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Open The Dream (Discussion)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Shiny Blue Gardevoir, Nov 8, 2016.

  1. Here's where all of your character hios for 'The Dream' go.

    So, if you're interested, post your character bio here. All I ask for is your character's name, species, and appearance. I'll then either accept or decline you. But you can use this thread to ask questions about the plot as well.

    And here's mine:

    Name: Rue

    Species: Kirlia

    Appearance: Light green pigtails, held up with large orange pins (Like the ones on an actual kirlia), white opera gloves, a white tutu which has a slit at the front, and green pointe shoes
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  2. will we start later in the dream or do we start in the beginning of the dream?
  3. Well i think it looks good!
    Name: Kathleen
    Species: leafeon
    Appearance: has a purple ribbon around wrist.
  4. The thread's up now, in the RP board. And you're in!
  5. Name: Ivan
    Species: Frogadier
    Gender: Male
    Apperance: Ivan is 5'11, and has blue hair, Due to his Protean "ability" He changes color depending on his emotions and moves strangely. He wears navy blue sweatpants and a jacket with white fluff at the hood's edges.
  6. Name: Geno
    Species: Gallade
    Gender: Male
    Apperance: Geno is 7, 11, and has blue hair, Due to his Steadfast "ability" He becomes faster depending on how many times he flinched.He wears white pants and a green jacket with white fluff at the hood's edges. and has two green katakana's and his hair has green streaks
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  7. (is the rp starting soon?)
  8. Accepted!

    Accepted, and the RP is up on the RP board now
  9. Name: Wally Bow Fett
    Species: Wobofett
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: He wears a blue hoodie which is much too big for him, as well as blue pants and shoes. He also has the tail that Wobofett have

    Note: when I RP with Wally, I sometimes make that tail sentient, it is unable to move, but can speak telepathically. Unlike the cheerful, helpful Wally, his tail is mean and cynical, often having to point out and correct every single little mistake Wally makes, if it ok with you, I would like to include this tail
  10. Sure, that's ok, and you're in
  11. how about me, eh?

    Name: Ryu
    Species: Riolu
    Appearance: blue jean shorts and black shirt w/ blonde collar area (likes to dress as a Lucario), short black hair, wears a zorro-like mask (Zorro from that one movie with the guy in black), tail and ears of a Riolu, 16 yrs old but 4'10" ft tall

    sooo....how about it? .3.
  12. Ok, you're in too.
  13. sweeeeet...
  14. Name: Salvatore Crook
    Species: Murkrow
    Appearance: Ragged, mysterious, and dark. He wears a Prussian blue and battered panama hat with a stiff, 10 centimetre rim. An elegant feather protrudes from its hatband. He wears a similarly coloured cloak with a red ribbon bringing it over his neck, all over a cream pantsuit. Crimson eyes peer out from pale skin. His hair is cobalt blue.
  15. Accepted
  16. Name: Noelle
    Species: Glaceon
    Appearance: Noelle has chin-length light blue hair with a dark blue Alice Headband, pale skin, grey eyes, a navy fleece jacket with an aqua shirt underneath, a pleated grey shirt, and black ballet flats. She is a bit taller than average height, around 1 meter 67 centimeters (which I think is around 5.47 foot? Sorry I don't know how American measurements work) and fairly thin.
  17. Ok you're in.

    And now, I have an announcement for everyone in this thread, so listen up: Since we have enough people in the RP now, and I don't want it to get too cluttered, I'm going to make the RP private. From now on, you lot will be the only ones who are allowed to post in it.

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