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Open The Kalos Grand Festival

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Shiny Blue Gardevoir, Oct 14, 2016.

  1. Welcome, one and all, to the Kalos Grand Festival! You've proven your skills, and won five ribbons in the many contests around the Kalos region, but now, you must fight for the chance to become Top Coordinator! We'll begin with the appeal round, and then the coordinators who make it through that will fight for the coveted spot of Top Coordinator! Now, let's begin!


    (Please fill out the character sheet if you want to join. I'll use my character as an example)

    Name: Katy

    Age: 14

    Pokemon: Misty (Female empoleon) Tallulah (Female staraptor) Chika (Male lucario) Moonlight (Female umbreon) Colette (Female gardevoir) Sayaka (Female butterfree)

    Contest outfit: Katy wears a ruffled, white dress, and a black cardigan, with a white lace trim, and red ribbons on the sleeves and chest. She also has red ribbons in her hair, white socks, and red pointe shoes.


    Katy glanced down at her entry number as she tucked in the ribbons of her pointe shoes. Five contestants to go, and then it would be her turn to perform. Her hopes of becoming Top Coordinator were riding on Colette and Sayaka in the first round. Somehow, she'd managed to train them to perform perfectly, the last time they did this routine.

    "Entry number 245, you're up next!"

    Katy looked at her entry number. It wasn't her, thank goodness...
  2. Name: Amity Ross
    Age: 16
    Pokemon:Minty(lilligant/female), Burn(ninetails/male), Fara(Aurorus/female), Crator(golem/male), Pete(noctowl/male)

    Contest outfit: a layered light blue and yellow dress, that's skirt is longed in the back than in the front, blue flats, a silver choker
    Aminty took a deep breathe as her number was called the trainer moving to make her way to the stage. As the lights hits her face, her eyes fluttered softly as she smiled, "Minty, it's time to shine"!

    In a flash of red light and a spray of gold dust, a lilligant appeared gracefully as she had much practice,"alright. Use seed bomb and follow it up with magical leaf".

    The grass type did as she was told, throwing three seed bombs into the air as she spun around. As the balls started to fall back to earth, magical leaf hit them. Exploding into gold and brass dust the lilligant still spun, "petal dance, let's go".

    "Lilli," the Pokemon sang as her spinning picked up pace, petals seeming appearing from no where. Collecting the dust that was falling, changing their colour to the same gold and brass. The lilligant now stood still, soft petals blowing around in the wind, softly falling as the show finished. Amity gave a bow at the same time as her Pokemon and they waited for the judges opinions.
  3. Name: Emmeline "Emi" Devlin

    Age: 16

    Pokemon: Reuniclus | Apple |
    Mienfoo | Tang |
    Cubchoo | Icicle |
    Whimsicott | Cotton |
    Volcarona | Cinnamon |

    Contest Outfit: Although it isn't very dazzling, Emi wears a large cream hoodie with oversized sleeves that she made herself. With dark brown buttons, ears and a ribbon sewn on. Whilst the hoodie comes all the way to her knees, she wears dark brown leggings underneath with a little ribbon sewn on each leg. As for shoes, she wanted to go barefooted but decided against it - opting for grey boots, that come to her ankle with cream-coloured fur and some grey buttons sewn on, instead.

    Emi grinned from her seat as her eyes were glued to the screen, currently Amity was performing with her Lilligant. The way Lilligant spun around collecting the fallen dust with petal dance was eye-catching; surely she would get a good score. Everyone who had performed so far was amazing - good thing she wasn't a judge, or else she'd be giving everyone a ten out of ten..

    Her hood was currently down as she was tying her hair into a low bun, she had yet to perform and whilst that gave her time to practice, her palms grew a little sweaty as she gripped onto the small umbrella. Her entry was 247... Or was it 248? Either way she was performing soon.

    Emi was a more simplistic coordinator, focusing on interacting with her pokemon in the first stage so she liked to bring an item with her when performing. She was never too dazzling, so how she managed to reach the grand festival would forever remain a mystery. But she wanted to have as much fun as possible with Icicle in this first round.
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