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The Kingdom Hearts Thread (May Contain Spoilers)

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by Mystic_Suicune, Jun 27, 2010.

  1. Basically, discuss anything you want about any of the Kingdom Hearts games. Whether it's about your favorite game in the series, your favorite character, whether you hate or love the CoM battle system. Anything, as long as it's about Kingdom Hearts.

    I'm currently working on KH: Re: CoM. (I bought it just a week ago.) I'm stuck on the second battle with Repliku. (I played the GBA version, that's how I know it's a replica of Riku) I love the battle system, even though it can get frustrating. I'm glad they added more slieghts, such as Goofy Smash.

    Anyway, I didn't switch to my boss deck, which is probably why I lost yesterday. But if that doesn't work, I'll be back asking for help. KH Fans, knock yourselves out!
  2. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    Dangit Mystic! I wanted to post this thread! D:<

    Anyway, I have beaten all four (counting CoM and Re:CoM as the same game) Kingdom Hearts titles that have come out in English a few times each, and I have to say that so far my over all favorite is KH2. What made KH2 was the versatility of combat with Driving, Limit Breaks, and various finish moves and combos that could be performed. I also felt that the enemy difficulty was much higher in that I could beat Sephiroth as low a level as 65 in KH1, but in 2 I need to level up to 75 before I could withstand his hits. Also, the Paradox tournaments were much more intense than any of the battles thrown at us in KH1 or CoM.

    The only downside KH2 had was its shallow story. The Disney worlds in KH2 were just rehashes of the movie with Sora involved and contributed very little to the over all plot if anything at all. On top of that, the Organization members introduced in 2 had very little character development. Of the eight of them, Xemnas, Saix, Axel, and Roxas got the most, while the other four had pretty flat personalities compared to their Castle Oblivion counterparts. Days did a fairly descent job on fixing that I thought. IMO, they should have left out Maleficent's return and focused more on the Organization, or at the very least have the game more like the battle at Hollow Bastion where the two parties are always at eachother's throats with the Organization steadily getting more ground. That way, it would have shown that this new enemy is stronger than the last one, and they wouldn't have needed to seemingly divide the game in half.

    Best story goes to KH1 because each world had a place in the story and contributed something. Wonderland introduced us to the keyholes and was home to a Princess of Heart. Deep Jungle reinforced Sora, Donald, and Goofy's friendship, and the other worlds involved Villains who were collaborating together to open the door to Kingdom Hearts.

    Chain of Memories is interesting because it has a battle system unlike the others with its Card Battles. I much prefer the PS2 remake, not just for the better graphics, but also because the 3D made it was a lot easier to maneuver Sora to dodge/block enemy attacks. The CBS was also improved with how much faster it was to make sleights, newer sleights, and the card duels that you could use when playing as Riku. Again, I found the Organization members introduced in his game to be much better developed, especially the Axel, Marluxia, Larxene, and Vexen. This was the first time I was introduced to Axel as I got this game a little while after it came out for the GBA, and right away I knew this guy was a badass. He's been my favorite KH character ever since. After beating this game, I was really excited about what the Organization would do in KH2, but I already gave my thoughts to that.

    I might as well go into what I like about 358/2 Days while I'm here since I talked about the other games already. As said above, the Org members that weren't eliminated in CO got some much needed development here while also expanding on the overall arcing story of the series. The inclusion of a mysterious XIV member Xion seemed a bit weird at first, but made a lot more sense later in the game. I enjoyed the multiplayer Mission Mode where I could play a various members of the Organization with friends. I usually mained Axel in that mode though I also used Larxene occasionally. The Challenge Mission weren't too bad as they forced you to overcome previous missions with stricter conditions.

    Probably the only two thing that I didn't like about the game were the leveling up post game and the inability to explore the World That Never Was. I'll start with the leveling up. After beating the Final Boss, all of the Challenge Missions and all of the Multiplayer Missions, I was still in the mid 70s. While I could still go back to previous missions to level up, I would need over 100,000 Exp. at higher levels and Riku gives the most Exp. at only 6,300. To even get that much Exp. you must first equip an item that reduces your HP to 1 in exchange for doubling the amount of Exp you get. Probably 1/4 of my game time is leveling up to 100.

    Now The World That Never Was is my favorite world of all the games so the thing I was looking forward to most before getting this game was to explore the castle in its fullest. As Sora in KH2, there were numerous road blocks for him, he couldn't use dark corridors to get to secluded rooms, and he was more focused on saving Kairi and defeating Xemnas than seeing the sights. Roxas was a member of the Organization so surely he would have full reign over his home right? Wrong! Up until the end of the game, the player is restricted to the tiny Grey Area, not even able to go into the empty hallway. Come the end of the game when Roxas escapes the Castle, we are plopped right into the Hall of Empty Melodies with the only direction to go being the same path Sora used in KH2. I was pretty disappointed about that.

    Wow... I didn't expect to talk/type this much. Sorry if I was ranting a little ^^; Well what do you expect? This is my favorite game series ever. I am so looking forward to the release of Birth by Sleep n 70 days! ^-^ I also can't wait for a release date on ReCoded or more information on KH3D!
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  3. Don't worry about rants, that's fine. As long as it's about Kingdom Hearts, that is. I haven't played 358/2 Days. I should try to get it before Birth By Sleep...

    Wait a minute! What console is BbS for?
  4. BbS is for the PSP. I actually got a PSP for Crisis Core and BbS...But do you guys think I should wait for the price to go down, or buy it immediatly? Becuase I really don't feel like shelling out $40 for a handheld game. Anyway, I love all KH games so far, except for KH: CoM for GBA. Why? Two words: Replica F*cking Riku. Okay, that's 3 words, but whatever. :p He was a bitch on the GBA becuase (as I mention in an early Top 5) his attacks are almost unavoidable and he uses Dark Aura every 5 seconds. Only after a year of having the game did I go back and try my luck again to barely win. T-T

    I also heard of a 3D KH game as well, although i'm not really into 3D, as all it will do is make games more expensive and have developers more worried about 3D than gameplay. KH 358/2 days was decnt, but the grapchics sucked, espaically for a DS game. (Hey, if they could have gotten the graphics to be like Animal Crossing: WW, I would have been impressed!)

    Unfortunatly, according to a recent interview with the director of KH, they haven't even STARTED on KH3, and are currently working on Final Fantasy XIII Versus and Birth by Sleep. The worst part? I don't have a PS3. :(
  5. I personally find the whole entire Kingdom Hearts universe simply amazing, I'm currently doing a Proud mode run on every game I have because I'm bored :V

    But my favorite world has to be Destiny Islands, its so simply beautiful there ;o;

    but honestly I think their going to multi platform KH3 for a lot of reasons, more money, more fans and the fact it'll be interesting seeing KH3 on both consoles :p
  6. Aww, man. Looks like my Wii money is going towards a PSP now. Damn.
  7. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

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    That's what I'm saving my money for too. ;P

    Other then being incredibly excited for BbS and the aforementioned KH3 (who knows when that's gonna come out, though), I'm also quite looking forward to the port of the original KH for the 3DS. It'll be very cool to have it in a portable incarnation. I wonder if this means that they will also port KH2 for it as well somewhere down the line. I'm also curious if it will be a direct port of the original, or of the Final Mix version. I'm hoping for the FM for the bonus fight and whatnot. :3
  8. RedRising, what port for the 3DS? :o if you mean Kingdom Hearts 3D, I don't think its the port for the first one because in the video, a Twilight Thorn is in it, but I like the idea of a KH1 import to the 3DS <333 It would cure my boredom when I can't access my Playstation 2 xD
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  9. Well, I need to buy 358/2 Days before I get a PSP and BbS. ANd I believe in BbS or KH3, you get to beat up Lucifer from Cinderella? Sweet, that's the only cat that I ever honestly hated.
  10. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

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    @Mystic_Suicune: Lucifer is in BbS. (Curse me and my impatience for reading all of the spoilers for BbS as soon as they came out. >>;; )

    @Zacky: :O For whatever reason I was under the impression it was, what with the fact that it was KH Sora and he was in Traverse Town in the screen cap that I saw, I think... (although now that you mention it, I do remember seeing a Twilight Thorn in it, which doesn't belong there). If it is in fact a new game, I certainly won't complain in the slightest though. :3
  11. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    I read the Nomura interview from E3 on KH 3D and it is infact an entirely new game. That's why I said I can't for more information on it so I can find out why Sora and Riku are dressed in their KH1 outfits. I heard you can play as both Sora and Riku, so whether or not it has a Reverse/Rebirth mode like CoM or just alternate scenarios, we don't know yet.
  12. It'll be most likely a alternate scenario because you just don't show gameplay of the two main characters then run off and make Riku non-playable D: < thats a dick move xD

    But if they do make it like Reverse/Rebirth, then I'll just beat the game so I can play as Riku XD
  13. Cool. I get to beat the crap outta Lucifer. lol and KH 3D better not make us wear glasses. Those make my head hurt when it comes to video games.
  14. I played through KH1 and 2 and I have no idea what was going on. I really liked the shounen-ai between Axel and Roxas though. Hommina.
  15. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    It's 3D in the sense that it's for the 3DS, so my guess is the graphics would be simmilar to their PS2 counterparts just with a bit more depth perception. Nothing like the 3D movies.
  16. Okay. There's a lot of stuff I have to get for all these KH Games......I want the PSP, but a family friend just gave me Super Mario Galaxy...for when I actually get a Wii.

    Is it that good or should I just use my money on the KH stuff before I worry about the Wii.
  17. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    It's your money so in the end you're the one who decides to spend it. You can get the Wii now if you like since BbS doesn't come out until September 7th. That just means you only have 69 days to come up with enough money to buy a PSP and BbS. It's your choice, but since I'm bias I'm gonna say wait for KH. From the trailers I've seen, BbS looks like it's going to be the best of the series.
  18. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

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    The gameplay for BbS looks pretty epic, from what I've seen thus far. And, as somebody who ruined the whole story for himself, it's pretty freakin' epic and has me so excited for future games. I need to get me a job so that I can save up enough money for a PSP for it.

    Also, that's nice to hear that KH 3D will be an original game. Although, I'll be interested to see how they try and include it into the continuation of the series so that everything still makes sense. Here's hoping it's not something like Coded. =\
  19. Yeah, I have a slight chance at one of three jobs right now. Maybe I could get the Wii, PSP, AND, BbS all in three months *sarcasm*

    Anyway, yes, BbS does look amazing. You actually get to have non-Disney characters for both partners. Goofy and Donald's voices could get annoying sometimes.
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  20. If they ever make another Super Smash Bros Sora should be on it
  21. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Yeah, that'll happen.
  22. You other countries are so lucky. In Australia we still haven't got Re:CoM yet. I really liked the original GBA one and this one has good graphics and everything. It also has Derek Stephen Prince (AKA best voice actor of all time playing such timeless roles as Veemon from Digimon and Shino from Naruto) doing the voice of Vexen. Why is it that we don't have this game? why is it so? TT^TT
  23. one thing that is annoying though is that they are all on different game systems
    KH re:COM-PS2
    they shoud have tried to put them all on the same type of system
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  24. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    Their reasoning to put various games on different systems was to open the KH world to a broader audience. If someone doesn't own a PS2, they can still enjoy CoM and/or 358 if they have a GBA and/or a DS. Once introduced, it motivates the players to get the other games. If KH3 came out on PS3 exclusively, you can bet I'd be buying a PS3 so I wouldn't miss out.
  25. yeah but it makes it harder to own and play all the games
  26. I recently joined the KH fanclub, even though I knew about the games since maybe 2004. I've played through KH I (fantastic game, even with the shoes ^^;) and I'm somewhere in the middle of KH II. I've been considering buying 358/2 Days (Y/N? Saving money for a concert + Black. On the other hand I really want that game ^^;).

    While surfing around on YouTube I came upon THIS. Is this really a KH III trailer? Is it BBS? Is it fanmade? I hope someone can cast light on this mystery ^^
  27. That would be the hidden trailer for Birth by Sleep. It was found in Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix after you beat Terra's armor. Originally, it was supposed to be called KH III, at least I think, but they changed their minds.
  28. Re: Journey through the Dark Cave

    I was guessing it'd be BbS, it wouldn't have been very smart to begin with KH III while BbS was still in the making. That could've been stressy for the disney and square enix folks. Thanks for clearing that up!
  29. kingdom hearts! :o just an awesome game :3 ive played bbs :D it was sweet >_< ... >.> but i didnt get far because my psp go stick was broken :/
    well im kinda lost between the whole kh 3d things >_< but ive played kh and followed it since the begining :D i ever learn some japanese to play the final mixes and read more about kh info as soon as it comes out o.o
    well im wondering if i should get the khbbs bundle or a psp go >.> both are about 200 bucks. but eh >.> i about barely have $50
    but yeah :D

    Kingdom hearts- Loved it!! ending made meh cry ^^
    Chain of Memories- :D was great :3 loved that it was portable :3
    Re:CoM- :DDDD idk >.> havent played it.
    KH2- just sweet! but disapoiintedly kinda too easy o.o i found myself button smashing and running around waiting for my magic thing to recharge to use cure >.>
    i lost my copy of 358/2 days- :/ i didnt get far in it..
    i wish i could play coded thou >.> not much things about it D: oh well guess i have to wait for re:coded

    and if there are going to be any kh remakes or ports or final mixes in the US i would prefer them to be on the psp :o idk i dont think id enjoy playin em on a ps3.
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  30. Sir Red

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    Actually, they have different teams working on BbS as opposed to those that worked on KH I and II. The team that made Re:CoM, I believe, was the team that made BbS. So it's very possible they could be working on both games at the same time without everyone being bogged down. And, as they usually do, there's a teaser video at the end of BbS that could signify the next series in the game. Although, whether this game be KH III or another game in the series is still unknown. =T

    Also, about the shoes...Sora wasn't supposed to be the original Protagonist for the games, Mickey Mouse was. Then they decided against it, but gave Sora clothing similar to Mickey. Which explains the giant shoes and color scheme. ;3
  31. Still, you have to respect a guy saving the world in gigantic yellow shoes :D
  32. I never really got into Kingdom Hearts, but I want too. if I do i'll probably get Birth by sleep when it comes out.
  33. Well, this will be interesting :) If anything, the swords style is waaaay too similar for the boss to not have a connection to Ven. Maybe his Nobody? Heartless? Possibly his Unversed? Or maybe it's deeper than that. However, I wouldn't be surprised if they made him as the original Xehanort's heartless/nobody/ good half. Well, I can honestly say that I have been... MINDFREAKED! *bricked*
  34. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    So i'm not the only fan of kingdomhearts and pokemon, cool ;), btw i wish that they didn't kill off Axel, he was always my favroite charater :-[
  35. Well, as unlikely as it may be, he may not be gone forever. His nobody may have faded, but it could just be temporary. I think, and I could be entirely wrong, that in Kingdom Hearts III, If Sora does what he's supposed to do, the people who lost their "hearts" will get them back.

    Plus, if this is true, this could also be hope for Ven, Terra, and Eraqus.
  36. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    In kingdom hearts 3, they should have worlds for The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Fantasia, and Atlantis, because the villans from there scared me sh!tless. Whos with me?
  37. I agree, plus it'd be cool if they added Treasure Planet too. I've always thought they would use that world, but surprisingly, they didn't :'(

    Anywho, today marks the official North American release date for Birth by Sleep. I myself don't have the game yet, because I have to wait for my birthday D8 However, that doesn't mean that others haven't gotten it yet. If some of our other NA friends have gotten them, let the rest of us know about it, please.
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  38. In Kh 3 i was hoping for Lilo's world to be put in

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