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The "Fall Five" for the GCN

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by Linkachu, Sep 26, 2004.

  1. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
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    IGN has pointed out what they feel are the top Cube releases for the fall and it's going to make your wallet hurt: Donkey Konga, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, Baten Kaitos, Mario Tennis, and Metroid Prime 2: Echoes.
    If you're not up to speed on all five games check out their quick review and get up to speed. Aside from possibly Mario Tennies these aren't games you're going to want to miss.

    I know I could never get all five so as of now my eyes are on three - Donkey Konga, Paper Mario, and Baten Kaitos. I always loved the original Paper Mario yet never ended up buying it. This time things are going to be different. As for the other two, Donkey Konga's innovation alone looks interesting enough to try out, and Baten Kaitos (developed by the creators of Xenosaga) sounds like it could be an awesome RPG. I may put off getting it until I've finally bought TOS, but someday soon it's going to be mine :D

    How about you guys? Any fall GCN releases not on the list that you're looking forward to?
  2. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    Our big names from now to Christmas are:

    Animal Crossing (Released this week)
    Pokemon FR/LG (Next week)
    Donkey Konga (3 weeks i think)
    Tales of Symphonia (Sometime soon, can't remember when exactly)
    Zelda Minish Cap (Start of November)
    Paper Mario 2
    and Metroid Prime 2

    Although two of those are GBA Games, it's still the best Xmas Nintendo has ever had over here for the Cube. In 2002 we had nothing at all, with Starfox Adventures following it in January and in 2003 all we had was Mario Kart DD!!, which i wasn't really interested in at all - though did manage to sell a good few cubes.

    This year the diverse selection made possible through NOE's new Translation policy of translating into German, French etc straight from Japanese is really going to give the Cube a huge kick in the rear for Christmas. The only other big title heading our way on rival consoles for the end of this year is GTA San Andreas. And the chances are that something like Prime 2 is going to lure the same kind of audience and bring them to the MUCH cheaper Gamecube.

    We'll find out in about February 2005 what exactly happens but my money is going towards Nintendo owning this final quarter. Especially with the guaranteed big hit of Pokemon. Even the normally pro-Sony and Microsoft stores here are getting into the Pokemon Action. It's great to see that even HERE, Pokemon still has great pulling power.
  3. (Should I note that the title is Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, and not Paper Mario 2: The Thousand-Year Door? Maybe later.)

    Paper Mario and Donkey Konga are the two games I'm looking forward to the most. I'll get Donkey Konga this week (it comes out tomorrow, but I don't have enough money to get both it an a spare set of bongos until I get my next paycheck, which should've been two days ago), and probably hold off on Paper Mario until at least late November, if not the new year. Mario Tennis and Mario Party 6 are, of course, made for renting, not buying, and Metroid doesn't interest me at all. So really only two Cube games, and no GBA games for me this go-round.

    The big emphasis is on the DS. I want to save what I can to afford good DS stuff at Christmastime. It's already been established that I'm getting a DS for Christmas, but that's probably as far as big gifts will go. Maybe a game to go with it, if I'm lucky (hey, my birthday is the day after, so there could be hope after all), but something tells me gaming is going to be sorta spread out this fall/winter.

    Just wait until summer with Emerald and Wind Waker 2, though!
  4. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

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  5. The titles I'm after are Mario Kart DS, the New Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario 64x4 (hmm, got a sort of theme developing there), which will likely all be released on or soon after launch, and I have no qualms with keeping it in the box if they're not out by Christmas...

    The big deal with me is getting the DS, not buying it. I'm not good at saving up money. ^.^;[/i]
  6. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    I could easily afford the DS with one pay-package. Affording games for it, living on that money for the rest of the month AND paying this place too though...

    Nah, i'm also going to start saving up some extra dough from the start of the new year to be able to afford it without making myself skint.

    As for titles... The main one i'm expecting is Pokemon. But Wario Ware DS and quite possibly Activision's Spider-man 2 sound like good investments. I will judge each game on it's gaming merits as they come along, just as i do for the current games.

    I do have the slight benefit in being able to judge the games that will be coming out with our launch as opposed to the American and Japanese releases where all they have to go on is E3.

    I am, however, greatly looking forward to the DS. Zelda 4 Swords and the WiFi especially. I'm even splashing out next spring on Wirelessly Connecting my house simply for the DS.
  7. Metrooooooooid! Echos will shake the world!! Maybe. Metroid is definitely on my top wanted list. But it obviously is not for the party gamer. In that area.....Mario Tennis!!!!!!

    The first one was AWESOME! But the new one will be far better because of the special shots. Is anyone else looking forward to a Mario Hammer again?!
  8. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    *Yawwwwn* ANOTHER Mario Spin-off.

    One of the top games this Xmas has to be Metroid Echoes, and Paper Mario 2 no doubt.

    I'd much rather have it be next year and have Diamond and Pearl but meh.
  9. Hey, don't diss the M Man, man.

    Funny how things change in five weeks. I ended up getting Donkey Konga with the extra bongos the day after I made that last post, I got Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door three days after launch (just finished it yesterday) and I've pre-ordered my DS and will be picking it up on launch date (that is, if I'm not in Calgary visiting my cousin x_X).

    Still, games are pretty thin. I'm asking for...

    1 ) Kirby & The Amazing Mirror (because I'd never pay money for it, but do find Kirby games fun
  10. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

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    You think FFT: Advanced sucked?! Bite your tongue! :evil:

    J/k. Personally I loved it, as did pretty much everyone else I know. I was a big fan of the original, though ;)

    I still haven't gotten Super Star Saga but it is on my "Wish List". I've decided to drop Donkey Konga for now and focus on other games instead (Paper Mario, Baten Kaitos, etc.). Can't forget the PS2 either. There's quite a few titles I want from it that I'd never pay for myself ;p
  11. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance was good for a time, and the storyline was great (I plan to go and finish it with a little help from my Action Replay later on), but there are way too many missions. Okay, there are only a couple dozen "main" missions that you NEED to do, but if you were to do only them, you'd never be at the kinds of levels you need to be at to go on to the next one...

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