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The Great Flood of Charms

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Indie, Jan 15, 2011.

  1. This an idea that I had stuck in my head for a while, and have now discussed a bit with Dark. There are various elements of it that still need to be decided, so feel free to give suggestions ^^. So, here's the premise~

    The chaos wrought by Jack Hallows has settled, and all is calm in Charms. Now however, a new evil has reared its head. The residents of Pokecharms awake one morning to dicover that the very land of PokeCharms is flooding. The flood waters are cursed so that hydrokinetics find it harder to manipulate it, and likewise for any magicians. The lower-lying areas of the land submerged by this wretched flood, many are left unequipped and homeless. Then the monsters come. Aquatic demons of the flood waters begin preying on Charmsians night and day. Will the composers of this disaster be found out?

    A bit cheesy in parts, I know. One thing that I mentioned to Dark is that the flooders are possibly looking for an undecided item that thrives in Pokecharms. But, point is, what do you guys think~?
  2. Like I said before, I really like this idea and I'll definetly be joining this~

    I don't remember you telling me about the flooders looking for an item, but I do think it's a good idea. Maybe the flooders are some evil, magic sort of merfolk who are hunting for an ancient relic that lays somewhere on PokeCharms island, but because they cannot go onto land, they flood the island so they can search for it anyway? Another side option of that idea is that the merfolk in question wants to expand it's territory and thus fights the inhabitants of PokeCharms Island over the land itself- Or seafloor by then x3

    The curse that slightly lowers the power of our kinetic abilities also gives an interesting edge to this RP, especially because we're going to have to fight off the sea monsters. It's a shame this is pre-SSBC though, since DS won't have his halberd yet, but oh well~

    (On a random note, the grand finale should ttly be about the Kraken being released in flooded PokeCharms City~)
  3. BlackRoseJack

    BlackRoseJack Formerly psy-teen

    I am so going to join this, I love the idea of our powers being lowered by the cursed waters and the demons coming forth (meaning ill need to stock some demon repellent at the shop) what dark soul said about the merfolk is a smart idea but they cant just do that then leave they must want the relic for some sort of evil purpose... probably to overthrow pokecharms. I think the hero's of the rp should have to track and eliminate the source of the flood aswell like some old sea witch maybe?

    (and the krakens a good idea as well because they're commonly seen as destructive sea creatures... i think basalisk like sea serpents should be involved as well just for a more mystical feel)
  4. Thankies to both of you for your lurvely comments and superior ideas! *herp* :>
    The Kraken is a great idea Dark, and has given me a new little idea too. My friend and I are often debating whether the Kraken or the Leviathan is the mightier of the sea creaures. So maybe the undecided item allows holder to call forth either the Leviathan or Kraken~! While, the merfolk may strive to summon the Kraken, we may require the aid of the Leviathan. Or vice versa, whichever ye prefer.

    *Indie is done with his little eureka now*
  5. ...Well in that case, the grand finale should be the Charmsians fighting the mermen while the 'Charms Leviathan fights the Merfolk Kraken<33

    The relic could be something like, 'Poseidon's Trident' or something like that?~

    In addition, we should make a list of aquatic creatures that we will incorporate into the RP. Maybe it shouldn't just be monsters we have to fight, maybe some dolphins or whales appear that allow the Charmsian's to travel to and from the dry places that still exist after the flood? You can fit a lot of Charmsians on the back of a whale x3
  6. Wha. This isn't a bad idea, actually. Considering the vast majority of people in PokeCharms, the possibilities are endless. And we can't, for instance, create air bubbles (if we happen to posses magic) around our heads, considering the water is non-manipulative? Or does that not count? Eh, we'll figger that out eventually.

    As for an ancient relic: I got nuthin' so I'mma just go with Dark and say 'Poseidon's Trident', a glowing green trident that's ornately carved with dolphins and horses and blah blah blah...

    OR IN A WHALE. You can fit twice, possibly even thrice, as many Charmsians INSIDE a whale. So we can go to the dry places in a pimpin' whale. Or we can charm it to float. That'd be awesome. XD
  7. Foolish mortal, my necromantic chaos will never cease and desist. I forever will be lingering on these forums to corrupt even the stalwart. You may think that is calm, but haven't you filled that empty head of yours with the term, "Calm before the storm."? I delve the shadows and I linger in the hearts of the weak(which, by the way, all of you are), so be prepared for my comeback soon...


    Anyways, I like the idea XD but I think the idea of monsters and such is a bit over-done for Charms roleplays, I think the idea of using one gigantic monster would be good and the madness and chaos would drive us against each other as we fight to survive or as some of us would say; "Zacky would just go around and kick ass!"

    Over all, I believe the RP has potential but we need to work out some parts of it as why is the water cursed and should it be manipulated by other people like hydrokinetics and if its really dangerous or just water that looks like sludge. Plus Poseidon's Trident seems meeeeeeeh at best, so I suggest we make it something like the core of Pokecharm's hydro-electric generator that powers the Forums or something like that, it doesn't exactly have to be my idea but I would prefer we use something other then "Poseidon's Trident".

    Btw, Jomungandr is superior to the Leviathan and the Kraken. :)
  8. Gehhhh, I love this idea, and I'd like to see how I can use Blazi with absolute zero fire majicks. I'd just have to bring his fighting half to priority.

    Also, *Blazi pulls paradox and uses post-SSBC Blazi >:o

    Seriously, I want to use my SSBC-onwards Blazi, so I call RP Paradox and will use him. I won't use any SSBC related items though.

    ANYWHO: onto ideas. The Kraken/Leviathan idea is epic, and I don't mind Poseidon's Tident. It could however be something else, something easier to summon stuffs with. Like a musical instrument! You could have the Ocean's Flute to call the Leviathan and the Sea's Pipes to call the Kraken (Each styled off what they call, like the flute looking like a snake and the pipes looking like Tentacles). The sound from these instruments can reach a loooooooong way away, and wake the beasts from their slumber (or something like that).

    But yeah, I Love this idea, and I can't wait for it.
  9. As with almost every Charms-based RP, I'll be taking part in this. Though I still have no clue as to what happens that makes Jack Hallows call a time out anyway.

    To be honest, Poseidon's trident sounds more like something that the mermen would use to flood charms in the first place. Some mythological sources say that using the trident, Poseidon called up tsunamis and tornados to smite those that opposed him. In a sense, it was like Poseidon's answer to Zeus's lightning bolt. So that would more likely be the superweapon of the mer-people, an ancient relic from their sacred deity.

    What they are looking however could be another relic of their god, like a crown, or armor, or gem. Personally, the gem would fit best as it could very much be used as the core for our hydroelectric generator like Zacky suggested.

    I don't like the idea of chaos and crap plaguing us and turning us against each other, it feels like milking the same cow when it's already dry. So I really don't want to use an idea like that. If Zacky had his way, we wouldn't even need Hallows or two opposing factions with hypnosis powers, or even a mod gone psycho that still manages to invoke loyalty from some members, to make us kill each other.

    If Zacky's right about one thing though, Jomungandr is much bigger than the Kraken and Leviathan. It wouldn't be called the world serpent if it could stretch itself around the globe and eat it's own tail. I think the Kraken and Leviathan are just minions of the mer-people, while they seek to awaken Jomungandr.

    -warning. story time ahead-​

    The World Serpent is an indestructible monster, that has been sleeping eons, snaking around the equator, going through underwater caverns that allow it to exist underneath the earth as well, all the way until it reaches its own tail, where it still gnaws on it, waiting to be awakened once more when Ragnarok comes. What the mer-people are looking for is the ocean gem, the final piece of the powerful trident they sought for centuries to reconstruct. When Poseidon's Trident is complete, they will have the power to awaken the serpent, prematurely, hoping to alter Ragnarok in their favor. The only way to stop the serpent is to either stop the mermen before they can complete their diabolical plan, or awaken Thor, who was destined to slay the beast, before dying himself.

    The Norse gods were not the generic gods as most myths tell, but they existed in their sacred items, taking the form of the champion that wields them, thus they are a chain of successors that live on in their armor, until Ragnarok comes and the individual armors are destroyed and the spirits of the gods within disintegrated. The mermen currently hold the armor of Thor, trying to prevent a new successor from arising who could shatter their plan. Should a new champion find the armor and don it, he will become the next Thor, capable of great power to destroy the mighty beast, but not without the foretold sacrifice. What fate would befall the champion within though? And will this sort of event set the other events of Ragnarok in motion years before they are due? We shall find out soon enough...

    -story closes-​

    And finally, *vetos Blazi's paradox trick*. How can you pull out a post-SSBC Blazi when you don't even know what post-SSBC Blazi looks like? What if one of us ends up cutting off your hand or you are turned into a drooling madman by the side-effects of the hypnosis machine? You shouldn't pull him out if you don't know exactly what he's going to be like, we barely even started the RP after all.

    That is all I have to say, I hope this was contributive to the RP in hand
    #9 Brendan Savem, Jan 16, 2011
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  10. Ah, that's the wonderful thing about paradoxes, if one thing happens in one place/time/universe, the paradox can delete that, or change it, so even if I do have my hand cut off, or turned into a drooling madman (Which won't happen due to the circumstances of my change to Team White which will not be revealed yet), I can still be a normal post-SSBC Blazi, free of any of that. [/argument]

    Aside from that, I quite like your story, and the idea of them attempting to awaken Jomungandr to bring about the end of the world is epic. The Kraken/Leviathan could still be Grande, but not the Finale.

    If you guys REALLY want, I'll do current Blazi, but take away his Dark abilities, seeing as I really want to try Blazi as a pure fighting type.
  11. I also think it'd be best to have non-paradox'd Blazikid in the RP, for the same reasons Brendan stated. Feel free to take away your OC's umbrakinesis though...

    ...Oooh-kaaay, I just had the most awesome brainfart ever. What if the water halfs the power of people who have only one kinetic abilities, but the ones who have two (Me and Blazi, etc) kinetic abilities lose one of them? I'd love to see my OC run around without his lightning power, only having his fire left~ It'd be so odd and so funny at the same time.

    Also, Zacky/Brendan, I do really like the World Serpent idea~ And I agree with Blazi, the Kraken/Leviathan fight doesn't have to be the finale. It's going to be quite epic anyway, although not as epic as the eventual 'Awakening of the World Serpent' ~

    The idea to use Northern European gods is pretty awesome as well. I like the idea of Thor's Armor (And Donar's Lightning Hammer, of cour- *shot*)
  12. Rawr rawr rawr post about stuff bla bla argue :>

    I mean, uh, this RP sounds rather nice. Dark and Indie have been pushing me over to post so here I am, I guess |D But yeah, I think the World Serpent idea's pretty goooood. The whole 'waiting for the awakening' thing and the 'sacred armour' sound pretty good, too. I have to agree that the gem/orb powering PokeCharms' core sounds spiffing; when I read this topic yesterday I thought an orb or shiny thing would do the job. :>

    As for Tunduli and powers and stuuuuff, maybe I could loose my shapeshifty powers and just be stuck as feline Tunduli? The upside would be that I could fly, but that's a bit sue-ish methinks. Maybe to trim it off a bit, feline Tunduli wouldn't be able to swim or her wings wouldn't function properly when wet? I dunno. Or maybe it'd be easier just to be stuck as human!Tunduli |D

    (I think Blazi should be non-paradoxical Blazi. :> And Dark without lightning powers would be ... strange |D)
  13. Hey hey, I'll just say officially I'll pop into this.

    Anyway, we're all talking about powers being halved and lost, but I'm pretty sure the cursed water won't curse anything if you don't touch it
    By that logic, I'm not so sure everyone and their mother will be reducing their powers after seeing it happen to one person, ahoohoo. I'd also like to ask if what I've just assumed on how the water works is correct.

    Also, if we are riding a whale, it will have to be the FAILWHALE. No doubt. ♥
  14. I was just thinking about thye Failwhale Tan XD

    I agree that Jomungandr is a better idea for the "Final boss". I also think that Tan, you're idea of only suffering if contact with the water is made is a better one. I'm in favour of dropping the trident for now and going with the core of the generator plan.
  15. Glad to hear that my idea's are farking awesome ♥

    but I honestly think Jomungandr should be in company with it's siblings, y'know? Obviously the Ferir(ahem <<) and Hel should appear with Loki leading the forces but I still nominate Jomungandr to be our final boss.
  16. Save that thought Zacky, not everything at once. Focus on the aquatic theme. We can save Fenrir, Hel, Nidhogg, and Loki for subsequent RPs, where the events of Ragnarok are triggered by the happenings of this first RP or something. I just will say save it, there is plenty of room for the Norse in a saga, but not a single RP.

    Besides, Loki wasn't evil, he was just tricky and manipulative. He wasn't too friendly with the giants either.
  17. Ooh, the Midgard Serpent. An area faced with a flood, an area that cannot easily be put aflame. I am interested, as I love Norse mythology and the unique dangers flooding create. One question though--will the water be salt or fresh?

    I'm thinking instead of the trident, why don't we create some rare thing/mineral/plant/animal that are native to Pokecharms?

    I'm in, nevertheless.

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