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Open The Jardin de fleurs Hotel

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Noodle_Bug, Jan 21, 2018.

  1. ~Welcome!~

    Welcome, to the Jardin de fleurs Hotel, or, if you'd prefer, the Flower Garden Hotel. Said to bring great rest and relaxation. Come by, and rest awhile! There are many things to do, all provided by the simple payment you had made before you'd came.

    Places in the hotel:

    - Front Desk

    - Snack Bar

    - Pool

    - Rooms {Floors 2 to 5}

    - Spa & Sauna

    - Room Service Center

    - A sort of 'Beach Type' area with activites such as; Pyumuku Throwing, Volleyball, etc.

    Anyways, I hope you enjoy YOUR stay at
    Jardin de fleurs Hotel!


    1) Romance is allowed, but nothing past kissing.

    2) NPCs {Controlled by the one and only me}, will be there as receptionists, etc.

    3) If you don't listen to Pokecharm's rules or these rules, you will get warnings. As they say, '3 strikes and you're out.'

    4) Respect others, no bullying, or harming others.

    5) Carrying on on rule 4, no Godmoding, PP, etc.

    6) No cussing. I will say this once, and only ONCE.

    7) Have fun. A hotel is for fun, not boring days.

    8) This is a trainer RP, so if you don't enjoy roleplaying as one, do not join/complaint.

    9) You may only bring 1 Pokemon to the hotel.

    10) The max amount of characters is 3.

    Character Sheets // Bios~




    Pokemon {One only, seeing that is one of the hotel's disclaimers.}:




    Favorite Food:

    My Example~

    Name: Nisho Luck

    Age: 14

    Gender: Male

    Pokemon: Artemis [Herdier, male]

    Appearance: Nisho has blue eyes, complementing his silky blonde hair. He's about 6'4, weighing about 125 km. He usually is wearing a black turtleneck sweater, a pair of jeans, and a pair of black sneakers.

    Personality: Nisho is pretty energetic, loving a good chat and some games every once and awhile. Sometimes, he's pretty quiet, seeing he isn't doing anything. When angry, he'll stay quiet and huff, and when he's sad he does the same, but softly cries instead of huffing.

    Friend(s): Pandora Shima

    Favorite Food: Fish // Sushi


    Name: Pandora Shima

    Age: 15

    Gender: Female

    Pokemon: Island [Persian]

    Appearance: Pandora has purple eyes, and black hair. Her hair is tied most of the time into a ponytail, but sometimes is let down and straight. She is 5'2 and weighs 139 km. She usually wears a white hoodie, a pair of white leggings, and white high heels.

    Personality: Pandora usually acts like a sort of cat. But, if she's not acting like a cat, she's usually a pretty cool person. Honestly she is sweet and kind. A very solemn and emotional person.

    Friend(s): Nisho Lucky

    Favorite Food: Strawberries


    Have Fun at
    Jardin de fleurs,


  2. Oh! This sounds lovely and exactly my speed.

    Name: Gracidea Felice

    Age: 17

    Gender: Female

    Pokemon {One only, seeing that is one of the hotel's disclaimers.}: A female Alolan Ninetales named Tsubaki.

    Appearance: Gracidea is a petite and feminine young woman, with a pale complexion and appearance that is reminiscent of a flower. She always wears a kind and pleasant expression, punctuated with a smile that reaches all the way up to her ice-blue eyes! She is only 5', so she tends to wear clothes that flatter her shapely figure (mostly a-line dresses) and just enough makeup in order to avoid being mistaken for a child. Gracidea's dresses are typically white, accented with pale pinks and purples for a touch of colour. She wears her ash-brown hair in loose, artfully messy braided crowns, and is rarely found without her favourite necklace- a long rose-gold chain with a gracidea bud encased in glass.

    Personality: For the most part, Gracidea is a kind and gentle soul, but when something upsets her or rubs her the wrong way she tends to make flash judgments that she'll hold onto for a while. It can be difficult for her to let go of a poor first impression, and she's uncharacteristically icy towards anyone who starts off on her bad side. She is also guilty of sometimes judging a person if they seem sloppy or terribly unfashionable. That said, she is a little old-fashioned and was always taught to bite her lip and be polite, even towards someone she may not like. She is very well-mannered, and though she can be a little quiet she is always polite. She loves reading, tending to plants (especially flowers), and brewing/drinking tea. She detests loud noise, offensive smells, and showing her face in public without makeup or nice clothes on. More than anything, though, she positively abhors being mistaken for a child or having attention called to her height...or lack thereof.

    Friend(s): Gracidea has moved around a lot her whole life, and as such her closest friend is her pokémon partner, Tsubaki.

    Favorite Food: Madeleines, mulberries, and snowpeas!
  3. Name: Micheal Dives

    Age: 14

    Gender: Male

    Pokemon: Parvus (Joltick)

    Appearance: Micheal is slightly taller than average, standing at about 5'11, and his skin is relatively tan. He proudly expresses an awkward smile, that gives off the impression that he has no idea where his is. He has smiling eyes, that are a deep shade of hazel. His hair is dirty blond, and hangs down at his shoulders, since he never combs it. Around his neck, he supports a silver necklace with a medallion resembling the sun, which will be explained in the personality section. He typically wears a pair of beige jeans that look like they've been thrown into the dirt, and a gray t-shirt, leaving his arms exposed. Overall, he looks like he could never wish to stay in a hotel such as this, but his looks couldn't be more deceiving.

    Personality: To understand Micheal's personality, you first have to know his backstory. Micheal's was born to wealthy parents, who owned an impressively successful company. It may seem like a blessing, but that wasn't the case. Since they were so busy with their job, Micheal's parents wouldn't have been able to take care of him properly. So, they brought Micheal to his aunt's farm in the country, so she could take care of him, and have help with the farm. Micheal's mother gave him the necklace mentioned above, so she would recognize him when they met again. Micheal's aunt raised him as if he were her own child, and taught him everything he needed to know, while also having do chores around the farm. Micheal grew to be very hard working because of this, and he enjoyed working, but since he never actually interacted with anyone other than his aunt, his social skills are lacking, to say the least. He doesn't know how to talk to others very well, but his aunt at least taught him to be polite, or in his case, try to be. His only friend on the farm was a joltick he named Parvus, which he caught with a pokeball his aunt had from when she was a trainer. Nevertheless, one day, Micheal and his aunt received a letter from his parents saying they wanted to finally start raising him themselves. Micheal was to be dropped off at some place called, The Jardin de Fleurs Hotel, until his parents arrived to bring him him. They paid for Micheal's stay in advance, so all he needed to do was tell the receptionist his name. They also informed them that Micheal would stay there for a few days before being brought home so he could relax, as they had no doubt Micheal's aunt had made him work more than necessary.

    Friend(s): Other than Parvus, none at all.

    Favorite Food: Anything he can get his hands on. If it's edible, he'll eat it.
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  4. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    Sounds nice, and I have no other RP's, so....

    Name: James Warmen
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Pokemon: Froakie (♂ Male; Nicknamed: Bubbles)
    Appearance: James is 5'8, with an average stature and weight. He has blonde hair, that is long and very messy. His eyes are green, but they can sometimes be blue. For clothing, he generally only wears shorts and a shirt, no matter how cold it is outside.
    Personality: James is very relaxed, and also a bit lazy. He isn't shy, but does prefer to be in a small group of people rather than a crowd. He doesn't really tend to get lonely because Bubbles is always there.
    Friend(s): Hasn't met anyone at the hotel... so.... Bubbles, I guess.
    Favorite Food: Sushi and also Teriyaki Chicken.
  5. Name: Iris Hawthorne

    Age: 14

    Gender: Female

    Pokemon: Buneary (Candy)

    Appearance: Iris has light ginger hair, which is kept in a loose, over the shoulder braid. She wears a pale pink, sleeveless minidress, with white tights, and pink heeled sandals.

    Personality: Iris is rather shy, and tends to keep to herself, but she enjoys battling, and is surprisingly good at pool, and card games, habits which she picked up when she was in a mental hospital for social anxiety.

    Friends: None yet

    Favourite foods: Pecan pie, and arrabiata.
  6. *casually pushes some information*

    Trainer Bio:
    Her name is Aliah Solima.
    Age: She is about 13 Years old.
    Gender: Female
    Pokémon: She has an Aron. (More information on it is below.)
    Appearance: Aliah stands at the height of 4'10" or about roughly 147 centimeters, as she has pale skin, blue eyes and black hair in the style of a ponytail. She wears a one piece, sleeveless black skater dress and gray converse shoes each having a single pearl near the toe cap. She has on a red backpack that holds some items of necessity and other personal items for herself and Ace to use. Due to the absence of Pokédex or any technology of the likes in her area of origin, her father modified her childhood plush toy of a baby Ampharos to have the functions of multiple conventional machines into one. The plushie sits on her right shoulder, as it is able to speak in the voice of an Ampharos and also somewhat fly around if needed thanks to the hover parts it has installed on the soles of its feet when it was modded a second time. The plushie now serves the purposes of a map, guider, scanner and many more that may be discovered in the RP.
    Personality: Aliah is often active and outgoing. She loves to explore new places while finding valuable items from folklore or other people that she received favors from. Although she may be stern from others from time to time, she usually the one to assert her leadership and to make sure that everyone puts in their fair share of weight. She rarely back away unlike the average girl in a horror movie would, and will often do what it takes to ensure victory for the next battle to come, even if it costs her some healing items.
    Friends: She has none at the moment, but this is subject to change in the RP.
    Favorite Food: She likes to eat some various types of sushi and mildly spicy food.

    Pokémon Bio:
    His name is Ace.
    Species: He is an Aron.
    Gender: Male
    Age: He is roughly about 12 Months old in human standards.
    Height: 1'02" / 35.56 cm
    Weight: 20.8 lbs / 9.43 kg
    Ability: Rock Head (Nullifies the effects of recoil damage.)
    Appearance: He is your normal, everyday Aron; nothing too special and dramatic about his physical appearance.
    Personality: He is reserved when it comes to social interactions, as he prefers to be secluded from others. His emotional side often gets the better of him since he has a fear of needles and despises battling other Pokémon. He does have some quirky habits he typically does when alone; the main one being that he likes to put his right arm in his mouth. Although he can be a bit silly at times, he can still usually get the job done with some effort involved.
    Primary Moves:
    • Metal Claw: Aron gathers in a surge of energy and sharply strikes the target with his right arm, inflicting moderate damage. This move can be repeatedly used to chain together attacks, but significantly increases the cost of power.
    • Protect: Aron deploys a field of defensive energy to protect itself from all incoming attacks, nullifying all damage and status conditions they would have otherwise inflicted. This move may fail if used consecutively however.
    • Mud-Slap: Aron launches some dirt, sand or other similar matter at the target to inflict slight damage and reduce their accuracy. This move may also blind the target if it hits on the eye.
    • Metal Sound: Aron emits a dreadful screech at the target, sharply reducing their special defense. This move can also be used for distractions and echolocation in dark areas for times of stealth.
    Identifying Marks/Accessories: He has some bandages snugly wrapped around the top of his head. (The hole near the top and above his left eye is also partially wrapped.)
    Other: Aron's body is much lighter than the typical weight of his species since he is young and his armor is relatively thin compared to his kind.
  7. Ahem, Approved!
  8. Everything seems to be in check! Approved!
  9. Approved! ^^
  10. Approved, looking forward to have you stay!
  11. Approved! Happy to have ya!
  12. Also, everyone, since I think we have enough people, the RP will be posted soon enough. Everyone will be greeted by one of my NPCs and given a key to a numbered room. Each will be a bit separate, but some a bit closer.
  13. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

    Okay, thanks. I'm on vacation currently, so I might not be able to post sometimes, but I'll still be able to post. :)
  14. Alright, as long as you will be somewhat active in the RP.
  15. FroakiesFrubbles

    FroakiesFrubbles Previously pokeyman

  16. Name: Daniel Michaels
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Pokemon: Falchion (Male Honedge)
    Appearance: Daniel stands at about 6’3”, weighing in at 175 pounds. He has brown eyes and brown hair, his hair is neatly swept to the right. Danny wears a blue t shirt with black gym shorts, and blue basketball shoes, regardless of weather.
    Personality: Danny is energetic, flirtatious, tries to be funny. He is quick tempered, loves to play (all) games and eat food. You’d usually find him at the snack bar, or hanging out with Honedge. He’s very determined when it comes to battling, or really, just anything at all.
    Friend(s): None, will change in RP
    Favorite Food: Calzones
  17. Approved!
  19. Alright, I suppose I might need to have my trainer watch Ace since he tends to sneak away if no one's looking since he doesn't exactly like going out too much...
  20. Name: Lucan Vanison

    Age: 21

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Lucan wears a long blue coat going down to his knees. He has red hair with yellow eyes. His Hair covers his right eye as he has a scar underneath his left eye.

    Personality: Lucan is a more of a laid back loner. He prefers spending time with himself. He is generally caring but also hot-headed. He likes to spend time with his Pokemon.

    Friend(s): None

    Favorite Food: French Fries

    Pokemon Bio:

    Pokemon: Gardevoir

    Nickname: Erin

    Gender: Female

    Shiny?: Yes


    • Moonblast
    • Teleport
    • ???
    • ???
    Personality: To be revealed in RP

    : Same as any Gardevoir except her eyes are black with purple pupils.
  21. Name:
    Yang Ughart
    Pokemon {One only, seeing that is one of the hotel's disclaimers.}:
    Absol (shiny)
    Yang has brown hair shaped into the style of hair of her Absol. She dones a black coat over a white shirt. She also has a grey skirt with bright blue leggings with large muticoloured stars all over it.
    Yang lived in a rich family and held her back as much as possible. She was forced to be entirely perfect and respectful, even though Yang didn't. She grew rebellious, using her leggings to rebel against her parent's rules. In fact, she is quite fun and joking. She also is insanely lucky for no reason.
    Favorite Food:

    Yang likes beef grevy over white rice.
  22. Not to be rude, but Micheal already told her his name.
  23. Oh, excuse me. I'll fix that.
  24. Approved, everything is in check!
  25. Approved!
  26. Thanks dude.
  27. What is Danny’s room number? Your post didn’t specify it.
  28. May I Join?

    Name: Florem Nagi

    Age: 16

    Gender: Female

    Pokemon: Azriel (Scizor, M)

    Appearance: Long cotton candy pink hair in a lose braid down to her waist and violet eyes, she's 5'1" and is usually seen in a black and pink striped turtle neck with a dark purple skirt and grey leggings along with magenta tennis shoes. She also carries around a light purple back pack.

    Personality: Florem is a kindhearted and very sweet woman who care deeply for Pokemon and people alike, she loves to pass on all the things she's learned about Pokemon to help people understand them better as well as how to care for Pokemon and themselves in the process. She can sometimes be completely oblivious to her surrounding when spacing off or doing something she loves she's also timid and shy when it comes to guys due to not interacting with many when she was younger

    Friend(s): Only her Pokemon for now

    Favorite Food: Any type of sweet or spicy food
  29. I can't express how tempted I was to make Micheal accidentally call Gracidea a child. I could lie and say it's because that's what I think he'd really do, but honestly, I just like making fun of short people.
  30. She wouldn't be happy about it, but she doesn't have to be! It'd be funny.
  31. Ahem, excuse me for not specifying. It is room 102.
  32. Sorry for the wait, I have been busy, but Everything seems to be in check,

  33. Hi, your RP sounds great, i'd love to join if I can!
    Name: Lyra Honeymist

    Age: 15

    Gender: Female

    Pokemon: Sierra [Vulpix, Female]

    Appearance: Long dark black hair with an electric purple streak through it, she has ocean blue eyes and often wears light colored, pretty clothing that she can easily move in.

    Personality: She and Sierra often have problems connecting with each other in battles, they have come to the hotel to bond and hopefully understand each other better. Lyra is a pushover, and shy, but is always content with reading a good book. She is not very confident when meeting new people, but opens up when she gets to know them.
    Sierra is a bit of a diva, and likes to have her own way, which she always gets because Lyra is too shy to say no.

    Friends: None currently

    Favorite food (and drink): Loves fruity macrons and any kind of fruity smoothies.
  34. Name: Lane Pierson

    Age: 18

    Gender: Male

    Pokemon {One only, seeing that is one of the hotel's disclaimers.}: Haxorus (Male) (King)

    Appearance: He stand around 6'2" with jet black hair in an ivy league style and chocolate brown eyes. He usually wears a long sleeve dark purple button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up along with black skinny jeans and black loafers. He also wears a black leather necklace with a Dragon Fang hanging from it.

    Personality: Lane is a true gentleman being raised in a very rich Kalosian family. He is also very funny and sarcastic at times but very serious when he needs to be. He absolutely adores Pokemon of all shapes,sizes and types.

    Friend(s): none, will change during rp

    Favorite Food: Salmon
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