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Ask to Join The Island, under new management

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by The Dark Fairy, Aug 18, 2020.

  1. The Dark Fairy

    The Dark Fairy Previously Eliiiscool

    The soft rustling of leaves and the crashing of waves is the only sound on the island, no sign of what was to come, or what has happened before. In a bright flash of light, people from places reaching further than any would ever imagine were pulled to the island in a bright flash of light, uncaring of who they were, or what they had done before. The island was around ten square miles, filled with wooded areas, many clearings and a single river, the island raised to a high point in the middle, but it was not a mountain. Ocean stretched for as far as anyone could see, a heavy fog on the horizon.

    Eli sat bolt upright, the last thing he remembered had been passing out on his small bed, though now he was, where ever he was. He inspected his body, noticing he was unharmed. He concluded whatever had happened to him had been done before he hit the ground. He got up, placing a hand on his sword, looking around the field he was in.

    A wild Eevee woke in a empty field, jumping on her feet, she walked around, sniffing her surroundings, looking at her surroundings for anything familiar.
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  2. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Edail awoke in one of the many clearings, her head buzzing. She tried to recall what happened. The battle! Was she considered a coward for 'fleeing' the battle, or was she considered one of the dead. Did her allies win? What was with the green gas. She held a hand to her head as her mind swarmed her with all of these questions and more. She then looked around. It seemed to be very different from what she had seen, and she had seen a lot. "Light, protect me," she murmured to herself as she picked up her war hamer and stood up. Quickly, a plan formulated in her head. First order of business, find a good place for shelter. Second, explore immediate surroundings. Lastly, look for clues on how she got there.

    Northern Star's head throbbed. With a groan, she sat up, her blue eyes scanning the area. Where in the world was she! She quickly got to her four hooves and looked around some more, trying to find anything familiar. Nothing. What about Firefly and Duststorm? Were they also here? Are they safe? She honestly had no idea. The thought of them potentially being harm made her fearful though. Get it together, Northern. You'll find out soon. Now, focus on something else. She gave a sighed at her internal dialogue to herself and trotted off to find someplace to make a camp. While she was walking, she noticed a creature standing on two legs and wielding a sword. Amazing! A potential ally! Maybe he can help me find my friends. Don't get too optimistic though. She walked towards him, waving a hoof. "Hi! Who are you?"
  3. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    Charlie sat up, head spinning. They felt nothing but sick and dizzy, and way too hot. They put their hands on the ground to support them so they wouldn't topple over onto their back, but pulled them away in disgust as soon as they felt sand. They looked around, finally realising where they where and starting to panic. 'This isn't home, where am I?! What happened?!' They stood up, brushing the sand off them and hurridely looking around again. They where stuck there. Hooray. 'Water, I need water.' Was the first thing that popped into their head. They pick up the Fredbear plushie, clutching it close to their chest as they wandered into the wooded area and away from the beach.

    Carlton blinked open his eyes, greeted with a very unfamiliar sight. He got to his almost instantly, looking around him with a mixture of confusion and fear. "Not again.." he grumbled, joking a little and trying to calm himself down. He was in a clearing, in the woods. But It didn't look like anything in Hurricane, he couldn't be at home. Seagulls passed above the clearing, and he frowned. "Wherever I am, this can't be good." He said as he started to wander away from where he'd landed in search of... well, anything really.
  4. Cody slowly stretched, waking up. The sounds of birds chirping and insects buzzing was rather pleasant to the criminal's ears... Wait. Birds chirping and insects buzzing? Cody didn't remember falling asleep in the park. He slowly sat up, looking around. This was definitely where he hadn't been sleeping. There was a thick forest all around him, and in the distance he could hear the faint crashing of waves. Where the heck was he?

    The convict began to make his way through the forest. He moved slowly, feeling more of a muted curiosity rather than panic or fear. Pushing aside some plants, the large man stumbled into a clearing. There, he saw a rather unusual sight. A woman was there. But this woman looked far from normal. She was dressed in ornate golden plate armor, and had horns that sprouted from her head. She was also carrying a war hammer. Not to mention, her skin was a light gray color. The woman looked rather tough.

    A small smile on his face, Cody leaned against a tree and folded his cuffed arms.
    "Alright, lady. I got some questions for you, so you better start talking." Cody called over to Edail.
  5. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Edail turned towards the human, weapon raised. However, when she saw it was a human, she lowered it. "By the Light, I'm busy right now. A base of operations is a necessity within an environment like this one," she said in a thick draeniean accent. She narrowed her golden glowing orbs before walking closer with her goat-like legs. Did she see chains on the human? He was a lawbreaker! By the Light, is the first person I meet is a criminal. She gave a sigh. "I also have a few questions before I continue, though. We can exchange questions and answers." She motioned at the handcuffs. "What laws did you break?"
  6. Cody's small smile turned to a look of slight annoyance at the attitude this strange lady was giving him. The convict began to walk towards Edail.
    "Look, lady. That's not exactly a need to know thing. And I'm going to be the one asking the questions. So why don't you tell me where we are, huh? Unless you'd prefer not to answer." Cody's stance shifted slightly, taking a more of a defensive fighting stance. "I'd prefer that. It would spice up the boredom."
  7. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Edail gave a glare. Just how bad of a lawbreaker was he? "I don't think you understand. It is a 'need to know thing' for me." She stood up straight as she could. "As a paliden of the Light, it is my job to control who I spend my time with. Criminals don't make good company." She sighed as she assessed the potential enemy. "I do not know where we are. I've seen landscapes similar in my many years, but I haven't been here. Ever."
  8. Clarity strolled along the streets. A car whizzed past, a pleasant smell came from a restaurant. The sky was overcast, but that didn’t put a damper on her mood. With her gym bag over her shoulder and a spring in her step, she headed for the indoor ice skating rink. She turned at the street corner, and.... found herself falling. Or, it felt like falling, but it wasn’t. It was just a sensation like falling, really, and it was certainly weird. Her vision felt blurry, and she started to panic. She flailed around, and felt... something- something moving- creep down the length of her arm. She tried to shake it off, whatever it was, but she couldn’t. The last thing she felt before passing out was a cold pain in her chest.


    ‘Where... am I?’
    Clarity’s eyes were open, staring up at a sky unlike the one she had last seen. She could feel her gym bag partially under her, and grass. She could hear... waves?! ‘How is that possibl-‘ she sat up with a jerk and immediately cried out in pain. A stabbing cold struck her in the chest, and she doubled over. It faded, and she looked around. ‘Man, that hurt... what was that? And... where am I? How did I get here?!’
    She got to her feet, carefully. She didn’t know what had caused the pain before, but if it had been due to sudden movement she was going to avoid that. Nothing happened, but that wasn’t too much relief. Her surroundings were completely strange. A short ways off she could see a bit of beach, and the opposite direction had some trees. She bent down and picked up her gym bag, and then stood still, trying to orient herself.

    Then came another pain spike. She cringed, but this time it was brief. When she looked up, her eyes widened. There were little bubbles floating in the air, and buzzing around inside each one was a bee. She reached up with her free hand and rubbed her eyes, convinced she was dreaming, of hallucinating, or something. Maybe she had hit her head on the sidewalk and was in the hospital, because this just couldn’t be real.
  9. The Dark Fairy

    The Dark Fairy Previously Eliiiscool

    Eli whipped around, drawing his sword and pointing it at the newcomer. Initially, his gaze was one of simple caution, though his gaze hardened upon seeing the pony in front of him. "Kovich, now who are you?" he asked harshly.

    The small brown fox wandered from the clearing, noticing a human near the shore. Stalking up to the girl, she noticed bubbles surrounding the human! Jumping up and trying to catch them in her mouth, she forgot all about Clarity.
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  10. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Northern Star winced at the harshness of Kovich's (weird name, she had to admit) tone. She stepped back some, unsure if she even wanted to be around him due to his glare and the fact he was pointing a sword in her direction, much less his attitude. "Uh, it's Northern Star," she said nervously. "I was wondering if you knew where we're at, Kovich and if you could help me find my two friends, but I think it's better if I just leave now." She backed away more, keeping her eyes on the creature with the sword.
  11. Clarity's 'dream' continued, and she decided to just flow with it. 'I mean, it isn't exactly bad... beaches, and bubbles, and... well, the pain isn't good, but maybe... maybe I'm having surgery or something.' Her attention was caught by the small foxlike creature running towards her. Her eyes widened, because she recognized it as an Eevee. Now she knew it was a dream, even if the bees in bubbles hadn't convinced her. Pokemon weren't real! So of course this was just a dream. Maybe she even had Pokeballs in her bag...
    Or not, as she found a moment later after checking. However, seeing the Eevee still playing with the bubbles, she smiled and sat down. She watched as one of the bubbles was popped and a bee buzzed up into the air, higher, and higher, and higher, and... it was out of sight. Huh.
  12. The Dark Fairy

    The Dark Fairy Previously Eliiiscool

    Eli watched her back up, he figured she did not know anything, as she had been about to ask him. He backed up a ways, before turning around and walking off into the woods, looking for any buildings or other people.

    The Eevee had grabbed many of the bubbles, though started using her paw due to the foul taste, after a while, she grew tired. Approaching the human from before, she jumped on their lap and pressed into her stomach, almost like a cat.
  13. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    Carlton soon wandered to the beach, looking bewildered at the sight of the sea and shaking his head. "This can't be real, I'm dreaming.." He muttered, before noticing Clarity. He sighed, starting to walk over. Perhaps this other person could help him out.

    Charlie hadn't found water. They hadn't found anything. Just trees. Lots of trees. Too many trees. They didn't like it, not one bit, and it was starting to anger them. "Where the heck am I?!" They shouted out suddenly, before immediately regretting their decision and shutting their mouth, holding the plushie close to their chest as their ears flattened.
  14. Cody merely raised an eyebrow at Edail as she spoke. Letting out a bit of a disappointed sigh, Cody relaxed and leaned against another tree.
    "Well, that makes two of us that don't know where we are." Cody said. The convict looked around the area once again, but like before there was nothing familiar here. Still feeling a little annoyed, he looked back over to Edail. By now, he was close enough to notice the unusualness of her goat legs. Then again, it wasn't exactly the strangest thing he had ever seen, so Cody didn't exactly care.
    "Well, do you have a plan to find out where we are?" Cody asked Edail.
  15. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Faced with the dread of being alone, Northern Star kept looking at the person walking away. While she didn't consider herself an extrovert by any means, she honestly didn't want to be all on her own if he was the only person there. Though he was extremely hostile. She sighed before galloping after him. "Wait! I'm a good navigator, and I can do some short distance teleportation. Oh! And if we get attacked by something, I can put up a barrier until the thing attacking us goes away!" She said nothing about fighting though. She couldn't fight. She could do multiple other things with magic, but not fight. After all, that information was not readily available for ponies.

    Edail sighed. She was getting real sick of this criminal. "If I did, I would not tell you. But I currently don't." She turned away from him. "Now, if you excuse me, I have something important to do, and I'm wasting daylight." Edail honestly didn't need daylight to work, but it was definitely perfered. She started walking away, looking for a suitable place to start building a shelter. She then glanced back at the lawbreaker. "No, you cannot follow me. I know you're a criminal. And I don't work with that sort of riffraff. Especially if I don't know what got you locked up. You had your chance to answer that question, but you gave it up. For now, I consider your crimes the worst of all crimes that can be committed."
  16. Clarity was absolutely delighted when the Eevee turned away from its play to come rest in her lap. It was literally a dream come true... or not, this was a dream, so it was great something pleasant like this happened. She wouldn't let the fact of it not being real spoil things for her. She began stroking the Eevee, marveling at how real it felt. It was such a pleasant feel, too, and she decided she wouldn't mind spending the rest of the dream hanging out with the Eevee.
    Then came another jolt of pain, less severe but still enough to make her gasp. When she recovered, she saw two things: A person walking towards her, and... The other thing, far more odd, was a little ways in front of her, a flower growing in fast motion, sprouting up, spreading out leaves, and beginning to flower. Even odder was that the flower, once it unfurled, revealed a rubbery bulb within. The flower petals spread wider as the rubber grew ever bigger, and then... the stem began to wither. Clarity could hardly take her eyes off it. The petals fell away and the stem wasted to a mere thread, and then... it snapped from its roots and began to rise into the air. It was a helium balloon.
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  17. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    "Hello?..." Carlton called, but his voice trailed off when he saw the flower-balloon drift into the air, mouth gaping open a little as he stared after it in awe. When he finally got over the fact a balloon just grew out of a flower, he looked back down at Clarity. "D-did you do that?" He asked, still a little confused about the whole ordeal. First the forest, then the island, and now this wack flower? Maybe he'd died in his sleep and this was some sort of afterlife, albeit not what he'd thought it'd be. That wouldn't be too strange of an answer, the remnant stuff could've only just now killed him. But it didn't seem likely, that was ages ago now, and he'd fully recovered. 'Its a dream, it has to be.' He thought again, it couldn't be anything else.
  18. Cody watched as the goat woman began to walk away. While at one time Cody would have been irritated by the woman's holier than thou attitude, once again Cody was a bit too numb to care. So she wouldn't help him even if she did know anything. Whatever. This person didn't want to help him, so that left only one thing that Cody cared about. A fight.

    Picking up a rock, Cody tossed it a few times in his hand. It was a good, solid piece of rock. Hard. Good size. A grin crawling across his face, the convict pitched the rock at Edail as hard as he could. He wasn't aiming for her head, but instead a place where her armor looked a little less thick. An unexpected rock to the back of a head had a chance of ending a fight before it started, and Cody would prefer not to. The convict then took a fighting stance once again, gesturing for Edail to come at him.
  19. The Dark Fairy

    The Dark Fairy Previously Eliiiscool

    Eli stopped a moment, taking a large sigh through his nose. "Look, Im not interested in trekking around this place with a pony." He looked back for a second, turning around and facing her. The pony seemed like she really wanted to follow him. ".....why do yo want to follow me?"

    The small Pokemon circled in Claritys lap, laying down and closing her eyes, just enjoying the feeling of being pet by the human.
  20. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Edail felt something hit her back and heard a thudding noise. She turned to see what happened and saw the lawbreaker gesturing to come at him. She glared at him, but didn't raise her weapon. The Light was merciful and forgiving, after all. She also didn't see much point in a fight so early on. Edail took a deep breath then rose a brow, no longer glaring. "I will not fight you. I have much more important matters to attend to. I wasted enough time talking to a criminal like you." She turned once more then walked away.

    Northern Star tensed up at Kovich's comment about him not wanting to travel with her. However she quickly pushed it out of her mind. Maybe encountered one that talked a lot. Or maybe he just hated being around others. Though, when he asked his question, she became slightly suspicious. "Because I don't want to travel alone. What if we're the only two here? Besides, I've heard that if somepony doesn't have any interactions, they go insane or paranoid."
  21. While her hands were still in a position to pet the Eevee, they had halted for the moment between the pain and the amazement at the balloon-flower-plant-thing. She looked down from where it was floating in the air to the person in front of her. She tried to answer his question in as level of a voice as she could. "No. I mean, I don't think I did, but since this is a dream I guess I technically did... but why are you in my dream? I don't think I know you." She stroked the Eevee one or two more times and glanced up at the quickly-fading spot of color that marked the rising balloon while awaiting his answer.
  22. The Dark Fairy

    The Dark Fairy Previously Eliiiscool

    Elis face took on the expression of one who would have heard a distasteful joke. He placed his hand on his nose, rubbing it. "I'm not going to stop you from doing anything, but dont expect me to do anything for you." He stated coldly as he turned back around and began to walk again.
  23. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Northern Star's face contorted into slight anger. Rude, she thought. She was just trying to give him some company and a friend, but he obviously didn't care about her. At least he wasn't fighting her or anything. She couldn't do anything about that if he did, especially since she couldn't fight. She gave a sigh as she refocused. "So, Kovich, what were you doing before coming here? I was writing a paper on why certain magical artifacts shouldn't be used by anyone and why my position is very important." She gave Eli a smile, hoping they could break the ice, especially since his attitude made her uncomfortable.
  24. The lady refusing to fall for his taunts, Cody was disappointed. No information, and no fighting. What a truely boring person. Still, the lady strode with purpose, and Cody figured he should at least respect that.
    "Well, whatever. Don't let me stand in your way if you've got stuff to do." Cody said. With that, the convict turned and began to walk in the opposite direction.

    Cody found himself feeling another pang of irritation. Lost on a strange island, with the only person he had met not wanting to fight. He should have just stayed in his cell, at least then he would have been able to crack some heads in prison. The whole reason he busted out was so he could find people to fight, and now he was stuck in this situation. Fun.
  25. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    “Why am I in your dream? Why are you in mine?” He looked pretty confused. This... was a dream, wasn’t it? Doubt tugged at him harder than the sea wind did. “I don’t think this is a dream, not really, it’s too real.” Carlton shook his head, “I can’t believe it though, how on Earth did I get here? One moment I was at home in my room and the next I’m here, on this island full of things that look like they’ve been pulled out of a fairy tale, seemingly stuck with no way off.”
  26. The Dark Fairy

    The Dark Fairy Previously Eliiiscool

    Eli looked into the trees, looking for any other life in the woods of the island. He decided to move inland, in order to get a higher vantage point. "What I was doing is top secret, if you knew, I would have to kill you." He stated, without a hint of joking or exaggerating. He picked up a rock from the ground, looking it over before moving on, rock in hand.
  27. After a few minutes of walking, Cody's patience was running thin. He recognized nothing. Not to mention, Cody was a born and raised city boy that had no experience in the wild. So for all he knew, he could be walking in circles. Irritated, the convict pushed aside some undergrowth and paused. He found himself looking at yet another unusual sight.

    Now, Cody had seen and fought many different people, each more unique than the last. Sure, the goat lady was new. But this was new on a whole other level. There was a humanoid not to far away, about the size of an older kid or a young teen. But this kid was covered in hair, like an animal. Their head wasn't human either, looking more like a cat. They had fur, but were also wearing clothes. Not to mention, the kid was holding what looked like a small plushie. Feeling intrigued now, Cody leaned against a nearby tree and just watched the... kid? Kitten? Creature? Who knows what it was, it wasn't human. Perhaps it was somehow related to that strange green man he had fought before... Then again, that goat lady could talk. Maybe this creature could too.

    "Hey." Cody said to Charlie.
  28. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    Charlie jumped, stumbling back a little before turning to face whoever spoke. "H-hello." They said, voice wobbly and ears still flat. "Who are you? Did you bring me here?" They wanted answers, and if it meant questioning this person in cuffs that could easily attack. They could run though, they may've been small and clumbsy, but they where a lot faster than they looked. They held one of their paws behind their back, unseathing their claws as a 'just in case'. They didn't want to fight, but if they had no choice they weren't going to go down easily. There where a lot of nicks in their ears, a sign that they where no stranger to this.
  29. Well, that was interesting. So it could talk. And Cody had guessed right about it being a kid, because it sure sounded like one. They also looked pretty scared. Understandable. It sounded like this kid was stuck here, and Cody wasn't exactly the friendliest-looking person. Cody let out an irritated sigh. It sounded like the kid was in the same boat he was.

    "Relax, kid. Do I look like the type of guy that knows how to bring people here? I don't even know where here is." Cody said. "I don't suppose that you would know where we are? The goat lady was less than helpful."
  30. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    Charlie shook their head, looking slightly uneasy. "I know it's an island. I was on a beach not long ago." They gesture behind them, and it's pretty obvious they're being truthful, as there is still sand in their fur. "About a minute walk. Other than that I have no clue. I want to go home." They mumble. 'Goat lady?' Charlie circles their foot in the dirt, making it only dirtier than it already was. "Who are you anyway? I'm guessing you know no more about this place than I do."
  31. Cody looked back the way the kid pointed, remembering that he heard the sounds of crashing waves earlier that day. Sounds about right. Cody stayed leaning against the tree, giving the kid space. He felt a little bad for the poor kid.
    "I'm Cody." The convict said. The man took a moment to look up at the sky, thinking.

    "You'd be right to guess that I don't know anything. I woke up here earlier today. I think the goat lady had a similar story. It sounds like you do too. I'm beginning to see a pattern I'm not sure I like." Cody said. He looked over to the Lynx-kid once again. "You got a name, kid?"
  32. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    "I'm Charlie. I woke up on the beach." They frown. "Do you think something maybe brought us all here? I have a feeling they're connected." Charlie brushed some sand off their chest, before stopping suddenly. "Oh no." They start to look around themselves frantically. 'Its gone, the necklace is gone, what am I going to do?'
    M-my necklace. It's gone." They say to Cody, looking up at him panicked. It wasn't just any necklace, it was what made them able to cope with their alility. Without it their time here could easily be made a lot worse.
  33. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Northern Star met Eli's response with silence. Her hopeful attempt of starting a conversation that could make them become closer ended horribly. She gave a sigh before becoming angry herself. Every attempt to talk to him has ended with him rudely shutting down her topics. She gritted her teeth. "What's your issue? All I've been doing is trying to talk to you and make peace because obviously, you don't like me." She pointed at him. "And every single time you just shut down these topics. What's the problem?"

    Edail found a nice area to start making a camp. It had fresh water from a small stream, an open and mostly flat area for building, and she found some berries that she was pretty sure weren't poisonous. She got to work, making a primitive axe to cut down trees. It wasn't very effective at all, but she was making do. Normally others would take care of this while she helped building, but she currently didn't have anyone with her
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  34. The Dark Fairy

    The Dark Fairy Previously Eliiiscool

    Eli gave a stiff laugh "Well sorry little miss filly navigator, but I dont like, or trust ponies." Eli looked to the sky, though it was unclear if it was because he was remembering something, or getting his bearings. He reached up and traced his fingers on the necklace under his jacket, thinking back to when he had figured it out.

    The Eevee looked up at the person who walked into the field, lazily wagging her tail "Eevee?"
  35. At the sight of Charlie panicking, Cody raised his shackled hands.
    "Hey, don't look at me kid. I've only just met you." Cody said. The convict hesitated for a moment, watching Charlie before pushing off the tree.
    "I'm going to regret this..." Cody muttered, running a hand through his hair.

    "Alright, kid. Did you have it when you woke up on the beach?" Cody asked Charlie.
  36. Finch~

    Finch~ Previously Astrapi

    “I... don’t remember. I’m not sure. I think so, but I can’t be sure.” They sighed. “I should’ve noticed it was gone, and now I’m gonna have to suffer the consequences if I don’t find it.” Charlie’s short tail twitched up and down with annoyance. “You.. wouldn’t mind helping me find it, would you? I need it back.”

    Carlton looked down at the small creature, still confused, but finding it cute. It was like a mix of a cat, Fox and rabbit. Unusual to say the least, but still cute.
  37. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Northern Star calmed down when he answered. Though, she still felt as if he was being a bit harsh. She tilted her head before giving a sigh. He probably didn't want her leading. After all, he didn't trust her. What was the point in even asking. That was like asking what's wrong. He didn't like her, so his answer would've probably been another harsh shut down of the topic. She seriously hoped others were here, that way she wouldn't be stuck with Eli. But she was unsure if anyone else was even miles away.
  38. Cody listened as the kid asked him for help. Was he really going to do this? He was a street fighter, a hardened criminal. Just because you were stuck on an island, he'd start playing babysitter for a cat kid? This wasn't even his problem, why should he care?

    Cody stared at Charlie for a moment more before rolling his eyes.
    "Alright, kid. Let's retrace your steps." Cody said.
  39. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    Heavy footsteps sent thuds through the forest, followed by the occasional scraping. The culprit? A large wolf, on all fours, trotting along the trees, leaving a large scratch on one every few seconds.
    As he walked, he grumbled.
    "Ugh. There's no prey here."
    A voice piped up in his head.
    Well, it's not like you're being very sneaky. Loufe deadpanned.
    "Shut it. Even if they ran, I could smell them. Heck, I'd even give them a head start, and I'll catch up in seconds." O.S responded, flexing his muscles proudly and shrugging, before pausing.
    He sniffed the air, now smelling a strange, animal like scent with a human one. The werewolf crouched, now in predator mode, slinking across the floor towards the scent.
    He made it behind and bush and, looking over it, saw a small, weird looking animal and, predictably, a human.
    Eh. Bite-sized, but I'll take what I can get.
    Loufe stammered, surprised. Wait-wha? Dude, what if that's his pe-
    "BANZAI!" Without warning, O.S lept out of the bush and at the creature, his mouth wide open.
  40. The Dark Fairy

    The Dark Fairy Previously Eliiiscool

    Eli continued his walk in silence, not minding the lack of conversation as he devoted most of his thoughts to how he got to this island. If anyone was here, he very much doubted he would want to meet them, after all, they were probably just more ponies with his luck.

    The Eevees eyes shot open as she quickly jumped out of the way, using quick attack to launch herself to the side, then at the larger creature, using bite to hurt the werewolf, and hopefully push it away from the humans.

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