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Open The chronicals of Necros 2 disscussion.

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Jagson, Jun 28, 2017.

  1. In the second age of man house Tagryn over threw the main houses across the land of Necros. They ruled for two hundred years until the remaining houses started the Necros war. After the war what was left of the Tagryn house and their loyal supporters went to the Continent of Jabel where they stayed until now. In the third age of man after a war disseated the kingdom they thought would be the biggest problem the Tagryn Empire led by Valyren Tagryn sets sail for Necros ready to take back his birth right.

    Ragroth: Ruled by house Rylon their symbol is that of a Blue Lion
    Under the rule of Davon IV Rylon their country became weak and fat. His Son King Avian is doing what he can to restore the country to it's former glory. They were known for their military might which after Davon's rule was cut fallowed by the Hethian invasion was weakened even further.
    Bastard name (Born out of wedlock) is Heart
    Their people are known as Ragrothians

    Hethia: Ruled by house Valier Their symbol is that of a desert eagle
    The sand country In the furthest part of Necros. While they may have a bitter taste they are men of honor and respect even if their king decided to go to war based on revenge. While they might not be strong warriors they use their wyverns to attack. Bastard name is Sand
    Their people are known as Hethians

    The Great Forest
    A giant forrest that connects Ragroth to Hethia. They are fast and agile. The forrest is divided into five sections North, South, East, West, and central. The eastern forest was serverly damaged during the Hethian invasion. They fallow the religion of Ellon a verison of Judaism. Even though most use it as a way to gain power while the true belivers are a minority.
    Bastard name Tree
    Their people are known as Foresters.

    Ruled by house Nepo their house symbol is a fish.
    Known to most as the river lands. Their located to the north of Ragroth. They control multiple islands with deferent culturs.
    Bastard name Water
    No known name.

    Ruled by house Roiyaru they're symbol is that of a Pegasus.

    The far western country. They are very isolationists not wanting to be involved with others. As such they've created their own language. their civilization is based off of Japanese culture. Some speculation says that they are defending the rest of the necros from an ancient evil though most believe it's just a myth.
    bastard name Kuso yarō

    ruled by house Hiazon they're symbol is that of a Ram.
    A mountain region west of Ragroth. They're known for trading and exporting of jewels. While their military may not be that strong they're always willing to give a hand to their allies. They are well defended against any opposing force.
    Bastard name Hill

    no ruler
    A place of always winter. The Northern most region. An area completely surrounded by snow. The people have learned to survive and prosper in their harsh environment \
    Their people are known as Induents.

    Ruled by Valrien Tagryn

    a land mass to the west of Necros. Conqured by the Tagryn's two centuries prior after their exile.

    1. Fallow the rules of Charms.
    2. Be respectful to each other
    3. have fun.
    4. multiple characters are allowed
    5. Romance is allowed
    age: For the most part keep them late teens and onwards
    sex: Male, female, turner ( Trans)
    Sexuality: Unioner(Hetero) Sword player (Gay) Maiden Lover ( Lesbian) Mixed
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  2. Name: Shane
    age: 18
    sex: Male
    appearance: Shane has jet black hair, dark brown eyes and is slightly tanned. Shane wears a black hoodie, a white t-shirt, black trousers, red sneakers and a blue scarf that covers the lower half of his face.
    weapons: He uses a sword and a dagger
    Sexuality: Unioner
    Kingdom: The great forest
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  3. Increase his age a bit around nineteen or eighteen. like I said late teens not mid teen.
    also add which kingdom your from. I forgot to post that part of the character bio.
  4. How many people join before the rp is up?
  5. at least two
  6. Oh yay I be back.
    Hmm new characters
  7. Name: Amie Whitecloak
    age: 23
    sex: turner woman
    appearance: long straight blonde hair, sky blue eyes, wears long grey and purple robes that have armour hidden in them and are almost like a dress, purple flats, white mask that covers all of her face except her eyes, purple gloves that reach her elbow
    nationality: Pykon
    weapons: two long thin daggers that are usually hidden withing her sleeves, two daggers in her flats
    Sexuality: Unioner(Hetero)

    Name:Iyana Whitecloak
    age: 24
    sex: female
    appearance: long brown hair that looks exactly like Amie's, warm honey coloured eyes, wears long dress like grey and purple robes, white mask that only shows her eyes, long purple gloves, purple flats
    nationality: Pykon
    weapons: two long thin daggers in her sleeves and two in her flats though she is very proficient in weilding an axe
    Sexuality: mixed

    Name: Bell Whitecloak
    age: 26
    sex: female
    appearance: long black hair that looks like Amie's and iyana's, cold grey eyes, wears long dress like robes that are grey and purple, purple elbow high gloves, purple flats, white mask that only shows her eyes
    nationality: Pykon
    weapons: two long thin daggers that are hidden her sleeves, poison, two daggers in her flats
    Sexuality: Unioner(Hetero)
  8. I'm joining again. I assume this takes place a few years after the OG RP? (which we still need to finish) In that case, I'll be bringing the Blackquill, Storm and Falaern back.
  9. Yes this takes place about 3 to 5 years after the events of the first one.
  10. Let's say four as a rough estimate. I'll post my updated character sheets in just a minute.
  11. Name: James Storm
    Age: 29
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Long, brown hair. A brown jacket, brown boots, a black shirt and black pants. Has yellow eyes and a belt he carries his weapons and items on.
    Kingdom: Olympus
    Weapons: Two crossbows that he made able to load automatically so he just has to notch the arrow and fire. He calls them Thunder and Lightning. He also has two daggers for close-quarters combat he calls Sweat and Tears.
    Sexuality: Straight

    Name: Falaern Storm (maiden name Crius)
    Age: Around 20 (27, but no one knows except James Storm)
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Always wears a headband that covers her ears, forehead and back of head. She has blonde hair and blue eyes. She wears a brown vest with a white shirt and brown pants. She had brown shoes as well.
    Kingdom: Olympus
    Weapon of Choice: Spear and throwing knives
    Sexuality: Straight
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  12. One more thing everyone if you want to have multiple characters after the thread is up you can just describe them in the thread instead of writing their bio down here.

    name Gabil of Central
    age 29
    sex male
    appearance: Long black hair and light green eyes. He wears boie armor which covers the entirety of the body ( Think Samurai armor) He keeps his face unprotected
    weapon a slim longsword.
    Nationality: Was apart of the great forest until his exile which led him to Boie.
  13. except it isn't a kingdom it's an organization.
  14. A self-sufficient organization separate from the kingdoms. (Remember Ezequiel's "former home" line?) They do technically have a base set up in an area no one else is, and they do have a form of government (the council). So they're almost a kingdom.
  15. Actually, I was hoping something. Over these four years, the Blackquill have begun setting up an independent kingdom. I was also thinking that relations would have improved between Avian and the Blackquill, becoming allies with a strong trust from their mutual aid.
  16. he was joking otherwise do you think he would've smiled.
  17. Yeah, I get that and was going to respond in that way. Just checking my YT before responding is all - just wanted to set that up.
  18. Name: Kylie Stardust
    Age: 23
    Gender: female
    Appearance: black hair and red eyes.
    Wears a blue shirt and a black skirt with leggings under them with weapon holders for her daggers
    Weapons: two strong daggers.
    Sexuality: mixed
    National: pykon
  19. accepted
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  20. BTW do you remember what my old characters was
  21. Alta who left with Black cat's character and I forgot the other one.
  22. It's OK ...I think they won't come back.
    Well y the other one but I'm got to go find out her name.
  23. Name: Edward Heart
    age: 17
    sex: Male
    appearance: short spiky brown hair, chocolate eyes, wears a short dark blue hooded cloak, silver scarf that can cover his lower face, black boots, navy baggy pants, black shirt, blue gloves
    nationality: Ragrothian
    weapons: bow and arrow primarily though he is quite skilled with a sword
    Sexuality: Sword player (Gay)
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  24. @Tsu this is probably taking place between two different places.

    The sisters three are at their private estate, which is not a castle.

    Avain, Eze, Rhys, and Ethalind are at one of Rhys's estate in the middle of a party.
  25. There's also Elona and James at Olympus and Falaern on her way back to Olympus.
  26. Name: Argentum Erickson.
    Age: 25.
    Sex: Male.
    Appearance: Short brown hair, tanned skin, stands at 6'0, gray eyes, he usually wears dark clothes.
    Nationality: Pykon.
    Weapons: Two small silver axes.
    Sexuality: Unioner (Hetero).

    I don't know much about the Chonicals of Necros right now, but i'll read the other posts to try understanding the history and other stuff.
  27. accepted and if you want to understand more off it check out Knights Fall.
  28. We're almost done with Knight's Fall - still just waiting for Jag to post on it so we can start the final battle.
  29. @Tsu
    The attack is happening in Ragroth
    Kylie, The sister three, and Gabil are at Pykon. Speaking of which they're waiting for Kylie to explain herself.
  30. so anyone going to be posting.
  31. So anyone going to post?

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