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DPPt/HGSS The Elite Four are proving to be quite... troublesome.

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by Trop003, May 28, 2009.

  1. Apparently the Elite Four in Sinnoh is anti-Grass type, so my team is getting obliterated by Aaron, Bertha, and I couldn't even KO Flint's first Houndoom...

    So, what I want to know is what I can do, building a new team. I'll list off any of my Pokemon that are remotely close to Elite Four level wise.

    Tropius, Rotom, Frosslass, Drifblim, Rapidash, Crobat, Lucario, Probopass, Chatot, Luxray, Roselia, and Torterra.

    It should also be mentioned that I have a Lv 26 Surfing Pickachu from Pkmn: Battle Revolution.
  2. So you are going in with a primarily Grass-type team?

    No wonder you are finding it difficult, you need a good mix.

    Fire/Flying takes care of Aaron, Grass/Water takes care of Bertha, Water/Ground takes care of Flint, and Ghost/Dark takes care of Lucian. For Cynthia you will need Ice/Ground. Out of what you listed, I would suggest Torterra, Drifblim, Rapidash, Crobat, and Lucario. I would suggest you get a Water Pokemon of some sort who can learn Ice Beam and toughen it up.

    But all the same, it would help if we knew what moves and levels your Pokemon are at.
  3. Ok, I took your comment into consideration and managed to get myself a Finneon for Water type.
    As per request here's levels and moves (lower lvld pkmn WILL be trained a lot higher)

    Lv.50 Tropius: Lv.44 Rapidash: Lv.34 Drifblim:
    Fly Poison Jab Psychic
    Magical Leaf Flamethrower Air Cutter
    Air Slash Fire Blast Ominous Wind (or Shadow Ball later on)
    SolarBeam Megahorn Focus Energy

    Lv.34 Roselia: Lv.45 Frosslass: Lv.24 Finneon (Lumineon later on)
    Giga Drain Blizzard Waterfall
    Leech Seed Icy Wind Attract (probly not for long)
    Magical Leaf Ice Beam Brine
    Toxic (Poison Jab?) Hail Gust (want to trade for stronger FLY move)

    Lv.43 Chatot: Lv.42 Probopass: Lv.52 Torterra:
    Fly Flash Cannon Crunch
    FeatherDance Magnet Rise Earthquake
    Chatter Thunder Giga Drain
    Mimic Earthquake Wood Hammer

    Lv.49 Luxray: Lv.47 Rotom: Lv.49 Crobat:
    Thunder Fang Ominous Wind Air Cutter
    Crunch Trick Sludge Bomb
    Charge Thunderbolt X-Scissor (U-Turn maybe?)
    Spark Shadow Ball Aerial Ace

    Lv. 26 Pikachu: Lv.45 Lucario:
    Volt Tackle Water Pulse (pesky FIRE types)
    Surf Metal Sound
    Thunderbolt Aura Sphere
    Slam Dark Pulse

    Side notes: Lucario is a Special Attacker for me, Finneon has higher Attack than Special Attack, Frosslass has only ICE moves. That needs to be fixed (probly Shadow Ball)
  4. Yeah, it's probably a good idea to get rid of the least used Ice type move and replace it with shadow ball. Also, have you considered using protect or Safeguard for Frosslass?
  5. I actually haven't considered for a Protect/Safeguard, as Hail would activate it's Snow Cloak (raises evasion) and it'd damage most other people I fight against anyway.

    Would you get rid of Icy Wind or Ice Beam? I know Ice Beam is stronger, but Blizzard should cover attacking (and it's stronger), and Icy Wind lowers SPEED...
  6. I'm afraid that this may be impossible for you, since the levels of your team are under the Elite four's levels. I suggest that you level up a bit.

    Here's what I think you should use...

    Finneon (Evolve, plz.)
    (You may also want to catch a nice Wailord or Tentacruel on the water route to Victory road.)

    As far as I see it, this is a nicely spread out team. (I do like to follow the rules, One of each almost neccesary type)

    -Rotom will do nicely against Lucian, with its Shadow Ball. Also against some of Aaron's half-flying types.
    -Torterra against Bertha, and also its Crunch will do against Lucian. Earthquake will also work against Flint.
    -Finneon/ Lumineon against the ground types, and Gust/ Bounce will do against Aaron.
    -Rapidash against Aaron. Its megahorn will do against Lucian.
    -Lucario can just help where it is needed.
    -Crobat against Aaron, and its X scizzor will do well against Lucian.
  7. This is highly exaggerated don't you think. The average level here is Level45, and at this stage in the game the average team will be weighing in between Levels 45 and 50.
  8. This is highly exaggerated don't you think. The average level here is Level45, and at this stage in the game the average team will be weighing in between Levels 45 and 50.

    I'm sorry, but I don't quite get what you said. Are you saying that I'm exaggerating by telling him that his levels are too low?


    For Lucario, I'm suggesting Close Combat against Aura Sphere and either Dragon Pulse or Psychic over Dark Pulse.
  9. Thanks for the help guys, I really appreciate the feedback.

    Anyhow, I'm sorta against teaching my Lucario any Physical Attack moves, 1: considering it has more Special Attack than Attack and 2: when I throw out Lucario against friends, or over Wi-Fi they're always expecting a Physical Lucario, and it catches them off guard. (Not to mention Close Combat's Defense drops)

    I prefer Dark Pulse solely for the fact that it looks awesome on Battle Revolution :p...
  10. Also, for Lucario, instesd of Water Pulse why not trying Dragon Pulse of Hidden Power (I'd go with Dragon Pulse) since you already have a water type?
  11. Tropius, Rotom, Frosslass, Drifblim, Rapidash, Crobat, Lucario, Probopass, Chatot, Luxray, Roselia, and Torterra
    first train and level up them:use rapidash for aron,raise his speed cuz aron yanmega is fast,for backup pick crobat.tropius with leaf and flying type helps it avoid ground attacks.flint is easy i beat him with my garchomp simply using earthquake,have torterra in a high level and teach it eartquake.lucian ,with frosslass he isint so tough.cynthia shes tough ....thats all i can say. P.S the tougest pokemon of the elite 4 is at level 70 so be tough.p.s.slucario is also a good choice mine beated the four easily[my lucario level 60 attacks:blaze kick[aron],aura sphere[berta],eartquake[flint]shadow ball[lucian] good luck.................u need it
  12. WAIT WHAT !!UR TOUGEST POKEMON IS AT LEVEL 50 :p ur screwd.all of them are over 60
  13. KoL

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    Double posting, SPAM, and awful grammar? Looks like someone didn't read the rules.

    Warned. Read the rules now, before posting anything else.
  14. And on top of that more bad advise as the Elite Four are all above level 60 the second time you face them, not the first.

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