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Open The Island of Wolf Cay (Romance Roleplay)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Staroid, Jun 18, 2017.

  1. Somewhere, in the middle of the Pacific, stays the island of Wolf Cay, famous for it's grand events - especially the festival of hearts. Every year, lanterns are released into the sky by every one at night to see, and witness as well. Many people say the festival is said to bring every Pokemon together, as friends or something closer than friends.

    It's 9:25, please excuse that crappy intro.

    ~ Romance is allowed (of course) but keep it PG.
    ~ Swearing's allowed but keep it down please.
    ~ Follow the role playing rules. It's simple.
    ~ Write 'Xenophobia' in your about section if you've read this.

    Here's my form and the template:
    Name : Lillisa Rose
    Gender : Female
    Species : Lilligant
    Appearance : She is a shiny Lilligant, but the blue on her is slightly darker
    Personality : Loner
    Other : Xenophobia

    Name :
    Gender :
    Species :
    Appearance :
    Personality :
    Other :
    Roleplay Sample : (put a paragraph or two here from previous roleplays)
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  2. This sounds interesting
    Name: Anthony
    Gender: Male
    Species: Gallade
    Appearance: He's quite tall, but the crest on his head is much smaller than average, so he wears a fedora to hide it.
    Personality: He usually tries to seem cooler than he is, but truthfully he has low self esteem. He finds it hard to talk to others, especially with the fact that at one point he went to prison, and everyone on the island seems to know. Because of this, he's very desperate for someone who will at least except him for who he is, instead of seeing him as a criminal.
    Other: He plays guitar. Also, Xenophobia.
    Roleplay Sample: Sven walked over to Joel and looked down at him. "Do you have any idea who I am?" he asked. "I am the Box Leader of the Beach Box, one of the strongest pokemon in the PC, and I'm the son of the trainer's first pokemon. So why, might I ask, would you threaten to attack my closest friend, when I could literally push a button and I'd be here." Sven had always been good at intimidation. His father had always told him that half of the fight is what they think of you. He had followed those words his whole life and had never lost a battle. Of course, he didn't battle very often, and never even saw another trainers pokemon, but he was still proud of it.
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  3. The Snom Prince

    The Snom Prince Previously The Exorciser

    Name: Nightlight Brightlight (Prefers to be called Light)
    Gender: Male
    Species: Shiny Espeon
    Appearance: Juss wears a bright pink top with palm trees over it signing his love of his original region
    Personality: He is a rather happy creature and enjoys bright things especially hot pink things
    Other: Xenophobia
    Roleplay Sample : The Siren's Song was a large wondrous ship it stood white and glowing in the sun the only perfection for the high society but a few got passage into the ship with simple invitations Junko was one being part of a lowly newspaper was surprising but she was happy Sir Heartslove was known for being charitable maybe choosing a smaller newspaper was part of it whatever the reason Junko was happy and continued taking photos of The Siren's Song before they had to go on to depart for Japan - From Murder Mystery On The Siren's Song

    that good?
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  4. Name: Flavio

    Gender: Male

    Species: Gardevoir (shiny)

    Appearance: He has several gemstone-like markings down his back, one for each of the chakra colours.

    Personality: Flavio is a calm, polite, and exceptionally well-mannered gardevoir, who adores baking, gardening, and collecting vintage pottery.

    Other: Xenophobia

    RP Sample:

    Mari gave the group a half-hearted smile, relieved to see Lan back on his feet, at least. The last thing that any of them needed was for one of them to become incapacitated; such a thing would make the already very delicate prison break even more difficult.

    With the houndoom's cries drawing ever closer, along with the heavy footsteps of the guard it belonged to, Mari readied her burst heart, shutting her eyes. She hadn't wanted to have to use her powers this early on in the escape, but it appeared that she didn't have any other choice.

    Blocking out everything else, Mari ordered, in a firm, authoritative voice, "We're going to have to transform, now. They're going to use their pokemon to try and beat us into submission, by the looks of things. Where possible, don't fight. Just run, and if we're cornered, choose your moves wisely."

    Mari's prison clothes were covered in an ectoplasm-like fluid, for about a second, and when the fluid disappeared, she was in burst. She now had voluminous, fluffy white hair, and a purple bubble dress, complete with her partner's facial features on the chest. Her legs had lengthened, and thinned significantly, and she now levitated about a foot off of the ground.

    "Around the death house, and then out through the visitor's area," she relayed to the stranger, before addressing the rest of the group, "I'll do my best to protect you guys, but you'll have to help me out, too. Stay with me, at least until we're outta here."
  5. Name : Crescent
    Gender : Female
    Species : Absol
    Appearance : She has blue eyes.
    Personality : Crescent is outgoing and extroverted. She also loves to eat food.
    Other : Xenophobia
    Roleplay Sample : No words described Alexandra's thoughts better than "crap" as she ran across the roof tops, seeing the creatures of Grimm and the White Fang terrorists overrun the streets. She was never more thankful that her father was on a business trip to Mistral when everything went down. Talk about convenience. Speaking of convenience, she slid to a stop when she saw somebody being surrounded both by Grimm and the White Fang. She quickly switched "Dizzy" to it's sniper form in order to get a better look. And of course the one survivor she would be able to get to in time was Josh. "Perfect." She muttered. Whether she liked it or not, though, he was her teammate.

    She saw four Beowolves on one side of him and three White Fang members on the other side. Perfect. And she wasn't being sarcastic this time. She aligned her sniper up with the lead Beowulf's head and fired, watching in satisfaction as it fell to the ground and dissolved into ash. Without waiting for even a second, Vanyali jumped down from the building, using ledges to land on, so she wouldn't damage her aura while she fell. Once she landed on firm ground, she quickly ran next to Josh and faced the Beowolves. She transformed "Dizzy" back to it's saxophone form. "Keep the terrorists busy for a few seconds?"
  6. Name : Calypso (Callie)
    Gender : Female
    Species : Milotic
    Appearance : Scales are a lighter pink than usual.
    Personality : She tends to come off as arrogant and vain to those she's just met, but she has a hidden sweet side. Her hobbies include collecting seashells and feeling beautiful.
    Other : Xenophobia
    Roleplay Sample :
    Gabite collapsed, eyes spiraling as it fainted. Christine pulled out its pokeball from her belt and called it back. "You did your best," she said warmly to it. There's my excuse to see the pokemon specialist, she thought, and sighed. Withdrawing another pokeball, she tossed it into the air and called out, "Rapidash, go!"

    "Rapiii-dash!" Hooves collided with the forest floor. The Rapidash tossed its head and whinnied. Its mane flared up as it took in its surroundings, realizing it was in a battle. Simisage's cry drew both Christine's and her pokemon's attention, however. They paused and looked in its direction.

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