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Ask to Join The Astral Plaza Grand Exhibition!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by RenzFlintrock, Oct 3, 2019.

  1. Discussion Thread: https://pokecharms.com/threads/the-astral-plaza-grand-exhibition.21514/

    As with many days in Astral Plaza, the sun rose beautifully on the city filled with Pokémon. However, something was slighty different this day: there were many, many more individuals up and about. The reason? Today was the first day of the Astral Plaza Grand Exhibition. Pokémon from all over the region had come to Astral Plaza to complete, play, relax, and enjoy the show. There were exhibits in stalls lining the streets, food carts passing along with caterers hawking their wares, and battle arenas set up for show fights, where combatants showed their battle prowess off to the crowds that gathered around. And of course, there were the concerts. At one stage set up in the middle of a park, and Altaria was setting up equipment for the show that night. She seemed anxious as she worked, looking around from time to time as of expecting someone. Meanwhile, in one of the restaraunts, Four Seasons Café, Glaceon was taking the first couple of breakfast orders for the day. She knew things would be getting very busy during the day, she had know the festival rush for years back in her home of Snowburg.
  2. Shikowara

    Shikowara Previously Lily May

    This particular young Carbink was super excited about the exhibitions. He knew there were millions of Pokémon better then he was he would try his best. First thing he wanted to do when got to Astral Plaza was to have a snack from his bag. He just hoped he wasn't going to be late.
  3. As Sol walked outside he grabbed his journal. A book filled with incoherent scribbles, stains, torn pages, and random crude drawings on every other page. (Despite how illegible the journal is Sol can real it just fine). "Ah! to the Diner. i hope they have sitrus-payapa(very sour tasting pokemon berries) berry juice!" cheered Sol as he walked in. As the happy slowking approached the counter just before he could utter a word. "let me guess? you want a sitrus-payapa berry juice don't you? said the waitress. "how did you know?" Said Sol genuinely surprised. "you come here every morning and order the same thing every day." The waitress said as she rolled her eyes. Sol paused for a moment and remembered. They both laughed and Sol sat down to enjoy his beverage.
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  4. He sighed, and inclined his head towards the bolt with a frown. Shaymus had been working to set his arena and tent up for the most active, interesting and eventful part of the year for exactly two hours, twenty seven minutes, and thirty three- no thirty four seconds. Like a hammer to a nail, he bashed his wooden staff against the remaining, rebellious bolt, thrusting it into a stern and safe position.

    Then, with a sort of hopping-flapping motion he bounded back towards the entrance of his stadium and observed the area around him. A friendly book-shop owner scuttled past him turning his head with a, "Mornin' Ol' Shaymus," Then a couple of eating buddies of his yelled, "'Ello!" Shaymus muttered an obscenity to himself before grinning and admiring the already packed plaza.

    There were all sorts of Pokemon, from all sorts of areas and all sorts of backgrounds; small, lean, large, menacing, cute, fast, slow and a whole load of others. The plaza was set out in a somewhat jumbled, yet beautiful arrangement of market stalls, stadiums, diners, concerts and a whole manner of other areas. His arena and tent where located beside a reasonably large stage, and adorned with decorations he had collected from the Exhibition every year. He enjoyed hosting the little battles, tournaments, shows or plays and loved to watch and listen to all the people who came. Sometimes, a bit of rest was due from such a large event as this, however most of the time he would have to force himself to stay ahead of the game and ready to help (and enjoy himself) in anyway he could.
  5. After Sol finished his drink he placed the glass on the table and smiled as he left. "The plaza sure is busy today. Though to be fair the plaza usually is" Sol thought to himself. As he made his way through the crowd to see who was at the battle pyramid today. A gengar and a nidorino. "Both pokemon are giving it their all but there can only be one winner, who will it be!" Yelled the pokenouncer(pokemon announcer). After the long battle ended. The nidorino ran in with a takedown. As he did gengar jumped into the air then using a shadow ball finishing off the nidorino. The crowd cheered with loud excitement. "This battle reminds me of something..." Sol thought to himself. As he made his way through the plaza undecided on what he wanted to do.
  6. Shikowara

    Shikowara Previously Lily May

    Jules finally got into the town and decided to have his breakfast. "Now I can sit..." He said plopping onto a chair. There were lots of Pokémon in this town that Jules had never seen before. He was a little nervous about the exhibition because he knew he was the youngest one entering. "Time for training" He said when he was done with his gems. So he went outside into the field and practiced his moves on a tree.
  7. Sol walked through the market ready to head to his tent. a large tent with games and prizes. The games consisted of pinball, skee ball, air hockey, poké-man(kinda like pacman except pokémon), whack-a-mon(also a pokémon pun, like whack a mole), a strength test game, and even a bouncy house shaped like a spoink. him and his friend Toro (a male rotom) both worked at the game tent. the prizes ranged from stuffed animals(obviously shaped like pokemon), action figures( shaped like legendary pokemon), and accessories(scarfs, bracelets, and sun glasses).

    Sol walked into his tent. "morning Toro!" Sol said cheerfully. "morning Sol. i was just getting ready to turn the games on" Said Toro. They both and let the customers in.
  8. Shikowara

    Shikowara Previously Lily May

    After Jules was done training he went a tent with a whole bunch of games and prizes. "You open?" He asked with a smile the Rotom and the shiny Slowking that were standing under the tent.
  9. Toro(Rotom) jumped with joy "ofcourse! ofcourse! fun games and great prizes! i just love the soft fuzzy stuffed teddi... ACTION FIGURES!... i like the action figures... anywho. feel free to play. first few rounds are on the house." Toro handed the carbink a handful of tokens.
    Sol smiled and waved at the Carbink as he sat down glanced over the machines making sure all the machines are properly working(they are). "enjoy your time" Sol cheered.
  10. Lisa sighed as she leaned against the alley wall. She was bored, and honestly wished she could be doing something, anything else. But, this was her job, ‘hidden security’. Basically, if somebody tried to cause trouble, she would have to drain their life force until someone else could remove them from the area. Then, Lisa would have to give it back. She hated it. Not only did she feel bad for almost killing people, but the whole process always left her emotionally drained. What was so draining wasn’t the actual process, it was how it left her. How it felt to feel all of that energy and happiness, only to have it stripped from you. The happiness was replaced with this feeling of emptiness. She honestly didn’t want the job, but she really didn’t have any options. One, because she was still in her first evolution, it was difficult to find people how didn’t think you were twelve. The other reason was because her employer based jobs on stereotypes. Specifically the one about ghost types loving to see people suffer. So, he only would let her have this job, so she accepted. All she wanted was to live a life where she wouldn’t wake up crying from a dream where she actually killed someone for her “job”, the image of their eyes rolling to the back of their head too much to handle. A life where she didn’t feel like she wanted to be run over by a truck.

    Unfortunately, that seemed impossible. Lisa scanned the area again and saw a Rotom cheering about action figures. She smiled. “At least I get to protect people who are happy.” Maybe she could walk around during her break. Yeah I’ll do that. Lisa thought as she returned to scanning the area.
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  11. Sol sat in his chair as occasional customers came by ,and he smiled and handed tokens to the customers. Occasionally one would come to jump in the bouncy house or play one of the games like pinball, poké-man, and on occasion someone would build the confidence to play the strength test game. As Sol sat there a medicham came by ready to try the strength test game and said "i'm definitely going to get it this time!" she shouted. as she lifted the hammer and hit the lever launching the pin and almost hit the bell. she said "one more time please!" As she did she lifted the hammer and jumped and slammed down onto the lever causing the pin to go up quickly *ding!* as the bell rang a firecracker shot into the air *crack! pop!* (whenever the bell gets hit a firecracker gets shot into the sky). Sol smiled and let her pick a prize and the medicham cheered as she claimed her prize and walked off happily. "wowy wow! She was the first one to hit the bell today! to think i almost forgot what the bell sounded like..." Toro said excitedly. Moments later Toro paused and noticed a litwick but strangely enough it had a green and purple flame? that was strange sine Toro has only ever seen dark blue flames... one time he seen a light blue flame but never a green and purple one. Toro thought it was unusual but cool, he smiled at her and waved before going back to help another customer. Sol sat in his chair thinking "today was a pretty good day, i helped 22 people today and Toro helped 16... not bad." Sol thought as he grinned to himself.
  12. Lisa noticed the Slowking that was running the games waved at her. She froze. She honestly didn’t really know how to react, seeing that she looked kind of shady standing in an alleyway, casually watching everybody. Her green flame probably didn’t help her suspiciousness either. Oh, geez. She probably looked like a stalker. Lisa awkwardly waved back, but then noticed he was already helping someone else. Whelp, she blew that chance. She was snapped out of her thoughts by a Gangar coming up behind her.

    “Lisa, your shift is over.” He said, somehow managing to look friendly.

    “Thanks Greg. I’ll be back next shift.” Lisa said, finally seeing her chance to get out of the alley.


    Lisa walked out of the alleyway. Now what? She thought as she wandered around. Maybe she should play a game? Lisa figured she had nothing left to lose, so she made her way over to the Slowking’s tent. She got a few odd looks, but tried to ignore them. After all, Lisa couldn’t help why she looked different so no reason to stress, right?
  13. Sol smiled and welcomed the litwick to the tent good afternoon! would you like to play a few games? how about a few games on the house... er... tent!" Sol said cheerfully as he handed her a handful of tokens. Toro jumped with joy "I seen you earlier... anywhoothoot... enjoy the games! Toro said cheerfully trying to keep a straight face as he sat back down keeping an eye on the remaining visitors.
  14. “Thanks! My name is Lisa, what’s yours?” Lisa said as she excepted the tokens. Then she realized something. Wait- the Rotom saw her? Oh well, at least her boss wasn’t here to lecture her about being ‘hidden.’ Lisa decided on pokéman, mainly because she remembered how to play it, and she actually enjoyed it.
  15. Many people had told Mudd about the Grand Opening, but she didn't think it would be too grand. She was wrong, of course, there were pokemon everywhere and many, many, many tents to choose from. She reached into her satchel and pulled out a small map of what was where. On the map there was a large X and Mudd headed towards it. She knew the X was the tent with all the games she liked. She decided to branch off there before going to the field, where she could do a bit of training. "Surely I have enough time..." She muttered as she got there. She saw a shiny Slowking and headed towards him.
  16. Sol looks over and sees a familiar face... maybe? Probably not... best not to ask just in case. Sol smiled. "Would you like to play some games? We have a wide assortment of games, maybe even win a prize!" Sol said cheerfully. "how about some tokens!" Sol said cheerfully handing her some tokens as he walked over to check if everything was running smoothly(it was).

    Toro grinned "enjoy your time!" then jumping up with joy before sitting at the prize counter to help anyone get the prizes they desired. Toro sat there humming to himself as we waiting and cheering as he handed out prizes.
  17. Mudd stared at the Slowking, "I feel like i recogni... wait Sol?! Is that you!" She squinted at his face. "Hey, why didn't you say anything?" She glanced sceptically at the Rotom, "You are...?" She questioned.
  18. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Alaf entered the exhibition. This happened every year and he was sorta numb to the whole festivities at this point, but he had to go. Besides, he sorta wanted to spend some time with Aisa. He dodged some tourists as he wandered the festival grounds. Besides, what sort of thing would he do in a busy place like this? He felt sorta uncomfortable around so many strangers, but if he never said a word to them, then they would not talk to him. Right?

    Fay buzzed around, trying to find a place to set up her stories. The hyper-active Ribombee was excited. So many new Pokemon to hear her stories! She had a feeling that she knew some of the Pokemon here, but she just did not recognize them. She met so many Pokemon from her job os a traveling storyteller. Though, the small bug-fairy might have a few problems if she could not find a place to set up.
  19. Aisa was still busy with work as the day progressed and more and more customers flooded into Four Seasons Café. Sure, she was making a decent amount in tips, but she really wanted to enjoy the Exhibition. It was the first one since she had moved to Astral Plaza. However, she would be busy at the restaurant for a lot of the daytime events most days, and on the days she had a morning or afternoon free she would be busy at night. She was definitely going to miss a lot of the fun. One of the frequent patrons noticed her expression and asked about it. “What’s got ya glum, Aisa?”, the Darumaka asked. “Ah, just super busy and I’m probably going to miss a lot of the Exhibition.”

    “Too bad...”

    With that the Darumaka paid for his food, stepped out of the chair, and exited the restaurant. With a sigh, Aisa picked up the dirty dishes on the table and continued with her work.


    Meanwhile, Storm was feeling stressed. The Altaria was not humming or singing as was usual for her when she worked. She was busy setting up the stage for their performance, and occasionally flying up into the air and craning her neck, searching the crowds for any sign of her friends.
  20. As Casey stepped into the plaza, she was amazed at the size of the festival; it seemed to get bigger every year! It almost seemed slightly intimidating, especially since it was her first time going alone, but the young Luxio was determined to try and make the most of her time here. The first thing she'd have to do, would be to find a map, or some sort of information booth so she could find some sort of a map or time table of the events.

    She noticed a Litwick who looked as though they were one of the employees so decided to walk over to ask if she could be pointed in the right direction. As she got closer however, the Litwick left the alley and headed into one of the games tents, so Casey followed accordingly.

    She spotted the ghost type, playing on an arcade cabinet in the corner and approached her tentatively.
    "Excuse me?" She asked "I'm sorry to bother you, but do you work here?"
  21. Lisa turned and faced the Luxio, a little surprised that someone approached her..

    “Actually, I work as security. How can I help?” Lisa smiled warmly. Well, at least for her it was warm. She really hoped she didn’t look creepy.
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  22. Sol paused for a moment and laughed and spoke to the marshtomp. "yeah... i guess i do remember you!... you look taller. its good seeing you again!" Sol said cheerfully. When Mudd asked Toro who he was toro paused and then said "Me? Who am I? I'm the elusive demon that hides in the shadow at night causing mayhem and electrical destruction muwahahahahaha!... Just kidding! I'm just plain ol' Toro. Said Toro giggling to himself. Sol and Mudd talked for a while and then Sol asked Mud, "The astral plaza is a great place! its hard to believe I've already known Toro a whole year... but anywho what brings you down to this fine city. Do you work at one of the shops or are you vacationing?" Sol said cheerfully.
  23. "I'm just here for a vacation, didn't expect you to be working here though!" Mudd chuckled, "Funny how some things change, ya know! So I suppose you're here for work, but when did you come?"
  24. "oh, well I was just wondering if you knew where I could go to try and get some kind of map or like, a time table of all the events on here? I want to try and get as much does as possible!" Casey replied, smiling eagerly
  25. Lisa chuckled and thought for a moment.

    “You just need to go to the main stage. You want me to take you there?”
  26. Sol thought to himself... "hard to believe its already been 3 years... It feels like yesterday we were still at the pokémon mansion... Every so often I get a letter from Zolaf and I write him back. You seem well too! Sol said cheerfully. Toro hummed to himself as he went around cleaning off the counters and handing out prizes.
  27. "It seems there are just more and more as the years go by," Shaymus thought as his head swivelled from side to side and chuckled, "I could have sworn that there were more- no less, last year. Surely something must be encouraging people to flock in here like Bug-Types to honey...it must be me."

    One wise person once said that food was a necessity for thought, concentration, enjoyment and good work. Well, at least that is what Shaymus would say if anyone questioned him on why he was off to the Café. His beak salivated in anticipation for some scrumptious bites to last his weary joints through the 'delights' ahead; and he certainly wouldn't risk not treating himself and appeasing his grumbling stomach.

    He pushed, and hopped, and appealed his way through the masses of Pokémon, smacking his staff on the occasional rude nutter. The scent of assorted foods and items permeated the air and the bitter taste of smoke wisps and humid moisture accumulated around the dense areas. Shaymus moved his way skilfully past the few remaining clusters and smack-bang into the entrance of "Four Seasons Café". He already knew a most of the workers and people inside from previous Exhibitions, so he squeezed inside and took an empty seat beside the window.
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  28. Aisa saw that another customer had come in, and hurried over. "Hi, what can I get for you this morning? Can I start you with something to drink?" She was used to taking orders at this point, after years of work back at Ice Cube Cafe in Snowburg, and now a few months here in Astral Plaza. She still wore her brown cape, which covered the flat magnet strapped to her back for ease of carrying trays.
  29. Casey hesitated. "You're not on your break are you? Cuz if you are, then I don't wanna bother you I can probably find my own way.."
  30. “I would love to help you. Trust me, it is better than what I usually do.” Lisa frowned slightly, but recovered her cheery demeanor and smiled. “Follow me!”
  31. "Sure!" Casey said, smiling back, and followed the Litwick out into the bustling plaza streets. Attempting to make polite conversation, Casey asked "so, how long have you been working here?"
  32. After the game tent closed for the night Sol and Toro went there seperate ways. Toro went down to "the warehouse"(underground fight club) to watch some cool fights. Sol made his way to the café to get a glass of sitrus-payapa berry juice as he always does before heading home. Sol thought about watching maybe a match or two with Toro at the warehouse but he decided he would rather just grab his juice and go home early. As Sol entered the café he ordered his drink and sat at the table.
  33. “About a year now. Got the job when I was 16. Is this your first time at the festival?” Lisa pushed through the crowd, jostling people and earning her some “lovely” names. Lisa just ignored them, though she was surprised at how many curses the one knew.
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  34. He looked up to see glistening, opalescent figure with a tray strapped connected around its back. It had a peculiar, yet beautiful demeanour around it, and a unique gold-sapphire earring. After further examination he was able to pick up on her smaller than average physique, and then her question, "Hi, what can I get for you this morning? Can I start you with something to drink?"

    "Aisa, isn't it? I believe I've seen you in here once or twice, hope you are well. If possible, do you have any Moo-Moo Milk, I am in need of something to freshen me up?" He said cheerfully.
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  35. After Sol had his drink he paid for the glass and left a tip then smiled and waved as he left. He then headed towards his home, a cave on a hilltop. (despite his home being a cave it was actually a lot nicer than you would think, he had lots of carpets, rugs, and pillows cause he likes to be comfy. Along with a swimming pool in the center of the living room and even a TV). Sol laid in his bed(a pool floatie that sat floating in the pool).

    Toro merely went to the warehouse to watch a couple fights as he had no intention in actually fighting. He did however watch a really good match between a machamp and a conkeldurr. As the match concluded machamp though machamp may have won the match it was a very close match. "My goodness! I thought for sure conkeldurr was going to win for sure after landing that hammer arm but machamp got some nasty revenge after that and won that watch..." Toro thought to himself". As the night continued the matches did too but most of the following matches weren't as tough, but Toro was still happy to continue watching.
  36. Aisa nodded. “Yes sir, that’s me. I’ll be right back with some MooMoo Milk for you.” Aisa smiled and trotted off into the kitchen, returning approximately two minutes later with a glass of MooMoo Milk. “Here you go! Is there anything else I can get for you?” Her tail wagged slowly as she delivered the food. She enjoyed her work, even though it sometimes prevented her from doing other things she wanted to do.
  37. Ol' Shaymus glanced down at the glass with the white exquisite liquid inside and said, "Why thank you Miss. I mean, unless you can recommend anything especially delectable on your menu, I think I'll be fine for now. What will you be doing for this Exhibition?"

    He then wrapped his feather arm around the glass and sipped daintily at sweet milk inside. His eyes watching inquisitively at her and the nearby people.
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  38. Aisa thought for a moment. “Well, if you want something delicious it kinda depends on what you like, but for something small, maybe a chocolate muffin? It could go well with the MooMoo Milk.” She paused for a moment when he asked about her plans for the Exhibition. “Well, I’ll be working a lot... I hope I’ll be able to look around some days, but I’ll be busy for a lot of the main events.” She wondered how much time she would be able to hang out with Alaf. She enjoyed spending time with the Leafeon.
  39. "oh not at all!" Casey replied cheerily. "I used to come all the time with my dad when I was a kid! We actually missed it last year, and my sister is a bit ill this year so my dad couldn't come, so I'm visiting on my own! I want to try and do as much as possible, since I've probably finished school, and I'd love to try and get some kind of an apprenticeship from someone here!"
  40. “I see. Well, I hope you find something!” Lisa smiled. She would recommend her employer, but then thought against it after considering the situation she was in with her job. Lisa looked ahead and saw the stage. “Well, here we are!”

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