. Banging his head against a wall makes things a little bit quieter for a reason that he doesn't know. He sees a eevee near the front entrance and decides that maybe learning some of the Pokémon that he is going to be living with isn’t a bad idea. He flies over to the eevee before sliding trying to stop himself and falling on his face. He gets up and dusts him self off. “Sorry about that, I’m still a bit weary from the fly here. I’ve never seen an eevee as I grew up in a cave, what’s your name?” He says as he fly’s up trying to dust himself off.
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  13. Mudd shook Ari's hand, "Since we are neighbors, I thought I would say hi!" Mudd saw an Espurr coming up the stairs, and a quite familiar one at that. "Hey Syke, this is..." Mudd glanced at her new friend, "Well, she can introduce herself!" Mudd smiled

    Syke was coming up the stairs when he heard a certain voice. He looked up to see Mudd standing there with a friend. Syke heard Mudd say something about who her friend was. Syke smiled at the Ralts and said, "Hi I'm Syke, but you probably already knew that." He didn't really like Fairy types, but he tried to be kind.
  14. Sparkling Emolga

    Sparkling Emolga Previously Lightning and sparklight

    Somewhere around the giant mansion stood a small creature, an emolga to be exact.
    "W-wow... is it... Really the place? I-its really huge..." The small creature told herself while starring at the building, amazed by the size.
    The emolga started walking slowly toward the entrance, then stopped again in front of the brown door.
    At the start, she was afraid to go into the new place, but she quickly shook her head and tried to overcome her worries. I-it would be fine, d-don't worry, i-it would be fine, d-don't worry, i-it would be fine, d-don't worry... She kept telling herself in her thoughts before entering the mansion slowly.

    As soon as the small creature entered the building she was approached by a tyranitar, who told her to follow him.
    "Eek!" The emolga gasped to herself as she saw the giant pokemon coming toward her, she immediately got confused but still listened and followed. She kept rubbing her arm nervously all the way to her room at Dorm #3.
    Upon entering her new room, The small creature turned to the giant pokemon, "u-um... Well umm... T-thank you v-very much..." she appreciated him and politely bowed.
    The tyranitar just nodded with a smirk before leaving.

    The small creature gently closed the door and sighed, she went to her new bed and sat on it, then looked around at her new room.
    The room was very big and had a lot of space, there was a big window, carpets in green shades and the walls were sky blue. It gave her the feeling of a forest, and made her a lot more comfortable with the new place.
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  15. Amanda slowly walked over to her new home, passing by two talkative Pokemon. "Wow, I didn't expect it to be so big... I wonder what the inside looks like!" She ran inside, clutching her backpack. When, she opened the door, she was immediately greeted by her servant, a Scizor.
    "Can I take your bag, m'lady?" He asked, stretching out his claw. The Alolan Meowth stared at his claw for a moment before giving him her backpack. He turned on his heel and began guiding her to her room. When he wasn't looking, she smirked to herself and muttered. "I'm enjoying this already." One minute later, they arrived.
    "Here is your room, Dorm #9." He opens the door, revealing a massive light gray room with a white carpet, a big bed, some shelves and a dresser. The Scizor left her bag on the dresser and said. "Enjoy your stay, m'lady." And with that, he left the room. Amanda sighed and locked the door.
    "Finally, some me time." She began taking out the things from her backpack, like her poncho and umbrella for when it rains, a picture book for when she's bored and a blackboard to sharpen her claws and make a horrible sound that nobody stands. She flopped in her bed with a happy sigh. "Meeting the other Pokémon could wait a few more minutes..."
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  16. Ariana looked closely at the Espurr. "Nice to meet you, Skye. My name is Ariana. I'm sorry, but if you don't mind I kinda need to finish unpacking..." With that she gave them each a small nod and went into the room, closing the door behind her. She was interested to talk to them again sometime, but she needed a bit of alone time so she could unpack her things and sort through her emotions from her mother's treatment.

    (Going on my trip now, so I had to get out of the interaction, sorry.))
  17. Sol slid his journal in the desk drawer and walked out into the hallway and noticed a scizor escort a meowth to her room. (A shiny meowth but she's gray... and her feet aren't red... she's from unova! Or alola!) Slowpoke thought to himself while cheerfully smiling and waving. He then heads down the hall and sees another slowpoke! How can this be? The lookalike slowpoke giggled than transformed into zoroa. "Well look what the skitty dragged in... its Solow. Guess who got the best room in the house" says zolaf bragging. "Who" asks Sol. "Yours truly, I'm number 1!". Zolaf says cheerfully. Then they both burst into laughter.
  18. As tempo is dusting himself off he accidentally makes one of his metronomes fall off, it didn’t help that he was already flying and had already rammed himself into multiple things already. A very loud smash can be heard through the first floor from it breaking into thousands of pieces. Due to his sensitive hearing it sounded like a volcano had just erupted right next to him. He rams himself into the wall and slams his head against the wall repeatedly while yelling “Make it stop!” As the sound lingers around him.
  19. Sol hears the explosion and sees and comes in and uses his psychic powers to move the shattered pieces into one pile. Then carefully placing them in the trash. Then helping tempo move the chairs and desks to their original place. You should go to the nurse to see if your okay" he says with a friendly smile.
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  20. He is still a little bit dizzy and wobbly as he tries to stand back up. “Thanks, but where is the nurse?” He says as he is facing a wall. Which he soon realizes and quickly turns around to face the slowpoke that helped him.
  21. Sol helps escort the nougat to nurse blissey and helps him on the table. "I'll take things from here, thankyou!" Says nurse blissey. Sol smiles and waves before leaving the room. Then proceeds to talk to Zolaf and tells him the story. They continue talking afterwards.
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  22. Mudd nodded, "See ya later!" "One down, one to go" Mudd walked over to dorm #9 and knocked loudly. "Helloooo! I know you have moved in! Don't hide from me!"

    Saikuk went back downstairs to see the same Chansey from before sorting out the dinner table. "Ahh, so you're back! And just in time as well. Could you be a dear and call everyone downstairs?" The Chansey asked
    "Fine. EVERYONE! THE TIME IS HERE! IT IS LUNCHTIME!!!" Syke shouted with an added chuckle on the end. Syke jumped on the nearest seat and waited
  23. Zoroa gleefully runs down the hallway but careful enough not to bump into anyone or get caught. He starts giggling as he makes it to the kitchen then huffs to himself when he realizes he's not first in line.

    Sol starts making his way to the kitchen then glances out the window for a couple minutes as a skarmory flies by extremely fast catches his attention. Then heads to the kitchen for lunch.
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  24. Tempo hears the call for lunch. He tries to get up but falls back down from a massive headache probably from all the blunt force trauma. “You need to stay in bed. Your injuries will only get worse if you move around not to mention you might break your other metronome.” The nurse Blissy says as the Blissy puts a cold ice pack under Tempos head. Tempo then releases a sigh knowing he is going to be missing lunch.
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  25. Hearing the call that food was ready, Ariana took a few breath. She took a moment to calm herself, and then departed to find the source of the call. She wasn’t particularly hungry, but she thought she had better go anyway.


    Daze had been relaxing on his bed. He jumped up when he heard the loud crash, but quickly settled back down again. However, he bolted off the bed as soon as he heard the call that there was food. He was feeling ravenous, and was ready to eat about anything. When he got there, several others were there, including but not limited to a Ralts and an Espurr. He looked at them curiously as he took a seat and waited for food.
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  26. Zolaf sits at the table playing with his food getting sauce all over his paws while making food sculptures. Giggling as he makes a zoroa sculpture out of food.

    Sol looks at Zolaf and the two exchange smiles before Sol walks off holding two plates on his back. They are both warm but not warm enough to burn. He carries the food to the nurse's room and uses his psychic abilities to hand the plate to noibat. Then proceeds to eat his own food.
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  27. Amanda almost drifted off to sleep, but the sound of someone knocking at her door really shook off her drowziness. She groaned and frowned at the door. "Of course one of my new housemates would keep me from my beauty sleep, great..." She muttered to herself in annoyement. She slowly got up and made her way to the door. She took in a deep breath and unlocked it. When she opened the door, she saw... nothing. After one minute she finally looked down and saw a Mudkip looking at her. She rubbed her eyes and said. "Um, hi."
  28. "Mudd first saw a pair of boots. She then looked up to see a meowth. "I'm neighbours with a shiny meowth? Yes! I mean, hi I'm Mudd and I'm your neighbour. Hope we get along! Also, I think its lunchtime so lets go downstairs. Mudd went downstairs and saw a lot of Pokemon sitting round the table. She sat next to Ariana, the Ralts from before.
  29. Ariana looked up to see the Mudkip from before. She gave a slight smile, and nodded. “Hello again... Mudd. Do you, uh, have any idea what we will be eating?” She tried to make some sort of conversation. She wanted to be friends with this person, although she wanted a bit more time to judge her first. She lifted one hand to her chin and stared at the wall across from her.
  30. "I don't really know," the Mudkip replied, "I hope its something nice. Maybe some Pokeblocks or Malasadas? Or Poffins! Please be Poffins, I really want Poffins." Mudd saw the Chansey walk out of the kitchen holding three dishes of food. One was steaming hot, and Mudd's mouth watered.

    Saikuk became impatient of waiting and went to the toilet. After using the loo, he went in his room, and pulled out a small Pokephone (If pokemon had Iphones) He started to play some tetris 99 and some loud music could be heard from his room.
  31. (I approve of Pokémon with tech. Alakazams could figure out how to make it.)

    Ariana stopped staring at the wall. Her sense of smell was not particularly good, but those dishes did smell pretty good as far as she could tell. Although she wasn’t actually hungry, the smell of food was giving her a bit more of an appetite.

    “Yum... smells delicious...”
  32. Amanda rolled her eyes at the Mudkip who just spoke to get and then ran off. "Yeesh, has nobody ever seen an Alolan Meowth?" She muttered to herself as she began heading to lunch. She saw some of her new housemates sitting there, but she didn't want to sit next to anybody. She walked to the chair at the head of the table and set down, patiently waiting for the food.
  33. (Porygon-z would also be pretty good at making tech.)

    Zolaf left a paw print under the seat before cleaning his paws. He returned his tray and snickered as he walked out of the kitchen. Afterwards he went outside and practiced his transformation ability.

    Sol ate his lunch and talked to the noibat then after finishing waved and went back to return the empty trays. Sol then decided to practice his zen headbutt outside so not to break anything. he paused as he noticed a snorlax walking down the street. He smiled then continued his training careful not to hit anything important.
  34. Sparkling Emolga

    Sparkling Emolga Previously Lightning and sparklight

    The emolga was watching the garden through the window when her ears suddenly twitched, hearing the call for food.
    She hesitated at first, but then decided that it might be a good way to meet new pokemons.
    Starting to feel more comfortable, the small pokemon happily left her room and closed the door behind her before going downstairs to find the kitchen.

    After a while the emolga found the kitchen and entered it carefully while curiously looking around, She noticed a few other pokemons sitting near the tables. But all of them looked busy and she wasn't sure what to do or where to sit, her curious face almost immediately turned to worry. she just stood near the corner of the room as she is rubbing her arm nervously.
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  35. After tempo talked to the slowpoke, tempo devoured his food and stared off into the distance. He sighs, “why does this keep happening to me...”. After a bit he was allowed to go, once nurse blissey said it was ok and he would be allowed to get his other metronome. He left the room and went to the kitchen to see what he was missing not to his surprise most of the other Pokémon had already finished. So he decided to just sit in a chair and spin around.
  36. Amanda looked at her food curiously, slowly kicking her lips. She got her claws out and stabbed the food with them. She began eating, piece by piece, savouring the entire meal. When she was finished, she didn't wait for anything else and went to her room, closing the door behind her, but not locking it. She jumped onto her bed and waited for something exciting to happen.
  37. Mudd was still eating when a large figure came downstairs. It was a Gumshoos (The House Master). It opened its mouth, "Greetings, young Pokemon. I am aware that some of you have left already but I would like to make an announcement.We will be going to Mt. Frost, to do some training and sightseeing. Everyone agree?" Mudd nodded and stood up to go get her woolly hat.
  38. Ariana looked up from her meal. She was slightly confused by the Gumshoos’ words, but she thought she was probably supposed to listen to him and so she took one last bite and stood up. She wasn’t sure where she was supposed to go, however, so she just stood there. On the other side of the room, Daze shivered. He was not looking forward to this. He had thought that today would be a restful one where they settled into their rooms and got to socialize if they wished, but apparently they were getting right to training. He shrugged nonchalantly, closing his eyes and leaning against the wall.
  39. Amanda was about to fall asleep, when her ears picked up a voice.
    We will be going to Mt. Frost, to do some training and sightseeing.
    She groaned, clearly displeased. "Seriously? Already? Ugh, if I would've know that people wouldn't let me snooze, then I wouldn't have come here!!!" She sighed in frustration. She put all of the things she just unpacked earlier and stomped to the kitchen. "This is going to be a nightmare..." She thought, trying to hide her crankiness.
  40. After Zolaf became content with his training for the day he used his claw to scratch the letter "Z" into the back of the tree. He snickered as he went back inside. He heard Gumshoos speak of Mt Frost. Excited he ran to his room to get his bag then jumped on the bed and took his bandanna off his waist and tied it around his neck. he thought for a moment and giggled as he left his room. As Sol entered the mansion Zolaf ran up to him. "pack your bags! the headmaster said were going to the distortion realm!" Zolaf said trying to keep a straight face. "the what?" Sol said curiously. Zolaf couldn't hide his giggles any more. He burst into laughter. "I'm just kidding! The headmaster said were going to Mt. Frost. its probably going to be lame but at least its an excuse to go somewhere else. " Zolaf said as he headed back to his room to check if everything was in order. Sol cheerfully wen't to his room to get his belongings together. After his bag was packed he slid his journal in the side compartment. before zipping his bag up. then leaving his room to see if anyone else needed help.
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