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Open The haunting of Lavender town

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Eeveeon S, Oct 23, 2019.

  1. In the Kanto region Lavender town is said to be haunted by pokemon Ghosts. Many Trainers are going to need to find out what is causing this Madness.

    That is the story line if you want the role here is the OC submissions:

    Name (First and Last):

    Pokemon Character Sheet (One for each of your OCs Pokemon):

    Nickname (Optional):

    Main Character: Squrt Evonium
    Companion #1: Kiki-Chan
    name: Squrt Eevoium (boy)

    age: 15

    appearance: blue hair, squrtle shell shoes, Shiny Umbreon shirt, yellow eyes. you can fill in the rest

    personality: hardcore and funny

    backstory: young kid who whants to be an Eevee master

    pokemon OC #1(only apear when on adventures)

    species: Squrtle

    nickname: Bubbles

    Ability: Swift Swim

    backstory: a lost squrtle looking for a trainer

    personality: strong and loving

    pokemon OC #2

    species: Umbreon (shiny)

    nickname: Blue Ring

    Ability: Dark Stalker(when it is night Speed stat is increced)

    backstory: a Eevee found in the wild that had a cut in it's tail. Squrt made it is first pokemon when he was 9 years old.

    personality: Brave and bold.

    Please do see if you want to join. If you do send to OC sheet.:blush:

    Also the only way that I can start is by getting three characters in
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  2. StellarWind Elsydeon

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    Yeah see, this is not a valid way to start an RP. This is barely a discussion thread and it was moved to the discussion forum appropriately.

    Kindly read the RP forum rules before posting anything else in the RP forums.
  3. Welp, may as well give it a shot~

    Name (First and Last): Kiki Evans
    Nickname: Kiki-chan
    Age: 15
    Appearance: Kiki has long brown hair, typically with two small buns on either side of her head. She has heterochromia, meaning she has two different colored eyes - one blue and one green, in this case. Typically, she wears a denim skirt with suspenders over a white t-shirt along with black boots. She also wears glasses, due to being nearsighted.
    Personality: Kiki could be described as quirky, or - though less accurate - eccentric. She's a bit shy and socially awkward, with a perky and light demeanor. Not much scares her - she's seen her fair share of things that have essentially made her used to that - and her primary concern is always the needs of others. However, she often neglects her own needs as a result.
    Backstory: Kiki Evans is a fairly normal trainer, born to two relatively normal parents. She left home to train at age eleven - she was too nervous to leave at ten. She has travelled her home region of Unova as well as Johto, and has come to Kanto in hopes of learning more about the Ghost-types in the Pokemon Tower.
    Goal: If you asked her, she would most likely respond with something along the lines of "No idea". She really only journeys to have fun and be with her Pokemon.
    Pokemon on Hand:
    Royale the Serperior (F)
    Blitz the Emolga (F)
    Mischief the Zorua (M)
    Glacie the Glaceon (F)
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