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The Joy of Vengeance (Pg13)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Fist of the Beast King, Jun 13, 2009.

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  1. So, basically, this plot involves people (whether they be Trainers, Rangers, etc) who are, or have been, badly affected by the dastardly deeds of Team Rocket, and want revenge.

    This group of avengers have just met for the first time, in Lilycove City, Hoenn, and are plotting to destroy Team Rocket, and make sure that those scumbags are in the one place they belong: DEAD! Especially Giovanni, the criminal mastermind leading the Rockets.

    I will start with my first post.

    Eric Damon had recently witnessed the one of the worst things, if not THE worst thing, Team Rocket has done yet. They obliterated his entire village, murdering everyone there except for him and his girlfriend Peggy Crier (whom they kidnapped). Eric would be dead if Mewtwo hadn't rescued him when he was unconscious on the ground. Eric swore that night to avenge every life that was lost thanks to the Rocket scum, and vowed to assassinate Giovanni.

    Eric obtained all but one of his Pokemon in an event involving the Rockets, but didn't find his girlfriend yet. Eric prayed to Arceus, saying "I'll avenge everybody who died because of Team Rocket. But I might need a sign to find my girlfriend, so please help me here. Giovanni's going STRAIGHT to HELL when I'm through with him."

    Eric sat there, and noticed two Rocket Grunts forcing one of their hostages toward a small stage. Eric noticed that the hostage was a dark-skinned, raven-haired, beautiful female wearing a Ranger Uniform, with a Pachirisu on her shoulder. It was Peggy! Eric then shouted "DON'T WORRY, PEGGY! I'LL SAVE YOU!" Eric noticed there was his girlfrined was going to be illegally auctioned as a slave, and ran toward one of the Grunts, and punched the miserable scumbag in the face. Eric was FURIOUS.

    He then pulled out a Pokeball from his belt, with his red hair standing still, and his green eyes glowing with rage. He then shouted "SKUNTANK, DRIVE THESE BASTARDS AWAY!" Out came a skunk-like Pokemon, who growled its name, and just the horrible stench it brought sent the Rockets packing. Eric grabbed his katana and pistol, and shouted toward the fleeing Grunts "TELL YOUR BOSS THAT WHEN I GET MY HANDS ON HIM, HE'LL PAY!" Eric then called Skuntank back to its Pokeball, and turned to his girlfriend ,and said "I promised you I'd help you out.", as he unbound her wrists. Peggy then said "Thank you SO MUCH!", and kissed him on the cheek. Eric then said "Arceus told me you were here, and that I must avenge the lives that were lost. I MUST kill Giovanni, and I'll need your help. It isn't safe here, follow me! There are others who suffered because of Team Rocket, and I'll take you to them. We're gonna kick the asses of every Rocket we encounter.", grabbing her by the arm and leading her to the others, Pachirisu clinging on its human partner's shoulder.
  2. Mark Bellum was in Mauville as Team Rocket ran through the streets seizing the city. He held his pokeballs tight in his hands behind his home avoiding Team Rocket. He put the pokeballs on his belt and he said he had to do something. HE had to do something, Team Rocket's motives were to fanatic to talk them out of stopping. He had to take action. He threw a pokeball and out popped his Lucario. "Come on Ryuu old buddy, you and me are going to stop this from happening, they want Hoenn, then they'll have to go through me first!" Lucario noticed the seriousness in Mark's face and nodded to agree "come on let's get mom out of here you get Michael and we'll get out of here on Pidgeot, we'll meet up with Eric at Lilycove, there's nothing we can do now." Mark ran only to find Team Rocket going into his house. Mark broke the window and jumped in.
    "What?" the grunt said suprised at the sight of Mark and Lucario
    "Get out of my house!" Mark yelled "Lucario Aura Sphere go!" Lucario nodded at shot the Aura Sphere and the two grunts shot backward.
    Mark what's going on?" his mother asked
    "No time to explain let's get out of here!" Lucario came down with his little brother Michael, Michael still had his Bonsly and Tangela, and his mother still had her Medicham and Blissey. All of the pokemon were in their pokeballs. Mark returned Lucario and all three of them got on Pidgeot and flew off before Team Rocket could get them. Mark and his family flew to Lilycove to meet up with Eric.
  3. Eric and Peggy were chatting about their plans. Eric then said "I came all the way here from our island near Sinnoh just to find you. Teams Magma, Aqua, and Galactic no longer exist. Now only those damn Rockets and Team Snagem remain. Y'know, my dad was a high-ranking Admin of Team Snagem, until I was born, of course. I bet Gonzap will help us. I still have my dad's P*DA, so I have Gonzap's email." Eric was about to e-mail Snagem's base, and Gonzap instantly gave Eric a message thatsaid "Shane, your P*DA just turned back on. how've you been?"

    Eric then replied saying, "No, I'm his son, Eric! My parents are dead! Some bastards who call themselves 'Team Rocket', came to our island killing everyone there except me and my girlfriend. We might need your help to get rid of those scumbags. Come to Lilycove City, Hoenn, ASAP."

    Gonzap replied again saying "I'm actually on my way, expect to see me in a few days. See ya then!"
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    Oh yes. Double post for no reason, Usage of the character you've been warned for... Man, THIS ban was long overdue. Lock'd.
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