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Ask to Join The Astral Plaza Grand Exhibition!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by RenzFlintrock, Oct 3, 2019.

  1. There was no turning back now. It was either the exhibition or the dreaded doctor's appointment. The young Druddigon slowly waddled towards the relative direction of the park. The distant trees and bushes appeared to resemble simple circules and rectangles in their place. Even with a significant focus, he could not easily make out the small, blurry figures far from his sightings. It was difficult for the little Pokémon to navigate around the area shrouded by the light skies.

    There were many unfamiliar places that could not gain infant's interest. The sounds of other Pokémon brawling for sport certainly repelled the baby Pokémon away in a near instant. The Druddigon panted for a brief moment and limped towards what was likely another smaller building of some sort. The young Pokémon stood a good distance from the restaurant and lightly poked his scutes for a split second. He took a brief glance at the distant Café and shook his head soon after. He turned away from the building and hobbled towards the nearest tree in his narrow field of view.
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  2. After Toro decided to leave the warehouse he went down the street and headed through the plaza, he looked in the café window then headed down his way to work where he sat and ate a sack lunch he prepared.

    Sol woke up from his nap and fell in the pool then went to the kitchen to grab his lunch then headed back to work.
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  3. After waving goodbye to the Luxio, Lisa walked back to the alley to her next shift. Lisa was on high alert for two reasons. One, because she was on shift alone, which by itself was unnerving, and two, because criminals were harder to see when it was crowded. That was just common sense. Lisa’s eyes shifted around anxiously. As long as she could see who was around, she would be fine.
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  4. Shaymus' eyebrows narrowed and he looked at her seriously, "Someone like you should try and spend as much time enjoying themselves out in that chaos, rather than being cooped up in here the entire time. Do make sure you go and have some fun with some friends, or something of that ilk. You are always welcome over at my place, just so you know." He then smiled and looked out the window, reminiscing over some time before there was such thing as the 'Astral Plaza Grand Exhibition'.

    He looked back to the affable glaceon and said, "Oh, and thank you for that recommendation. 'Tis been a while since I last had a muffin, so that sounds most appealing. I'll have that, if its all the same to you."
  5. Aisa nodded. "Yes, I'll be trying to get out there as much as I can. I know from experience, though, that Festival Seasons are always the busiest times for a Cafe, so I and the other employees will be kept pretty busy. You can see for yourself how busy it is now, and it gets even busier at night." She pointed a paw around to indicate the amount of customers. She then trotted off to get his muffin. This time it took longer, as she got distracted with another customer along the way, and also had to get the muffin heated up, and while that was happening she took a few more orders. However, she returned with a pleasantly warm chocolate muffin and placed it in front of the HootHoot. "Here you go!"
  6. Up on the stage, various Pokémon seemed to be setting up the last things for some kind of event. Several Machamp were carrying on boxes of heavy equipment, whilst an Espurr levitated props into place. Already, a large crowd had gathered, eager to see whatever show was about to begin, but due to her relatively short stature, Casey had no problem making her way to the front, and grabbing a brochure and pouring over it eagerly.
  7. Lisa had been in the same position for half an hour now, and was starting to get bored. Gee, I kinda wish something would happen. She thought as she stared out from her post. Lisa instantly regretted wishing for that, because just then she saw a shady character walking around. Oh geez, please don’t be a threat. Unfortunate for Lisa, it was now her duty to follow the person, to make sure that they didn’t disrupt the peace. She was not looking forward to this.
  8. PrincessPika~chan

    PrincessPika~chan Previously PrincessPika

    Kiki Pipi sighed, slowly strolling through the busy plaza, she turned to the left, the Jolteon wasn't having too much fun, wandering around aimlessly as she was, trying to find a competition somewhere. She turned to the left again, bumping into a door, Kiki sighed, shaking her head, before looking up at the building.

    "Oh? A café? I guess I could use a break..." she smiled, as she entered the building, Kiki looked around for somewhere to sit, occasionally looking over at the clumps of five-petalled yellow and orange flowers on her back, smiling all the while.
  9. Aisa saw that another customer, this time a Jolteon, had entered the Cafe, She excused herself from 'Ol Shaymus and trotted over, straightening her cape a bit on the way. "Hi, and welcome to Four Seasons Cafe! Would you like a table?'" Her tail swayed slowly from side to side, a sign of goodwill.

    Storm was getting very worried. She hadn't heard from them at all, and they were set to make their debut performance that evening. If they didn't show up on time, the performance would have to be cancelled... of course, she might just be worrying herself over nothing, she though, and they might just be running late. Very late.
  10. PrincessPika~chan

    PrincessPika~chan Previously PrincessPika

    "Oh?" Kiki Pipi turned around a little, after noticing that someone was talking to her, "Uh, yeah, thanks, hi?" she sighed, 'Okay, that was awkward...' she thought to herself 'Very awkward...' Kiki shook her head, smiling all the while, "Do you have any Oran berry drinks here?" she asked, adjusting a few flowers on her back.
  11. "Yes, of course! We have pure Oran berry juice, and also some other drinks that have Oran berry in them."

    Aisa led the way over to a small table. There was a menu on it, one side having meal options, and the other having lighter foods and appetizers, and a list of drinks.

    "Of course, if there's a specific drink you want, I can check with the chefs and see what they can do for you."
  12. PrincessPika~chan

    PrincessPika~chan Previously PrincessPika

    Kiki Pipi sat down at the table, "Ah, thank you- uh... what's your name?" she closed her her eyes and tilted her head to the side slightly, letting out a little nervous laugh, "Oh, um, yeah, I was thinking maybe a blend of Wiki and Oran berry juice?" Kiki asked, adjusting some of her flowers again.
  13. "Oh, I'm Aisa. And I'll get that right away for you."

    She trotted off to the kitchen to put in the order. She came back out with someone else's order, delivered it, and went back to see if the Oran-Wiki juice mix was ready. It was, and she carried it out to the Jolteon.

    "Here you go! Wiki and Oran juice blend. Are you in town for the Exhibition? Most of the people here are...."
  14. PrincessPika~chan

    PrincessPika~chan Previously PrincessPika

    "Thanks Aisa!" Kiki Pipi smiled and waved as Aisa walked off, "This place seems really nice, maybe I should come here more often..." she sighed to herself, deep in thought. Kiki took a moment to realise that her drink was ready, "Oh, thanks! And yeah, right now I'm mostly wondering if there's a baking contest around here sorta soon..." she replied, taking the drink and beginning to lap at it a little, "Oh, I forgot to tell you my name even though I asked you your's, I'm Kiki Pipi." she smiled.
  15. "Nice to meet you, Kiki Pipi. You said baking contest? Hm... I don't know. I could ask one of the chefs, they might know."

    She walked off to another table and balanced the empty dishes from it on the tray on her back, and brought them to the kitchen. While she was there she asked one of the chefs if there was some sort of baking competition, and it turned out there was. She brought out another order of food to one of the tables and then went back to Kiki Pipi.

    "So, yes, there are some baking competitions. Tommorow is the Pie contest, and according to the chef they put all the pies on display, and then the judges taste them after a little while, and decide which ones win. There's a prize for winning, but he didn't remember what it was."
  16. PrincessPika~chan

    PrincessPika~chan Previously PrincessPika

    "Oh, that's great, thank you." Kiki Pipi smiled, lapping at her drink a bit more, "I'm not sure how good I'll be at baking pies though..." she laughed a little, thinking about possible flavours for fillings, "Thanks again, Aisa," Kiki sighed, lapping at her drink somewhat faster than earlier.
  17. "No problem! I think he said there were more competitions in upcoming days, but I forget what he said they were, and when. I'm sure you can find out at the Pie competition, though. Is there anything else I can do for you?"

    She spoke politely, although she was slightly nervous. He could see one frequent patron waving frantically for her attention five tables away. This Spinda really annoyed her, but she had to put up with it.
  18. “Great! I lost them!” Lisa huffed as she moved through the crowd. She had begun to lose sight of the person a good ten minutes ago, and now she couldn’t see them at all. “Mr. Scalchop will be really upset if something happens with that guy.” Lisa’s boss, Mr. Scalchop, wasn't very forgiving when it came to the ghost types in security. Now what? She thought as she searched for another member of security to ask if there seen them. Of course, no one was to be found. Duh stupid, they are hidden! Lisa pushed that thought out of her head. Her best bet was to check the stage. She knew that another member of hidden security were supposed to be around there. Lisa began to force her way through the crowd, heading towards the general area of the stage.
  19. Casey was most interested in events that involved working with another Pokémon, team events like double battles or duet performances at contests. After all, that'd probably be the best way to find someone to work with in the future, and if not, then perhaps just a friend who she could enjoy the rest of the festival with. She noticed that a lot of Pokémon were heading into a cafe, so it seemed, she decided, like a good place to start looking for a partner. She wandered into the café and sat down at a table in the middle of the room. That way she might be able to hear what other pokemon were going to be getting up to.
  20. Aisa had to hurry away. She could come back to the Jolteon later, but now there were even more customers coming in, and that Spinda was still calling for her... She reluctantly approached the Spinda's table to see the dizzy Pokemon grasping an empty mug in one hand, slouched over, and reeking of liquor. "HeY, AisA, Sweetie.... can I get a Refill? On the- the... refill?" Aisa tried not to show how disgusted she felt as she took the mug, leaning to the side to avoid the small panda's grasp as he reached out for her. She took it to the bar for it to be refilled and then hurried over to the next Pokemon, a Luxio. "Hi, welcome to Four Seasons Cafe? What can I get for you?"
  21. Sol sat there at his at his tent in his own little world completely oblivious to his surroundings, "why yes I would love a glass of tea!" Sol said with a smile. moments later the whole building started spinning and then Sol fell out of his chair and woke up. He realized he was dreaming the whole time... also there was no tea... also Toro somehow got his head stuck in a bucket. Sol wasn't aware how it happened but apparently Toro had his head stuck in a bucket for minutes before Sol could snap out of his daydreaming. Sol then pulled the bucket off Toro's head, "thanks! I been calling your name for at least 5 minutes... what happened!?" Toro said with a shocked expression. Sol looked over "i'm not sure... but its time to work though!" Sol cheered and as he did and Toro grumbled to himself as he went back to his chair.
  22. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Alaf sighed and decided to enter the cafe, not to order anything, but to check up on Aisa. He entered the cafe and saw the Glaceon hard at work. This probably was not the best time to spend some time with her. He left before he even walked up to her or greeted her. He sighed as he walked on without Aisa. She was working, and he respected that. Just sometimes he wished he could spend more time with her.
  23. Sol opened up his lunch and ate while watching the clouds go by. Toro sat there eating his lunch and looking over the guests to ensure there time is pleasant.
  24. "oh, um, do you have a menu? Or any recommendations?" The luxio asked cheerily
  25. “Well, I don’t have a specific recommendation, but here’s a menu.”

    She pushed a paw over the table, moving the menu to within easy reach of the Luxio.

    “If you want to start with something to drink, I can get you that while you look at food options.”
  26. After Toro finished his lunch he looked around the plaza with a look of suprise as there weren't as many people as he expected. "The diners must be really booming today..." Toro thought to himself as he sat there with a now empty lunchbox. He then looked over at Sol who was laying down face down on the ground with an empty lunchbox in his hand.
  27. Kasumi~chan

    Kasumi~chan Previously Kasumi Daiyamondo

    (Sorry I was dead...XD)
    "Thanks!" Jules said walking over to the games.
    Some where in town, Sukie~chan was doing her normal shopping. (All she buys is a loaf of bread) She finally decided to go to the plaza area. "Lets do this!" She said running towards a tent.
  28. Sol looked up gasping for air and as he got up and looked around, "Oh thank goodness... it was just a dream... After eating all that food I just had to take a nap." Sol said laughing to himself. He then walked around to check on the machines to see if they were properly working and of course they were. Toro sat there with an awkward look of shock and bewilderment at Sol for his strange behavior.
  29. Kasumi~chan

    Kasumi~chan Previously Kasumi Daiyamondo

    After Jules was done he thanked the nice Pokemon again. "Thank you!" He said walking away. Then all of a sudden he runs into something...which was actually some! "Hey, watch where your..." Sukie~chan started, then she realized how old the Carbink looked. "So sorry." He replied. "Oh, thats ok little guy." She said as she adjusted her green sweatshirt. "Do ya wanna be friends?" Jules asked her. "Uh, sure! You know your super cute right?" Jules giggled at this. "Yea, I get that a lot." He said as they walked.
  30. Lisa struggled to get through the crowd, mainly because she was so short. Finally, after being ran over for the fourth time, she snapped. “FOR ARCEUS’S SAKE LET ME THROUGH!” The people around her stopped and stared at her for a second, obviously suprised by the sudden outburst. Lisa felt really hot. She wasn't sure if it was from anger, embarrassment for yelling, or the fact that her flame was twice it’s normal size. Sure enough, people did let her through, though the did mutter some hateful names referring to her. Lisa just quietly walked to the stage, and knocked on the door. Sure enough an Alolan Marowak opened the door.

    “What do you want Candle?” He said, clearly annoyed by her presence.

    “Nice to see you to, Marcus.” Lisa continued, “I was wondering if you saw a suspicious character on the cameras.”

    “Why should I tell you? It is your job not to lose sight of those people.” Lisa should haves known he wasn’t going to help her without reward. It was just the type of pokemon he was.

    “Look, if you help me out just this once, I’ll cover one of your shifts whenever whenever you want.” Marcus thought for a moment, the agreed to help.

    “Nope. Now get lost. See you when you do my shift.” With that he slammed the door in Lisa’s face.

    “Great. Just great.” She said sarcastically as she walked away.
  31. "WATCH OUT... COMING THROUGH... EXCUSE ME..." Said a loud hariyama walking by carrying several boxes. "ARE YOU SOL? I HAVE A DELIVERY!" He said smiling. Sol looked over chuckling and nodded "the evolution stones came in!" Sol cheered. The hariyama sat down the boxes and Sol signed his signature on the hariyama's clipboard. Afterwards hariyama smiled and waved as he walked off. Sol and Toro looked through the boxes at all the different stones and evolution items ,and placed them behind the glass counter.
  32. Casey peered over the menu eagerly. "Do you think I could just get some water whilst I look?" She asked politely "it's really hot out there!"
  33. Kasumi~chan

    Kasumi~chan Previously Kasumi Daiyamondo

    "So whats you name?" Jules asked the Eevee. She looked at him with realization that she hadn't introduced herself. "Oh, sorry. I'm Sukie~chan! And you are?" She replied while messing with her hoodie. "I'mma Jules!" He giggled. Then they ran into a Luxio. "Oops, sorry!" Jules said to the Spark Pokémon. Sukie~chan just did a facepalm. "You run into a lot of things, don't you." Jules nodded sheepishly.
  34. "it's ok!" Casey replies with a smile. "I used to do that all the time when I was small! Had no sense of direction at all!" She looked at the pair curiously "So what brings you guys to the festival? Are you here to compete in anything?"
  35. Kasumi~chan

    Kasumi~chan Previously Kasumi Daiyamondo

    "Yep! I'm here to win!" Sukie~chan said with confidence. "It just looked fun, y'know, meeting new pokemon and battling!" Jules replied. Sukie~chan thought that was real cute of her new little buddy.
  36. Sol sat in his chair as he looked around as the people walked through the streets ,and he thought to himself about the battle pyramid. "Hey Toro... have you ever thought about competing in the battle pyramid..." Sol said calmly. Toro paused for a moment and thought for a moment. "of course id like to compete!... But when would a good time to do that be?" Said Toro slightly confused. The two of them went back to work; Sol welcomed the customers and Toro continued checking over the games.
  37. "So your competing in battling?" Casey replied, her interest piqued. I battle loads and I was planning on taking part too. See, I'm here trying to get some kind of apprenticeship, by impressing people here, so I'm trying to take part in as much as possible. I don't suppose you'd want a partner would you?" Casey pauses "oh wait, yeah I forgot, you're already here with your friend, aren't you"
  38. Maria was politely dragging Ruby along as they browse the plaza. They went into the cafe and sat down. "Excuse me, where's a waiter? I want one Berry Juice, preferably made from Pecha berries, and a strawberry shortcake, please!" , Maria calls out. Ruby muttered under her scarf. "The cakes mine, if anyone cares..."
  39. Aisa was in a flurry of activity as more customers flooded in. She had done her best to fulfill people's orders, but she felt she couldn't keep up. She hurried over to the latest customers, who ordered a Pecha juice and a Rawstberry shortcake. "Oh, okay! I'll get those out here for you as soon as I can!" She bustled off, trying to ignore the Spinda. Normally she would do her best to do her duty of taking care of each customer, but she was fed up with the Spinda already as it was, and she didn't have time to put up with him.
  40. Sol sat in his chair with grin as he looked up at the clouds, "boy today is sure a quiet day..." Sol said as he sat back and relaxed. he then looked over at the remaining customers ,and as he looked over he noticed a baltoy and a kirlia were playing air hockey. Sol smiled and watched as they played. Toro sat by the counter as cubone walked over and handed him his tickets. "I'll take that one please!" said the cubone pointing towards the groudon action figure. Toro smiled and handed him his prize and the cubone walked away with joy.

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