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Ask to Join The Amusement of Pain

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Aching Machine, Apr 5, 2017.

  1. This is a roleplay about a bunch of teens that were being experimented on.Their parents or guardians signed them up for it when they were very little and didn't realize it.These experiments gave them powers that are terrifying and the experiments were painful.They left scars and bruises.Many didn't survive.This company that did the experiments was called P.F.T.C(Protection for the Common).The government funded this group because they thought they were going to give superpowers to protect the citizens.But,the way to get these powers were unknown to the government.So,the teen's goal is to destroy P.F.T.C.


    1.No one-liners.There is only exception is for when you're having a conversation with another roleplayer.
    2.Swearing is acceptable and it doesn't need to be censored.But,don't go overboard and have your character saying for every other word.
    3.There will be blood and lots of it.If you're not okay with people exploding and blood flying everywhere and staining the walls,I'll make it less extreme.
    4.Put Gross in your form to prove you read the rules.
    5.Just enjoy the roleplay because I want it to go on for a while.


    Age: (13-17)
    Scars or injuries:
    Backstory: (A few sentences)

    My form will be posted soon.
  2. Gross

    Name: Elisabeth "Lis" Fifer
    Age: 15
    Powers: Shapeshifting, communicating with animals.
    Scars or injuries: a long one across the bridge of her nose, and many on her back.
    Personality: Fiesty, sarcastic, alluring, quick-witted.
    Appearance: A pretty girl with a petite and nimble figure. She has dirty blonde hair tied into a ponytail, icy blue eyes, and a septum piercing. She wears ripped short jean shorts, dirty sneakers, and a thin grey parka. Underneath the jacket, she wears a loose black tank top, with sleeves cut to her stomach.
    Backstory: Lis' parents were killed in a terrible train crash, and she was taken in by her aunt and uncle, the two who signed her up for P.F.T.C. Lis had then found out her aunt and uncle were murdered, and that had been the final straw. Scarred and hurt, Lis swore to take down the terrible community who inflicted her life greatly.
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  3. Accepted :)
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  4. Absolutely, positively, unimaginably... Gross.

    Lucas Swanson
    Age: 16
    Powers: Lucas has the ability to put ideas into people's heads to do what he says and can also read some thoughts of others, learning their plans or ideas. He also was given extremely quick reflexes, being able to react to stimuli much faster than the average human.
    Scars or injuries: A large scar across his neck, and a few strewn across his arms and back.
    Personality: Lucas is a sarcastic, cynical, and rude individual. He can be a bit cruel, but is good at heart. Lucas is quite blunt, telling people the necessary facts, and can come off as a bit cold and emotionless at first. Lucas also happens to be quite intelligent, and isn't afraid to show it, able to learn unusually quickly and retain facts quite a bit better than average people.
    Appearance: Lucas Swanson has a bit of a lanky figure, standing slightly taller than most people. He is quite thin, and has dark brown hair that could be mistook for black at first glance. Lucas's hair is usually quite messy and unkempt. The usual attire of Lucas Swanson is a navy blue jacket, a patched-up shirt underneath this, slightly ripped jeans, and some salvaged sneakers.
    Backstory: Lucas Swanson was orphaned when he was 10, seeing his parents' drowning and subsequent deaths firsthand. This event scarred him for life, giving him a fear of water. After this terrible event, Lucas was sent to live with his grandfather, who was a cruel man, further scarring Lucas. This man signed up his despised grandson for P.F.T.C. to most of all, get rid of him. Ever since, Lucas has become a colder person, swearing vengeance on all those who have wronged him.
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  5. Accepted.My form will be up today.

    Edit:I had to do stuff,so it went up later.
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  6. Incredibly Gross

    Nathan Korsa
    Age: 14
    Nathan has the ability to transform into any gas or liquid.With this,he can get into areas no one can reach.He also has a companion that's made of gas.It has a mind of it's own and it's poisonous.Once in awhile,Nathan can make it appear and it will poison almost everyone without protection or a mask.
    Scars or injuries: Nathan has a large scar on his back.He also has permanent black-and-blue bruises on his face and left eye.
    Personality: Nathan is shy kid who's been scared of everyone.But,he has a temper.He can get mad if you mess with him or his friends.But,he's also very observant and can get problems done.
    Appearance: Nathan has hair with a tint of lighter brown and the experiments somehow left him with yellow eyes.He's short at a height of five foot five.He usually has his hair over his right eye.He wears a black track jacket with a red t-shirt under.He wears blue jeans and brown combat boots.
    Backstory: Nathan was born into a rich family that lived well.But,they were greedy and wanted more money.They didn't dare to spend money on Nathan.They made him live outside of their mansion and gave him scraps from their meals.They wanted money so bad,they sold Nathan to people to clean houses.Once he got the money,his parents took the money.They finally got greedy enough and sold their son into the P.F.T.C and got thousands.Since then,Nathan has hated the rich,greedy,and rude.

  7. So when are we gonna start this? We gonna wait for more people or...
  8. I'd say we wait for another person,but anyone can join after.
  9. I'd like to start. As said, it's still accessible after it's created. Although, it could be fun and easier with three people. I haven't objections, though.
  10. Alright then. I suppose it's settled. @Ice Devil Are you going to post the RP thread, then?
  11. Yeah.I'll create it probably around seven.I'm out for dinner,right now.So,it might take a little bit.It's really busy.
  12. Do you mind me asking: what time is it for you?
  13. Which one of us? Whoever it is, just for the record, I operate on Eastern Standard Time, making it 6:20 right now.
  14. Where I am, it's around 5:20 P.M. 21, to be precise.
  15. Creating the actual RP,now.
  16. I haven't roleplayed in a while.I fixed it.
  17. I was about to notify you of that, haha.
  18. Is my character allowed to change her form? Say, if the windows are thick glass?
  19. I might not be able to post all that consistently, but I'll try. Reality's...gross. *wink wink*

    Name: Ashley Flare
    Age: 13
    Powers: Air and Fire(when she gets really mad she can make fire-nadoes, normally controls wind and air-related stuff, as well as being able to make fireballs in her hands and chuck them at people and set things on fire too, can choke people by-you guessed it-cutting off their air)
    Scars or injuries: has a swirl shaped scar in her right hand and a scar that resembles a flame in her left.
    Personality: fiercely loyal
    Appearance: Bright red curly hair done up in a ponytail, bright blue eyes, blue hooded jacket, jeans, blue sneakers.
    Backstory: Ashley is just being transported into the facility in my first post. She lived with her mom, who signed her up for this place. She brought a purple backpack with her that contained some mementos of her former life.
  20. You're good.Just post as often as you can.I know I can't post until like 3:30.
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  21. Hey! Is there still space for another roleplayer?
  22. Awesome! I'll get my form up...

    Name: Eve Iridescence
    Age: 16
    Powers: This is a little complicated. Whether intended or on purpose, Eve has the ability to manually or remotely control her cells. Most humans can only control what are known as 'voluntary muscles' for muscular movement, by using a mere 10% of their brains. Eve's power goes deeper than that, down to the cellular level. She has access to much of her brain cells, allowing her to take control of involuntary actions too. It is not to be assumed that her heart will continue beating only because she consciously wills it to; it will continue beating as it normally would, only she could stop or start it at any conscious moment, letting her sleep and such safely. She can also transform her cells by slightly structural alterations. An added layer of keratin in the cells of her nails allows her cat-like claws and by making her cells hollow and structurally durable, wings can grow (very slowly) on her back. Most cell altering processes occur very slowly, and Eve has been growing a pair of wings painstakingly for a few weeks now. It could take another two weeks for them to finish growing enough to allow her flight. Due to constant growth of cells, even in the brain, Eve often has to lie blankly, awake and breathing but not quite mentally present, to kill off the superficial cells. Her powers are fairly diverse, but also dangerous to her. By discarding everything in a cell and filling it with air, she could theoretically float, but it's unsure if she would be conscious in such a state long enough for her cells to return to normal. The heightened cerebral functions also grant her eidectic, or photographic memory.
    Scars or injuries: She has thin white scars littered across her body, and her elbows has begun bruising purple from the amount of needles stuck there. Her upper arms are lined with deeper scratches, from when she gripped her arms, forgetting the claws on her hands. There's a large scar slanting upwards across her thigh.
    Personality: Eve can come off as blank at first, but with a little extra effort, you can break the teenager out of her thoughts and communicate with her. With a quiet demeanor and soft speech, she is unlike most other prisoners, appearing almost subdued and terrified. She is a sound minimalist - whether she dislikes loud sounds or is frightened of them, she tries to make the least noise she can while she moves. She doesn't care much for her fellow prisoners, preferring to stay alone, and tending to dream for hours together. She loves to read, and is fairly artistic as well. She doesn't initiate conversation often, but when she does, the fact that she is an incredibly intelligent individual is evident. Her humor is wry, or satirical, and usually mused to herself; for that matter, most of her words are. Eve is rather modest, awkward at most times around others, and difficult to interact with, so she's never really had any friends, but anybody who knew her better than the average person would have experienced her kindness - despite all her attempts to isolate herself from people, Eve can be fairly kind, thinking of others before herself, and treating all with an open hand and an open heart.
    Appearance: With soft grey-green eyes and long dark hair, Eve is rather charming to look at. Her clothes are rather figure hugging, showing she has almost outgrown them, but not quite. As it stands, her checkered jacket frames her dark blue shirt very well, complimenting Eve's slim build. Paired with a pair of too-long jeans, folded at the heel, Eve could be described as attractive, though she would never admit to that. Her complexion is pale, and unblemished from the acne that most teenagers might have. Her body itself is skinny, due to her burning away most of her fat cells for practicing her powers, but she isn't particularly fit for that reason, and cannot exert herself for any period of time.
    Backstory: Eve was actually not the first of her family to be enrolled in the program. For as long as she has known, she and her mother were allies in the fate they had to battle. Until the age of ten, Eve was in the same confinement as her mother, thus bonding closely with her. She never knew her father, and her mother didn't like talking about it, so Eve had only minimal knowledge of her origins, or even her life. She has pretty much accepted the routine syringe-injection and such as part of her life, if grudgingly (no one likes to be pricked with needles!) Her life was bearable...I mean, it would be worse. Until it did. Her mother was taken away one day, and didn't return. Eve never did find out if she died during the experiments or was set free or otherwise swallowed by an endless abyss - she merely never saw her again. With her mother went a piece of her heart, a piece she longs to fill even today. The loss of the only support she ever had turned her timid and meek - she found herself alone against the big bad world. It taught her something - she could only rely on herself. The little girl had no option but to harden her heart and move on, and so six years passed...with an undying hope.

    (Sorry, the end is a little rushed. Wish schedule didn't dramatically shift like this. Also, I have a really dumb question: How do you send a private message to someone? I've poked around for a while, but couldn't find any way to do so.)
  23. Well, there are two ways. One is to post a message on the desired person's profile. The other is to start a private conversation with them by clicking that button the given person's profile. Hope this helps.
  24. Ohh, yep, I see it now. Strange. Maybe it needs you to post once or twice before allowing you to start a conversation. Thank you for your help!
  25. You're good.Start when you like.
  26. I'm expanding my powers to that I can alter my power,size,etc. within my liquid form.

    Edit:I just realized how OP that is.So,I can really alter size and control water.
  27. Is it too far into the story for someone else to join?
  28. It's not up to me, but it might be a bit hard to adapt into the story. No offense is sent.

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