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Ask to Join The Adventure for Captain Goldie’s Treasure

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Imperfect World, Apr 27, 2019.

  1. Robert looked at the group of trainers, now with the inclusion of the girl with the Sylveon, and saw the male with the Emolga wave at him. Naturally Robert waved back and started to get a bit curious about what the group was up to, but he wasn't sure if he should approach them.

    Misdreavus noticed Robert's interest towards the group. She floated behind and pushed him a bit towards them.

    "M-Misdreavus?" Robert said to the ghost-type, and before he knew it, he was beginning to walk towards the group, "Okay okay, I'll go." He then proceeded to walk towards the groups with Misdreavus no longer pushing him. "Umm, hello," he said to the group of trainers once he reached them, "I'm sorry if my Misdreavus caused any trouble."

    The ghost-type pouted upon hearing that.
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  2. Kale turned in surprise as yet another person approached the trio. It appeared to be the trainer that the Misdreavius belonged to. Kale would have been fine with this being, say, the morning or the afternoon. But right now, both of these people were out in the night. It was kinda strange. Then again, it was kinds strange that Ash and himself were walking around in the middle of the night as well.
    "Uh, hey. There was no problem. In fact, your Misdreavius was really cute. I wa-" Kale was going to continue on with 'was going to try to catch it', then realized that maybe that wasn't the best wording. So Kale turned to Kelly.
    "Actually, I was about to ask you that myself. What are you... Well, make that both of you, doing out here at night?" Kale asked, addressing the question to both Kelly and Robert.
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  3. "Well I was about to head back to the camp I have in Viridian forest. I set it up yesterday for when I had to make the return trip home." Kelly looked to Sky who went and set by her. Sky wrapped a ribbon on her arm. She was trying to tell what her trainer was feeling.
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  4. "Perfect, we were just heading for Viridian Forest anyway. We need a shortcut to get to-" Ash cut herself off, not wanting to reveal the information of the map. "-Where we need to go."

    Charmander climbed up Ash's body, resting itself on her shoulder. Ash didn't mind and just held the map tighter in her grasp, pulling it slightly closer to her side in the process.
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  5. "Well, I just arrived here after taking a boat ride from the Sevii Islands," Robert said to respond Kale's question. He then realized that he had yet to introduce himself to the group. "Oh, s-sorry. I forgot to introduce myself," he said, "My name's Robert."

    Misdreavus sighed to herself after seeing how nervous Robert is at the moment. She then turned her attention towards the Sylveon and hovered towards it to get a good look.
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  6. “I like that name. Robert. Call me Ash.” Ash said, not bothering to stick out a hand, she just nodded to him in approval.

    She puffed some more of her cigarette and gave Charmander a small pat.
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