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Open The Arena

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by shiguregure, Sep 24, 2016.

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  1. Okay. Firstly, this is my first RP. Don't kill me. I will close this when we reach eight competitors, and there WILL be crossovers.
    You will need to fill this out.
    Full name:
    City you were last in:
    Your six pokemon:
    Special abilities (if any):
    Appearance (not really important, and optional):
    So, you are a Pokemon trainer. One day, you fall asleep, and when you wake up, you're in a dark room with seven other trainers and no idea how you got there, and cannot remember anything useful about yourself. There, once everyone is conscious, a man appears out of nowhere with the three legendary birds and announces that you will have to survive in a forest for three weeks. The first one to die will immediately go back to their old life with no memory of the competition unless they choose to remember it. You will have your six favorite Pokemon with you. The winner gets the three legendary birds and the other Kalos and Unova legendaries. The competition starts... now!
    Rules: Please don't kill anyone. Kill, as in murder. The competitors will have to die in a natural way, or else the entire competition will go wrong. But you can try. Also, don't overdo it with the blood and gore or romance, because there's a chance of people here having a weak stomach (like me). Other than that, have fun!

    Name: Kayenne Nova
    Gender: F
    City you were last in: Unova city
    Your six pokemon: Glaceon named Calix, Ninetales, Plusle and Minun (counts as two), Jigglypuff, Espeon named Nova
    Special abilities (if any): Telepathy, Ability to possess people,
    Appearance (not really important, and optional): Gray eyes, shoulder-length black hair with a white streak, is currently wearing a turquoise jacket
    Age: 12
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  2. Full name: Dasken Kubesh
    Gender: Male
    City you were last in: Cinnabar Island, Kanto
    Your six pokemon:

    Soulfire; Mega Charizard Y (beat multiple leagues together; formed a strong bond)

    Rye; Rhyperior

    Aerosmith; Crobat

    Bomber; Chesnaught

    Lockjaw; Feraligatr

    Ampere; Ampharos

    Special abilities (if any): Extraordinary intelligence with all patterns
    Appearance (not really important, and optional): 6'2", teal sweatpants, black shirt with red flame-print design, wears metal-rimmed glasses.
    Age: 16
    Dask awoke in a room with seven other odd trainers. He had no idea where, and the odd man was just confusing. Die, but then forget it? Dask shook his head. He was last on Cinnabar Island, training with Blaine and his Charizard, Soulfire...
    He had a flash of severe anxiety, but was very relieved to find his full team at his side.
    He let out his Charizard, to help his anxiety ease.
    He turned to the nearest person to him, a younger girl with grey eyes and black-and white hair.
    "Do you know what's going on?" He asked her.
  3. "No," Kayenne replied,"This is scary." Apparently, the other six trainers in the room were still out cold, and there was a very strange-looking man in the middle of the room. "Nova, you can come out now."
    An Espeon came out of the Pokeball, looking slightly tired. "Espy?"
    "Okay, Nova, do you sense any immediate danger?"
    Kayenne must've looked pretty weird talking to an Espeon like it was a person, but she could read minds, and saw a "no". She turned back to the boy. "Okay, we're not in immediate danger. It seems like something's wrong, though. Okay, My name's Kayenne. You?"
  4. "Dask," he said. He turned to Soulfire. "Alright, it's time." Dask gave Soulfire a slight nod, and Soulfire grabbed ahold of it's Mega Stone on an amulet around it's neck. Dask did the same with his Mega Ring, and Soulfire was bathed in a purple light. Suddenly, the light burst outward, revealing a Mega Charizard Y. "Alrighty, then. Soulfire's temporary Drought ability should give us enough light for awhile. Come on out, Aerosmith!" He yelled, the Crobat soaring out of it's Pokèball so fluidly, it might as well have come from the skies above. "Aerosmith, see what we can do about getting out of here." Aerosmith began to use it's echolocation as Dask turned back to Kayenne. "I think it's time we properly introduce ourselves." He sent out all of his pokèmon; Ampere, his Ampharos,plopped on the floor, humming to itself; Rye, his Rhyperior, smashed onto the floor, arms crossed over it's chest, waiting patiently; Bomber, his Chesnaught, was waiting at the ready in a stance perfected for battle; and Lockjaw, his Feraligatr, snapped it's jaws open and shut a few times, to show off.
    "I'm the champion of the Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn leagues." He held out his hand, inviting her to do as he had.
    "Well, let's see what pokèmon you've got up your sleeve."
  5. Name: Robert O'Connor (Robby for short)
    Gender: Male
    City last in: Slateport City, Hoenn
    Mega-Sableye (Gem) m
    Zangoose (Jax) m
    Blaziken (Venick) m
    Aerodactyl (Stone) m
    Blastoise (Kannon) m
    Gengar (Genesis) f
    Appearance: Black goodie, white under shirt, dark kahky pants. Dark brown ruffled hair. 6"0, Caucasian, 19.

    Slowly coming to, Robby groaned slightly as he rubbed his head feeling very off and fuzzy. His arms weak, he gradually sat up very exhausted and con fused. "What the.. w-where am I.." he asked himself. He looked to his right to see seven other people, some awake and some still out cold.

    For his own safety he drew out Jax, his Zangoose. "You okay pal? I'm not sure where we are." The Zangoose nodded confidently, not seeming to be effected in any way at all. "Hey let's go towards that light. I see silhouettes." Jax nodded focusing on the objects in the distance. "Oh and just in case.. Swords Dance up. Better safe than sorry." He patted Jax on the back, who began sharpening his claws as they made their way towards the light.
  6. Full name: Joe Whitman
    Gender: Male
    City you were last in: Vermilion City, Kanto
    Your six pokemon:

    Magikarp (Shiny)

    Special abilities: Can combine his power with his Pokemon's to boost their strength. But whenever the Pokemon is hit, he feels it.
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Age: 18

    "Finally!" shouted Joe "All eight gym badges! I can finally fight the elite four!"
    All of a sudden everything began to grow dark, and Joe's vision began to dim.
    "Ahh" Joe shouted as he woke up. He was in an unfamiliar room. "Where am I?" he asked
    Inside the room were three people, lit up by a faint light. He recognised one oft hem. "Hey! You are the league champion!" he said "I was just collecting Gym Badges so I could challenge you!"
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  7. Full name:Allison (Ally) Morgan Stevens
    City you were last in: Snowbelle City, Kalos
    Your six pokemon:
    • Talonflame, (Robin, Male)
    • Greninja (Drizzle,Male
    • Garchomp (Katana, Female)
    • Weavile (Levi,Male)
    • Altaria (Cloudi,Female)
    • Heliolisk (Sparky,Male)
    Special abilities (if any): She can understand what Pokemon are saying and see the auras of pokemon.
    Appearance (not really important, and optional):
    Outfit:Red Shirt, White Scarf, Jeans, White Beanie, Black Flat
    Body: Long Brown Wavy Hair, Brown Eyes, 5ft 6, Freckles, 130lbs
    It took awhile but when Ally woke up she was in a Dark room. "He.....Hello? Is anyone there? She looked around to try to find her bag and saw there was other trainers. They were unconscious. "Guys, Wake Up!' She tried waking them up but to no prevail. She then started to look for her bag again and found a Pokeball and inside was her Pokemon, Robin. "Robin, Make a Flame" Robin made a flame until she saw a faint light. "Follow Me, Robin." Robin and Ally went towards the light and went to a room. She saw some other trainers standing around. A guy with a mega Charizard, Another Guy with a Zangoose, A Girl with a Espeon and Another guy with no Pokemon out. "I hate to ask this, but does any one know what the heck we are doing here? I was going to a gym battle but I fell asleep and woke up here. She looked over at the Charizard She used her powers and said "You have a very strong aura. I can tell. You must have a deep bond with your partner". She forgot she was talking to the others. "Sorry I got distracted with the Mega Charizard. Anyway I am Ally. Ally Stevens." "Who are you guys?"
  8. Dask didn't wanna introduce himself another six times; he figured he'd wait until the others woke up.
    When he heard a girl with long brown, wavy hair and a red shirt ask him about his bond with his Charizard, he smiled. "I've been through 3 leagues with my buddy here. We do have a strong bond. He was also my starter." He turned around and looked at the boy who asked him about being a champion, who had black hair and a black coat on. "As for you, I'd like to take a close look at your pokèmon to see how you've raised them." He waved his hand across his party of Pokèmon. "Feel free to take a close look at mine, but be careful; they're use to both extreme training and tender love and care."
  9. "Sure" said Joe "Here" he handed over his Pokemon and took Dask's. He felt excited as he realised that he was holding Pokemon that had dominated three leagues. He could tell that they were well trained and well taken care of. He returned the Pokemon to the champion. "Wait" he said "I have an idea on how to escape"

    Joe got Dugtrio back from Dask and sent him out. "Dugtrio use dig" he shouted. He followed Dugtrio's tunnel until he stopped. The walls see too hard for Dugtrio to dig through
  10. Robby stood from a small distance away, arms crossed and glanced over at Jax, who as most Zangoose, stood with a dominant defensive pose. "You seem a little uneased, pal. Miss your best friend?" He smirked, opening an Ultra Ball, revealing Stone the Aerodactyl. "How you doing buddy?" He patted the ancient Pokémon lightly on the side of the head. Both Jax and Stone watched the other mons from where they stood hardly moving an inch. Robby watched where their eyes went and lightly shook his head, "Nit everyone is an opponent. Just chill a little bit okay guys? As far as I know there's no threat."
  11. "Blastoise use superpower" he Shouted. But the wall didn't show any signs of damage. "Soften it with hydro pump" nothing "Dugtrio bulldoze" still nothing. Eventually Alex gave in and gave his Pokemon
    To Dask. He felt watched, and saw a trainer and two Pokémon watching him try to break out. "Is this funny?" He asked "or what?"
  12. Dask shook his head. "We'll try something."
    He waved over Soulfire, who dove into the tunnel. Dasken followed it down. He motioned over Alex.
    He nodded to Charizard, who gathered a ton of firepower. It's tail flame grew to be as tall as the tunnel, solidifying further the top of the tunnel.
    "Blast Burn." Said Dask.
    Soulfire released such a powerful blast of flame that he slid backwards a little. However, it kept stepping closer to the wall, against the pressure.
    Dask's armhairs were singed off at the tips, he began to immediately persperate, and even his clothes caught aflame in several spots, which he promptly put out.
    "That's enough," said Dask. He looked at the wall.
    There wasn't a scratch or melted hole at all. Dask sighed.
    "We'll have to play his game."
  13. "Alright. I tried to read his mind, and it turns out he's not human. So I managed to break in and saw something about a puzzle before he somehow realized I was there and I had to leave," Kayenne replied, "Try look for whatever you can find that looks like some sort of mechanism, or could contain one."
  14. "Alakazam, try looking for one of those, and get Dugtrio to dig to it. Joe said "Then Blastoise can rust it and make it stop. Wait thats probably not a good idea. You go with Nidoking and Arcane to try to break through the walls." Joe looked at the strange man "What do you think would happen if we attacked him?" he asked "We could get a closer look at the puzzle and have more room to move around in the room... if Dugtrio could get us close without him noticing..."
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  15. "Alright, Ampere. Start charging up." Dask said. Ampere smiled, and it began to spark with electricity which intensified more and more for around five minutes. "If there is a machine keeping us here, I think we should be able to short circuit it." He looked at the mysterious man.
    "Maybe even short-circuit him."
  16. Robby watched the group from where he stood, not too far away but not too close since he wasn't exactly the social type. He slowly took a step and then another towards them still deciding whether or not to conversate with the people in the same situation as him. Jax and Stone followed behind him as they made their way towards the group.
  17. "Alright. We'll get out of here," Kayenne replied, "Just stay calm. I detected something in the ground near the weird man. It's a puzzle of some sort. It could be dangerous or blow all of us up. I'm not sure. Let's get over there."
  18. "Dugtrio use dig" Joe said "If we can get under this machine, Dask's Ampharos could short-circuit it."
    Joe walked towards the mysterious man, trying to distract him. "Arcanine use Flamethrower!" he shouted. But the flames harmlessly bounced off of a barrier surrounding the man. In fact, the man didn't even seem to notice. By that point, Dugtrio was half way there, so Joe climbed underneath and began to follow
  19. "Do I have to do this?" Kayenne sounded slightly unhappy. "Yup. I think I do." She concentrated all of her energy on the barrier, and imagined it exploding, but stopped at the last second. She didn't want to kill the man, just move him out of the way. She levitated it instead, and set it down a few meters away from its original spot.
  20. Finally they were close enough. Dugtrio burrowed to the surface and Joe followed him up. He climbed up and was able to take his first look at the "Puzzle" it was more complicated than he could ever imagined, gears and switched, a massive jumble of machines that he couldn't understand.
  21. Full name: David Novosel
    Gender: M
    City you were last in: Snowpoint City, Sinnoh
    Your six Pokémon:
    Banette (M)
    Froslass (F)
    Dusknoir (M)
    Gengar (M)
    Trevenant (F)
    Aegislash (F)
    Special abilities (if any): He has a tendency of attracting and communicating with ghost-types, although he is terrified of them. In addition, he's paralyzed from the waist down.
    Appearance (not really important, and optional): Dark circles under dull hazel eyes. He wears a teal vest with red detailing over a black turtleneck, jeans, and bright yellow shoes.
    Age: 15

    David's arrival into the world of the waking was announced with a muffled groan. His eyes fluttered open and felt a pit of bitterness in his stomach to find that his legs felt completely numb once again. He pushed himself up on his arms, vision blurry and focused on the craggy ground.
    "Drifloon. Psychic. Now," he ordered with a great deal of annoyance in his voice. However, there was not a single infuriating "Floon, floon!" at the sound of his command. His heart sank in panic as he looked around wildly for the Drifloon and came to face several other trainers. David nearly jumped out of his skin.
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  22. Dasken noticed another trainer had awoken. He turned to look at him. "Hey, we got another live one over here!" Dask yelled jokingly. He walked over to the newcomer, motioning for Soulfire to follow and Ampere to stay and listen to the instructions of the group regarding the puzzle.
    "And who might you be, my unlucky friend?" Dask asked, smiling grimly at David.
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  23. "Well that makes six of us now" Joe said "Dugtrio got me close to the man and sure enough, there was some wired puzzle Next to him."
  24. "Hang on, I'll go see the puzzle." Kayenne walked into the tunnel, cursing as she bumped her head on the walls. When she emerged, she was staring at a gigantic puzzle. "Ooookay. Right." Then she turned and came face to face with a gigantic who-knows-what. It looked like a kind of demon, with red eyes and pale skin. "Guys! RUN!!" She pulled a bow and some crystal arrows out of nowhere and started shooting at the demon.
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  25. "WHAT JUST HAPPENED?!" Asked Joe. He sent out his Pokemon and began to attack. "Flamethrower, Hydro Pump, Earthquake, Psychic, Poison Jab"
  26. "Oh! Right! Come out and just attack!" Kayenne yelled to her pokemon, "I can't pick attacks right now! I'm shooting at a demon!" Just then, she ran out of the crystal arrows, and was picked up by the demon.
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  27. "EXTREMESPEED ARCANINE" Joe shouted "get everyone away from that thing!"
    (OOC: What is happening right now?)
  28. (No idea, I'm bored and decided to make a demon come. No references to anything right now.)
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  29. "Dugtrio, Alakazam, try to find an exit" Joe said, panicking "Blastoise use superpower to stop him from moving" Joe ran towards the demon. He knew it was suicide but kept going as he punched and kicked it along with Blastoise
  30. (Okay, I guess it's a demon that the man let in.)
    Kayenne pulled out a dagger from her jeans pocket and started jabbing the demon in the eye. (yeah, I know, great idea. Not.) The demon started to shriek and Calix and Nova started biting at the demon's ankles, trying to move her away. This resulted in the demon dropping Kayenne on the concrete ground and hitting her head.
  31. Just then, the walls and roof retracted, revealing an expansive forest outside. Slowly but surely, the Demon began to leave. It faded away into the darkness, leaving only a whisp of darkness behind
    (Sorry but I had to advance the plot otherwise it would get too hectic and loose its "Team Survival feel)
  32. Alright. That's fine.
  33. (Save it for the discussion we don't want this to be taken down)
    "What is this?" Joe wondered out loud "where are we" all of Joe's Pokemon seemed equally confused, even Alakazam, who normally could detect anything around him by using his Psychic power
  34. David, who had uselessly yelled and attempted to swerve away at the sudden attack, stared up at the rest of them with wide eyes. He opened his mouth to speak, and then closed it after finding nothing to say.
    "What in the name of...?" he began and cut himself off, gaping. "I'm not imagining all of this, am I?
  35. Name:zero chaosheart
    my Pokemon: Saur: a venosaur whit the mega stone
    danger:a emolga
    sion:a gallade
    fire:a infernape
    zap:a luxray
    Grey:a umbreon
    13 years old: have a blue dress and a blue shirt and blue jeans and grey eye
    sorry to my english
  36. (whats goin on i dont know where are im......... a old man)
  37. (WHAAAt.... uff i need calm ok lets find some food and berry)
  38. Name: Luke chappwell
    Gender: M
    City you were last in: pewter city
    Your six pokemon: charizard named chari umbreon called Moonlight, noctowl called phy, pancham named pando (travels On shoulder) herracross called Hera and dragonite called drago
    Special abilities (if any): Telepathy, Ability to read minds
    Appearance (not really important, and optional):Blue Eyes , Blonde with a Mysterous white Line, is currently wearing a red jacket
    Age: 14

    " W-here am I?"

    Luke said as He rubbed hes head he saw 7 Other trainers

    "Hey Guys im Luke where are we?"

    Pancham woke up and went "pa-n panacham"

    "glad you awake pando"

    Luke smiled at the panda creature.

    the boy looked at the forest and the man he heard earlier went away and disserpered

    Luke went to the other 7 trainers and said

    "I don't Know where we are why where here lets me just say lets be friends"

    "Pan-cham pan-pan" (translation) Yes Please

    Luke Hoped they were friendly and wouldn't attack Him
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  39. 'If you are imagining this, then so are we." Joe said. "We need to get out of here before whatever it was that attacked us before, comes back"
  40. David sighed a shaky breath and his hand went for his bag where his Pokéballs would be located. He struggled onto his back whilst fumbling for two of the small spherical prisons.
    He sent one of them arching an unceremonious two feet before bursting in an explosion of white light, which soon enveloped the form of a Dusknoir. Its single red eye stared down at David in an almost teasing way and he felt his throat go dry.
    The second one lamely gave way to a Banette, who seemed to be in on a joke with the Dusknoir.
    "You," he said, pointing at the Dusknoir. "Hold me up."
    The Dusknoir obediently hoisted him up by the armpits as easily as a rag doll. The tips of his toes hovered limply above the ground.
    "And you," he said to the Banette, and it cocked its head at him. "You protect Dusknoir."
    Banette nodded determinedly.
    David sighed, looking to the rest of them with a bit of a flush in his cheeks. "I'm ready when you are."
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