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Open The Mountain Lodge (Casual RP)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Shiny Blue Gardevoir, Sep 12, 2017.

  1. (This is just a nice, chilled pokemon RP. No bios are required, but you can include them in your first post if you want to)

    Deep in the frozen mountains of the route leading up to Mount Coronet, there is a little mountain lodge. A little mountain lodge, perfect for trainers, coordinators, and performers alike, to rest their weary bones, recover from minor illnesses and injuries, and prepare for the next exciting stage of their journies. Curl up by the fire, or rest in a warm bed, or feed on hot soup, as you stay here until you feel better.


    "Thanks again for the soup, and the medicine," Kemen said gratefully, handing a bowlful to his boyfriend, Daniel, "And for giving us a place to stay until we're better."

    "Think nothing of it," a kindly woman answered, "Everyone needs a little help now and again."

    "If by help, you mean, helping Kemen push me here, giving us hot soup, giving me medication for my fever, and treating Kemen's twisted ankle," Daniel chuckled, "You really saved us back there."

    "It's what I've been doing for years, dears," she answered, "You two rest up now, alright?"

    "Alright," the boys answered. Kemen settled in a chair beside Daniel's bed, his foot propped up, while his pokemon rested by his feet. Daniel ate the soup quietly, as his Plusle and Lopunny snuggled up to him under a thick, warm duvet.

    The woman merely smiled at them, and went to get the door, as there was a knock at it. She'd been a nurse in her youth, and now that she was retired, she'd decided to spend the rest of her days in the mountains, providing a place to rest for the many trainers who travelled up to Snowpoint City. Her lodge had a fireplace, and a kitchen, and plenty of beds, and cupboards stocked with medicines and comfort food.

    She opened the door, smiling her usual smile at the trainer who'd come to the door. "Oh, my, dear, looks like you've been through a lot. Why don't you come inside and rest awhile? There's hot soup in the kitchen."
  2. Kara huffed every single time she took a step at the knee deep snow on her path as she carried her brother on her back. How could an eleven, almost twelve, year old girl like her carry a thirty-nine kilogram boy on a snow storm? Well, when your related to a man who had a whole gang of punk teenagers that wreck havoc on your region, you have to know a thing or two on how to defend yourself on bullies and- getting off topic here.

    Kara sighed as she shook off her inner monologue, and focused back on the non-existant path at the white and gray canvas in front of her. "I told you not to eat so much malasadas." The only replied she got was a groaned and a slight nudge on her shoulder. She chuckled as she continued her trek, "Hey bud, what did the snowman ate for lunch?" She received a slightly hard nudge on her shoulder and a pleading groaned from her baggage, she grinned mischievously "That's right! Icebergers!" Kara laughed when she felt her companion continuously hit there head on her shoulders. "Sorry bro but that's your PUN-ishment for giving me a cold-shoulder when it comes to the topic of malasadas." A pitiful whimper was all it took for her to shut up besides its getting colder and she's getting tired, so it's much better to conserve energy and not waste it for wonderful puns. Well at least not at the moment.

    In what felt like multiple timelines has passed, Kara finally saw salvation. "Finally." She drawled out as she quicken her pace when she arrived, she shifted her companion so she could knock on the door without dropping the boy but it proved to be easier said than done. She groaned quietly as she contemplated on knocking the door by banging her head that is until she finally had a solid grip on her companion. Her freed hand immediately thrust to the door, like a Salamance gliding through the skies, and knocked on it and in a flash she brought it back so she's not leaning in an awkward position to ensured that her companion wont end up face planted on the snowy porch.

    The door was opened by a woman who gave her- them, a warm smile "Oh, my, dear, looks like you've been through a lot. Why don't you come inside and rest awhile? There's hot soup in the kitchen." Kara gave her a small smile "Actually..." she looked at her 'baggage' who might have looked like a huge backpack from how much snow on him. She shooked him, which resulted to some of the snow to fall and reveal the boy's pale face.

    Kara winced at the sight before she looked up at the woman "Thank you." She said before going in, she looked around the cozy place which she now just realized to be very warm. She just stood there frozen on her feet as she took in the feeling of warmth, momentarily forgetting her companion.
  3. Though concerned about how much of beating the girl's passenger seemed to have taken from the snow, the woman knew first hand that panicking wasn't going to help him in any way.

    "Alright, get those cold, wet coats off of you, and come through to my guest room," she instructed, "I'll bring through some soup for you both, and dry your clothes. You've got company in there, I hope you don't mind."

    And she pointed to an open door near the kitchen, as she ladled out the soup, still hot from the pot. There were several, warm beds inside, two of which were already occupied; one by a fever-stricken Unovan, snuggled up to his Lopunny and Plusle, and one by a boy of Hispanic descent, who was sat at his bedside.
  4. Robin was an explorer. Even though he was only 18, he had traveled through quite a few regions, honing his swordsmanship and his battling skills. But right now, he couldn't seem to remember a place that was colder harsher than Mt. Coronet. It was so cold that his face was starting to hurt, especially the scar across the bridge of his nose. His Blastoise, Big Turk, was leading the way on the mountain path, effectively blocking Robin from the wind.
    "You okay, big guy?" Robin asked. The Blastoise only grunted in response, and Robin knew that he would have to find a place to stay sooner, rather than later.
    Tightened the straps on his backpack and sword sheath, and out of the corner of his eye, saw a flash of movement. Robin turned to see a four-legged Pokemon with white fur and dark blue skin bound away, with a single horn sticking from the side of it's head. Big Turk noticed his trainer's confusion, and grunted a question.
    "No, it's nothing." Robin said. The trainer-Pokemon duo trudged a bit farther when Robin saw what they were aiming for. The lodge.
    "We're almost there, man! You wanna head back into your Pokeball? I'll be fine." Robin asked his Blastoise. Big Turk shook his head and grunted again, and the two continued down the snow-covered path.
  5. "Right, thanks." Kara said absentmindedly as she made her way to the said guest room. She didn't spare the occupants a glance since she was too focused on getting her brother off of her back. She put the boy on a unoccupied bed, she sighed in relief as she felt a huge weight off her shoulders and back. "Dang your heavy as hell, Assy." She commented as she sat on the neighboring bed.

    Kara saw one of his Pokéball opened, as Braixen came out and looked at her trainer with an exasperated look. "Now, now Braxy. Give ol' Assy a break will ya? No harm on stuffing yourself with malasadas, I mean they are delicious after all." The Fox Pokémon gave her a look in which she returned with an innocent font. Braixen rolled her eyes as she removed the boy's clothing to dry them off, she folded the clothing and went to get new ones from Asriel's bag.

    Once she's finished she looked at her trainer's sibling only to see her snuggling on the mane of her Arcanine. Kara had her hood up to her face which successfully covered half of her face and Arcanine has his bushy tail wrapped around the girl's torso acting like a blanket. With Arcanine's body heat and fur, Kara's clothes will be dry off in no time. Braixen sigh as she put her trainer's clothes beside the Arcanine before going back to her trainer, she grabbed Flareon's Pokéball on the way. She released her friend, who looked at Asriel and shook his head before curling up on Asriel's torso.
  6. The woman joined them momentarily, setting two bowls of soup on their bedside tables. The broth was wonderfully rich snd creamy, with big chunks of meat and potato floating on top.

    "I'll be in the kitchen, if you need anything, alright?" she said kindly, before leaving.
  7. Asriel woke up from the smell of warm soup, he sat up which caused Flareon to rolled on his lap as he reached out for the soup. He looked over his sibling and sighed in relief "Finally, a break from pu-"

    "Well, isn't this Soup-rising." He flinched as he slowly looked covered to his sister, who had a cheeky grin as she looked at him with half-lidded eyes. He gave her look "Don't." He warned but this only made her grin wider "Soup bro." Asriel's eye twitched, before huffed and turned his back on her.

    Kara laughed as she looked at the window and saw the storm still active. She hummed before snugging further in Arcanine's mane "I've been thinking, bro." Asriel turned back to her, with narrowed eyes but he saw her expression to be deep in thought which was rare since she's a happy-go-lucky kid. "What?" He asked as he fully turned to her. Kara sat up as she looked at Asriel "If the sun shines while it's snowing, what should you look for?" Kara stifled a laugh as Asriel began to choke on his soup "Snowbows." She laughed fully when Asriel threw his pillow at her, and gave her an irritated glare.
  8. "So, we've got room-mates," the Hispanic boy remarked, as his banette came and sat on his lap, "Figures that we would, though, since this is the only place to rest all the way out here."

    His bedridden companion yawned, sitting up. "I'm Daniel, and the talkative one next to me is my boyfriend, Kemen," he began, "We're traveling trainers also unlucky enough to be caught out in the snow."
  9. Kara grinned at them, as she threw the pillow back to Asriel "Ice to meet ya- ohff." She was cut off when Asriel threw back the pillow extra hard which caused Kara to fall backwards on her mattress "Enough with the puns, already!" He shouted before he looked at the pair, he scratched the back of his neck bashfully "Oh, uh, hi. Sorry about that, I'm Asriel and that bone head over there is my sister Kara."

    Kara giggled as she sat up "Oh, c'mon bro. You got to admit it was very-"

    "Don't you dare."


    Asriel growled loudly as he grabbed another pillow and stood on the mattress, he brought the pillow over his head intended to threw it on Kara but he missed. "C'mon bro, admit it. My puns are very pun-ny." Kara said with a cheeky smile as she dodge another pillow. "Stop. It." Kara laughed as she proceed to dodge every single pillow Asriel threw on her "Ya do know that I have a bad Tendon-cy on making bad puns, right?" Asriel gave her a glare as he panted from his assault "You dont say." Kara laughed as she knocked him over with her pillow.
  10. It seemed to Robin like hours, but him and his Blastoise finally managed to make it to the lodge. He returned Big Turk back to his Pokeball, and the wind almost knocked him over. Robin regained his footing and mentally thanked himself for buying cold-weather clothing and a scarf at the last city he was in. He couldn't see a no vacancy sign, so Robin knocked on the door of the lodge.
  11. "Vidangel alive, you two sure are rowdy," Kemen remarked, "Hard to believe that you just came in from a massive snowstorm!"

    "Yeah, but they probably weren't in as bad shape as we were," Daniel remarked, sniffling, as he reached for a tissue, "I was passed out in my wheelchair, with a thirty-nine degree fever, and Kemen had twisted his ankle trying to push me over some ice on the ground! If it weren't for that nice lady, we'd have been dead for sure!"


    Meanwhile, the lady in question opened the door for yet another guest, smiling warmly as always.

    "Come on inside, and get warmed up, dear," she invited, "You came just in time! We're almost out of soup!"
  12. The two settled down for a bit after they noticed the huge mess they caused. Kara giggled at the boys predicament "Well, I've been carrying my brother since we were kids." She said as she grabbed her soup "And we like to take hikes on a similar ice mountain back home." Asriel added as he set aside his empty bowl, he looked at the duo before he a realized something "Wait, I didn't know you were on a wheelchair, or noticed it for that matter, what happened?" He asked curiously.
  13. Daniel looked over at the wheelchair by his bedside. It was folded up, as of now, though its comically big footrests still protruded.

    "Ehlers-Danlos syndrome happened," he said in an unnaturally cheery tone, "Technically, my legs do work, but I can't stand, or walk on them without dislocating something, hence my need for it."
  14. "Golly." Asriel shuddered at the thought of the syndrome "So, what's it like?" Kara asked this time as she curled back on her bed, using her Arcanine as a pillow, she peeked at them from her hood "To be disabled." She added as she yawned. Asriel sighed as he also positioned himself on his bed as he looked at the two expectantly, like a child waiting for a bed time story, which kinda seemed like it at the moment.
  15. "I've never known anything different," Daniel scoffed, "Sure, it is a pain not being able to fit through doors in my wheelchair, and being called 'inspirational' when I appear on TV, which is a lot, cuz I'm a coordinator, but apart from that, I ain't really complaining..."

    Lopunny snuggled further up to him, revealing her yellow vest.

    "Besides, if I weren't disabled, I wouldn't have received my Lopunny. She's my service pokemon."
  16. "Thank you." Robin said, returning the lady's smile and entering the lodge. He thought it was a warm, cozy place, and stomped his feet to get the snow off of his boots. Robin unzipped his jacket and took off his scarf.
    "I certainly wouldn't want to miss soup. Is it okay if I let out some of my Pokemon, miss..." Robin trailed off, realizing he didn't yet know the lady's name.
  17. "Alma," she answered, "And yes, your pokemon are more than welcome here. There are plenty of beds outback, if you need them, and medicines in the cupboards."
  18. "Thank you, Miss Alma." Robin said gratefully. He shook the snow off of his backpack and sword, and walked into the room with the beds, sending out two of his Pokemon. The first one he sent out was a Plusle by the name of Cherry. She looked around for a moment, and upon noticing her trainer, climbed up onto his shoulder to get a better view. The second Pokemon Robin had sent out was Sam, his Farfetch'd. Sam also surveyed the room, and decided to stay close to his trainer. Robin suddenly noticed that four of the beds were already occupied, and he hadn't said anything to anyone yet.
    "Um... Hello." Robin said.
  19. "Hey," the tall Spaniard greeted, sending put his ninetales, who curled up by his feet, "Man, this place sure is busy today. Not surprised, though, considering the weather."
  20. "It is pretty bad out there. Is it normally like this up here?" Robin asked, gesturing to the storm howling outside. "Makes me wish I had a Fire-type. My name's Robin, by the way. This is Cherry and Sam."
    At their names, Cherry let out a cheerful, "Plu!" While Sam just nodded.
  21. "We wouldn't know, since we don't live up here," Kemen chuckled, "Anyway, I'm Kemen, this is my ninetales, Burn, and they guy in the bed next to me is my boyfriend, Daniel, with his Lopunny and Plusle."

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