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The Plot (Pokecharms Dissidia)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Zachary, Aug 7, 2011.

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  1. The plot basically is this:

    Chaos has died and left behind a progeniy named Sem who is thE successor to Chaos and the other half to the war, so Sem naturally gets shit done and defeats Cosmos but she gives her power to the last survivor of her warriors her power and Elohim becomes the new Cosmos.

    So they fight and the cycle is reborn but eventually, Sem wants out and seeks out items and a special area that will allow him to escape.

    Elohim wants to stop him from destroying the war and Sem wants to escape. So Sem sends his warriors out to find the items and Elohim sends her to intercept them.

    That's the basic plot for right now.
  2. Re: The Plot

    So the roles are somewhat reversed this time?

    The successor to Chaos wants out, like Cosmos hints upon in certain stages, while the successor to Cosmos wants the war to continue?

    I still don't quite understand why Elohim would want to continue the war. He(/she?) knows full well that it is an endless cycle that will continue until somebody breaks it. Why would Elohim want to be trapped in this endless war? Is there something to be afraid about?
  3. Re: The Plot

    She wants to keep the war going because there's something more ancient then the war and if the cycle is broken then /that city/ is released.

    So yeah it's somewhat reversed lol.
  4. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Re: The Plot

    Since the first one's already occured, here's the deal:

    Every so often, randomly, I will strike threads with a sudden threat.

    In the case already seen, it's a giant sandworm.

    These threats always occur for a reason.

    The reason is going to be something integral to the teamwork of the team in question.

    It is down to the writers to recognise the reason, and then find an angle to make it an effective literary motion.
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