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The next pokémon movie..? (spoilers, maybe)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by Paradox, Aug 8, 2009.

  1. Righto, here's the deal.
    I'm not talking about the 12th movie, starring arceus.

    Well, look what I found. Some rather dodgy but nonetheless clear enough footage of what apparently was shown after the 12th movie aired in Japanese cinema's. A teaser, if you will, for the next 'thrilling adventure'.


    Now, I'm in no way going to even insinuate this is official, or even real for that matter. So interpret this not as fact, but merely as opinion. Nothing more, until real official word gives way from a legitimate source.

    However, as an unbias spectator, I can't say I'm not at least a little bit interested. After all, Ho-oh hasn't had a movie or even an OVA like Raikou had, so perhaps it is about time the legendary bird got a time to shine, not to mention seeing Lugia again. And of course this (might) fit perfectly (coincidence, more likely not than anything if its the case) with the Silver and Gold remakes.

    Anywho... just some idle conversation material to ponder.
  2. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    It's real, and it's been known about for almost a month.

    This teaser tells us nothing, however, other than the fact that Ho-oh and Lugia will star in the 13th movie. There's not even a guarantee that the fact they're fighting there means the movie will be about them fighting. (Personally, I'd find it hard to believe that Lugia and Ho-oh of all the Legendary creatures would end up fighting eachother).

    It's really not that unexpected either - afterall, it's still going to be at least another year following next year's movie before Generation V is released, and now that Arceus and the D/P trilogy is done, it's a pretty logical step to go forward to HG/SS.

    You can almost certainly expect a Generation V Pokemon to be revealed at the end of this year to star in this movie, though.
  3. Has it now? I suppose I'm a bit of a slowpoke, then. Ah well... I'd rather be safe than sorry on the caution front, anywho.

    And I never did say it implied they'd be fighting. I merely said that by the looks of it, we can safely conclude that Ho-oh / Lugia will at least play some sort of role in the feature, no?

    And as for Gen 5... I suppose what comes, comes. All we can really do is sit tight and watch as things play out, hehe.
  4. I just wonder if this Lugia and Ho-oh happen to be the Lugia and Ho-oh Ash encountered in the 2nd movie and first episode respectively and if the plot, whatever it may be can top the epic save-the-world plot the 2nd movie had. After all, the two are relatively old critters as far as gen roster goes. It would take a highly unexpected plt for them to be worth becoming the main characters of a movie after Lugia's previous film and Ho-oh's actual premiere in the movies.

    On the other hand, the two could always be just add-on legendaries that play a supporting role to a possible Gen 5 debut.
  5. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    There has already been a second Lugia in the anime (Whirl Islands) - so it's not too hard to imagine that it's unlikely this Lugia is the same from either the Whirl or Orange Islands.

    Of course, the good thing about that means that this Lugia could be the one that originally sat atop the Brass/Burned Tower - which, I'm hoping, is the story angle they take with this.

    Considering how little Ho-oh has actually featured in the anime, I don't see any reason for this to be a 'new' Ho-oh.

    Personally, I'm hoping this wont be a movie of "Ho-oh vs Lugia vs Generation V Legendary", for a couple of reasons. One being that it's about time Ho-oh got the movie spotlight. The other being there'll be plenty of time for Generation V headliners in the 14th movie, which will no doubt be teasing the hell out of the upcoming games.
  6. Well this is telling us that the D/P/Pt anime is going to end soon. I guess the 12th movie did to, but that was sort of moving from D/P/Pt to HG/SS.

    As for Gen V... there might not be a Gen V legendary, but there might be some pokemon just around. For example in the pokemon ranger and the temple of the sea movie there was a mantine and mantyke hopping about. Also, the bad guy had a chatot. All I'm saying is that there might be pokemon from Gen V dotted around like that.
  7. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

  8. Well, im not sure if a Gen 5 will appear, seeing as 3 Gen 2 are starring, I highly doubt it. But it is true that in the Manaphy film, 4 Gen 4 pokemon featrued, Buizel, Mantyke, Chatot and, of course manaphy
  9. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    The typical pattern until now has been that some of the first revealed Pokemon from the next Generation debut in the same movie that reveals the last Pokemon of the current Generation:

    Mewtwo Strikes Back debuted both Mew and a host of Gen II Pokemon - although Togepi and Ho-oh, of course, had already featured in the anime.

    Pokemon 4Ever revealed both Celebi and, by means of the Pikachu Short that accompanied it, Wailmer and Azurill.

    Destiny Deoxys completed Generation III by revealing Deoxys, and at the same time was a debut for Munchlax.

    Now, by that pattern, there really should have been a 5th Generation Pokemon revealed for this year's movie - however, because GameFreak chose to leave the G/S remakes to this time (where in the previous Generation the remakes were prior to the third game and relatively untouched within the movies - outside of Mew's appearence in the 8th - and left them padding time with the 8th and 9th movies while waiting for the delayed D/P release), this year's movie features heavy promotion for those instead of the next upcoming games.

    With Generation V going to be released either next year or the year after by most estimates, next year's movie is almost certain to have upcoming Pokemon in it as well as a bunch of Generation II focused appearences.

    Hell, I really wouldn't be surprised if the movie ended up being "Ho-oh vs Lugia vs (Insert new Generation V legendary here)".
  10. Doctor Oak has very well explained everything. Its a good Hypothesis but we'll just have to see sir.
  11. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    Alex: 4Ever also revealed Kecleon. XD

    Also, Movie 2 revealed Elekid and Bellossom alongside Lugia prior to Gen 2 really hitting the world (I am uncertain about Japan, though). Movie 5 was a revealpalooza, showcasing Latios and Latias as well as introducing Volbeat, Duskull and Wynaut - this being quite a while before Generation 3's games were released. Gen 3 pulled us the longest with movie reveals, actually, as far as 'Cryptimon' (as we used to refer to them at ze Tavern all those years ago) go. XD

    I'm amazed by how very hush-hush they kept Gen 4 - only dropping Munchlax on us in Movie 7. XD

    The fifth movie also revealed more
  12. Yes, as said before, we have to see how this plays out...
    The gap between releasing pokemon of the next generation seems to be widening, although I'm not suprised, as Pokemon HeartGold SoulSilver hadn't even been released in Japan at the time of the 12th movie's release...
    I do think that there will be a Gen V pokemon in the movie, as it will be the first movie since the last Main Series game ( HeartGold SoulSilver) was released. Although Emerald was released a couple of months after Munchlax being revealed in Destiny Deoxys, I stand by my theory (It's not gonna be the same every time, is it?)
  13. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    I was only specifically talking about the reveal of a Generation's last (or in the first two cases, only) 'unobtainable' coinciding with the first new Pokemon from the next Generation coinciding in the same movie - but yah, the way all the other 'in-between' movies that fall between Generations have heavily featured Pokemon from the forthcoming Generation also makes me fairly certain that a Generation V Pokemon will be headlining alongside Lugia and Ho-oh next year - plus inevitable pre-evolution cameos.
  14. destiny deoxys had that munchlax

    but ho-oh movie? sweet
  15. What did you say? Anyways, I don't think a V Gen Pokemon will be revealed in the 13th movie, rather in a short, or a late episode in the anime.
  16. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    I agree with Alex's stance myself. If there isn't a Gen V Pokemon in movie 13, I'll be surprised. It's about time that one showed up - for all the reasons Alex/Doc Oak already mentioned above.

    I hope this doesn't end up as another VS movie either, or any of the other plots we've already seen (meaning I'd rather not see any "______ Pokemon appears to calm the warring Lugia and Ho-oh"). Hopefully the trailer really isn't a solid reflection of the actual movie, just a snippet of one small part.

    Pushing any predictions aside, though... This is pretty awesome. It's about time Ho-oh received its proper movie appearance, and seeing Lugia in the movies again makes me happy. ^_^
  17. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    The teaser isn't really indicative of anything in the movie. The footage used there wont even be anywhere within the movie itself - they never are. Its soul purpose is to inform the viewers that the next movie will feature those Pokemon. The fact they're fighting is likely purely because this is Pokemon - there has be a battle element in there somewhere. :p

    I do have my doubts that the 13th movie will centre around Lugia and Ho-oh fighting - but y'never know. It would be nice of them to follow the game legend more with this movie though - focus more on the Towers, the Beasts and what Lugia and Ho-oh symbolise.
  18. i wonder if it'll be the same lugia and ash will know it because he didnt erase ash's memory (like mewtwo, the first time anyway)
  19. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    I know the teasers hold no footage used in the actual movies - hence the "reflection of the actual movie" comment :p
    As for the battling being simply a Pokemon aspect... Maybe that's all it represents, and maybe it means much more.

    All I meant was if Lugia and Ho-oh DO battle in the movie (which wouldn't surprise me considering what usually happens when two legendaries appear in a movie), I hope their battle is only one small aspect of it and not the central plot like movie 10. I mean, Lugia and the legendary bird trio battled in 2000, but it was only for a brief time and wasn't a major point in the movie.
  20. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    Well, it's unlikely to be the Lugia from the Orange Islands. Whirl Islands is a possibility, but that Lugia never had any real contact with Ash anyway.

    Chances are the Lugia will be an entirely new Lugia. Ho-oh, until now, has been implied to be singular within the Pokemon universe - so they'll probably keep that true for the movie. But, the way these things go, I wouldn't hold my breath.
  21. Well, it's unlikely to be the Lugia from the Orange Islands. Whirl Islands is a possibility, but that Lugia never had any real contact with Ash anyway.

    Chances are the Lugia will be an entirely new Lugia. Ho-oh, until now, has been implied to be singular within the Pokemon universe - so they'll probably keep that true for the movie. But, the way these things go, I wouldn't hold my breath.

    maybe seeing ho-oh ash will have that flashback of the first episode, but ash and the movie lugia? no connection? ash rode him at the most climactic part of the movie and at the end when everything was peaceful. i hope it'll be the same lugia and that ash will know it, because then ash will have to choose a side because he'll know both of them (saying that ash doesnt just try to stop the fighting from the get-go)

    also, i really hope that dawn is gone by then. she's useless and annoying and the only reason japan has her is so they can practice drawing mini skirts. and besides, she doesnt deserve to see lugia or ho-oh. i think misty or at least may should be in it, anyone but dawn.
  22. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    [quote author=Doctor Oak link=topic=6680.msg118902#msg118902 date=1250733680]Whirl Islands is a possibility, but that Lugia never had any real contact with Ash anyway. [/quote]

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