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The Art of PKMN Trianer Kiv

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Kiv, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. Kiv


    Some of my Pokemon art.
  2. Kiv


    Here we go. P.S. I do all my pics in MS Paint. ;D

    [attachment deleted by admin]
  3. Dang, man, you say you make these in MS Paint? Wow! I can hardly draw a cartoon horse, let alone these! These are very good.
  4. Excellent art, I wonder if I could try my hand at using MS Paint on my laptop. All I have is Photoshop on my normal computer... And photoshop doesn't like me ._.
  5. Dude. you're like the king of all things mouse art.

    Or do you lie?


    JK. I wish I could draw as well as you do in paint.
  6. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    Whoa, these are pretty good. I can't even do that on photoshop.

    Your shading skills are also extremely good. You're one of the best artists I've seen around here. ^^
  7. Holy crap man. I would kill to be able to do MS Paint like that. I can't even do a Caterpie without making it look like and oddly deformed pickle.

    I love your Riolu by the way. It's so cute.
  8. *Implodes out of sheer amazement* Wowzuh.
  9. DAM! If that's your skill level with MS Paint I can't wait to see you use Photoshop and make something amazingly spectacular.
  10. Excellent work.

    To do these in Paint must have taken a lot more effort, as while the interface is simpler, it doesn't offere that many options for convenience. I must say that if you were to move onto Photoshop I'm sure you can produce even better effects for your work. Is there any particular reason you choose MSPaint over other programs?
  11. o.o I'm completely amazed. I always am when someone is so talented with MS Paint. ^^ Awesome work.
  12. Kiv


    Simple, really... MS is all I have.

    Also, here is some new art I haven't added yet.

    [attachment deleted by admin]
  13. That is the most amazing art work I have ever seen! I'd kill to be able to use paint like that. Shaymin looks so cute, and Blaziken is just pure awesome! I can almost picture what you might do next.
  14. ....I took a look at the Blaziken and went Holy S(beep). But, I LOVE your new art. Is the Blaziken doing a Fire Punch and Blaze Kick at the same time? It looks like it, and still a pool of awesomeness.

    My other favorite though is Shaymin, which is so cute, Latias&Latios, and I kinda like how Darkrai is being antisocial and is in the background with his arms crossed. He reminded me of Shadow the Hedgehog for some reason when I saw him.
  15. your artwork is really a may zing i cant wait for more
  16. Your artwork is...AMAZING. I can't believe you did those with MS Paint!

    I love the Blaziken, he is doing a Blaze Kick, right? I am expecting to see more artworks soon! ^^,
  17. Cool, wow how'd you make that. Im not very good in Paint use can you teach me the basics of paint? ???
  18. Gotta hand it to you Kiv...to get that good must have taken years...
  19. That made me lol a bit. There isnt anything to teach its the raw talent of the artist that does the diffrence with paint. There are no tricks to it really.

    Lovely works, vivid colors and good detailling and clean lines. Well done sir! Oh and I like your trainer :p cute hair.
  20. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    ... holy crap. That Blaziken one is so awesome. And the last one is also sooo cool.

    Did I already mention that your art is one of the best that I've seen around here?
  21. i OFFICIALLY just just OFFICIALLY realized that you are the king of all things drawn with a mouse!

    But you probably just copied and pasted...

    Which you didn't right???

  22. These are amazing! Keep up the good work! Makes me wish that you were open to requests or something ^^
  23. Anyone knows who drew this guy? and where i can contact him [​IMG]
  24. Off topic Dragaz. And doesn't belong here either. It belongs in the other board. Warn'd.
  25. HOLY CRAP! *dies* This was done in MS PAINT???!!!

    This is probably the best I've seen so far, making my Top 1 right along with Stel.

    I really like the shading and value and stuff. This is amazing. I hope that we can see more.
  26. Kiv


    Okay! After what seems like forever, I've got some art to upload, finally!
  27. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    These are all done in MS Paint, eh? That's fairly amazing all things considered. I really love how you did that second image, both the lineart/poses and the coloring/shading quality. Who is the other character featured with Lucario? A personal character I assume?

    It's a shame that the only images which work in this thread now are these two newly uploaded images. The server move really did a number on this thread. Instead of re-uploading everything via attachments, have you considered registering a photobucket account? Either way, I hope you plan to re-upload the images because I'd love to see everything I missed (which was basically anything not posted today) XD
  28. *reads title for second image*

    Huh? That makes it seem like I'm fighting myself... :p

    Anyway... *dies from pictures epicness*
  29. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    Incredible artwork on Paint. I remember when I used to draw on it and how long detail could take. Bless Photoshop's layers, I don't think I could be without them now ^^;

    Anyway, Lucario looks awesome. The lighting/shadings is perfect, as with the second image. They're both so clean too...

    I remember some of your older artwork... it's a shame that the server change ate them. Again, fantastic work on Paint.
  30. Nice ^^

    It's been a while. But art like that could take ages, so it's all good.
    Loving the Aura vs Aura
  31. Has been some time since the last update, but hell, its been worth it :o

    Love the pair of pieces you've got there Kiv.

    No real criticism at the moment, my jaw is still on the floor :p

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