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Open The Grand Kalos Festival: De La Vie Et La Mort

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Curtkid, Mar 23, 2016.

  1. Kalos Festival Tournament: De La Vie Et La Mort

    Hello and welcome to The Grand Kalos Festival RP! Now, let me just go over some rules and the basic premise of the RP:

    You and your Pokemon are here in Kalos during an annual festival celebrating the defeat of Team Flare two years prior. I’m hoping to start it off with a simple tournament(though you don't HAVE to compete in the tournament if you don't want to), but hopefully have it escalate so that it will involve the battling against a revived Team Plasma and some Team Flare Remnants. We will travel all around the Kalos region and beyond trying to intercede and stop their plans wherever they show up!

    This newly resurrected Team Plasma is led by a mysterious figure only known as “S”. So far, on one knows who “S” is or what they look like, though this new Team Plasma has certainly made themselves known, “S” is still largely an unknown figure, some people even debate whether or not they even exist, all that is known is that a large number of people have rallied under their promise of a better world for Pokemon. Though they have been mostly active in Unova, there are reports of their unit's being spot in other regions.

    The Team Flare Remnant’s goals are a bit simpler: steal anything and everything you can! Doesn’t matter if it’s money, jewel’s, trinket’s, Pokemon, People, whatever! If it has value, they want it! Authorities have claimed that this is hardly the Team Flare that threatened the world just a few years ago, instead more akin to a group of petty thieves than anything else who are just using their name to intimidate the people. However, it is become increasingly difficult to ignore the damage they are causing to the region due to their currently unstopped crime spree.

    But right now, you’re probably not really concerned with that at the moment. You’re just here to take part in the festivities, have some fun with your Pokemon, and maybe even have you and your team test your metal in the Festival's Tournament that will soon be getting underway!

    ______________________________________Update: Role Play Rules _____________________________________________________

    Pokémon Role-Play Rules(Please Read for the love of God)

    Note: This is just a touch-up/ reminder of the standard Pokecharms role playing rules. Seeing as we’ve recently been getting a large influx of eager, new RP’ers who may have missed said rules, I will be posting this to serve as your reference sheet. If I see someone constantly breaking these rules over and over again, they WILL be asked to leave.

    >Please write two paragraphs MINIMUM when making a post. Half the fun of an RP is interacting with other people and writing a story, the more detail you put in the better. Don’t JUST write about yourself or your Pokemon, describe the scenery, have you character make note of an observation between two other characters. It’s an RP, be creative!

    >Please use proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation. A mistake here and there is fine, but no one wants to decipher a jumbled mess of words just to figure out what you said.

    >Please pay attention to other RP’ers posts and be aware of the continuity. If someone attacked you in a previous post and you suddenly have a snack and act like the attack was just non-existent, you’re going to confuse and upset people.

    > Legendary Pokémon are (usually) not allowed. Legendries are considered to be unbelievably rare and unfathomably powerful Pokemon, both in the games and in the Pokemon Lore. As such, usage of such Pokemon are forbidden from use in this RP (Please check the RP rules if you want a detailed list).

    >Mega Evolutions are limited. Due to in most cases a Mega Evolved Pokemon is around the same power as a Legendary Pokemon, you must have earned a Stone and Bracelet from a previous, moderator approved RP (as per Pokecharms, rules). If you have, please message me with a link to the RP in which you earned your Mega Evolution so I can confirm it.

    > This one is important! If you are battling another RP’er, it is up to the person being attacked to determine whether or not they got hit. I don’t care if you used Swift, it is still up to the person being attacked to determine if they got hit. I don’t want to see anything like “Then Squirtle hit Charmander with Water Gun and then he fainted”, this is godmoding, and most people (me included) have VERY LITTLE patience for that.

    >That being said, please be reasonable people, don’t have your Pokemon make it through every single attack unscathed. We’re not working strictly on game logic here, a Pokémon can take a few hits before going down. If I see your Aggron avoid every attack like an Arceus damn ninja, it will be counted as godmoding and you will be dealt with accordingly.

    > As a follow up to the previous rule, if you get continually hit and your Pokemon never faints, you're godmoding. Even a Snorlax can't take a Focus Punch, two Flare Blitzes, and a Close Combat.

    >Also, be aware of who and what you’re up against. If you’re a new trainer sending out a recently caught Pidgey against an experienced trainer with a Garchomp, you’re going to lose, very quickly.

    >Lastly, though not strictly a “rule”, it’s generally seen as common courtesy to let the better Role-Player win the battle. If you’re fighting someone who is posting detailed, well-written paragraphs that illustrate the battle perfectly while you’re barely putting together two paragraphs per post with several spelling and grammar mistakes, then please swallow your pride and take the loss. Everyone here will respect you more for it. If you and your opponent(s) can’t decide who the winner should be, I as the “RP Master” will choose a winner based on the Role Player’s Skill, how comparable the characters are in terms of strength, and a few other outlining factor’s.

    >As far as Pokemon move set’s go, you are not restricted to just 4 moves. Instead a Pokemon 4 “Primary” moves serve as the ones they use most often and have the most skill using. Your Pokemon can use most moves that they’d learn normally by leveling up or TM (albeit a bit less powerful), but please be fair. Don’t have your recently hatched Eevee be capable of using Extremespeed, Shadow Ball, and Double-Edged.

    Loud explosions could be heard all throughout the newly reconstructed Geosenge Town as fireworks lit up the black, star filled night sky. The normally quiet town was filled with festival goer’s taking part in the celebration of De La Vie Et La Mort, or “The Day of Life and Death”. Two years ago today a group of hero’s and their Pokemon, led by two youths named Calem and Serena, were able to thwart Team Flares attempt at using the two legendary Pokemon of Kalos, Xerneas and Yveltal, to wipe out almost all life on the planet. Though Calem and Serena disappeared shortly after disassembling Team Flare, the people of Kalos were determined to keep the memory of their actions alive, and vowed to throw a grand festival in their honor on the anniversary of their heroic deed.

    Needless to say, no town was more thankful for those heroic’s then the town that sat on top of it all. Geosenge had gone all out for their celebrations, every inch of the town seemed to be decorated in the national red, blue, and white color’s of the country. There was food, music, Pokemon memorabilia, and culture everywhere you looked, all around people and Pokemon alike were walking around and investing themselves in the festivities. One could hardly take two steps without running into some new both, hearing a classical Kalos song, seeing some new performer, even the occasional battle could be seen from time to time, which always attracted a large group to cheer on the action. It was social events like these that made one aware of the diversity of Kalos’ people, even among its own native inhabitants.

    Well-dressed nobles paraded themselves wherever they went, whether it was making small talk, bragging about their most recent expensive exploit, or even showing off their prized Pokemon, they did it with an air of regality. The commoner’s were dressed noticeably more plain but did not concern themselves with formalities and protocol, and instead ran free through the street’s with their friends, enjoying the festival as they saw fit. Lastly, there were the tourist’s, the ones who gawked and pointed at every little thing they saw and who had no idea how to roll into the flow of Kalos’s celebration but were enjoying themselves all the same. Pokemon roamed the street’s freely either enjoying the celebration with other trainer’s Pokemon or playing in the numerous, cute little games set up specifically for Pokemon.

    “ATTENTION FESTIVAL GOER’S, I HOPE EVERYONE IS ENJOYING THE FESTIVITIES! BE AWARE THAT “THE DE LA VIE ET LA MORT” TOURNAMENT REGISTRATIONS WILL BE CLOSING IN ONE HOUR, ANYONE WHO WISHES TO PARTICIPATE THAT HASN’T REGISTERED YET, PLEASE HEAD TO THE REGISTRATION DESK NEXT TO THE FOUNTAIN! THANK YOU AND HAVE A HAPPY “VIE ET LA MORT” DAY!”, cried the announcer over the intercom. The announcement caused more than a few festival goer’s to drop what they were doing and head towards the registration area. Being “fashionably last” was a typical trend in Kalos and it was not uncommon for its citizens to intentionally hold off on such things till the last minute. However, for a young man and his fiery-tailed companion, the sudden rush of people to sign up for the tournament was unexpected and they soon found themselves waiting in a line they were hoping to avoid.

    “Well, looks like we’re not the only ones who held of till the last minute, eh Embertail?”, said the plainly dressed trainer to his lizard-like companion. Curt was somewhat of a bulky man of about twenty, just short of being six feet with light brown hair and green eye’s. Standing next to him in line was a Charmander of about two and a half feet in height with unusually large, bright green eye’s and a face one would describe as “a bit goofy”, the smile on his face only added to that attributes. The majority of Curt’s team was out and enjoying the festival with other Pokemon, but Curt and Embertail had been together since Curt was four and the two were rarely seen apart.

    “Errhough”, Embertail growled, smiling at Curt while giving a shrug. The Charmander was rarely bothered or upset by anything, his optimistic attitude always keeping him and the rest of his team looking on the brighter side of things. Besides, the line didn’t seem that long, and with the fireworks still going on to keep their attention, and before they knew it, they were at the registration desk in front of the fountain. The head of the newly built fountain was sculpted to depict Xerneas and Yveltal locked in some sort of battle, though Curt had to wonder why the towns’ folk wanted to have a fountain of the two Pokemon that destroyed half their city. He had to admit, it looked cool though.

    “Huh, looks like the first couple rounds of the tournament are a one Pokemon only direct elimination hmmm?”, Curt murmured while going over the register’s form. He supposed that the short rounds where in place so the tournament could be completed all in one night. Either way, he finished registering himself and his team and began to make his way back to Geosenge's Park District with Embertail by his side. Though the park was loaded with booths, performer's, and other festival fair like the rest of the town, it didn't seem to damper the sense of balance between nature and civilization that parks often bring. The grass was left thankfully free of liter (though that might be due in part to the cleaning staff), none of the flora seemed to have been trampled, and the bird even seemed to be chirping a bit, heck, Curt almost swore he heard a Fletchling chirping one of the songs one of the bands were playing earlier.

    “Well buddy, I guess we should go and round everyone up for the tournament, unless you want to be my opener for the tournament?” ,Curt said to Embertail with a smile. Granted Embertail would have been more than happy to be Curt’s opener, the rest of the team would be a little miffed at not even being asked. Embertail nodded happily at Curt’s words, as they headed back towards the center plaza, until a particularly booming voice caught Embertail attention.

    "COTTON CANDY! GET 'CHER COTTON CANDY HERE!" the voice rang out, and that was enough to cause Embertails stomach to admit a small roar. The Charmander growled, tugging on Curt's pant legging and pointing towards the booth that was emitting a particular sweet and airy aroma. Embertail had been so wrapped up in the festivities that he hadn't bothered to eat much, and right now a particularly decorative Cotton Candy stand was calling his name. Even the vendor selling it was dressed like a fair salesmen out of the late eighteen-hundreds, complete with the stripped vest and bow-tie.

    "Wha-oh, you and your sweet tooth, fine, it is a holiday so I guess you ca- Bwuh, H-HEY!", Curt yelled as Embertail had immediately began digging into Curt's back pocket the moment he said "fine". Within moment's he had retrieved his trainer's wallet and was running to Cotton Candy booth to get his treat.

    "J-JUST GET A SMALL ONE O.K, I DON'T WANT YOU BATTLING ON A OVERFILLED STOMACH....AND GET ME ONE TOO!!!...That Charmander, geeez", Curt mumbled as he took a seat on a nearby bench. Curt had to admit, he was a little hesitant at first about going to the festival, but so far he was having a good time, he was getting into the festivities and was really looking forward to the tournament. He was glad Embertail and Flare had pushed him into going, this "Festival of Life and Death" had been full of surprises and he was sure there would be a few more before surprises before the night was through.
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  2. "And what exactly do you expect me to do about it?" The young female scowled at her Pokemon playfully. She dropped the look and then plastered a grin to her face. "Cosmo, I can't make this line move any faster, so just suck it up and be patient. It's your fault we're late anyways." The trainer teased, patting the Serperior on its head. The snakelike grass type let out an pleasant "Serrrr~" of satisfaction due to the fact that she knew she had won the 'argument'.

    Bailey, a traveler from Unova at the age of 18, had been exploring the Kalos region and happened to stumble across this festival being held in Geosenge Town. The Kalos Region was very different than Bailey had expected it to be entirely honest. At first she had imagined it as a place with no greenery; the only sights being that of man made structures and towering skyscrapers. However, during the brief time she had already spent in this region, the young traveler had been amazed at the crystal waters of Shalour and the rainy forests of Lavarre. When Bailey arrived in Lumiose and instantly noticed the trends. Fashion seemed to be no joke in the Kalos region- unlike the Unova region where people don't mind what they wear in public as long as it's comfortable.

    The Unova traveler was fairly concerned that she did not fit into the normal day-to-day life of a normal Kalos resident due to her limited options of clothing that she had brought with her. So, naturally, Bailey spent almost half her earnings on clothing. That was a decision she had learned to regret- not because she doesn't like the clothing options but the fact that she has to carry all these clothes with her. Luckily, Bailey had discovered the dressing rooms in the PokeCenters and was amazed at it's technology to store fashion items. Mostly she wears a plain set of jeans with some colored shirt and her travel bag, but for the special event of the festival she was dressed more nicely to fit in- or at least that's what she thought she was doing. Bailey sported a white dress with tiny little flowers imprinted on it and a navy blue jean jacket covered her arms. Her Carmel colored hair was tied neatly back into a simple braid that did a poor job of keeping loose ends out of her face. The trainer didn't usually travel in boots, but for this occasion she had on tall brown boots- which was fairly helpful due to the fact that it had saved her from a good amount of kicks from people passing by.

    Bailey snapped out of her thoughts as an attendant at the sign ups for the tourtament called to her attention that it was her turn. "Please fill out this.... Sign that... Done! Thank you Miss, best of luck in your battles!" After a few nice nods and thanks, Bailey stepped out of the line and sighed with relief. "The first battles are single elimination. Cosmo, you better be ready because I'm counting on you." She sighed again and patted her Serperior on the head. "You're sooooo lucky that we made it. If we didn't it would have ruined the whole entire event, huh?" The trainer commented as her eyes scanned the busy town for a clear spot to wait for their battles. Cosmo wrapped a leafy vine around Bailey's wrist and started to slither off into the crowds. The traveler smiled and followed the Serperior to a tall tree that standing on the outskirts of the town. While it wasn't entirely seculded, Bailey appriciated the lack of people in that specific area. "Hey Cosmo, this is a nice spot thanks for- Cosmo?" Her voice had fallen on no one's ears but her own. "Ser! Perior, Ser!" Cosmo chirped happily from her perch on one of the branches. Her long, leafy tail was wound around the branch, with a Vine reaching down to pull Bailey up to join her.

    "Uhh, no. Absolutely positively no! I'm in a dress honey." Bailey protested as she tried to remove the vine wrapped around her waist. Cosmo sent a questioning look as if she were saying 'Seriously? Do you think I care?'. With a swift motion, Cosmo lifted her trainer up into the tree with her, setting the young adult down next to the trunk. Bailey smiled down at the tiny view they had from their low perch, but then she remembered she was supposed to be mad at her snakelike grass Pokemon for this. She turned to Cosmo and put the best scowl she could muster on her face, but Bailey ended up laughing instead. "Oh Cosmo, I really need to teach you to respect your Trainer's wishes, but this attitude is growing on me."

    Only after a few moments of listening to all the excitement and feeling the air burst with anticipation, Cosmo pointed her nose to a Cotton Candy stand. Bailey noticed the action and directed her gaze to the sweet smelling candy. "Oh, I see. So you want us to stuff ourselves with sweets, probably faint of sugar high, battle on an empty stomach, and loose the tourtament huh? I'm in." The trainer commented with a wide grin on her face. "Alright, you're far to big to wait in line at a stand like that, so stay here and I'll buy us both cotton candy." Bailey said as she glanced at Cosmo before the traveler jumped down from the branch and started to walk over to the stand. "Hey! If you aren't here when I come back, I'm going to eat your share!" The traveler called over her shoulder. After receiving the satisfaction of a horrified look on her Serperior's face, Bailey continued to the sweet stand. Bailey noticed a man and his Charmander debate over something and then she watched as the Charmander made its way over to the Cotton Candy stand. Part of her wished that Cosmo would be polite enough to interact with other people, but at the same time, Bailey really didn't want to end up with leaf flavored cotton candy.
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  3. Curt stared off into space, waiting for Embertail to come back with the large edible cotton balls, but as the line grew longer, he was beginning to question if letting Embertail purchase the cotton candy by himself was a good idea. Granted, Embertail knew enough about human currency to avoid make any severe mistake in paying for the food, but he had to wonder how the vendor would react to a Pokemon trying to purchase cotton candy from him. Granted, the sight of Embertail holding his wallet wasn't attracting too many glances, so maybe he was worrying over nothing. Instead he turned his thoughts over to the tournament and who he should open with, indeed, the tournament put not just him, but probably most trainer's in a sticky situation. Sure, one could open with their strongest Pokemon and guarantee a spot in the next round, but then not only have you shown your best hand, but chances are you wore your strongest Pokemon down a little, so they'd be less capable later on. It was something to think about and Curt was rattling his brain over it, till a fairly close noise pulled him back to earth.

    The rustle of leaves from a distant tree caught Curt's attention as he turned his head to see large Serperior settling itself to lounge around in the branches. Curt felt a small shiver of unease run down his spine, he had seen pictures of Serperior before, but he had no idea they were so HUGE! Curt estimated the massive serpent to be about eleven, maybe twelve feet long, plenty big enough to swallow him whole, and Curt was by no means a small man. Curt had to take a deep breath to calm himself down, remembering that plenty of trainers were letting their Pokemon run around and enjoy the festival, so it was very likely that the large grass snake had a trainer. At the very least, it seemed to have no intentions of causing anyone harm, judging by the way it was relaxing in it's tree. Now that he had calmed down, Curt was beginning to see why Serperior were called "The Regal Pokemon" instead of "The Freaking Huge Boa Constrictor Pokemon". The dark green and gold markings that covered it's long, thick body made it look like it was wearing the robes of a ruler of some great jungle or rain forest, even the expression on it's face seemed reminiscent of the look he'd seen some of the nobles here in Kalos wore, one that expressed regality and importance.

    Well, one thing could defiantly be said for the Grass Snake Pokemon, in spite of its intimidating size, it certainly was beautiful looking. Curt almost found himself locked in a trance by the Grass Pokemon, and found himself wondering who could claim to be it's trainer, if anyone. No doubt Serperior were rare, and raising one from a Snivy was an extremely difficult task that few would have the skill to undertake. Though if you asked him, Curt was willing to bet one of the Nobles of Kalos ended up being it's trainer, despite being native to Unova, Serperior's regal appearance and great power were extremely popular with the upper class of Kalos. Whoever that Serperior was with, was either really powerful, really rich, really lucky, or (most likely) all three. Curt soon found himself envying them a little, whoever they were....

    "(So, are you going to ask the Serperior out, or are you just going to keep staring at her)?", said a soft, snarky, female voice that rang through Curt's head. Curt jumped as he turned to look behind the bench to find that a golden-furred Ninetales had sneaked up on him and was now looking at him with a playful smirk on her face. The Fire Fox had a bang slightly covering her left eye, her shimmering, golden fur signifying her as a Ninetales over a hundred years of age, but easily the most noticeable feature about this particular Ninetales, was that she had only eight tails instead of nine.

    "Ha-ha-ha...that's real funny Flare, I'm a Pokemon Trainer, I'm supposed to be fascinated by Pokemon, even ones that aren't part of my team...by the way, how'd you know it's a girl?", Curt muttered to the Ninetales. Though Flare was easily the most mature and level headed Pokemon of the group (Curt included) as well as the most intelligent, she was still known to throw around the occasional joke or snarky comment. Curt assumed that both of those traits came with her being so long lived, but he'd never say that to her face. Flare's longevity had allowed her to develop a Ninetales natural psychic abilities to be able to communicate with humans and other Pokemon through telepathy, though she rarely used this with people she didn't know, as people who weren't used to it often startled by it or found voiced in their head understandably unpleasant.

    "(Oh you know, the markings, shape of the face, but the biggest give away is her size, female snakes tend to be a bit bigger then male snakes, and this is often true with Snake Pokemon as well...anyway's, I just came by to make sure you remembered to registered us for the tournament)", Flare replied. Curt had to suppress a sigh, that Ninetales was almost as bad an his mother, indeed, she had quickly become known as the "Team Mom" shortly after she joined their group not too long ago. Though Curt was happy to have someone to help keep things in order, sometimes her nagging could get on his nerves a little.

    "Yeah yeah, Embertail and I got us registered, now he's over there getting us cotton candy, still not sure who to open with, I don't want to throw out Whips too early, and Lockjaw hates fighting with a crowed watching him, so it's a toss up between Embertail, Jasper, Raviel, or you", Curt said to the Kitsune. The last part was him thinking out loud, though if he was going to be completely honest with himself, he was probably going to make his decision last minute. Refocusing his attention, it seemed like Embertail had just finished purchasing their cotton candy and was heading over, at wide smile on his face and happy that he'd gotten his treat. Curt noticed Embertail was now holding onto his wallet with his mouth, he knew Embertail's carrying capacity was limited, but he still hoped that Embertail didn't get any drool on it this time. Most trainers would have been worried about their Charmander accidentally setting their wallet's (and by extension, their money) on fire, however, Embertail was incapable of breathing fire, so that was one less thing Curt had to worry about.
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  4. image.jpg
    (My character and his Pokémon)
    Zephious was in a good mood as he strolled around the festival with Angel, his shiny Gallade and Devil, his Greninja and starter Pokémon. His other Pokémon ran rampant through the streets, except for his water Pokémon who were relaxing in the nearby pond. Zephious was a 18 year old Kalos Native. He was from a family of a lower nobility. He wore a red coat over his black button up shirt and grey dress pants. He also had a red fedora, a gold watch, and a silver chain necklace with his family crest. He had ocean blue eyes, black hair, and was decently tall at 6'3''. He loved the De La Vie Et La Mort festival. He had attended it every year since it had begun and liked it more every year.

    He heard the tournament announcement and immediately walked over to sign up. Last year he didn't have the guts to sign up but since then he had trained and evolved his Pokémon as well as acquiring all of the Kalos gym badges, so he was ready for it this year. After signing up, he and his Pokémon went to get some cotton candy, one of their favorite festival traditions.

    When he got to the stand his jaw dropped. He saw the most beautiful girl he had ever seen! She was wearing a white dress with a jean jacket and boots, a very un-Kalos like style, so she probably wasn't a native and seeing the Serperior next to her assumed she was from Unova. She had the most gorgeous Carmel hair and her eyes were stunning! Zephious had seen cute girls before, he even had gone on a couple of dates, but he had never seen anyone on this level of attractiveness! His gentleman mode immediately activated and he walked over to her. His Pokémon sniggered and stayed behind, as they knew what their trainer was thinking about. Zephious made it over to her as she was buying cotton candy. Before she could pay he already handed the stand-owner the money required. "Hey, no girl as beautiful as you should be paying for anything. Here," he said as he handed her the cotton candy with a small blush on his face. "The names Zephious, what's yours?" he asked.
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  5. (I guess the Sprite used is close enough, but this is Bailey!
    image.png )

    Bailey found herself thinking very deeply about the upcoming battles. 'I told Cosmo that she would be first, but is that a good idea? She is most definitely the strongest of my team, and for sure she would get me a free spot in the second round. But...there is a possibility that sending Cosmo out first would hinder me if I ever need to use her again.' She sighed but then moved forwards as the line to buy cotton candy progressed. 'Say I don't use Cosmo, I have Sunny, Aster, Lavender, or Amaryllis. Yarrow is out I think, he's pretty worn out from all that cutting we did over in Laverre. That underbrush...wow.' Bailey shivered at the thought of traversing those thorny bushes and marshy grounds again.

    The line grew closer to the stand, making Bailey sigh of relief. It was fairly stressing to think of battling, especially now that she didn't have her best friend Damien to help her out. Damien had been a childhood friend, and the duo were inseparable. Bailey and Damien met only when they were 5 and ever since have been there for one another. Damien had more of a level head than Bailey did, especially in close situations. When they went to compete in the World Tourtament in Driftveil City, the duo found that they couldn't compete for the prestigious title of 'Champion of the World' because they were not the champion nor gym leader, but they were allowed to compete in lower battles for prize money. They were doing double battles, and Bailey's Helioisk Sunny had almost fainted. It was her last Pokemon and she was desperate to keep in the battle to support Damien's Arcanine. As soon as she lost her head, Damien helped her get back on the battle and gave her advice. Since then they have gone separate paths as Bailey wants to explore the world and Damien wants a quiet life as a Pokemon Day Care manager.

    Bailey noticed that it was almost her turn and so she snapped out of her thoughts and started to look around at the crowds. A certain Pokemon caught her eye though, a Shiny Gallade. She had stopped in Hoenn's Mossdeep city before she came to Kalos, and that's where she caught Frost, but she was very disappointed that she couldn't find a Ralts. The psychic type had captivated her for a long time, even before she moved out of Unova. They weren't native to Unova, and the only way to get one was though extensive trading. A long time ago Bailey had given up on catching one, but seeing a shiny Gallade here, an evolution of Ralts, made her feel a slight bit jealous.

    Finally it was her turn. Bailey was about to pay for the sweet treat when she heard someone say. "Hey, no girl as beautiful as you should be paying for anything. Here." Bailey turned to see who had spoken. A very regal looking man handed her the cotton candy and introduced himself as Zephious. And even though Bailey noticed that Zephious was blushing, the traveler was certain that nobody was redder than she was. After a few moments of disbelief at what happened, (nobody has been this polite to her before), Bailey caught hold of her senses. "Why thank you! I'm Bailey, nice to meet you Zephious." The trainer smiled and held out her hand to shake.
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  6. "Why, what a beautiful name to go with an amazing girl!" he said as he shook her hand gently. "So how is the festival going for you Bailey? I'm assuming this is your first festival here in Kalos and by the looks of your Serperior you are not from this region, if you want I could help guide you to the best attractions that they offer at the festival!" he said with a grin and another blush. (My character is such a flirt lol)
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  7. Gerald walked down the street of Geosenge, the smell of fried food and sugar wafted in his nostrils. A smile cracked on his face, one that did not match the face of his stoic Braixen beside him. Her face showed little emotion, more so out of boredom. The only thing interested her was battles, unlike her energetic trainer. Gerald, was much different. He show excitement at every new thing. He had a short attention span, one that showed as he gazed at every stand, performer, and battle. Despite this, the two were still decent friends.

    Gerald wasn't nice looking, which got him plenty of awkward stares. Another that clashed with his proper Pokemon. His hair was red, clashing with his blue brimmed hat. His dirty jacket hid a white t-shirt which was probably one of the only things he cared about washing regularly. His legs were covered by grey sweatpants, with a belt holding his pokeballs. His Doublade which he creatively named Switchblades, the afore mentioned Braixen, June, a Lopunny named Puff, Empty, a Shedninja, and finally, his Scolipede, Million. While not the most cunning bunch, or the strongest, it certainly was a strange one. One to stun anyone who saw it the tourney.

    His attention shifted to a cotton candy stand. It had attracted a strange crowd, a country girl, a pretty boy, and some younger adult and his charmander, among other oddities. Like a little child and his parent, he dragged June over by her wrist. She gave an annoyed stare, almost breaking her poker face. Just as he reached the stand, something caught June's eyes: a magazine stand. The tables were turned as Gerald was dragged with June over towards the other stand. He saw the cotton candy stand getting farther and farther away. "Aw, come on we were nearly there!" He was obviously annoyed at the humanoid fox.

    June couldn't help but stare at the all the current drama topics, from 'Cynthia's horrible heartbreak!' to 'Lisia's shocking reveal: is this the end of her career!?'. Gerald never got the appeal in these strange drama topics, but he did see the appeal in cotton candy. So while she engrossed herself in modern pop culture, he sneaked off towards the stand. She could find her way back to him, or he could even make it back before hand. But, the country girl and pretty boy were talking, the pretty boy falling head over heels for the country girl. He would've taken this oppurtunity to make fun of such things, but he just wanted the treat. "Sorry to interrupt, mind if I get some cotton candy?"
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  8. "For me? Well, the festival has been quite the blast so far! The people here in Kalos are quite polite and friendly from what I've seen so far. I signed up for the Tournament earlier, and then I decided to pick up this..." Bailey glanced down at the cotton candy in her hand "...and now I'm here. So to be entirely honest I haven't had much time to explore yet. Having someone to explore with would be much more enjoyable. Cosmo..." Bailey looked at the Snakelike grass Pokemon who had fallen asleep on the tree branch. "... Is enough company on her own but it seems she has plans." The trainer giggled for a moment at the sheer thought of Cosmo sleeping. The Serperior most nights would stay up very late bugging Bailey for food.

    Bailey heard someone behind her and noticed that another man who had asked to get his cotton candy. She smiled in apology. "I'm sorry! I'll move." Bailey moved to the side so people in line can progress. "So I would very much appreciate it if you have the time to show me around." She continued with her previous thoughts. Bailey's eyes traveled to the Gallade once more. "Oh! Look at that! A shiny Gallade... I'm jealous of his trainer." She commented as she turned her gaze back to Zephious. The young lady blushed at her sudden outburst and looked at the ground. "Sorry, I'm a huge fan of psychic types. Ralts especially. I like Ralts and its evolutions." Bailey apologized quickly.
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  9. (OOC: Hey Zephious, glad to have you in the RP, but please try to have at least 2 more paragraphs per post. It's just that I find that Role Play's that allow shorter responses then to devolve into chaos rather quickly, other then that you're fine! enjoy the RP!)

    "Thank's Embertail, looks like you got their just in time to beat the line", Curt said as he took the cotton candy and his wallet from his friend. Embertail let out a small growl of appreciation for the treat before he started to dig in, and Curt was more then happy to follow the Charmander's example. It was the typical cotton candy you'd expect from an event such as this one, which is to say it was good; light, fluffy, sweet, everything cotton candy should be! As he munched on his candy, Curt couldn't help but notice that there seemed to be a hold up at the cotton candy stand.

    "Huh, gotta wonder what's going on over there", Curt said to the two Fire Types. Embertail gave the cotton candy stand a quick look, shrugged, and attempted to return to his treat, only to find that half of the cotton candy had somehow gone missing! Embertails eye's grew wide at the disappearance of his treat, but he didn't have to look far to find out where it had gone. Next to him sat a spiky Jolteon, his cheeks full with pink bits of sugar spread all around his mouth. Embertail stared at the sweet, looking more shocked about how huge of a bite the Jolteon had taken instead of upset that half his cotton candy had been eaten.

    "...Really Raviel, you couldn't ask me for one, you HAD to eat Embertails", Curt said, attempting to scold the Jolteon, though he knew the attempt was in vain. The Lightning Pokemon merely rolled his eye's, then growled something out which Curt assumed was his way of saying he didn't want a whole one, just a bite. With a sigh, Curt ripped off a chunk of his remaining cotton candy and gave it to Embertail, which seemed to perk the Charmander up a bit. Curt briefly considered trying to scold Raviel again, but it appeared the Jolteon's attention was stolen away by that Serperior, who had now appeared to have fallen asleep on her branch.

    "Huh, oh doesn't look so hostile, she's not hurting anybody", Curt said over bites of cotton candy, "besides, what are you going to do, make her leave? She's four times your size, she could eat you for a snack!". Curt said with a small chuckle, which was complimented by another small chuckle from Embertail. Raviel merely grunted, and looked away, then Embertail said...something to him that caused Raviel to snap and bark at the Charmander. The Jolteon then ran in front of the tree that the Serperior was resting on and then, for whatever reason, preceded to bark at her! Curt's eye's grew wide at the display, then turned to look at Embertail with an expression that screamed "Wow, what did you say to him?" Embertail merely shrugged and looked at Curt with a face that read "I'm not really sure"!

    "(Well, he's obviously not asking if she needs a pillow, let's go get him before he hurts himself)", Flare said as she picked herself up. Curt couldn't agree more as he and Embertail followed Flare over to the tree that Raviel was now barking up, though to be fair, Raviel at least had the decency to wait a few moments before barking at her again to get her attention. They knew Raviel was trying to prove he wasn't scared of the Serperior, but this was over the top even for him, maybe something had happened during the festival that riled him up?
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  10. (OOC: Sorry didn't see that won't happen again ;) )

    "Oh, sorry sir", Zephious said as he walked away with Bailey. Bailey and Zephious continued to talk. When she said that she would be glad for him to guide her around he made a little mental fist pump. When she saw Angel and said that she loved Ralts and Psychic Pokémon he fell in love with Bailey even more as he also loved Ralts, and it gave him an idea for later.

    Zephious snapped out of his thought as Bailey stopped talking. "Oh, you like Ralts huh? It's completely ok to be obsessed with them, I am too!" He said, "Angel and Devil, come over here please!"

    Angel (Gallade) and Devil (Greninja) walked over. He saw Bailey make a surprised face. "Angel and Devil, meet Bailey. Bailey, meet the strongest members of my team", Zephious said with a grin. Devil just nodded while Angel used his psychic powers to speak to her, " Hello Bailey, pleased to meet you. I overheard your conversation and I am delighted to hear you are a fan of my kind".

    Zephious saw something in the background and interrupted Angel saying, "Hey Bailey, is that you Serperior that is getting barked at by that Jolteon?"
  11. "Ah, no worries." Said Gerald as he stepped up in line. It then occurred to him she was talking to the pretty boy about the psychic types thing. Either way, she probably wouldn't notice his slipup, and he got to have his cotton candy. He walked away with the swirled pink sugar in his hands, just in time for June to make her selection.

    June had finally found a juicy article to read, but when she turned to Gerald to get it, he was indulging himself in some cotton candy. She was a tad miffed at this, as she had been left alone for any person to take. Plus, not to mention a Jolteon barking, riled up at an big ol' Seperior wrapped in a tree, and now two other pokemon, much stranger than anything she'd seen before. Suddenly, 'Malva's burning secret!' appealed much less to her.

    June putting the magazine back was a surprise to Gerald, but definetely a welcome one. He didn't have to pay four bucks for some drama page that he'd could pick up for free in a pokemon center a week from now. But why did she do it? It appeared her attention shifted to the pretty boy, or rather the pokemon he had behind him, a Gallade and a Greninja. He silently hoped the Braixen would not stir anything up, wether it be a issue with the Greninja or falling head over heels for the Gallade. Both were pretty childish, in retrospect. The two seemed scarily powerful. If he managed to make it past the first round, he need some planning to do in the case he went head to head with pretty boy.
  12. Cosmo was dreaming, and the one she was having was quite vivid. The Serperior was back in Aspertia Town with Bailey at her side watering flowers. However, the Serperior found that she was much smaller and didn't have nearly as much power in her, so she determined that in this dream she was a Snivy. Suddenly, when Bailey turned to say something to Cosmo, her trainer seemed to be barking. After a moment of confusion the Serperior woke up to find that a Jolteon was barking up the tree she had been napping in. The irritation of being woken up was pricking in the back of her mind, but Cosmo decided that it wouldn't be smart to attack anyone in such a crowded place. Especially when Bailey wasn't around.

    The Grass Pokemon lifted her upper body from its coiled position to more of a dignified stance. Her tail was still wound around the branch, but she at least made it apparent that she was awake. Cosmo's red eyes scanned the bunch of Pokemon on the ground below. There was a larger than normal Charmander with some cotton candy, an obviously very experienced and aged Ninetales, plus the Jolteon and supposedly their trainer. Cosmo slithered down the tree and rose to her full height as she reached the ground. At this height, the Serperior was about as tall as the trainer, with her tail still stretching out behind her. The grass snake smiled kindly, but then sort-of-secretly shot an annoyed look at the Jolteon.

    "Wait- don't tell me these are your Pokemon! Oh my goodness! That's absolutely wonderful!" Bailey smiled as she mentally fawned over the two Pokemon. However she became very confused as a voice spoke in her head.
    "Hello Bailey, pleased to meet you. I overheard your conversation and I am delighted to hear you are a fan of my kind".
    "Oh, pleased to meet you as well Angel." The trainer responded out loud after a few moments. The fact that Angel could use telepathic powers to talk to her intrigued Bailey to no end, and the questions kept flowing into her head. However once Zephious pointed out Cosmo, Bailey put her thoughts aside to glance at her Pokemon. Cosmo had slithered down the tree and was now towering over some of the Pokemon and their trainer gathered around the tree. "Oh gosh no. Umm, yes that is my Serperior. I'll be right back... Cosmo may or may not be very friendly if those people accidentally woke her up." Bailey's tone was laced with worry, but the traveler calmly turned to face Zephious. "Thanks for pointing that out." She walked quickly over to her Pokemon and instantly began to apologize to the trainer.

    "Oh Cosmo, what did you do? I'm very sorry... I wasn't paying attention. Comso usually is pretty calm and doesn't attack anyone but I can't tell what she will do sometimes." Bailey smiled apologetically to the Trainer with his Charmander and placed a gentle but warning hand on Cosmo's side.
  13. Zephious watched as Bailey walked away and couldn't help but stare at her. Angel elbowed him teasing, "If I didn't know better I would think that you have a crush. Oh and stop starring at her, she might notice and think you are crazy."

    Zephious snapped out of it. "Ya I guess you are right twice, but hey can you blame me? She is like the equivalent of a shiny Gardevoir I know", Zephious said. "Wow, you would take it that far, but hey it's true. Come on, let's go help your crush", Angel replied as he, Zephious, and Devil walked towards the commotion.
  14. (OOC: Don't worry about it Zep, just added the rules shortly after your post, so that is no fault of your own)

    Raviel, com'on man, what are you doing, why are you acting like this?", Curt said as he attempted to pull the Jolteon off the tree. Unfortunately his efforts came too little too late as the Serperior made her way down the tree to confront them, and as she rose to her full height it became apparent to Curt that Serperior were even more intimidating up close. Thankfully, the large grass snake Pokemon didn't appear to be too aggravated, or at the very least she didn't look like she was planing on attacking him. Though Curt wasn't quiet as afraid as he was before now that he had some of his team to back him up, he'd still much rather avoid a confrontation with the Pokemon. Thankfully, the Serperiors' trainer timely arrival to the scene halted any potential chance of the situation turning violent.

    "Oh Cosmo, what did you do? I'm very sorry... I wasn't paying attention. Cosmo usually is pretty calm and doesn't attack anyone but I can't tell what she will do sometimes", the women said as she placed her hand on the Serperior, who was named Cosmo apparently. The women wore a flowery white dress with a blue jacket, she had her light brown hair in a braid and looked to be about Curt's age, maybe slightly younger. Recognition popped into Curt's head as he realized she was one of the people waiting in line to get cotton candy behind Embertail, she was the one who looked like she was talking with her boyfriend over cotton candy, or something. Wait, this was the Serperior's trainer? He had to admit, Curt did not expect Cosmo's trainer to be so young, usually only long time Pokemon trainers with decades of experience could obtain and handle Pokemon like Serperior. Perhaps she was just an extremely skilled Pokemon trainer and Cosmo had been a life long companion of her's, like him and Embertail? Or maybe she was a noble who either inherited or was bought the Pokemon through her family? Maybe she just lucked out and caught Cosmo? Curt couldn't say, but right now the girl was trying to apologize for something Cosmo didn't do, and he didn't want this Serperior to be wrongfully punished.

    "O-oh, no, it was our fault, Raviel was the one who started it, I mean she was just sitting on that tree and Raviel just started barking at her, he's normally headstrong, but trying to pick a fight like that out of the clear blue was extreme, even for him....t-that is what you were trying to do right?", Curt said as he cast a quick glance at the Jolteon, realising now he wasn't completely sure exactly why Raviel decided to bother the Serperior. Raviel responded to Curt with a snort and a turn his head, he didn't get his answer, but it looked like a fight had been adverted. With the tension out of the way, Embertail though this would be the perfect moment to start introductions! The Lizard Pokemon wasted no time in walking right towards Cosmo and her trainer tp begin introducing himself.

    "Errrghou ehhm Ehmbreeail", Embertail said with a big, goofy grin on his face. He immediately extended a claw out to the two to initiate a friendly handshake, perhaps over looking the fact the Cosmo's arms were...ill equip for handshaking. Once again, Curt found himself holding back a chuckle, if anyone could make the mood of a situation do a complete one-eighty, it was Embertail.

    "Well, I see Embertail here has already introduced himself, my names Curt, the magical fox over here is Flare, and you already met Raviel", Curt said. Flare gave the two a quick but friendly nod while Raviel let out another snort.

    "Anyhoo, it's nice to meet you, uh, you said the Serperior's name is Cosmo right, and I don't believe we got your name", Curt asked the two, just realizing he never got the woman's name. Now that he got a better look at her, the girl didn't really look like a native to Kalos, it wasn't clear at first, but small things like how she carried herself, her manner of speech, and (perhaps the biggest clue) was her accent. Though he had heard it before, it defiantly wasn't a Kalos accent, but he couldn't quiet put his finger on it. However, before he could think on this too much, he noticed a well dressed man accompanied by a Gallade and Greninja quickly approaching them. It took Curt all of two seconds to realize this was the man the girl had been chatting with over by the cotton candy booth, that was her boyfriend, right?

    "Oh, uh, I think your boyfriend is coming over", Curt said as the man and the two Pokemon arrived on the scene. It was a rare moment when Curt was good with his words, this wasn't one of those moments.
  15. From what he could see he assumed that the situation was avoided. He then overheard a boy that was talking to Bailey saying that her boyfriend was coming over. It took a moment but realized that the boy was talking about him.

    "Boyfriend? That's a little crazy there, we are not 'together', I was purely treating this beautiful young lady the way that she should be", said Zephious out-loud with a wink at Bailey as he walked towards the two people and their Pokémon. He then leaned close to the boy whispering," Hopefully during this festival that will change."

    Zephious then backed off away from the boy and stood up straight with a small smirk with his Pokémon standing behind him. "Anyway I'm Zephious of the Noble House of Everard. Pleased to make your acquaintance", he said to the boy.
  16. "Oh really? So Cosmo you didn't cause any trouble this time? That's surprising- you're usually pretty uptight about this kind of thing." Bailey felt somewhat relieved. She was sure that the Jolteon meant to no harm to Cosmo, and she was also quite sure that the Jolteon wasn't entirely at fault either. Whatever had cause the tiny incident had passed, and now introductions were in place. As the trainer in front of her, Curt as he introduced himself, familiarized Bailey with his Pokemon's names, Cosmo extended a vine from behind her back and shook Embertail's hand while simultaneously coiling her tail around herself to lessen her height. Bailey glanced at the Serperior with a small satisfied smile at Cosmo's polite behavior (at least as polite as the snake can get) before she directed her gaze once more at Curt. "It's very nice to meet you, Curt, Embertail, Raviel, Flare. As you know already this is Cosmo and my name is Bailey." Bailey said as she also shook Embertail's hand. "I thought I recognized you from somewhere, you went to buy the cotton candy for you and Curt right? You made me wish Cosmo would do something as nice as that. Without trashing the whole place with leaves." The Serperior closed her eyes and put on a small grin, but it was fairly obvious she was trying her best to not tackle her trainer.

    Even though Curt's team was very impressive, both in personality and bond, Bailey couldn't help but be stunned by Flare the Ninetales. She never really admired the fox like Pokemon up until this moment, where she found that the Ninetales had shiny, golden fur. Bailey decided that the golden look must be important for some reason, but she couldn't put her finger on it. She also had noticed that Flare had eight tails instead of nine, but Bailey was much more focused on the unusual coloring. Bailey was aware that shiny Ninetales sported silver fur and blue tipped tails, and that non-shiny Ninetales had cream fur and rust red tipped tails. The trainer hadn't noticed how long she had been studying the Ninetales until Cosmo squeezed her wrist with a vine softly. With a quick embarrassed laugh Bailey decided that it'd be best to apologize. "Sorry, Flare has a golden look to her fur, but she isn't shiny. I think it looks very flattering."

    As Curt suggested that she and Zephious were a couple, Bailey grew red in the face, but before she could respond Zephious approached them and explained for her. "Boyfriend? That's a little crazy there, we are not 'together', I was purely treating this beautiful young lady the way that she should be" Then he leaned over to Curt and whispered something, but Bailey was too busy trying to prevent Cosmo from eating the leaves off of the tree behind her. She turned her attention back to the two other trainers as Zephious finished introducing himself. "So, I've been wondering, are you two entering the Tournament?" Bailey asked, trying to create small talk between the three of them.
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  17. "Definitely, I missed the one last year, so I just had to make up for it and enter. My team and I have trained extremely hard and since last festival have gotten all the Gym Badges in the region, isn't that right Angel?" Zephious replied.

    "Yes, that is factually correct. Although the training was absolutely horrible. We had to train ten hours a week on pain tolerance and type disadvantages. It has come in handy though ", replied Angel telepathically. Devil just stood and nodded.

    "Anyway enough about me, what about you? Are you entering?", he asked Curt with a smile.
  18. Curt gave Zephious a small smile when he whispered his hopes to him, but decided to keep his mouth shut on the matter to avoid embarrassing himself even more then he already did. It came as no surprise when he revealed he was entering the tournament, any man who walked around with a Gallade and Greninja at their side had to be a skilled trainer. He wasn't exactly "in the know" about Kalos's noble houses (outside of almost trying to rob one once, but that's another story), but from what little he saw, the man defiantly dressed and talked like a noble, even if he held himself in a more modest manner, if his rare Pokemon already weren't a dead give away.

    It was becoming increasingly clear the the festival of De Le Vie Et La Mort was bringing out some of Kalos's finest trainer, Curt and his team would really need to bring their best if they wanted to stand a chance in the tournament. He saw Bailey exchange a handshake with Embertail and even give him a compliment, but he noticed that her attention was pulled towards Flare for some reason. Though, it didn't take long for her to snap out of her trance and hurriedly explain herself.

    "Huh, oh yeah, well, Embertail grew up in human society with my family, so he's very familiar with how human society works", Curt said as he noticed Embertail give Bailey a proud smile, "oh, and as for Flare's fur, Ninetales who get old enough, I mean, become very long lived obtain a shiny golden fur color". Curt caught Flares glare at the last second and was able to correct himself. The Ninetales preferred not to be reminded about how old she was, though the rest of Curt''s group was beginning to suspect that might be for psychological reasons rather then vanity ones, but she took Bailey's comment on her fur as a compliment none the less. It also came as no surprise to him that Bailey was also entering the tournament as well, Cosmo look well taken care of and well trained, no doubt she would pose quite the challenge for anyone she found herself up against.

    "And yeah, we're entering the tournament as well, I wasn't sure at first, but I figured if I could make it to the Pokemon League Tournament in Kanto, then I at least have a shot at holding my own here, still not entirely sure who I'm going to open up with though", Curt admitted. Now that he was beginning to see who their competition was, he was actually starting to reconsidered opening up with Whips....

    "Anyway's, Zephious you didn't introduce us to these two", Curt said pointing at the shiny Gallade and Greninja, "and uh, wasn't their a third guy with you, or did he just get pulled into your conversation at the cotton candy stand?"
  19. Fortunately for him, June had not provoked anything. She just...silently judged them. He was about to get her out of there before she did say something, but the conversation the trainers were having was...en
    Interesting, really. He still didn't care to learn pretty boys name, but he did learn he was a noble. All the ones he met were pretty stuckup, but this one was alright, sans his obvious fawning over the girl. The country girl's name was Bailey, and the giant serpent: presumably a Seperior, was hers.

    Thats when the man mentioned a third person in the conversation, someone who had talked to them over at the cotton candy stand. Gerald took this as an indicator to step into the conversation. "Ah, no. I just wanted some cotton candy, you see, and they were conversing. Holding up the line. So I asked them to move along." He stuck his hand out, as to shake Curt's hand. "I am Gerald, pleased to meet you."
  20. "Oh I am so sorry, that was incredibly rude of me. My parents would be ashamed. Anyhow, this is Angel and Devil, Gallade and Greninja respectively. Devil was my starter Pokémon while Angel I was given on the same day I got Devil by my parents as a birthday gift so I treat them both as my starters as well as them being the strongest members of my team", Zephious replied.

    Then Curt mentioned the man who they had held up in the line. Zephious was a little shocked to see said man walk from the trees and say,"Ah, no. I just wanted some cotton candy, you see, and they wereconversing. Holding up the line.So I asked them to move along." It was a little creepy, seeing as how he was kinda stalking them, but hey, who was Zephious to judge as many people immediately thought he was a stuck up noble just by his clothes. He heard that the man's name was Gerald, a name he felt he needed to remember if this stalker thing continued and he would need to call the police.

    After Gerald introduced himself and shook Curts hand, Zephious checked the time on his watch. He was shocked as the conversation had gone a full hour and he had a lot he wanted to show Bailey. He was about to try to ask Bailey if she wanted to go but thought better of himself and invited the two other people. "Hey it's getting late, Bailey if you want to see all the finer points here then I suggest we head out", he said to Bailey as he turned to the other two people," You two are welcome to come with us you know, well if it's ok with Bailey."
  21. "You made it to the Pokemon League? That no small feat there Curt, congratulations on making it there!" Bailey said, very impressed with the accomplishment. She had tried her luck at gyms a long time ago, with the dream of one day being one of the youngest Champions. When the Opelucid gym leader Iris took the spot, Bailey decided that becoming the youngest champion of Unova would be impossible, but being known as the strongest Pokemon trainer in a region is an honor in and of itself, so Bailey continued to battle at gyms. She made it to Byrcen in Icirrus City- the ice type specialist. Despite her multiple attempts at trying to beat him, ultimately Bailey could not win. At the time she only had Cosmo, Yarrow her Zoroark and Lavender her Meinsho. Lavender did the best, but she still couldn't seem to have enough power behind her hits before she was knocked out. Bailey gave up on trying to collect all the badges after that- only two years ago when Bailey was 16.

    The man from earlier approched the group and introduced himself as Gerald. Bailey had always been wary of people overhearing conversations, but while she was in the festive spirit she honestly didn't care. Her mind was still wrapped around the idea that she might have to fight these, no doubt, powerful trainers. She realized that while Cosmo may pose a threat to some Pokemon, if the tourtament was single elimination, her other Pokemon might not be as well fit to battle these other trainers. Bailey found that even Embertail, an unevolved Charmander, would be a tough enemy to defeat if she ever encountered Curt in battle. Not to mention Angel and Devil seemed like they don't mess around when fighting, and even without watching one of their battles, Bailey could tell that the group had undergone rigorous training. She had faith in her Pokemon, but despite that she couldn't help but admire the strength of the Pokemon fighting for these trainers.

    Bailey snapped out of her thoughts as Zephious addressed the whole group. "Hey it's getting late, Bailey if you want to see all the finer points here then I suggest we head out. You two are welcome to come with us you know, well if it's ok with Bailey" It took the traveler a moment to realize that she was being asked if it was ok for the other trainers to join them and she quickly smiled to cover up her slow reaction. "Of course I wouldn't mind if they join us, the more the merrier." Bailey said, keeping the smile hoping that she would look as welcoming as she hoped she sounded. Cosmo snorted in laughter at her trainer's attempts to cover up her slow side- the oblivious side to Bailey that usually shows right after she's been thinking hard. With a playful frown the trainer handed Cosmo her cotton candy with a silent deal. 'Stop laughing, and you'll get a few bites.'
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  22. "Excellent, shall we m'lady?" Zephious said as he gently held her hand and kissed it. He blushed a little as he starred into her eyes, they were absolutely perfect, much better than any other Kalos noblewoman he had been forced to meet by his parents.

    Angel and Devil chuckled in the background as they saw Zephious absolutely dote over Bailey, they were pleased for their trainer finding love again and were also pleased by the fact that it wasn't a snob-like noblewoman . The two Pokémon slowly walked away as they knew their presence wasn't needed at the time.
  23. (OOC: I say we go on for a few more post's before starting the tournament, just encase anyone else wants to join)

    "Rarghaugh", Embertail growled, waving at the two Pokemon.

    "Yeah, like Embertail said, great to meet you", Curt said, following up his little buddy. Curt thought the naming of the two Pokemon was clever, Angel and Devil, a neat little "Yin-Yang" thin they had going on their. Sometimes Curt thought he should have named Embertail something a little less...straight forward, but the Charmander seemed to like the name at the time and still seemed to like the to this day. Then, speak of Giratina, the man Curt mentioned before suddenly popped into the conversation out of the clear blue, clearly Devil wasn't the only here who was a ninja!

    "Huh, oh, uh, g-great to meet you too Gerald", Curt said, a tad bit startled by the mans sudden appearance, but hey, he'd seen weirder things in his travels. Embertail also extended his claw to shake the mans hand, the Charmander was always eager to meet new friends. Curt had to say, he was feeling a bit of Deja Vu from the man, but then again, he'd met a lot of people and Pokemon on his travels, maybe this guy just looked like someone he meet along the road. Gerald almost looked like a bum considering his dirty attire, but the Pokeballs on his belt identified him as a man who was at least well off enough to take care of Pokemon. Besides, Curt should know better then most that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover, considering the company he often kept.

    "Anyway's, yeah, I'd love to tag along, and I'm sure the rest of my team would too", Curt said, as a few growls from Embertail and Flare backed up the trainers words, Raviel just let out another grunt. There was still some time before the tournament started, and there was still much more of the festival to see, and considering how Zephious was a native, there weren't very many people better to show them around the tournament.

    Out of the corner of his eye, Embertail caught sight of a Braixen standing a bit off in the distance, at least, he was pretty sure it was a Braixen, he and the rest of the team were still a bit unfamiliar with the Pokemon of Kalos. Not one wanting to see anybody left out, Embertail smiled at the wizard fox, and began waving at it, almost beckoning the Pokemon over to join the group and introduce themselves. Embertail was alway's very out going, and was probably half the reason Curt had as much social interaction as he had, though that sometimes got them into trouble,people and Pokemon alike found it hard to dislike the fire-tailed Pokemons outgoing and cheerful demeanor.
  24. Luna felt so powerfull standing there. Like a champion, like a queen, proud and magnificent. She had done it, she had gotten the best pokemon team she had ever dream.

    Sombra, her umbreon, sitting next to her legs with such a simple and yet captivating grace, with her furr like an interruption of the night in the middle of a sunny day. Next to her were the rest of her pokemon: Dilema, her fascinating mismagius; Faws, a deathly Houndoom; Queen, the gorgeous Weavile and, finally, her wildcard: Cerbero, the Hydreigon.

    Her team was deathly and perfect... Or it was close to be.

    A sixth pokeball rested axiously in her bag. The pokemon that ashamed, the pokemon that was constantly reminding her the awful trainer she was.

    Luna shooked her hair in an attempt to forget about that sixth pokemon. It wasn't the moment to think about her mistakes; it was the moment to reach the victory.

    Walking around to clear her mind a bit, she heard a little growl escape from Cerbero's mouth. The dragon pokemon was staring angrily at some surprisingly large charmander. He didn't like dragon-like pokemon and that could make him a little... violent.

    "Let's leave it, Cerbero" said Luna trying to calm her pokemon down. But Cerbero had already found an enemy and he wasn't going to calm down very easily "Cerbero, you gotta calm down..." but she couldn't do anything at that point: Cerbero had already lift up in the air, threatening to charge against the charmander at any time.

    (OOC: Hey! I'm new here and I'm so nervous about it. Sorry if I did something wrong, It's the first time I try role playing AND this is not my mother language so it's quite hard. Please, tell me if I make any mistakes so I can fix it. Thanks!)
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  25. Jacob yawned. It wasn't that late, and he was already tired. He hadn't been feeling well lately; he was busy, and now traveling, so he missed a lot of sleep. But he had to travel to Kalos again to see Martha, who was experiencing a period of wellness, after months of an illness. She was getting pretty old, and Jacob decided it was best to spend as much time with her as possible.

    The two of them walked down the street with Martha's Snubble, Fuzzy, alongside them. Fireworks filled the sky, and Martha stopped to look at them. Not realizing she had stopped immediately, Jacob came to halt a few steps later, then turned to look back at her. He wasn't in the best, most patient mood, but he decided to let her have her way. After a few seconds of watching the sky, she glanced at Jacob, realizing he was looking at her, waiting for her to be finished, rather than enjoying the fireworks himself.

    "You know," she said as her gaze returned to the sky. "You used to love fireworks." A file slowly spread across her face. "There's no reason you can't still enjoy them." Jacob smirked, looking at the fireworks for the first time.

    "Yea..." He replied. The whole day wasn't making him feel great. A festival about the defeat of Team Flare just reminded Jacob of Team Rocket, and their prevalence around the world. He tried to ignore these thoughts, but they always seemed to find a way in. He was deep in thought when Fluffy (Snubble) stomped on his toe. "Ouch!"

    "Snuh, snuh," the pokemon shouted, pointing off somewhere else.

    "What was that for?" Jacob said angrily. He planned on scolding the pokemon, but as he followed the pokemon's motions, he saw what the pokemon wanted. A cotton candy stand was about five yards away. Fluffy always liked sweet foods; for some reason, all of Martha's pokemon did. Whenever they were together, her pokemon were eating some sort of candy or baked goods, and they were never satisfied. It made Jacob greatful to have his own pokemon. As the fireworks ended, Martha walked over to the stand, buying her pokemon some of the sweet fluffy treat. As she turned back to Jacob, she spoke.

    "You know, there is a tournament going on here. You could join up?" She said, without looking at him. She was busy handing the cotton candy to Fluffy, who was inhaling it. She wasn't finished handing him the food when it was finished. She looked back at Jacob. "What do you think?"

    "No thank you," Jacob said, giving up a chuckle. "I think I've had enough of tournaments."

    "Really?" She responded. "But you were so good at them?"

    "Ha!" he replied. Martha had seen Jacob compete in tournaments before; he always seemed to choke. "I've never even gotten to the final round?"

    "So what!" She responded. "I didn't make it to the final round in a tournament until I was 28, and you're better than I was then! There's no reason you can't try." But the arguing was pointless. Jacob had set his mind against battling in tournaments, and there was nothing she could say to convince him.

    "Maybe some other time." With that, the three of them began to walk back towards their hotel. Jacob yawned again; it was getting late. He thought about letting his pokemon out to have some fun at the festival, but he didn't have the energy to put up with them. Jacob and Martha returned to their respective rooms, and went to bed.
  26. (OOC: Ok! Sounds good. Hey Blue, Acroticus, great to have you!

    Also I'm changing my team, I'll edit it in my previous posts. I just don't want to have too many duplicate Pokemon, and I wasn't really happy with it earlier.
    Again, the Sprite is close enough)

    Bailey silently watched the greeting between Curt and Gerald, but at the same time she was amazed at the diversity in this festival. The people she had seen so far ranged from ladies adorned in elegant dresses than must have cost more than just a hundred dollars to people who were dressed 'normally' in a simple pair of jeans and a colored shirt. Bailey guessed that she hadn't really looked around much in Unova because she has never seen such a wide variety of people. With a soft sigh she told herself not to start becoming a judgmental person and instantly decide what someone is like as soon as she glances at them. Bailey never was that kind of person, but the thoughts of noticing the differences between people at the festival scared her. What if she was becoming someone like that?

    Instead of brooding on that fact, Bailey decided to put on a smile and tune back into the conversations around her. "Excellent, shall we m'lady?" Zephious said as he took her hand and kissed it. Finally Bailey decided that she could live in a tomato garden and not be noticed with how red her face was. After a moment of shock and maybe a mental pinch to ask herself is she was awake, Bailey returned to her normal color. "Of course, I'm very excited to see what this festival has to offer!" She said enthusiastically. The air became alive again to Bailey as she started to gaze around, wondering where and what she would be introduced to first. Cosmo giggled at her trainer quickly before taking a large bite out of the cotton candy held by a vine. The Serperior, though she was quite the teaser, did share the same feelings as Bailey did.

    Bailey was about to ask about a certain attraction visible within the crowds before she felt something tug at her dress' hem. She turned to see Cosmo, still eating the cotton candy, pointing with her tail in the direction of a lady with her Pokemon. Bailey tilted her head slightly wondering what was so intriguing about her to catch Cosmo's attention, but then she noticed. "Um, Curt, I hate to say it but that Hydregion over there doesn't look very happy with Embertail for some reason." Bailey said without taking her eyes off the Dragon type. Hydranga, her own Hydregion that lived back in Unova, gave Bailey a lesson on Hydregion expressions, and the one gazing at Embertail wasn't a happy one.
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  27. "Wuh, WAIT A HYDREGION! HERE? WHERE!?!?!", Curt yelled, excitement in his voice, his eye's filled with child-like wonder. Bailey was speaking the truth, just a short distance away stood the legendary terror of Unova, incredible rare, incredibly powerful, and incredibly awesome! Raviel and Flare exchanged a worried look, they both knew how Curt and Embertail could get whenever they saw a Dragon-Type Pokemon, and a Dragon-Type as rare as Hydregion, Arceus help them all.....

    "EHEROYLY CRAP!!!!", Embertail yelled as he and his trainer sprinted over to the dragon Pokemon, completely oblivious to the fact that the Hydregion looked ready to rip out Embertails throat. Ever since they were kids, Curt loved Dragon-Type Pokemon, he even dreamed of one day becoming a Dragon Master like his hero Lance, granted that dream kinda fell by the wayside when he ran into the rest of his party, but his love of Dragon-Type Pokemon never waned. Embertail was a similar story, he always though Dragon Pokemon were the coolest and even liked to insist that he himself was a dragon (or at least "dragon-like) even though he wasn't technically a Dragon-Type(Charizard's were practically dragons anyway's, right?). And right now the two were completely geeking out over one of the most destructive Pokemon on the planet, completely oblivious to the anger it held in its eye's a moment ago.

    "OH MAN, I CAN'T BELIEVE IT, I'M ACTUALLY SEEING A HYDREGION, I KNEW THERE WOULD BE RARE POKEMON HERE, BUT I DIDN'T THINK WE'D RUN INTO SOMETHING AS UNBELIEVABLY RARE AS THIS!!!!", Curt yelled as he and Embertail took in the magnificence of the mighty beast. Eventually, they realized they were making a scene and fawning over another person's Pokemon without even bothering to introduce themselves. Pulling themselves away and letting out a akward cough, they decided to try again at an attempt at introduction.

    "U-uh, sorry about that, I-er, we get a little...crazy when it comes to Dragon-Type Pokemon, let me try that again, hello, my name is Curt, this little guy here is Embertail ('Eeero!), and these two are Raveil and Flare....that's the Jolteon and Ninetales respectively", Curt said as he introduced his team. Embertail extended his claw as a friendly handshake to the two while Flare and Raviel just gave them a short nod, they were still aware of the Dragons previous hostile attitude towards Embertail and wanted to be ready just in case anything happened.
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  28. Luna freaked out. She thought she had managed to control her Hydregion, but there she was, wondering how many seconds did she have left before Cerbero would run into the charmander. She was neggining to think about desesperated ways to stop him: asking Dilema to hypnotize him, having him locked inside his pokeball or even unleashing the last pokemon she had; she knew that would have stopped him, but it would also stop her future as a succesful pokemon trainer.

    Fortunately none of these were necesary. Without even noticing the charmander's trainer was right in front of her greatest pokemon with a ridiculous smile on his face screaming how much he loved dragon pokemon. Ha! At least it wasn't her the one ending embarrased.

    "OH MAN, I CAN'T BELIEVE IT, I'M ACTUALLY SEEING A HYDREGION, I KNEW THERE WOULD BE RARE POKEMON HERE, BUT I DIDN'T THIN WE'D RUN INTO SOMETHING AS UNBELIEVABLY RARE AS THIS!!!!" Cerbero had fight against Charizard, Dragonites, even Gyarados, but Luna had never saw him flinch until that time. Goddamn it, no one had told him how dangerous was approaching a dragon pokemon like that? "U-uh, sorry about that, I-er, we get a little...crazy when it comes to Dragon-Type Pokemon, let me try that again, hello, my name is Curt, this little guy here is Embertail ('Eeero!), and these two are Raveil and Flare....that's the Jolteon and Ninetales respectively"

    "It's... okay, I guess..." said Luna, relieved because Cerbero hadn't cause any catastrophe "But you have to learn to control that, man. I mean... you can't just run like that into a dragon pokemon that could make you ashes with a sneeze. And if you're wondering: yes, my pokemon is that strong."

    Why would she deny it? She was amazing! Luna had the best dark type pokemon of them all, she didn't have to be modest.

    "Anyway, I'm Luna" greeted with her head uphigh as she tended her hand to Curt: the dragon type crazy "This little buddy" said referring to the Hydregion "it's Cerbero. And this is my dark team!"

    The five pokemon made a reverence to the trainers in front of them.

    (OOC: I'm not trying to be overpowered, I just want my character to be egocentric. Just if anyone thought I would made me win every battle or something. I'll stop with the OOC notes XD)
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  29. The Braixen watched as the Charmander motioned for her to come closer. Thats when a giant monster came towards it. Three hulking heads, on a even bigger body. Terrifying, really. It was definitely not one to be messed with, but the thought of it going crazy or violent over a friendly Charmander, was one thing that almost forced her to face the thing.

    She hadn't even identified it what it was, but it seemed to be named a 'Hydreigon'. It was even more scary up close, as every tooth seemed sharpened to a point. Yet the Charmander showed little fear, instead putting out his hand as a friendly gesture. It seemed the violent behavior of it had attracted the attention of most of the trainers there, and their pokemon. However, the situation was quickly defused by the trainer, causing a sigh of relief.

    That was until a team of four other scary, brooding pokemon stood in front of her. She could nearly faint from this excitement/terror that pulsed through her body.
    It happened so fast for Gerald. One minute he is casually talking to Curt and shaking his charmander's hand, the next, he's the one fawning over a Hydreigon. Who belonged to a new trainer that had recently appeared. He nearly fell back in surprise. Among other things that happened while being slow, he had noticed his Braixen had made a appearance closer towards the small group. Good, she was being somewhat social. A nice development.

    This new trainer, unlike pretty boy, seemed pretty scary with her team of dark types (and a ghost type, oddly enough). She must've owned the Hydreigon. He counted the pokemon though: five. Why not six? For a trainer of this wit, she'd surely care about guaranteeing six pokemon, right? He, also only had five: but that was mainly out of laziness. Battling was one thing, catching was another. One of these days, he'd hit the magic number six.

    Not wanting to gawk, he walked up to the woman and stook out his hand. "Greetings, I am Gerald. Pleased to meet'cha, Luna."
  30. Zephious just watched from the background as Curt gawked over the Dark-type trainer's team. He looked at Bailey and Gerald and assumed that they thought the dark-type team was just as good as Curt did, just more reserved at the time being.

    He began to analyse the pokemon as he may need to battle them in the tournament. They all looked well fed and strong, but he could tell that the pokemon were prideful and arrogant. Zephious knew that he could take advantage of this, for he knew the saying 'pride comes before the fall'. He was also suprised by the absence of a sixth Pokémon, but he had a feeling that it wasn't because she couldn't catch another.

    Zephious after concluding what he could then looked at the trainer Luna, whose name he had overheard in a conversation between her and Curt.
    (OOC: I am assuming your appearence is based on your profile picture Blue moon, since I didn't see any mention of appearence. Sorry if I am wrong!)
    Luna looked like a Kalos noblewoman with her blue dress, blond hair, and jewelry , something he absolutely despised in a girl. Sadly, this was the exact type of girl his parents wanted him to date and one day marry. He started to analyse her deeper. She held herself up high like her pokemon, probably prideful. He saw a bit of nervousness and insecurity by the way she was making hand jestures and such, although this is usually the case for the noblewomen he had met. He finished the analysis by concluding that she essentially was your typical Kalos noblewoman, take it how you wish.

    Gentleman mode activating, Zephious walked over and introduced himself, saying," Hello, I am Zephious of the House of Everard, how do you do?"

    (OOC: So I looked over Zephious's team and some of them didn't match who he is. So I won't change Gallade and Greninja because they are already inter grated into the story. New team is down below.)

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  31. Other two guys approached Luna, all of them seemed to be friends or some stuff (maybe boyfriends, she had to keep her mind open). "Hi. I'm Luna. A fan of dark type pokemon. As you may have noticed, they are almost my whole team... except for Dilema, of course, this fascinating mismagious...".

    She began to study the guy's pokemon, inmediatly putting her eye on a shiny Gallade. Damn it, a psychic pokemon, she hated those. Not that she thought they stood a chance against her team. Of course not, she trusted her team would take it out of battle. Her problem with them was way more personal. It was the mental connection they could stablish with humans. They could know everything that may happen around their mind: fears, thoughts, plans... goddamn! They could guess each one of her secrets.

    She got a little bit closer to Cerbero, hoping it's dark type properties would protect her from the Gallade's psychic powers. She smiled at the trainers in front of her in an attempt to cover her insecurities.

    "So, I guess you're going to participate in the tournament, right?" asked Luna changing the topic "How long have you been training pokemon?"

    (OOC: Zephious, it's okay, I quite based my character on her, except maybe fot he clothing. Anyways, it would be like good/dark girl with a great economic status. Anyways. I made a trainer card (without the sixth pokemon still) but I don't know if I posted it well)
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  32. Phi could be said to live in a dream world. Her mind was always misty; the platinum, poetic type of mist that sheens silver beneath the soft yawning of the stars. She walked in a world laced with fog, drifting from foot to foot, letting the breeze swell her into action. Often, the breeze would whip into a seething wind, racing along the cindered roads, stirring blades of grass to flick off their dew, and, when the catalyst struck the breeze into a tornado, she would follow, her feet would stir the dusty ground, her veins would mingle between the ice of fear and the firestorm of anger, urged into a torrential flow by adrenaline's clasping, sweaty, bony claws. But if her life was to be described as that of just a single mind, it would be always summarized as that of a dream.

    In concurrence with her dreamy mind and as if deciding only by a factor of what would stir her most, Phi's wardrobe was often subject to change, save for long elapses of time in which she didn't switch a single length of ribbon. For now, her clothes were pure and simple, consisting of dull white flowing slacks of a soft, springy material, and a mingled grey, long-sleeve shirt, like a clouded sky, or a slab of granite. Unchanging was the presence of her cape-like overcoat, a dark, marble color with long sleeves that seemed to imply it was a size too large, fitted with a turtle-neck-esque collar, adorned with the tatters and worn fringes of years of beloved use, signature not only to the long, draping garment, but also to the side bag beneath it. This bag was equally worn with time, the fabric thinning in places where corners of books often bit at its threads, and a dark, sapphire blue, limitless as an ocean at dusk, was its major spread of color. Adorned on it in a pale, icy white, was an intricate picture of three flowers, in a small cluster, with thin necks and long, drooping blooms, their petals elongated ovals perpendicular with the ground. Within the bag were a few choice possessions, closely pressed against her side. A small book, with creamy pages and an overpowering, musty scent combined with the tangyness of smeared, obsidian ink, was the foremost presence in her bag. Two pens, holding the same, tangy ink smell, accompanied it. Placed delicately within was also six pokeballs, a small puzzle, a pair of scratched up safety goggles, a deck of cards, the edges soft and flaky, and a worn, hassled ball of woven cloth that held a knobbly texture to the touch. Of course, many items were not worthy of her special bag, pressed so close against her thigh, and were tossed none-to-delicately into a baggy, rough-clothed backpack that sagged lightly upon her shoulders which, she had decided, was never important enough to go into great detail about.

    It was not far of an assumption to declare that her wardrobe that day reflected her mood- simple and grey. Simple as in that blissful factor of knowing 'naught was upon her head, and 'naught was needed for lamenting, and 'naught was pummeling her shoulders with the heavy weight of tasks undone and tasks to come, in a peaceful way, like the dull gleaming of platinum fog. Grey like a gently clouded sky, free of tension, drizzling slightly, and tainted with a slight air of curiosity that comes brewing from her inner child upon the lightness of a cloudy evening. Of course, one could argue the upcoming tournament should have tempered her lighter mood, and the fact that it didn't questioned her drive for victory.

    To Phi, battles were thrilling and spectacular, and, as the young poet personally called them, a bubbling well of inspiration. She had entered into the tournament, if only for the furtive wish for discovery, but this was not exactly the reason she was here. Quite on the contrary, it actually interfered with why she had come, for Phi had distinctly recalled a taste of, only weeks before, a childhood memory resting upon this small town. To be perfectly honest, she was more on a mission of discovery than anything else, for so compelling, so brilliant, so sweet yet tangy was the taste of memory that the dreamer of a girl knew something special was there, if only she could uncover it.

    At this particular moment, however, a frustrating yet strangely pleasing dilemma had arisen, and it was for this that the trainer no longer dwelled on the coming tournament. Try as she may, her fingers were stickily clasped together by thin threads of cotton candy, woven into a web at her fingertips. She pulled her ring finger away, and the threads momentarily clung to it before deflating as they thinned down the middle. The cone itself was half-eaten, dark and beady around the edges where her saliva had turned the cushiony puffball into crystalline, dewy threads, and her lips were equally crusted with the sugary formula. Her partner, lying stretched out the ground, the light breeze trying and failing at toying with his thick, grainy fur, seemed to look up. He chortled, an eerie, unnatural sound laced at the edges with the tone of, "I told you so," that traveled more upwards than outward. Her Skuntank's laugh, she reflected, was rabid and unnatural, but pleasing to the ear that had grown with its song. Granted, at this moment, it had the tone of righteous hubris, and the tall, lanky eighteen year-old cast him a scornful glance of defiance, of which she had absolutely no idea how to back up.

    Fortunately, Phi had been saved from the decision as the crowd around her thinned, revealing a dynamic group of trainers a little ways away. She recognized most as ones she had watched obtain their own treats while she tried, and failed, to tackle the sugary tangle of scorn, on a bench about thirty feet away from the stand, cloaked from view by the crowd that had now thinned, dispersed just slightly. The young poet was rather envious of them pulling off the feat so successfully, without a thread of cotton candy lacing their own fingers. It came to her mind that, with food in general, she was rather doomed, and the snarky chortling of her Skuntank was certainly not helping the matter.

    Phi lodged the rest of the cone in the slits adorning the metal bench, and nudged her Skuntank slightly with her foot, a gesture to bring him into awareness of the fascinating group that was now interacting, speaking with the trainer of a dominating dark type team. He broke his bubbly, eerie laughter, so unnatural for a creature like he, cast a sidelong glance towards the group, and seemed to determine it futile to study. Instead, the coarse-haired skunk pulled himself to his feet, ambled a few steps to her right, and executed, with a small grunt, a leap to sit beside her on the bench.

    He gave one last righteous glance at Phi, and the trainer gave in, holding out her hands in defeat. Accompanied by the lapping of his rough tongue against the skin of her fingers, she returned to studying the group, trying to fit words to the Pokemon that accompanied them, toying with verses in her head. So many different tastes, all on one tongue, all in one place... truly captivating. Worth, at least, of a few minutes of studying, before the crowd swelled and filled back in her peephole, her gateway towards observation.
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  33. Now that she really focused on it, the trainer with her Hydregion looked a lot more powerful than Bailey originally noticed. This new trainer held herself up in a prideful manner- something that Bailey oddly admired about her. Her Pokemon looked well trained and looked as if they could tear apart the festival within minutes, especially her Hydregion. Bailey counted five Pokemon standing behind her. Why not a sixth? For someone as powerful looking as her she should definitely have a sixth Pokemon to back her up. Did she get lazy? Bailey highly doubted that. For a trainer as strong as that, being lazy would be like sinning, plus training a Hydregion takes an extremely long time and lots of effort. For that same reason she was certainly not a new trainer, the chances of controlling one of Unovas strongest dragons as a new trainer are next to zero. Bailey knew all about Hydregion and experienced its modes firsthand. Her brother had a Hydregion once and he nearly angered it so much that it almost destroyed half of Aspertia Town.

    Curt made a surprising move. Instead of being intimidated or even slightly worried that this Unova Beast may attack him and Embertail, he ran right up to it and began to fawn over the powerful Dragon Type. It looked as if the Hydregion's trainer was shocked at this response, but she also looked somewhat relieved. Bailey and Cosmo both sighed of their own relief- they wouldn't have to fight it. Correction- they won't have to fight them yet. If they're paired against her in the tournament then Bailey will have to worry about it. But that's not now, and Bailey decided that being friendly would be the best idea for now. However before she could move to introduce herself to Luna- the name the trainer introduced herself as- she felt the comforting weight of her Pokeballs in her bag change slightly as one of her Pokemon let itself out. A Zoroark stood next to Bailey, a murderous look on his face. Bailey was shocked that Yarrow would make an appearance without her say-so, and it took a little thinking to figure out why. Suddenly she figured it out. "Uhh, Yarrow I realize that you don't like Mismagius, but this is no time to be fighting. Plus that isn't even Phantom." Bailey said, putting a gentle hand on her Zoroark's shoulder.

    Yarrow, the Zoroark, had a long history with Mismagius. Before Bailey had found him as a Zoura, Yarrow had been tormented by a Mismagius named Phantom. Phantom didn't want to do tasks such as gather berries for food or find shelter, so she hypnotized Yarrow into doing it. Many times Yarrow would snap out of the hypnosis confused as to how he got so many scratches, but he wasn't aware that seconds earlier he was climbing a tree to gather sticks. Finally the Zoura built a resistance to the hypnosis and stopped the mind controlling issue by using his Illusion ability to hide himself. After a while Phantom gave up on using Yarrow so the Mismagius left him, but the scratches that he got from her were not only physical but emotional as well. Bailey found him only a week later in Twist Mountain in critical condition due to one of his injuries getting an infection. But after a quick run to Nurse Joy and a bit of convincing Yarrow joined Bailey.

    "Yarrow? Quit the look. Be polite." Bailey brought out her scolding voice as the Zoroark continued to look at Luna's Mismagius. "O-ok back into the Pokeball you go Mr." Bailey sighed as she dug through her bag to grab Yarrow'a Pokeball before he lunged at anyone. Cosmo slithered up behind Yarrow and seemed to console the Zoroark while at the same time slowly coiling her tail around one of Yarrow's paws. Bailey stopped looking for Yarrow's Pokeball for a moment and decided that the Zoroark wouldn't attack anyone as long as Cosmo was there, and he couldn't lunge or attack anyways because he would trip and fall in Cosmo's grip. Finally Bailey found Yarrow's Pokeball and in a flash of red light the Zoroark dissapered. With a sigh of relief she walked over to Luna. "I'm very sorry. Yarrow doesn't like Mismagius a lot. It wasn't your fault." She apologized. "I'm Bailey, nice to meet you! Over there...that's Cosmo." Bailey introduced pointing to her Serperior.

    (OOC: I vote that we start the tournament now. We have lots of people and stuff, but it's up to all of you guys as to when we start.)
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  34. Angel, Zephious's Gallade, was having the biggest laugh of his life. Luna, the dark type trainer, thought that her Hydreigon would protect her from his powers. Well little did she know that he practiced breaking through dark-type mind waves on Devil, Zephious's Greninja. He gave a little chuckle as she thought that it would be a easy task to wipe the floor with him because he was a psychic type. He expressed this to Zephious and they both started to laugh quietly as they both knew that Angel was also a fighting type (which is super effective against dark types and would make dark attacks less effective) and the fact that he had trained every week for the last few months on enduring dark type attacks without fighting back. And even if she had some clever plan when they battled, thanks to Angel they would know.

    Zephious stopped the telepathic conversation as Luna asked, "So, I guess you're going to participate in the tournament, right? How long have you been training pokemon?"

    "Yep my pokemon and I are entering. We have been training for eight years, although this last year specifically my Pokemon and I have picked up intensity. Just two months ago we got our eighth Kalos badge! We are planning to enter the Kalos League this summer", replied Zephious.

    "Oh and may I ask what region you are from? You don't have a standard starter so I'm just curious", asked Zephious.
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  35. June was sick of all the dark types around her. The Greninja was tolerable, but now the other four? Eugh. It gave her a splitting headache. She held her head in distain. Walking away from the group of dark types, her eyes became narrow as she gazed around for Gerald. She reached for a leg. Presumably Gerald's.

    Clasping around the leg in relief, she noticed it was much more thick, and...white? She released her grasp around Angel's leg, embarassed. How did she mistake him for Gerald? She barely squeaked a "I'm sorry!" out, before running to another shape, actually Gerald. Once again she clasped around the leg, desperately gasping for breath.
    Once again, Gerald had been surprised. EIGHT years? He could believe six months, or even a year, but EIGHT years? His prospect of winning dulled every passing moment. The trainers here seemed so strong, that the only ones he could possibly have a decent fight with was Curt and Bailey. And they were probably much stronger than they looked. The tourney began tomorrow, and it was like he already lost.

    A warmth grabbed his leg, a grasp he was familiar with. It was June, his Braixen. She usually only grabbed his leg when she was scared or felt sick or something, so it was a valid assumption she got into some trouble with someone. He pat her head, reassuringly. "We'll go to the room in a minute, alright?" The room mentioned was a motel room not too far from town. It wasn't much, but it was better than sleeping on a bench. The Braixen's grasp never loosened, she was definitely ready to go.
  36. Now Luna was totally sure: she didn't like Zephious gallade.
    She put attention from every single move and gesture of the pokemon. Se saw the complicity looks between the psychic pokemon and it's trainer: nothing good was going on between those two, at least not for her. She'd better watch out. Usually no trainer would scare her, but this one... yep, this one quite did it, and she wasn't liking it.

    Luna clenched her fist. She wasn't going to lose against him just because he had a threatening psychic pokemon, she had four threatening dark ones!

    "Oh and may I ask what region you are from? You don't have a standard starter so I'm just curious" Had the Gallade read her mind or something? Why this sudden interest for her starter pokemon?

    "I'm from Unova, but I didn't get a starter." she put her hands on her cheeks as she answered "I didn't needed. I had already gotten my first pokemon by that time..."

    She could have been flaunting about her pokemon for much longer, but an unexpected pokemon had scaped from one of the trainer's pokeballs. It was a Zoroark, and it's eyes were like knifes ready to murderer Dilema at any moment. The ghost pokemon didn't looked so worried about it. In fact, Luna could say that she may find it a little funny. Dilema was probably the coldest and the cruelest of all her team. Of course: she knew Dilema wouldn't do anything to the pokemon, at least not dangerous. Anyways, it would be better to keep that couple aparted.

    "I'm very sorry. Yarrow doesn't like Mismagius a lot. It wasn't your fault." She apologized. "I'm Bailey, nice to meet you! Over there...that's Cosmo."

    This trainer's team was quite interesting to Luna. Her serperior was an incredible imposing figure that would probably make some pokemon back off in the arena. Then there was that incredible Zoroark, a dark type pokemon she would have loved to have in her team. Regrettably she didn't, but she couldn't deny that the idea of fighting against such a great rival would be a fascinating experience.

    "Hi Bailey, I'm Luna." greeted back "This Mismagius of mine is Dilema." the pokemon made a small reverence to the woman standing in front of her.

    Once the zoroark thing had ended, Luna could notice an acomplished Braixen walk away from the pokemon group, searching nervously for it's trainer and accidentaly confusing him with Zephious gallade. A little laugh left Luna's lips as the scene took place. Almost making her forget the threatening figure that gallade represented in her head.
  37. (OOC: Agreed, we have enough people, let's all make a "heading to bed" post, then start the tournament, does anyone have someone they want to fight in particular, or should I just randomize it? I'll let you guy's make that call.)

    A lot had certainly happened in just a few short moments, apparently Curt and Embertail had caused more trouble then they expected with their dragon spaz out (well, mostly Curt). Apparently Bailey's Zoroak (Yarrow his name was) had an issue with Mismagius, as it looked ready to tear Dilema's face, thanfully, their trainer's were able to resolve the situation fairly quickly. With that settled,, Curt decided to answer Zephious's question about their training regimen.

    "Well, uh, depends on what you define as "training", Curt began as he responded to Luna, "me and my team have been battling since were just kids living in Cherrygrove, working out a bit here and there, battling the occasional passer-bye, but we really didn't start taking it seriously till we started out journey a bit over a year ago!" It was kind of funny, thinking about how far they'd come in that year, Curt thought they would have a leg up on everyone else when they started their journey due to their previous experience, but was he wrong! All the Gym Leader's he ran faced knew how to gauge their experience perfectly and give them a challenging fight, but they time they got their fourth badge, they were pretty much on the same level as most other trainers.

    "Hehe, well, it was great meeting you all, but I think Gerald and his Braxien friend have the right idea, it's getting a little late, I'm going to gather up the rest of my team and head in for tonight, the tournament starts early tomorrow and runs through out the entire day, so we're going to need out strength, see ya all tomorrow!", Curt said as he and Embertail waved good-bye to the group, Raviel and Flare following a short distance behind them.

    They didn't have too look far, a short distance away they spotted a Cubone playing a "knock down the bottles" game while a Dragonite and Croconaw stood by and watched. They watched the Cubone wined up and throw her ball as hard as she could at the bottles, and hit her mark dead on!...But she only succeeded at knocking over one of the three milk bottles, needless to say, she instantly started shouting at the person running the stand, though most people wouldn't understand her native Pokemon tongue, anyone could realize she was complaining about the game being rigged.

    J-JAsper, calm down, it's just a game!", Curt said, his sudden appearance caused the Cubone to give a small jump in surprise. She looked over one more to the game, let out an sigh, and decided Curt was right, she was still visibly a little upset though, and walked up to meet Embertail and the gang along with a nervous looking Croconaw and a stoned faced Dragonite. All around, the large Dragonite was attracting numerous, envious stares, a Dragonite was definitely not a Pokemon a person saw every day. Granted Cubone and Croconaw weren't the most common of Pokemon, but a Dragonite was in a league of its own, they weren't called "pseudo-legendary Pokemon" for nothing after all.

    "Well, Lockjaw, did you have fun tonight, I know you were a bit nervous about coming (like I was), but it looks like you had a decent time, besides, Whips had your back the entire night, so nothing to worry about, right", Curt asked the Croconaw, who gave Curt a small nod, he still looked a tad unease, but oddly enough, strangely happy. Lockjaw was a Bashful Croconaw, he never liked crowds and hated battling with a large group watching him, he'd gotten better then when he was a Totodile, but he still had some of his old habit's. Thankfully, he seemed to have enjoyed the free time tonight and looked like he genuinely had fun.

    "Gerrrro", the Dragonite growled, approaching cut with his typical Adamant expression.

    "Yes Whips, were all sighed up for the tournament, bright and early tomorrow", Curt replied, which solicited a small nod from Whips. The group all gathered up, they made the short trek back to their camp sight, they didn't have enough money to afford a hotel this time, still, the season was warm, their was no rain, and the star's did look beautiful tonight. It took them but a moment to get camp set up, then they had a quick chat about their festival actives, particularly the interesting character's they met that night, and finally, settled down for a good night's rest.
  38. (OOC: I personally don't have an opinion on who I want Bailey to fight, so feel free to randomize who she fights unless someone else wants to battle her.)

    Bailey smiled as Luna introduced herself and started laughing, presumably at Gerald's Braixen who mistook Angel as her trainer. Cosmo snickered quietly as she slithered up behind Bailey and tapped her shoulder with her tail. When Bailey turned aroun the Serperior pointed her nose towards the sky at the reddening sky. "Oh, you're right Cosmo." The trainer agreed looking back at Luna. "Well it's nice to meet another Unova girl, it's been a while since I've seen someone from Unova other than my brother who visits occasionally. You must tell me what town you come from- later because it's quite late now. Well, I hope to see you tomorrow and if I don't, good luck in your battles!" Bailey nodded her head and smiled. Cosmo anxiously slithered in circles, rushing to get back to the hotel room. Bailey laughed quietly at her Pokemon's actions- remembering how the Serperior once got lost in a forest at night and has been paranoid about the dark ever since.

    Bailey walked over to Zephious with an apologetic smile on her face. "I'm really sorry that we couldn't go explore the festival, but it will be here tomorrow and I'm still interested so..." Her face turned a light shade of red as she realized that she was asking to meet up again the next day. "W-well. I hope to see you tomorrow, but if not, good luck with your battles!" Bailey waved as she started to walk away in the same direction as Curt disappeared only a minute or two earlier. To be honest she didn't actually know the direction of her hotel, but that was beyond the point. She was pretty determined to find it herself anyways. Cosmo slithered after her; wrapping a vine around Bailey's wrist in order to prevent getting lost within the crowds.

    After a few moments if walking the trainer stopped near a tall building that seemed as if it had many rooms. So, naturally, Bailey did not think that it could possibly be a hotel but instead went inside to check her bag for the map she had picked up earlier and promptly forgot about. After a confusing moment, the dull trainer realized that the tall building she had ducked inside to check her map was indeed her hotel. Cosmo sighed and gently whacked Bailey with her tail on the trainer's shoulder. Bailey laughed in an embarrassed way before walking up to the main desk. "Hello! Reservations?" The attendant at the desk asked kindly. She had a patient smile on her face and a welcoming look her her eyes- Bailey couldn't help but admire how patient she was. For certain the Unova Traveler would have snapped as soon as a single problem arose. "Yes... Bailey Lynn?" "Ah! Yes Ms. Lynn. Your room is room 210- it's on the second floor. If you need assistance, please ask anyone with a name tag." The attendant chirped in response, handing a small card to Bailey.

    After walking up a quick flight of stairs and a few laughs from Cosmo due to the fact that she slithered up the railing, Bailey found her room. It was a gorgeous room to say the least- and it wasn't overly expensive either. For this quality of a room Bailey would have expected at least twice the amount that she paid for it. The hotel rooms must be on discount because of the festival, which may explain the lower price but there was no doubt that these rooms run for quite a fortune normally. A large window with silky white curtains streamed orange light into the room reflecting off a mirror in a blinding way. There was a single queen sized bed with a chocolate brown blanket and white sheets. The bed frame was carved from two kinds of wood- a majority of it was a darker brown where the intricate designs were made of a carmel colored wood- much like the color of her hair. There was a stand with a TV across from the bed and a small desk with a lamp next to it. The room was very spacious other than that, with chairs in the corners and pillows piled high in a small container near the window. The bathroom was much more simple being significantly small compared to the room with little room to move around but, to be honest, who would need to move around much in the bathroom? Other than drying off after a shower Bailey couldn't imagine a need to do much in the bathroom.

    After a warm shower Bailey was curled up in her hotel bed and had her nose in a book. Her eyes scanned the page of lists full of information that she couldn't help but feel that she would never need. A green vine moved around the spine of the book and gently took the book from Bailey's hands. Cosmo lifted the book to her perch- the headboard of Bailey's bed. Amaryllis, the Froslsss, floated up slowly from her bed made of pillows and looked over Cosmo's shoulder- trying to read what was on the page. "Amy, there isn't anything important on there. It's just a list of the newest stars in the Pokemon Theater industry and the winners of the World Tournament recently." Bailey explained, sitting up straight as she tried to explain what was on the page. From a chair on the other side of the room Lavender, the Meinshao, was pretending to sleep as Aster, the Porygon-Z, thought he was being very sneaky and trying to take one of Lavender's pillows. Yarrow sat at cross legged at the foot of Bailey's bed eyes glued to the screen showing a Pokemon league match that was being held in Hoenn, but the flicker of the lights started to annoy the Zoroark.

    Over at one of the lamps, Sunny the Helioisk was 'investigating' the light bulb and occasionally stealing energy from one of the three light sources in the room. "Guys...its getting pretty late and we really need to get all the energy we can before tomorrow. I see that Amaryllis has already set up a bed, and Lavender most likely is going to stay where she is, so has everyone else found a place?" Bailey asked. Yarrow and Aster froze in realization that they didn't have any place to sleep. Sunny seemed set on the idea of sleeping on the lampshade, so he wasn't too worried. Yarrow collected a few pillows and made a makeshift bed like Amaryllis did, but Aster floated into the bathroom. Bailey didn't have the energy or the imagination to wonder how her Porygon-Z would make a bed out of bathroom utensils, so she instead looked at Cosmo who produced two vines from her back and switched off the two lights that were on, and let Sunny absorb the all electricity from the last light.
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  39. "Umm... ok, bye. I'll take you sight seeing some other time, night m'lady!" Zephious said as he watched her walk away, then standing alone with his Angel under a street light. He continued to stare until she took a turn that made her go out of view. He took a look at his watch and saw that it was 1 o'clock in the morning, his parents would be mad for breaking curfew. Zephious didn't care however, he was in bliss.

    After thinking over the night he and Angel began to wander the streets looking for Zephious's other Pokémon. He found his Kabutops named Shard showing off his culinary skills to a big audience, preparing sushi and other cuisine. Typical Shard, he was the cook whenever Zephious and his team traveled, he almost liked cooking as much as he liked fighting. Shard knew that it was time for the finale when he saw Zephious. He handed plates of rice to the spectators and then threw teriaki chicken and pineapple into the air. He then used fury swipes on the flying food, causing the chicken and fruit to land nicely on top of the plates. Kabutops bowed his head and walked away with Zephious as the crowd gave some applause.

    Zephious found the rest of his Pokémon by a pond. His Bisharp named Fragment was sitting on a chair next to an easel, painting a cartoon caricature of a young couple for free while Devil, Dawn, and Dusk swam freely (his Greninja, Dragonair, and Sharpedo respectfully). After Fragment finished they all headed the small vacation manor that his family owned in that town, one of many spread across Kalos with the biggest one being in Lumiose City.

    He and his Pokémon arrived back at the manor to be instantly swarmed by servants. They loved him and his Pokémon to death, seeing to it that they were cleaned, well-fed, and had the proper sleeping arrangements made. His parents then came and scorned him, but they forgave him after he told them that it wouldn't happen again.

    After finally arriving at his room, Zephious sprinted on the red, velvet carpet and dove onto his king sized bed with navy blue blankets, dark oak framing, and black drapes. On one side of the room there was a small pool for his water Pokémon plus Dawn while on the other there was a small cave environment for Fragment and Angel as both were raised in mountain caves.

    With his Pokémon fast asleep, Zephious decided what Pokémon to use. He struggled to stay awake as he went through his options, until finally selecting the perfect fit. He slowly fell asleep, eager for the tournament and to see the girl that had captured his heart that night.

    (Zephious tells me that he doesn't care who he fights lol)
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  40. ((OOC: I don't mind who I'm paired with. I'm sure I can find some kind of strategy that could work for anyone. And if your not Zephious...who are you?))

    Gerald decided it was time to hold up to his word and leave. Most everyone had left sans Luna, and he doubted she would do something as stupid as telling him her strategy. "Night Luna. See ya at the tourney tomorrow." A little after he left Luna (and her pokemon) vicinity, June finally let go of his leg. Good thing too: he thought that his leg was going to fall asleep.

    As the crowds thinned, he reached the brink of Geosenge. He peered into the darkness beyond it. It was only a 10 minute walk, but at night, only a few stray streetlights lit the way. Managing to find his way without anything eventful happening. The flashing motel sign greeted him, a sign that told him he was at his destination. He had booked his room hours before and left most of his belongings there.

    As he entered the room, June trailing behind him, he was greeted with simple amenities: a bed, a bathroom with a shower, toilet, and sink, a small chair and desk with a phone for room service, but other than that there wasn't much to say about the room.

    He had piled his items on the desk, which wasn't much. Just a box of pokemon food and granola bars, and a change of clothes. Unfortunately, the room was too small to let many of his pokemon. Even if he did, there was only one bed and comfortable sleeping place, and he highly doubted every one of all his pokemon would fit into the single bed. Especially the Scolipede. That sent chills up his back just thinking about it. He loved Million, but the giant Millipede sleeping on him was a pretty scary thought.

    He took a quick shower and got dressed for the next day: it would save him time. June had already laid on top of the bed comforters. That was better than a pair of swords, a cicada shell, or a millipede. Maybe on the same level as a rabbit. She was there first, so she could stay there. He dimmed the lights and sat in the bed, thinking about what he should open with tomorrow. He eventually fell asleep, knowing who he was going to start with.
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  41. (OOC: In fact I would like to fight everyone XD but as I can't do it I'll leave it to my luck)

    The trainers slowly started leaving the park. Luna thought that it would be a good idea to do the same. Her pokemon needed some time out in the night to win so energies and also needed some sleeping, so the best thing was getting going so they would have lots of energies the next day

    Luna thought that the sand next to the lake was the ideal place to give her pokemon a little training. The night had just fell above their heads and the moon was just starting her show floating in the dark sky.

    Sombra's rings were shining bright as she practiced her hidden power in front of the lake, electric sparks surrounding her body. "Well done," congratulated "You've gotten a lot better with that electricity. I could have evolved you into a Jolteon." A little madness crossed the Umbreon's eyes as she heard her trainer's idea "I'm joking, I'm joking. You know I wouldn't do that."

    Meanwhile, Dilema meditated in the shadows, as a ghost pokemon she was the one who loved darkness the most. Queen, jumped from tree to tree cutting diferent branches with her sharp claws as Faws burned them in the air with it's flame thrower. Luna sat down a little bit to watch how Cerbero, her most powerful pokemon, flew through the sky. Next to her, her tired sixth pokemon yawned in sign of it's sleepyness.

    "You could have slept if you wanted too," she said as she pet it's head "I know you don't like staying up till' late night."

    But the pokemon didn't care, as long as Luna was there it would be able to wait all the time that was needed.

    Luna sighed. Maybe it was already time to go to bed. She was tired too and she didn't want to look like a Zigzagoon at the tournament.

    "Come on guys!" she called them "It's enough for now, we gotta' rest!"

    The other five pokemon aproached the trainer. Luna took their pokeball and one by one put them back into them. All except for the sixth one.

    "Let's go." She said as she held it tight in her arms.

    There weren't many people out there at that time, so she felt as if the streets were hers as she walked through them. She could feel her pokemon slow breaths petting her skin. It had already fallen asleep. She knew it wouldn't last much longer.

    The hotel wasn't so far from where she was. It was big and luxurious, her mother had insisted in paying her stay in kalos.

    "My daughter can't stay in the first motel she finds," her mother's words crossed Luna's thoughts "I will pay you the best. The only thing I'm asking for is for you to call me everyday, kay?"

    Luna sighed. She would have to call her once she had arrived the room, and she would probably insist in incorporating a cute skitty to her team.

    Without noticing, she had arrived the elevator. Her room was in the fourth floor, and had 'a gorgeous lakeview'. She didn't care about the lake, but her mother had asked her to take some shots of it from the balcony.

    She wasn't surprised by the looks of the room once she got there, it was probably something her mom would have bought. A king bed with sliky blankets and soft feather cushions.

    Luna aproached the phone, marked her mother's num ber and waited for her to answer.

    "Hi? Who is it?" asked the woman from the other side of the line.

    "Hey mom," answered Luna back "it's me."

    "Oh! Luna!" exclaimed her mother excitedly "How are you doing there? Is it pretty?"

    "It's... fine." Luna didn't sound half as excited as her mother did.

    "Did you already win the tournament?"

    Luna sighed. She knew where she had gotten her pride.

    "No mom. It hadn't started yet."

    "Oh don't worry, you will. You have that gorgeous Umbreon with you." Luna rolled her eyes. Her mother loved Sombra, in fact, she loved every eeveelution in the earth "Changing the topic. You won't guess what they brought to the set today: a shiny Kirlia! I know you don't like psychic pokemon but, you should have seen her! She was totally gorgeous. And guess what? She'll be my partner in my next movie!"

    "That sounds great." A little smile appeared on Luna's face. She didn't like psychic pokemon for certain, but her mother had been talking about that movie for so long. She was a succesful artist in pokewood, but it had been a long time since Luna had heard her talking about a movie with such excitement.

    "Someday I'll get you to act with me in a movie." and with those words the smile faded.

    "WHAT?!" yelled a shocked Luna "Why?! I'm a trainer mom! Not an actress!"

    "I know, but just think about how fun it would be!" insisted the mother "We're both gorgeous and with an special gift for the pokemon, we would have a nice girl time and besides; just imagine how succesful would that film be. 'The succesful actress Sue Cohan will brand a brilliant new movie sharing the screen with her own daughter'"

    "Keep on dreaming mom." said the young trainer stopping her mother's dream.

    "You're so boring, you know?"

    Luna giggled. "Anyways. It's getting late and I have a tournament tomorrow. I better head it to bed."

    "It's okay sweetie." answered her mom "Have a good night."

    And like that, Luna's day ended.
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