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The Mapmakers

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Rex, Apr 5, 2011.

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  1. Rex

    Rex Resident Furry


    Unfortunately, he encountered no such luck, as an energetic Arcanine noticed him almost the moment he entered the gate area proper.

    "Ah! You must be that young criminal," the over sized canine barked, to which Rex only nodded, "I'm the Sheriff around these parts, and that over there is Officer Popo." He pointed out a smaller Growlithe who looked half asleep on his post, smiling stupidly. Rex countered it with a scowl, causing the Arcanine's expression to slip a bit. "Now now, no need to be so sour! You're very lucky to get this opportunity young man, and we can always use another pair of hands to clean up this place. For all intents and purposes, I'll be your parole officer for your stay here, so you'd best do as I ask."

    "This is slave labor," the Linoone cut in sourly.

    "Of course it isn't!" the Arcanine chuckled, "You're being paid with time off your sentence." He then walked over to a small table, dragging Rex along with him by the collar of his jacket. Once there, he handed the Linoone a map. "Here, I'll let you keep this, consider it my welcoming gift! It will show you where everything is! And I'll tell you what, if you work hard at making this town look nice, I might reward you with trips to the city, with Officer Popo of course, don't want you getting away!"

    "What is thy bidding, my master?" the Linoone asked sarcastically.

    The Arcanine didn't seem to notice the malice laced within the question, and only laughed, "That's the spirit!" He then pointed out one of the buildings on the map, "That's the post office, obviously enough! Head there so one of the ladies can get you registered with us and have a home set up! Now then, that's all I need you for. You're to check up with me on every Saturday. Off you go now!"

    With that, the Pokemon quite literally pushed Rex out back into the town. Before he went back to the gate, he called, "And don't even think about running, we've got cliffs surrounding us on all sides but right here at the gate!"
  2. Dwayna DragonFire

    Dwayna DragonFire 2014 Little Cup Champion

    Wednesday, Day 1, 4:37 pm

    Dwayna walked through the gate to be met with the faces of an Arcanine and Growlithe. The Arcanine looked to be the more authoritative one, his face only lighting up very slightly as she approached. The Growlithe looked to be more mellow and laid back, practically sleeping at the moment.

    "Welcome to Charming," said the stern Arcanine. "You must be the Flygon named Dwayna." She had to fill out some forms before moving here, so it was no surprise that they would be expecting her. Dwayna nodded and the Arcanine seemed to go through a nearby table drawer before pulling out a scroll of paper for her.

    "This is the map for Charming," he said, the fur of his paw brushing her clawed hand slightly as he unraveled it and handed it to her. "For future reference, I'm the Sheriff and that's Officer Popo. If you ever want to go to the city from here, just come back to the front gate and let us know."

    "I will, Sheriff," Dwayna replied, looking at the map. He pointed out which symbol meant what for her, which seemed simple enough to remember.

    "You'll want to visit the Town Hall first to let them know you're here so they can register you properly," said the Sheriff. "From there, they will inform you of what to do."

    "Thanks, Sheriff," said Dwayna, the Flygon giving the Arcanine a smile before heading through the separating gate into town.
  3. Mr.RMA

    Mr.RMA Magearna before it was cool

    Wed., 1, 5:24 pm

    Flailing around his hat to get the rainwater out, RMA walked through the gate to see two figures standing before him, an Arcanine and a Growlithe. As he neared them, he realized that the Arcanine was giving him a strange look, as if he had some third eye on his forehead or something. After a short, somewhat awkward silence, with no response coming out of the Arcanine or the sleeping Growlithe, RMA let out a slight cough, the larger guard getting the point and shaking off the glare.

    "Sorry about that. Wasn't very professional of me. You must be that foreigner, Mr.RMA, a...uh....what are you again?"

    "A human" RMA responded, as if the answer were plainly obvious.

    "R-right, yes, yes, of course, one of those. Anyways, welcome to Charming!" The Arcanine continued, proceeding to pull out something from a table close by. He unraveled it and handed it to the RMA, keeping his paws as far away from the human's bare hands as possible, as if he believed them to be bearing some kind of contagious disease.

    "Here's a map of the area, I recommend you keep it close at all times to avoid getting yourself lost around here. And for later reference, I'm the Sheriff of this fine town, and that there's officer Popo."

    "Pleasure to meet you both." RMA responded, giving a nod.

    "Yes, likewise. Anyways, you'll want to go over to the Town Hall for starters if you haven't already and get them to get you registered properly. They'll tell you where to go from there."

    "Alright, I'll get right on it. Thanks for the info." RMA said, turning and walking out somewhat awkwardly, somehow getting the feeling Sheriff was giving him that glare again. What was with him? Hadn't he seen a human being before? He couldn't have been the only one who had passed through this area...right? Shaking this off, he decided to get back on the current task at hand, leaving the gate and heading into the village. Hopefully things would go a little less awkward from here on out...
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