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Private/Closed The Dungeon Exploration

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Dragockon, May 4, 2016.

  1. @Eons-ago

    (Feel free to introduce your characters however you guys wish! I think we're all pretty aware of the general RP rules so. ^^ )

    Wet, cold, and loud.

    Those were the three words that came to the young child's mind that night, rain was pouring down all around her. Making the leaves of tree's bend down and droop under the pounding droplets. Thunder rocked the dark skies, making her jump slightly. A flash of light passed over head, the Raichu didn't mind the lighting so much, after all it made her feel more charged up. But it was still loud and scary, plus the cold rain made her shiver slightly. Why did it have to rain now? Of all times? She flinched at another bout of thunder roared over-head. There was no way she could stay here, the small tree she was hiding under wouldn't protect her from this storm for long.

    With a quick glance around, she moved out from under the tree. The cold wet rain soaking her furry body in seconds as she maneuvered around the grass. She was almost totally hidden from view, except the brown/yellow tail that stuck up from the grass. But in the dark of the night, only those with keen eye vision would pick up even that.
    I guess its my own fault for getting lost... She thought to herself, she had decided a few days ago to explore the forest and mountains of this area. She had heard there could be some interesting findings here, though she doubted the rumors a little. She had heard things from, mysteries unknown pokemon, to elaborate dungeons filled with monsters, to hidden treasure - really, who knew if any of that was true?


    Lighting struck near-by, she could feel the electricity on her fur and in her core. Making the ends of her fur light of with some static electricity, the rain quickly seemed to soak them back down however. The thunderous noise struck her ears moments later, causing her to jump up in fear. And scurry over to the nearest boulder. She stayed there shivering for a few moments, I can't stop now, I have to find shelter, its just lighting, it can't hurt me right? Despite how terrified she was, she stood up, shook herself and kept going.

    She was just about to lose all hope of finding shelter, when suddenly the ground below her trembled and collapsed. The very earth itself was engulfing her whole! She panicked and thrashed, kicking and trying to grab ahold of something - anything. A cry for help escaped her mouth "R-RAICH-CHU!" (HELP ME!) But then dirt entered her open mouth and muffled her other cries, until she felt something cold and hard slam into her side. She was on the ground? How? Didn't the ground just swallow her up? When she got her barring's, she dug and squirmed her way out of the piles of dirt on her. Spitting it out of her mouth, and shaking herself.
    She was in a room, her blue eye's peering around her, the floor and walls were made of stone. Burned-out torches laid on the floor, and some were attached to the wall. Some unknown inscriptions were written on stone slabs, she couldn't read them though. As she looked to here left, there was a dark hall way,

    "H-Hello?" She called quietly into the darkness.
  2. Beep, beep, beep

    Soft beeping sounds resonated from the monitor of a single dowsing machine. Like a heart monitor, keeping check a heartbeat. Silver eyes were glued to them, occasionally breaking focus to look ahead and make sure it wasn't a ditch she was about to walk into. Red flames, floating around like ghostly orbs, lit the series of halls and crumbling infrastructure in solemn, yellow light. A Ninetales walked beside her, cautious of everything around them, yet, thinking at the same time.

    A small mewl was emitted from the girl's fedora, and a pair of hind legs soon slid from beneath it, falling into the girl's focused face. With one hand, Cassie picked the Purrloin up by its scruff and placed her on Nine the Ninetales' back. "Watch her for me." She told him, and the fox snorted softly while giving a roll of his ruby eyes.

    'You know you're going to need to train her eventually.' He responded telepathically, giving a short grunt as the kitten managed to yank on his ear. 'Watch it, runt!'

    However, Cassie only placed a gloved, distracted pat on his head. "On the way, Nine."

    Yes, ever since her utter bankruptcy, loss of almost her entire Pokemon team, and discredit as a trainer, Cassie had switched her hand to a new profession. One she actually enjoyed and had a real passion for; treasure hunting. Sure, she enjoyed training Pokemon, and undoubtedly, she had talent for it too. Yet, it was never something she imagined herself doing. It was just something she did because her parents urged her to. Her mother, namely. And she loved the woman dearly and would do anything for her approval. But now, after being disowned in addition to being discredited and bankrupt, she really couldn't disappoint any further. She could just do as she liked.

    But why treasure hunting, you'd ask?

    Well, the answer was simple. She had a mountain sized debt to pay off. What better means to earn money and avoid society than scuffling around dangerous, unexplored, and uncharted territory for gold and riches? Sure, it sounded stupid, but most passions were. Plus, she had Nine, her one remaining confidant from her former team; a powerful force to be reckoned with, to watch after her.

    This particular ruin, however, was special. The more Cassie proceeded deeper into it, the more it looked like a dungeon, which was the most wonderful thing the ex-ace trainer slash treasure hunter could ask for. Dungeons hold riches, and those riches would soon be her's. Until she handed them to the debt collector hanging around her house.

    She found its entrance behind a waterfall during their dowsing machine trek several hours ago, when Lady, her Purrloin, started getting jittery and took off on her own. The devious Pokemon were known to be drawn to precious items. Cassie supposed it was like a sixth sense, and quite a wonderful asset on her side. She would've let her Ralts, Peridot, out to explore as well, but, the bad vibes Nine detected would be stressful for her.

    Thus, they walked. Further, and further in, until the light seemed to expand to fill a hollow chamber. Their first find.


    Nine leapt in front of his trainer in a defensive manner before Cassie could register what was going on. The Ninetales bared his fangs, ready to attack if needed, and Cassie lifted her fedora slightly to observe the threat; a Raichu. A rather... Confused and distressed Raichu at that. Lady jumped off of the Ninetales' back and immitated what he was doing; lowering her body to the ground and baring her fangs. Though, it looked more adorable than threatening.

    "Huh... So the dungeon's occupied after all."

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